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Dressed for school

Lately, I’ve been trying to find work appropriate dresses and that’s been quite the challenge because I’m rather tall and dresses that are 33″ in length are too short for me. So that pretty much rules out alot of blogshop options. Aside from length, I have to consider necklines: it can’t be too low and revealing yet I don’t want it to be too modest aka turtleneck cos that would be too hot for singapore weather. Also, because I sit at my desk quite abit, I don’t like figure hugging clothes so goodbye pencil skirts! I prefer the flared, full A-line skirts instead. More comfortable and way more flattering to the figure. Here’s what I mean:

While black is a lovely basic colour to have in the wardrobe, it can be rather dull to wear black to school all the time. So if you’re going for black, make sure the cut’s rather interesting like this capsleeved dress here. Else, pick a vibrant colour. The retro polkadot, the mint green print and the bright coral gives the dress that much needed burst of colour and vivacity. I particularly like the cut of the polka dot dress with the v-neck hemline while the pleating of the coral dress is reminiscent of my IJ days. But I love love love the cinched, belted waist of the mint dress. Everyone wants a smaller waist and that definitely emphasizes that. Very flattering indeed!

The mint and coral dresses are from Dorothy Perkins but I haven’t seen them in stores yet. And even if they were, they’ll cost around $100+. Hopefully I’ll see something of the like in stores soon. At a cheaper price of course.

Gap Fall 2011 RTW

Gap is probably the “g200” of the US, with essential work basics filling its racks in an array of colours and slightly tweaked designs. I myself have never really been a fan, but I do like the styling of its latest Fall 2011 RTW collection. As its showing was cancelled in Tokyo due to the Tsunami + earthquake disasters, the collection was shown privately by appointment only. I’m liking the general sense of the “modern woman” that is featured quite strongly in this collection – designer Patrick Robinson certainly shows an awareness of the latest trends, with skinnies and tights featured as well.

As always, GAP has this uncanny knack of finding every single muted shade available in the world – which isn’t a bad thing, when it comes to work basics. Having neutral toned colours, and dark bottom basics are essentials in any working woman’s wardrobe. As mentioned, my favourite part of this was the styling, and I’m leaning very closely to trying out these lovely high waisted flared grey pants as well as the cropped version.

I also found it interesting that the layering was very simplistic. Somehow it never occurred to me that layering of two fabrics of the same colour could be done – it always struck me as something “wrong”. but it looks great on the model here, I might try it out with some of my greys (since I have at least two grey cardigans). Though I generally dislike leggings as I feel they’re not.. suitable for my figure, (and really hot in our heat), I was fascinated with these duo tone leggings. Again, not exceptionally “new” in the fashion world, but the choice of colour was new, it made it *almost* work-appropriate.

Well, what do you think of the Gap Collection? It also featured a lot of menswear, which you can check out at here.

The Wedding Mansion

Some of you might know by now that my office is located just above an exclusive wedding boutique, known as The Wedding Mansion. As our offices are so intimately located with one just a storey above another, I truly get to enjoy seeing the whole wedding process – and with each dress sewn by hand, each shoe designed painstakingly with care, it’s simply amazing. I do so envy those brides who literally get to pick and determine every little detail from top to toe.

Tonight was the fashion showcase of Starlet, one of the main designers of The Wedding Mansion. Three models were handpicked to walk down our spiral staircase, and several food sponsors came to provide us with yummylicious goodies as well. As we had worked on the web design of Obolo and tasted their glorious goodies before prior to this event, you can imagine our drooling excitement as we thought about savouring their macaroons!

Models Nervously Waiting at the Top of the Staircase

and what made me the most happy was, the flowers everywhere! plus yummies from Obolo of course :D

So all in all, a pretty awesome Friday night :)

Basking in the Sun

It’s been boring, mundane work wear for me these last few posts, and I just had to let myself go and purchase a damn pretty sundress from Newlook last week. It fit me perfectly, it cost a bomb, but feeling that burst of joy in my heart was all worth it as I parted with that hefty wad of cash.

view details of featured items here

It’s a pity that I can’t find the dress I bought from New Look at its online store, and that I left my camera in the office (hence the lack of pictures recently), but printed or not (though my preference is obviously for the former), sundresses are probably the most flattering type of clothing for a girl of any size.

Personally, here’s how I define a sundress:

  1. (relatively) high neckline
  2. sleeveless, though short capped sleeves also sometimes fit the bill
  3. cinched in at the waist
  4. a full skirt
  5. a “happy” print or a “happy” colour

& trust me, it’s the perfect date dress too on sunny days – it’s easy to slip on, you don’t have to think of anything else to match with it (especially if it’s printed), and if you choose a dress with the right material, it’s not hot at all in our tropical weather :) As a die-hard fan of these dresses, I was rather upset thinking that they’ll increasingly spend longer days in the depths of my closet as I neglect them for work wear, but a colleague came to office one day with a combination that made me think that sundresses might not be that office-unfriendly after all!

Using the items that were most easy to work with on Polyvore, here are the three ways you can rework your wardrobe to adapt to the working world! Without compromising on the fullness of the skirt, cropped cardigans and wrap tops emphasize your cinched-in waist and cover up your arms adequately. Since most sundresses have a relatively high neckline, you’ll have no problems there. Fitted Blazers make nearly anything and everything look work appropriate, with the exception of shorts, berms etc., so finding one that suits the cut of your sundress will turn it into the perfect work-friendly attire. :)

Have a great weekend!

