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Dressing up for the Holiday Spirit

For me, Christmas has always been a time of festivities and cheer. Though malls and stores nowadays don’t go as all out in decking their storefronts with Christmas decorations as lavishly as they used to in the past, I’d like to think that the Christmas spirit doesn’t simply rely on how bright the lights are on Orchard Road. Certainly, Singaporeans aren’t the type to wear reindeer headbands or santa claus hats (willingly) on the streets, but here are some cute accessories and ideas that will Christmas-ify your outfit!

The rainy weather of late has made it just perfect for layering and experimenting with jackets, cardigans and the like, so LIBERATE yourself! experiment with making your style truly yours, & the shopping deals this Christmas season are perfect for finding that new “quirk” that defines your style in the coming year.

Next up, a post on awesome shopping deals this Christmas Season – and more elf product reviews! Check out for their great promotions available instore, Quirkychic will be doing a full feature on their promotions tomorrow. For those living in Serangoon, Isetan at Nex is offering a blanket discount of 20% off its exclusive japanese brands to celebrate its opening. Enjoy! :)


When I think of the word “Burlesque”, what comes to mind is the magical world of Moulin Rouge, one of my favourite movies of all time. Feathers and sequins galore, tight corsets and huge tutu skirts. One thing about the burlesque women – they loved their fur but always, always showed off their gorgeous legs. An interesting balance of too much and too little.

I actually love corsets – most of us aren’t perfect and though we’re of the right size, we’re not necessarily of the right shape. From time to time when I feel like wearing something figure hugging, I do wear a light corset beneath. Do note however, there’s a great difference between plastic bendable corsets (the type I use) and steel-boned corsets. Plastic boned corsets merely shape your body, i.e. there’s no constriction involved. However, if you’d like to minimize the size of your waist and force your body into the hourglass shape, steel-boned corsets are the way to go :) I have yet to try a Steel-boned corset, but the word is that they’re exceedingly uncomfortable, which makes me admire these Burlesque girls all the more. the pain they must’ve gone through!

But the Burlesque girls aren’t always clad in their tutus and corsets – one trend they really rocked was the Glamour girl, which many Hollywood divas of the Golden age took after, with figure hugging gold dresses, cut exceedingly low to celebrate their assets. Certainly, to emphasize their “star” factor, sequins weren’t out of place either.

One movie I’m really keen to see next year is Christina Anguilera’s feature film debut – Burlesque. The gorgeous sets, the anticipation of hearing Christina sing, plus the song and dance numbers look and sound fantastic.

Ever since her rival days with Britney, I’ve been a huge fan of Christina. Nowadays with audio-editing software one can never tell how talented a singer is (case in point: Glee) but Christina emerged as a great singer way before that software was made, & I always loved how she seemed to put her heart fully into the songs she sang. Here’s two clips as previews for the upcoming movie:

With regards to Cher’s appearances in the movie – well Cher has always kinda scared me a little bit, I’m not sure if it’s the husky tone of her voice, or if it’s the fact that she kinda looks like a tranny from certain angles. The hairstyle she’s been given in the movie does nothing to help flatter her long face either.

Considering that Christina is 29 this year, she looks surprisingly young! Moreover, I love her girl-next-door look in this movie. somehow it’s fresh, seeing that she’s always had a large variety of hairstyles and thick makeup in her showbiz years. To do a burlesque- inspired look, I’d recommend a balance between exaggerated, showy pieces and plain pieces. Obviously baring one’s full legs like these girls do isn’t quite the option, so I’d go for skinny jeans instead :)

most importantly, accessorize! Accessorize can make or break your outfit. don’t make the mistake of carrying say, a bulky messenger bag with these looks. go for a cute, small clutch that complements the outfit. I wouldn’t recommend statement necklaces, but a studded ring or earrings would do nicely.

click on the outfit images for information on the products featured

Bobbin’ it: Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin – the alliteration of “G” in her name just struck me as odd, somewhat unique (yes, that’s what goes on in the head of an English Lit. major) and for sometime I’ve been admiring how well she carries off the pixie bob on the red carpet, without thinking of it until I realised that this gorgeous girl was the same blah looking actress from He’s Just Not That Into You (2009), which happens to be one of my favourite rom-coms of all time.

