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2012 Collections on Youtube

I love how so many brands have jumped onto the youtube bandwagon. Certainly, there’s something enthralling about runway that cannot be replicated, but a youtube video brings so much life! character! and personality to the brand. With its concept, the props (or lack thereof) and the movements of the models, one gets to know the brand, as it is, so much better. Here are my top 5 favourites!

my absolute favourite has to be the Louis Vuitton one. love the colours, love the contrast! I want to be that model.


Have you seen the ads for google Chrome lately? I love the concepts!

Granted, Gaga looks a tad more manly than her usual videos here..

omg so touched by this one!! my  absolute favourite, although it abuses the “Aww” factor of the masses. Enjoy the weekend!! :)

Hey Monday Morning…

I don’t like you very much. Work is fun but work also doesn’t equate play and right now june has just passed… June, the magic month of school holidays that’s somehow ingrained into my system, the month that for the first time in my life, I didn’t play. *mourns*

I need some wackiness in my life

but since I can’t just go off and play, here are some feel good songs to cheer us all up this dreary monday morning (oh god i hope it doesn’t rain..)

it’s not about the money, money, money

we don’t need your money, money, money

we just trying to make the world dance,

forget about the price tag..

you’ve got every right, to a beautiful life!

who says? who says you’re not perfect?

who says you’re not worth it?

& well, it won’t hurt thinking about last friday night..

coldplay’s new EP from their upcoming album!

every teardrop.. an amazing waterfall

& well, because i think we all need it, here’s some caffeine

Most Awesome Lion Dance

I normally dislike lion dances when they perform every Chinese New Year – solely because it’s always the same loud clanging noises, outside my house, for hours on end (since neighbour after neighbour likes to hire them and well, nobody likes to perform at the same time so they do it consecutively). However, when I spotted this on Facebook, I was well amused and I really enjoyed how innovative they were being with this traditional art form!

Certainly some are going to say that this “destroys” tradition, but hey, it’s all in good fun and it’s not as if every one of us is strictly traditional anyway – plus it’s a great way to capture our attention and remind us of traditional art forms which by now, we’ve pretty much taken for granted.

So kudos to the team! and the silly looking ang moh who I thought was so random and out of place until he started breakdancing.

I loved the tutus. Haha!

Black Swan

I watched my first movie of the new year and yes, it is Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. The plot is pretty simple really. Nina (Natalie Portman) is an aspiring ballet dancer who has to compete for the title role of Odette in the company’s production of Swan Lake. The challenge however is that she not only has to embody the grace and innocence of the white swan, but also the sensuous and dark nature of the black swan. And as she slowly gives in to her darker side, she starts having hallucinations that her understudy, Lily (Mila Kunis) is coveting her role. Will she be able to give the performance of her life? Can she become the prima donna ballerina and surpass all expectations? Or will she come crashing down, completely shattered and heartbroken? I won’t spoil it for you! Watch the movie to find out!

I will say though that this is one of Natalie Portman’s best performance. For this role, she actually turned down a part in the film The American starring opposite George Clooney. And while The American got rave reviews all round, I think Portman actually made the right choice to stick by Black Swan. I wouldn’t say it was the best movie I’ve ever watched, or even that I enjoyed it immensely. But I do feel that it was intriguing enough for a psychological thriller and according to critics, they felt that it was a very strong opening film in the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

I feel that the casting of Natalie Portman was perfect. I cannot imagine anyone else as Nina. She embodied the purity and fragility of the white swan and when she had to do the switch to the black swan, and completely transform into the foil, the doppelganger, she really made it believable.

I like the use of contrasts in the film. Like the innocent girlish furnishing of her room and how this is juxtaposed against the dark sensuous act of lesbian sex. I didn’t think it was very disturbing per se. Definitely no where near White Ribbon. Sure, there were bloody scenes, the obsession with cutting her nails short, her freakish mom who is overly protective… but no, I don’t think it was particularly scary (and this is coming from someone who NEVER watches horror films).

