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A Dose of Black Humour

Work is pretty much killing me (as you can tell from the awful absence of my posts) so I’ll be indulging in a little black humour this tumblr tuesday.

Some classify black humour as dark, morbid humour, but i think of it as the-world-is-screwed-anyway-so-let’s-f***-it kinda humour.

no point wasting your life when it’s not gonna get any better, right?

one of my favourites is the webcomic cyanide happiness. awesome stuff.

sigh if only i could delete the tons of papers on my desk

sorry for the depressing post, but once in awhile, everyone gets gloomy.

and speaking of gloomy… Ann Demeulemeester’s Spring 2012 RTW looks anything but Spring. (didn’t we all have this perception that spring is all about singing birds and great weather and a burst of colour?)

i do enjoy her use of mesh though.

i feel like drowning myself in endless swathes of black fabric and freaking people out so that no one will make my life difficult anymore. MUAHAHHAHA.

Optimism died somewhat last week.

I will revive it, when I myself am revived from this dark, murky mood.

til then, have a great week!

Reminder to Self: Enjoy Life, Live Well.

so why do I keep telling myself, “sleep more, live less?”

but it’s up to you to make the best of what it is.


& are you looking past the wall?

We are the dreamers of tomorrow.

Enjoy Life, Live Well.

Don’t get lost in it.

Cute Lunchboxes

with my hectic work schedule, it’s a wonder that I ever get to eat regular meals, particularly since my average work day ends at 8+/9pm. I’ve pretty much been on a heavy-breakfast, medium-lunch, light-dinner type of diet, so it hasn’t affected me greatly, but that hasn’t stopped me from fantasizing about bringing a cute lunchboxes to work! :D Of course, I say this all without thinking about making the extra effort to wake up early to cook & pack food, but hey! It could be the best way to ensure that I don’t oversleep AND I save money (since I spend less buying outside food) AND I can “force” myself to eat healthy! haha. oh plus it could really amp up my cooking skills. *hmmm* now this option seems more & more attractive..

I’m not into cartoon characters etc, but I have to admit that this domo-kun is pretty darn cute XP In case you’re curious, domo-kun (hello boy), is the official mascot of Japan’s NHK TV station. i wonder why Mediacorp Channel 5 doesn’t have a similarly cute mascot! haha. That said, the Japanese are the best at coming up with weird (but cute) things.

Simple & elegant design. very work appropriate. Adults wouldn’t look foolish bringing this to work – & I have to admit, the design of this seems to inspire images of salad and other healthy foods. I somehow can’t picture putting a fat juicy sausage in it. eeks. I’m unsure about this, but for $24 USD, it’s not too bad. Check it out at the Omoi Zakka Shop

I used to have something like this as a kid!! I loved WONDER WOMAN, she was soo much better than HE MAN or the THUNDERCATS. but of course, Ninja Turtles ruled all. hahaha. Unfortunately, whilst tin boxes are very cute and vintage, they really wouldn’t be suitable or convenient for the workplace at all.

Honestly though, I’m not really hunting for design or specific colours/characters per se, I’m inclined towards the practical! (*sigh* a sign of growing old.. practicality over impulse..) I wouldn’t mind a plain container, with shiftable compartments so that I can partition my food. I’m quite particular about my food touching each other, unless I have no choice. Perhaps I shall take a look at the little boxes in Daiso, they seem like quite a good option!

Oh but seriously i would die from self satisfaction and pleasure with a cute lunchbox like this!

Another concept I really like though, is the bowl concept – or as the Japanese prefer to present it, the pokeball concept.

Looks really cute to carry around! Especially if there’s no space in my workbag :)

So yep I’ll be hunting around for the perfect lunchbox. What kind of lunchboxes do you prefer? The cute type? the practical type?

Comic(ally) Apt

Every once in awhile, I chance upon comics that couldn’t have expressed the author’s intentions any better – showing just how the medium of sketch + prose can meld together so well to convey a thought. Here are my favourite picks off tumblr!

I wish I still taught tuition, because this particular cartoon brings to mind how I once lectured a boy on p***ography (pardon the ** but I don’t want spam bots to come visit my blog). anyway, so my boy tells me with pride about his “mature” experiences – & I ask, so guys like to dissect women right? you look at all the advertisements, it’s just got a boob, an ass, or legs that go on forever *boy fervently nods* well, I went on, “that’s the way women will eventually see guys, so don’t think you can get a girlfriend so easily in future if she’s comparing you to that calvin klein or diesel ad, with all those men that have six packs and perfect skin.” *mortified face of boy* haha. so yes, it’s really all about perspective :)

This might seem really sentimental & nostalgic, but I really miss those primary school days where i would receive tons of letters, via snail mail or sneaky desk-passing. I think we all loved address books and writing letters that took hours of effort to decorate, letter by letter, “Dear XX, you are my good friend. let’s eat recess together tomorrow!” hahaha.

