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Liz’s Wedding Part 2

Having known Liz & Neil ever since our university days, I was struck by how easily they meshed together – which I believe, is the ultimate “high” one can get in any relationship. Being with someone who knows you, who somehow just “gets” you, and wholly enjoys you just for who you are… it’s really a pretty awesome feeling :) & in the aftermath of hearing their vows in the morning church ceremony, I can’t adequately put into words just how moved I was. & yes, my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes are to them both! :)

The pictures certainly don’t do the wedding justice, because it was far more beautiful than what you see here (even though the photographers were very good!) Rather, it was the entire ambience of having lots of happy friends and family at the wedding – & I’ll gladly say that never before have I been to a wedding where not a single table was quiet and awkward. My boyfriend and I stared hard and long at the tables in the room and we couldn’t find a table that was gloomy. i.e. seating people at a wedding is a crucial, crucial step!

What I loved best about the wedding decor was definitely their personalized items – very scrapbookish and cute! I couldn’t help but oogle them as we registered at their booth. The blue box on the right is where we slotted our ang pows of prosperity & blessings for the newlyweds :)

As we sat back to enjoy our 6 course western style dinner, a jazz singer entertained us with her lovely voice. Though her voice wasn’t as memorable as say, Christina Anguilera, we all agreed that it was perfect as “background” music. Extremely soothing and not too loud so she didn’t disturb our conversation, but it really lent to the overall ambience of the wedding.

The beautiful bride had just one change from her white wedding dress, to a cheongsam in a gorgeous green.

& as befitted the groom, neil couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. haha!

Our joy for the happy couple aside, the second most exciting thing at the wedding was definitely the photographers of Livestudio . With their concept of wireless photography, any photo they took of the guests was instantly uploaded onto the huge screen! We were so amazed (well, the girls were..) and really impressed at how well they had utilized wireless technology (this, my bf was really impressed by). Moreover, less than half an hour after our pictures were taken, little polaroid-sized photographs were given to each of us as a keepsake! Truly an experience worth remembering, & it made the wedding a very personalized experience, even for the guests.

Altogether, a wonderful experience & it was accentuated all the more by the guest-of-honour, who was someone I really didn’t expect.

& he was certainly a very happy man to see his grand niece married to such a fine young stud. :D plus, he won the presidency 2 days prior to the wedding too!

So with all the blessings in my heart, Neil & Elizabeth, I wish you the best of married life! May you two find joy, companionship, love and friendship in each other, until your twilight years❤

Wedding Outfits

Ruth and I are attending a friend’s wedding next saturday and both of us haven’t found an outfit yet! But that being said, we’ve both been hardworking and trawling sites to look for inspiration. I particularly like Glamour and Marie Claire because they show you a wide variety of dresses (Glamour shows you 100!) and they teach you how to match it with accessories and stuff. Here are some of my favourite looks.

The general rule for weddings are really, no white cos the bride is the focal point and you don’t wanna steal her limelight (well, with Kim K being the exception. She specially requested that all her guests come in black and white). Other than that, all other colours seem fair game. Also, what you wear depends on the venue. Liz’s wedding is going to be held at a church so something more conservative would be appropriate for the day and we can bring on the glam at night cos it’s held at a glitzy ballroom.

I’m really more of a pastel person because I’m fair so pale pink sounds like a good colour to wear. I kinda like the simplicity of the dress with the lace sleeves and tie at the waist cos this gives you more room to play around with accessories. Maybe a simple necklace, pearl earrings for a demure understated look or a glitzy jewel encrusted clutch and blinged out earrings for something more eye-catching.

I think chiffon is a great fabric to wear for weddings. It’s light, feminine, it doesn’t crease. I particularly like it in pastels and floral prints. This dress is simply divine. Chiffon dresses can be rather run of the mill, but this one looks so well made with the tiny pleats and the embellishments and beading (the price tag is hefty!) Also, be unconventional! A pastel dress doesn’t have to be muted and dull. Be surprising and at add that pop of fuchsia on accessories be it shoes, a clutch etc.