All Work and No Play

… that’s how my life’s been recently. Well, the most fun part of my day is probably just after I’ve woken up & started to pick out my outfit for the day. I haven’t been exactly splurging insanely on work wear, but I have been making one or two purchases I’m quite happy about! :) That said, aside from Mango and Zara, I’m not really finding much joy in shopping the work wear in most retail shops, so I’m turning to quite abit of online shopping. Plus, it’s so convenient, given my hectic work schedule.

Dress from Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is an online store that I have a love-hate relationship with – sometimes its clothes are soo pretty, other times they’re just meh. This dress is probably one of my favourites in the closet. It’s distinctive without being too loud, I love how it makes me look slightly more mature… and I love the details! The big round wooden buttons, the puffed up sleeve edges, the tucked in empire waist that’s cinched slightly at the back :) Though it’s no longer for sale on the website, Charlotte Russe is currently having a 25% off sale for its party dresses so you girls might wanna go check it out! Here are some of my favourites from the site: click on the pictures to get to the product page!

I do so love printed tops and dresses! *sigh* It is honestly quite a pain moving from less complicated patterns to a more muted palette, but I’m still persevering on in determined agony. I am however, really and completely falling in love with chiffon, as you would’ve guessed from my previous post here. I’m not as familiar with blogshops as I know some of my peers are, (intimately so! haha), and recently purchased two work-friendly tops from local boutique Maze. They’re not a mass market blogshop – rather, they actually do alterations for customers and their clothings come in sizes! That’s pretty awesome for me because the number 1 reason why I don’t purchase much from blogshops is because I sometimes can’t breathe in their clothing, which makes for a very miserable, money-wasted me :( So here’s the first piece I purchased from them :)

I paired it with a skirt I got from Stradivarius – it’s the only light-coloured bottom I have in my entire work wardrobe (sad, I know.) It’s very flattering and comfortable, though its sheerness requires me to wear a black camisole beneath, which I don’t really mind since the office is cold anyway. The best thing i love about chiffon is that it’s so cooling despite our heat, so I don’t really worry about wearing long-sleeve chiffon tops to work :)

Similarly, here are some of my favourites from Maze Boutique

The most fun thing about this online shop is that for some of its items, you can even ask for personalized sizes (i.e. if you’re large chested like me but want a fitted dress, or if you have an insanely slim waist etc..) and COLOURS! I’m totally fascinated by the colours option but I’m still hesitating because I’m quite staggered by the insane number of choices I would have if I explored that option. Soon, soon!

Have fun dressing up people! It’s an easy, satisfying way to start your day :)

The Crisp White Shirt

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for even more working clothes (well, they’re really the only things I can justify buying right now, since I’m working and have very few occasions to wear what I mostly have in my closet).. and I was thinking of investing in a great quality, crisp white shirt for super-formal meetings that I might have to attend with big clients in the future.

As I’ve quite belatedly discovered, since there are quite a few restrictions when it comes to work wear, investing in the basic essentials is a must because you’d be wearing them at least twice a month – though in my case, it comes pretty close to four times a month, I rotate my 10 outfits routinely now, that’s how limited my wardrobe choices are at the moment.

Woe to me, I don’t feel like I can “click” at all with work wear. They’re either too mumsy, or boring, or plain. I guess I just need some time to find my style in this new phase of my life, before I know exactly I want and shop in an efficient and organized manner. (Yes, I have, mostly out of the lack of monies, developed into that type of shopper.)

I didn’t manage to find any white shirts that matched my requirements today, I don’t know why it’s so hard! Zara, Mango, G2000, Raoul – you all have failed me. Especially Mango. I fitted their S to L perfectly well and all of them were too large for me… sigh perhaps it’s because I have tiny shoulders :(

What do you think are the basic work essentials?

Hunting for Office Wear

Needless to say, my wardrobe ain’t exactly packed to the brim with clothes suitable for my working life. So the hunt commences, and rather than walk aimlessly through all the shops browsing everything and anything (and trying everything and anything as I’m often wont to do.. then buy whatever looks flattering..). I decided to narrow the search down to 6 main “looks” i’ll be going for.

for details of featured items see here

  1. The Comfortable, Conservative Dress Preferably with sleeves, loose but still fitting (i.e. cinched at the waist.) For days when I feel fat, lazy to pick out my clothes and comfortable enough whilst I run errands and such.
  2. The Fancier Draped Thing Drapes are “in” this season, more so structured drapes. Preferably I’ll go for something that drapes beautifully from the bust to the waist, to create the illusion of a lengthened torso.
  3. The Pussy Bow Blouse Looks neat and is easy to wear, plus it’s feminine even with its collar
  4. The Comfortable Draped Thing with loads of excess material so it’s very comfortable. I wouldn’t mind something semi-sheer, and the peter pan collar is kinda cute too. The long sleeves means I won’t need to tote around a jacket/blazer! :D
  5. The Formal Tea Dress Looks vintage, hip and I love full skirts.
  6. The Modern Looking Shift Dress is an office staple but I’m hoping to get something with interesting design/cut/figure flattering detail. I really like the cut of the dress I’ve chosen above! :)
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