Oh, Optimism. Tis the best thing one can have in any difficult situation :)

& then Reality just comes & smacks you in the face. Looking at these 4 stages of adulthood, it looks like I’m still blissfully in the first stage. The clock is already ticking & I should start planning & give myself more long term goals to work towards. I wouldn’t want to be a sad, angry, regretful old person.

There is NO WAY I can sufficiently describe how much my colleagues LOVE bubble tea. haha the last time my colleague went off for a meeting at Toa Payoh, she came back lugging 40+ cups of Koi LOL. today we walked quite abit to get our fix of Gong Cha. We’re crazy. Inexplicably addicted to this sweet, yummy stuff.

Yep. even Superman has a hearing problem every now and then. hahaha. & in my line of work, mishearing someone can lead to very disastrous (but comical) results. An occupational hazard of frontline work!

I think it’s pretty ridiculous how people seem to perpetually and stubbornly stick to using old proverbs that no longer hold any real meaning, like “pushing the envelope”! (& now that I see this comic, I can’t get it out of my mind.. the next time someone senior says it, I’m gonna be caught giggling. oops.) If you’re curious about the origin of this idiom, well, here’s what I gathered from a quick google search:

In the early days of test flying, airplane engineers would draw flight performance graphs on the back of their mail envelopes while they were talking over lunch. When they were referring to “out of control,” situations the performance graph would often extend out beyond the edges of the envelope, hence the proper term, “outside the envelope,” meaning beyond the boundaries of normal flight, or now, beyond the general boundaries of normal anything. Since the pilots who were getting into these out of control situations were “pushing” the limits of the airplanes, the mixed metaphor stuck – hence, pushing the envelope, which is the active verb referring to creating any extreme situation.

Hmm so how relevant is this really? I think it’s one of those unfortunate idioms that has been sorely abused in today’s world.

heheh. everyone needs a little bit of stupid fun every once in awhile :)

So that’s it for my Tumblr Tuesday post! watch out for this feature every Tuesday, I’ll try to always keep it coming!

Puppy Love

each and every job has its ups and downs and right at this moment, it seems like i’m at the bottom of the valley. solution? PUPPIES!!

I think about puppies the same way this little tyke from Despicable Me thinks about her fluffy unicorn:

which is why I guess, it’s good that I don’t have my own to violently cuddle HAHAHAH

I think the best thing about puppies is the whole ideal of having them run lovingly to you, throwing themselves towards you in joy. Everyone likes to be loved and appreciated, especially if it’s an insanely cute bundle of adorable fluff.

how is this a dog?? hahahaha.

gosh this husky’s blue eyes are so pretty!

Admittedly though, I’m not too used to dogs, but with the bf being a dog lover and him getting a tiny little cute dog this year, I’m feeling more and more inclined to them.

alright enough puppy love for the day!! :D


Wedding update

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that posts aren’t coming in as frequently as I would like. The past few days have just been a whirlwind of activity. Mark and I just had a small engagement party with relatives on saturday and sunday was spent with Ruth and Simeon and we basically talked through some details of the wedding. So the upcoming weeks is really going to be a bustle of activity. Going around food tasting, looking for a reputable photographer (any recommendations would be so so welcome at this juncture) and deciding on some ideas for an evening outfit and whether I should even include a cheongsam for the tea ceremony.

On the work front, school term just started so it’s all pretty slow for now cos all the kids are having their mid terms so I’ve basically spent the day doing admin, having invigilations and REALLY moving into my cubicle. Nothing extraordinarily eventful until tomorrow when my marking load comes in so fair warning, I will be missing in action for awhile. Many apologies. Thankfully, this blog is also helmed by the lovely and entertaining Ruth so I’m sure she’ll have many surprises in store for you!

And because this is a rather random wedding update kind of post, I figured, I might as well share a recently found favourite. This tumblr site called “weddingandromance.” It has the most gorgeous wedding pictures!