As for a church wedding, I am more inclined to go for something floral or polka dotted. You know, something novel, fun yet sweet. Minimal accessories, maybe a messy bun or a mass of curly hair that’s half pinned up. A corsage. You get the drift.

I can so see Ruth in the third dress! I actually think she has a skirt in a similar print! I’ve really been into polka dots lately so out of these three dresses, I am totally digging the black tailored one.

For dinner, I’m thinking conservative yet glamorous (I’m not one that really bares alot of skin).

I think the textured fabric thing is in. Whether it be flowers, petals or sheered chiffon, I kind of like the effect it has. I found something similar at Modcloth that’s work appropriate so yes, I’m embracing this trend! Strangely, Glamour’s dresses are all in nude colours, white or cream. Is that the standard for weddings though? I always thought black was the way to go but I couldn’t find a decent LBD. Strange. I loveeee this bold red dress. Who says you can’t be sophisticated and sexy when you’re all covered up?

I think my rationale is really to pick a dress that is formal enough for the occasion yet something wearable for work. So in some ways, I guess the print, cut and colour can’t be too outrageous for everyday wear. I don’t really believe in buying a dress just to wear for one occasion and then it’s just left in the closet to rot. So I think for this wedding, I’m going for something versatile, something that I can mix and match to wear everyday! Can’t wait to trawl the shops this weekend to look for that perfect dress!

Wedding Playlist

I’m in the midst of compiling a wedding song list and I’ve decided to go for an eclectic, retro yet happy vibe and I find that Ingrid Michaelson really encapsulates that vision for me! Here is a song that I am absolutely digging right now…

I love the beat and the easy tune. I’m including “Everything” from her new album as well. Another song that I think is too cute is an oldie from the Dixie Cups called “Going to the Chapel of Love”…

If the song sounds familiar, it’s probably because you heard it in this movie called “Father of the Bride” that starred Steve Martin. I intend to only have the first bit played before my “walk down the aisle” song begins. You know, a little soundbite teaser!

And because I literally live on Gold 90FM, I just have to include a Hall and Oats song. It was a tough decision (I like “Kiss On My List” and “Private Eyes” as well) but I thought “You Make My Dreams Come True” sounded the most appropriate.

And flash forward to the 21st Century, how can I not have a Taylor Swift song given the fact that she is the queen of fairy tales and happy endings?

I’m glad that I managed to finalise these songs so quickly. I thought it would take me a long time given the large range of love songs out there. But I guess the trick was really to pick songs that expressed my personality and Mark’s vibe. Now the problem is to make sure that each song transitions seamlessly so the arrangement bit might be a little tricky. But given the fact that I’m such an on-the-ball bride and I’ve planned so FAR ahead, I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

Hope these songs put a smile on your face! Have a great weekend!

Roses are red, violets are blue…

Flowers flowers flowers. Yet another vital component to creating that wonderful romantic ambience for your perfect wedding. I’ve been googling flower arrangements and bouquets and it’s a great distraction/ stress relief from concentrating on and marking scripts. I’ve gotta admit, it’s really tough to look through 80+ scripts and making sure every single one is given the same amount of attention and consideration. But enough about work. Here’s some of my favourite blooms.

Ruth and I have decided that the theme of my wedding would be purple, pink and white. So these bouquets really fit the theme/aesthetic that I’m going for.

The last bouquet is really growing on me. I love how pale, delicate and sweet it looks though the third bouquet has the nicest combination of purples and pinks. What do you think?

Wedding update

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that posts aren’t coming in as frequently as I would like. The past few days have just been a whirlwind of activity. Mark and I just had a small engagement party with relatives on saturday and sunday was spent with Ruth and Simeon and we basically talked through some details of the wedding. So the upcoming weeks is really going to be a bustle of activity. Going around food tasting, looking for a reputable photographer (any recommendations would be so so welcome at this juncture) and deciding on some ideas for an evening outfit and whether I should even include a cheongsam for the tea ceremony.

On the work front, school term just started so it’s all pretty slow for now cos all the kids are having their mid terms so I’ve basically spent the day doing admin, having invigilations and REALLY moving into my cubicle. Nothing extraordinarily eventful until tomorrow when my marking load comes in so fair warning, I will be missing in action for awhile. Many apologies. Thankfully, this blog is also helmed by the lovely and entertaining Ruth so I’m sure she’ll have many surprises in store for you!