To summarise, this is a girly version of Spiderman vs. Venom actually. Instead of action sequences where Spiderman hunts Venom down around the city, The white and black swan have their showdown on stage and the message is delivered through dance. Kudos to Kunis and Portman for their ballet performances. It felt really authentic, definitely well-worth the several months of vigorous training.

You can watch the trailer for the film here

Also, Black Swan has inspired lots of youtube bloggers to recreate the makeup and fashion used in the film. You can see Michelle Phan’s take on the black swan here and Chriselle’s fashion tutorial here.

A little bit of love

I’ve been looking into short films recently, mainly because it is so useable in the classroom and so easy to find off youtube so I thought I would share with you two videos that I thought was very well filmed and it tells such a wonderful story. Hope this inspires you to love, to hope and to dream.

Cheer up!

Do you have those days where life just gets you down and nothing seems to be going right? Or you find yourself in a situation that absolutely sucks and you can’t find a way to fix things? Well, this video right here will turn your frown into a smile!

I find that one thing that cheers me up when I feel downright crappy (that’s alot cheaper than retail therapy) is humour. Be it in films, books (I’m thinking Oscar Wilde) or jokes exchanged when you are bitching with friends, humour is so important in our lives! It helps make light of a serious situation and even, helps us to see the absurdity of it. Like sometimes, I would wonder to myself, why am I so stressed/frustrated/angry about this? And you know what is even more annoying? When I finally realise that the answer is right under my nose and oftentimes, it’s a really simple solution. I was just so blinded by my anger and irrationality that I completely missed the mark.



If only life was all rainbows and butterflies!

So for all you frustrated beings out there who is somehow bogged down by work or school, or you just feel completely helpless because you are trapped in a situation that you can’t free yourself from, this video is for you! Enjoy!

Some Doggie Love

There are those who produce great music, and there are those who know how to capture our attention. Ok go has always belonged to the latter for me, especially after their very first youtube video of them walking from treadmill to treadmill amused the worldwide audience and propelled them to fame. It was heartening then to see that these boys weren’t just fooling around with entertaining videos to accompany their music – they’ve lent their skills to a good cause, abandoned doggies from the street

like the video? you can contribute to the ok go dog rescue fund here

most of the dogs featured in the video were rescued from abandonment. save the rest of their peers!

& if you’d like to help out without monetary contributions, make a daily visit to All you have to do is click on the purple box titled, ‘Click Here to Give – it’s FREE!’. From one click, which you can do DAILY, it gives around 6 bowls of food to sheltered dogs. So what are you waiting for? do some FREE charitable clicking today :)

The power of the animated Word

My Prof was showing us a couple of videos in class that day to teach us how to “defamiliarize prose” for our students and this was one of the videos he showed us. It’s a kinetic typography of the movie, V for Vendetta where bits of the script are animated using only words. Pretty darn cool if I do say so myself. For one thing, it made me sit up and pay attention to the actual dialogue and it’s interesting because when we think of the power of the written word, we think about how it evokes images in our mind. But in this case, I think we are made to focus on the beauty of the Word. And just the Word itself.

A brilliant coupling of both the written text and the medium of film IMO and for all lit teachers out there, you can totally use this video to teach alliteration. There is a TON of it featured here. lol.

If you like what you’re seeing, there’s alot more on Youtube. Just type kinetic typography in the search bar. There’s one for The Matrix, Fight Club and The Dark Knight the last time I checked. Have fun!

Vintage 1940s Tutorial

Wondering what type of hairstyle helps create the illusion of a more oval face? Oval faces are commonly thought of as the “ideal” face type, & hairstyles are essential helping to create this illusion for any other face type.

Because the trends and aesthetics of the world change so rapidly, we often think that styles of the past cannot be reused. Despite this, I thought this video had pretty good life-long tips! The hairstyles mentioned may not be what most people would like to have nowadays, but we do have modern versions that can carry out the same purpose.

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