And this last one is my favourite :)

Maybe it’s the beautiful scenery, the magic of the moment or the fact that these people are so truly happy and blissful that they have found true love. Hopefully my wedding pictures will turn out just as nice!

Cakes Galore!!

haha by now I think there’s an overwhelming amount of wedding stuff on our blog, but hey! At this point of time, Caroline & I are looking for inspiration everywhere for her perfect wedding. As she’s pretty keen on a customized wedding cake, I’d thought I’d look for cake inspirations this tumblr tuesday :)

Carol’s wedding dinner has a maroon theme, courtesy of Shangri-La. However, her day theme is lilac/purple, white & pink, so I’m thinking of something inbetween those themes, to suit the mood and her wedding. Plus, she LOVES roses, so those would be a beautiful accent to her wedding cake :) Then again, flowers always look pretty on cakes!

I love the design of this cake, classic yet modern!

Colour schemes aside, I think she’ll also love textured cakes – with patterns, lace inlays etc.

:D Next weekend we’ll be trooping down for a visit to a few bakeries to check out their baked goodies & hopefully *crosses fingers* settle on a design & a baker waay in advance! :) Recommend us a few local cake shops if you know any!

Loving all that Hair

With preparations for Carol’s wedding beginning to take momentum, I can’t help but feel super excited… for our hair! hahaha. Hair accessories have always inspired and intrigued me, so I’m definitely hoping that Carol will be inclined to try one of these great accessories for her big day :)

Carol is a girl who loves braids, so these braid inspired styles will suit her perfectly!

one idea I’m in love with? A wedding tiara!

I think tiaras just look so gorgeous on brunettes :)

& speaking of tiaras, perhaps jeweled accessories?

what are your wedding inspirations? share them with us!

all pictures from

Smile for Food

It isn’t too hard to find joy in one of the basic necessities in life, food! Even those I know who’re on a specific diet (for various reasons) hardly allow themselves to get bored with what they have to eat, & constantly seek alternatives and tweaks that can rejuvenate their happiness when it comes to their food.

all pictures credit to Smile for Food

I’m extremely fond of snacking in the office and I must say, famous amos (packaged) chocolate chip cookies with meiji milk just about hit the spot every time. ah, but I run out of these so quickly and the calorie count isn’t exactly flattering. haha!

Or perhaps you’ll fancy some awesome homemade breakfast. I’d die with happiness if I could have sandwiches like these every morning.

Breakfast Bagel with Maple Glazed Prosciutto, Cheddar Cheese, and Fried Egg

Beef Stroganoff and Wild Mushrooms on Sourdough Toast

Cuban Chicken and Lean Ham Foccacia Panini Sandwich with Sweet and Spicy Pickle Chips, Swiss, Chipotle Mayo, and Sun-Dried Tomato Ale Mustard

pictures credit to Food is Art

But out of all the food groups, my favourite would definitely be carbs. Without it, I feel like a miserably tired dead soul. Carbs make me happy. Carbs make me feel full. Carbs give me energy! I am in full admiration for those who live without it & manage to maintain an energetic lifestyle…

fancy some spaghetti & meatballs?? I love mine with cheddar cheese in the sauce :)

seared scallops with lemon and vodka

this looks insanely awesome. I am such a HUGE avocado fan. and octopus fan. & calamari. & mango. *drools*

pictures credit to NOMNOMISM

*so hungry now*

Fashion on Tumblr

One of the things I like about fashion and tumblr is that it’s really all about the pictures. The presentation. That perfect cut, the perfect drape, the gorgeous clash and harmony of colours in one outfit. Visuals matter the most when it comes to fashion, so I thought this week, I’ll merge my two loves together in a mass of awesome photography.

like an online fashion curator, ModeAvenueParis showcases gorgeous fashion images and tells you the who (model & photographer), where (magazine), what (brand) and when (date).

The best part? I fell in love with almost all of her featured choices :) *fashion soulmate!*

all image credits to ModeAvenueParis

& well, who can miss out on the most iconic fashion magazines of all, Vogue? If you don’t feel that spending on Vogue in Singapore here is worth the price, its tumblr blog is skimpy on the articles, but a free alternative.

Some exclusive behind the scenes photography is sometimes shown, as well as several stunning shots from that week’s photography shoot. Like ModAvenueParis, Vogue also gives the information of who, what, where and sometimes when, so feel free to google it if you fall completely in love with the collection/person.

& if you’re into celebrity-fashion-stalking, Vogue is a great source for that as well :) images credit to Vogue

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