And because this is a rather random wedding update kind of post, I figured, I might as well share a recently found favourite. This tumblr site called “weddingandromance.” It has the most gorgeous wedding pictures!

And this last one is my favourite :)

Maybe it’s the beautiful scenery, the magic of the moment or the fact that these people are so truly happy and blissful that they have found true love. Hopefully my wedding pictures will turn out just as nice!

Cakes Galore!!

haha by now I think there’s an overwhelming amount of wedding stuff on our blog, but hey! At this point of time, Caroline & I are looking for inspiration everywhere for her perfect wedding. As she’s pretty keen on a customized wedding cake, I’d thought I’d look for cake inspirations this tumblr tuesday :)

Carol’s wedding dinner has a maroon theme, courtesy of Shangri-La. However, her day theme is lilac/purple, white & pink, so I’m thinking of something inbetween those themes, to suit the mood and her wedding. Plus, she LOVES roses, so those would be a beautiful accent to her wedding cake :) Then again, flowers always look pretty on cakes!

I love the design of this cake, classic yet modern!

Colour schemes aside, I think she’ll also love textured cakes – with patterns, lace inlays etc.

:D Next weekend we’ll be trooping down for a visit to a few bakeries to check out their baked goodies & hopefully *crosses fingers* settle on a design & a baker waay in advance! :) Recommend us a few local cake shops if you know any!

Wedding Invitations

Right now, Carol & I are wedding crazy and surfing the net for all sorts of inspiration for every little detail of of the wedding. Granted, as the bridesmaid the most I can do is flood Caroline with suggestions, so here are some really cute wedding invitations I found off tumblr! :)

A really cute embossed/vintage print in the happy colours of red and blue, though for Carol & Mark (or markaline as we all term them) it would be an embossed print of cats? hahaha

love these vintage book-themed wedding invitations. they look so intimately personal.


I could totally imagine them making funny faces like these polaroid inspired wedding cards. It’ll make all their guests smile!


or maybe because they’re both such movie buffs, a movie ticket for each guest would be pretty awesome! Also a great way to settle seating so guests know where to put themselves when they arrive lol.

something really sweet and simple would suit Caroline too!

Ahh I’m simply bouncing up and down with excitement now. Can’t wait to flood Carol with even more suggestions when I meet her this Sunday! hahaha. :D

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Loving all that Hair

With preparations for Carol’s wedding beginning to take momentum, I can’t help but feel super excited… for our hair! hahaha. Hair accessories have always inspired and intrigued me, so I’m definitely hoping that Carol will be inclined to try one of these great accessories for her big day :)

Carol is a girl who loves braids, so these braid inspired styles will suit her perfectly!

one idea I’m in love with? A wedding tiara!

I think tiaras just look so gorgeous on brunettes :)

& speaking of tiaras, perhaps jeweled accessories?

what are your wedding inspirations? share them with us!

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Bruce Oldfield designs Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Marrying into the Royal Family is no simple thing – it comes with its own obligations and standards, which is why Kate Middleton has chosen Bruce Oldfield, a well known British designer, as the official designer for her wedding dress. As compared to his peers, Versace and Armani, Bruce Oldfield still remains very devoted to “old school elegance”. He believes strongly in well fitted, good and simple clothings – he names Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly as the most classic women of all time, so don’t expect any flamboyant shows e.g. Alexander Mc Queen for Middleton’s wedding. In fact, he’d probably go nuts if he had to style to Lady Gaga’s tastes!

Bruce Oldfield was one of the favoured courtiers by Princess Diana, and he’s known for his fondness for the classic “figure 8” as well as his adaptability for different clients. He used to say that Princess Diana looked best when she dressed simply, in only a white tee and jeans. Certainly we won’t be seeing that at the wedding, but here are a few pictures from his official website:


I actually love the intricate lace that is part of most of his wedding collection. Lace can look old, but somehow Bruce Oldfield does it in such a way that it looks far more feminine and luxe – one look at these gowns and you can tell that they’re not something you can just get off a rack. It’s also great to know that he experiments with a variation of necklines, as seen above.

Certainly, Bruce Oldfield won’t be handing Kate Middleton something that anyone could get, and if his wedding dress for Lady Tamara Grosvenor (daughter of the Duke of Westminster) is anything to judge by, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress will definitely have some traditional elements to reference her new social status.

Lady Tamara Grosvenor’s wedding outfits

However, I doubt that Kate Middleton will follow suit with Lady Tamara Grosvenor’s medieval inspiration, and I’m hoping that in tune with her Issa engagement dress, she will prefer a simpler v-cut silhouette, which is very flattering on her frame. That said, this wedding does come with its own obligations, so it might also reference to other Royal Weddings of the past.

Princess Elizabeth & Philip

Princess Elizabeth’s wedding dress was one not easily forgotten. Its long train made it fashionable for women all over the world to have similarly long trains of fabric behind them as they sashayed down the aisle on their wedding day. The intricate lacework  was completed in a mere three months by Norman Hartnell. However, as her mother, Queen Elizabeth (yes they shared the same name, Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II) disliked Philip due to his ancient familial ties with Germany, Princess Elizabeth had to save up ration coupons for fabric just like everyone else in post-war England. Hartnell quotes the flora on a Botticelli ivory statue as one of his main inspirations for her wedding dress. The embroidery contained sparkling crystals and 10 000 imported pearls. The small diamond tiara was lent to her by her mother.

Prince Charles and  Diana

Though their marriage didn’t live up to its fairytale potential, the wedding certainly did, as women all around the world watched in rapt wonder as Diana fulfilled the romantic imaginations of the rags-to-riches story. Certainly, she favoured the voluminous folds, as seen from the body of her wedding dress, as well as its sleeves. Though intricate lacework isn’t seen as obviously as that of Princess Elizabeth’s dress, the ruffles lining the v neck and the edge of her sleeves are full and elaborate. 10 000 pearls and sequins adorned this dress and its 25 foot long train. The ivory silk taffeta gown was design by British designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel for the cost of 9 000 pounds, a very expensive sum at that time (1981)

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

Though not as memorable, Sarah’s gown similarly had a long train of 17 feet – which though wasn’t as long as Princess Diana’s, was still long enough to cover several steps (I think we’re all beginning to see a trend in the British royal family here). once more, the body of the wedding dress was clean and simple, with lacework only on specific parts of the dress. The most interesting feature of the dress was its lacework. Unlike Princess Diana and Princess Elizabeth who opted for antique lace, Sarah opted for lace specifically handcrafted for the occasion, with symbols specially weaved into the lacework. The letter “A” represented Andrew, whilst the anchor was iconic of his time in the Navy – seems like the groom had more than a hand in the wedding than most grooms traditionally do! A rose and a crest of Bumblebees (Sarah’s personal crest – a resistance to that of the British royal family?) were also handwoven into the train. The dress was designed by Lindka Cierach with 10 000 crystals and pearls adorning the bodice.

So now that we’ve covered all the heirs to the royal throne, it seems that we can expect Kate Middleton’s wedding dress to have a long train and intricate lacework. Looking at more recent weddings (Prince Edward & Sophy-Rhys Jones, Peter Phillips & Autumn Kelly) I’m hopeful that we can expect a more modern take on the wedding dress, but it’s to be seen whether Kate Middleton truly has a say in the making of her wedding dress, especially since her wedding will be on a scale worthy of the next King and Queen. However, I’m sure that if she does have her own input, it’ll definitely be stylish and chic, for her personal style really impresses

I’m really enjoying how she wears such distinctive, eye catching headpieces with confidence – so I’m hoping that instead of the traditional tiara, she might mix it up a little! That said, I can now see why she didn’t pick my top favourite British brand Marchesa and chose Bruce Oldfield instead. Both Kate and Bruce Oldfield have a fondness for sharply tailored and well-fitted clothings, so I’m expecting her wedding dress to be tailored to her fantastic figure, instead of the voluminous folds of her predecessors.

Are you looking forward to this Royal Wedding? We’re excited!

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