So curious me googled her and whoa, this girl has tried tons of hairstyles, more so than any other celeb I’ve known (boring Jennifer Aniston, boring!) but I don’t blame those celebs for sticking to the hairstyles which suit them best. Moreover, Ginnifer’s experimentation with these hairstyles have only proved what beauty experts have been telling us all along. There is a complementary hairstyle for each different face shape, and that hairstyle DOES make a huge difference. check it out!

Ginnifer Goodwin’s heart shaped face obviously goes best with her short haircuts. I love the pixie bob the best on her! Normally I’d think that most girls would look good with long hair, but she looks quite forgettable with her long tresses. That look has been way overdone by so many celebrities. That said, I can’t be surprised now that Rihanna has gone slightly crazy with her hairdos of late, but for the girl on the street, here’s some guidelines to help you find that perfect hairstyle

  • Discover your face shape. Often, we just look in the mirror and gauge for ourselves – which is not entirely reliable because we all have perceptions of ourselves that we’d like to believe. So for starters, measure the width and length from the tip of the hairline to your chin, of your face. Taking width as W and length as L (yes i’m going into algebraic equations here, the horror!) if …
  1. L is 1.5times that of your W, you have an Oval face. if L exceeds 1.5 x W, you have an Oblong face
  2. if L = W, you have a Round face. Then measure your cheekbones (C) and Jawline (J). If C > J substantially, you have a Heart face. If C = J almost exactly, you have a Square face. If you’ll notice, the measurements of a square face and a round face don’t differ that much- this is most usually determined by bone structure. Those with round faces have rounder edges to the face, those with square faces have a more defined bone structure that is visible to the eye (I don’t mean skeletal..)

To illustrate the difference between a square face and a round face:

Two skinny stars – but can you see the difference in their bone structure that determines their face shape? their W and L might be similar, but it’s about the curves of their face that create the face shape. I feel so motivated to go to a good hairstylist right now, after careful measurements I’m positively sure that I’ve got an oval face (my W = 14 and L = 20, making L/W = 1.43) which means lucky me, I should be able to carry off any hairstyle I want. So it’s experimentation time! I’ve had my long tresses for quite some time :)

  • ACT ON IT. Now that you know what face shape you have, google it! It’s just a few measly words you have to type and a few exercises for your right index finger. easy peasy. There are TONS of hairstyling websites on the web, so don’t feel or be constrained by any one’s recommendation. Most importantly, cross reference these websites against each other to make sure that the hairstyle you’ve picked is one that many others agree suits your face shape. With the internet, some recommendations can be very unreliable
  • Find Inspiration Pictures of your favourite celebrities who sport these hairstyles, and if you can, bring them to your hairdresser so your hairdresser knows precisely what you want. Certainty and confidence will lessen the tears at the end of a drastic change (if any).

Neon Technicolour

As seen on Karl Lagerfeld’s runway this season (Fendi Spring 2011), Neon Technicolour lips are in at the moment

With hot shades such as pink, coral and orange, neon lips draw attention to the shape and sexiness of the lips, so a more natural look is advised when worn with this makeup trend. For the Fendi 2011 Spring runway, makeup artist Peter Phillips created this look by drawing out the shape of the lip “with a strong pink, orange or coral – basic shades you can easily find”. He also mixed lip colours to create the vivid shades you see above on the models. Most of the lipsticks he used were matte, but he didn’t hesitate to use a touch of luminizer in the middle of the lips and the cupid’s bow for highlighting purposes (see lips above). For the face, he used a luminizer to create that illusion of an “inner glow” to match the bright lip colour. I’m quite a fan using luminizers to give that subtle shimmer & glow. It’s quite surprising how much more awake & healthy one seems just with a touch of extra shimmer. It does however, take some practice – when I first used luminizers, I ended up using too much & became quite sparkly.

collages courtesy of polyvore – click on images for details of featured products

As a simple guideline, for liquid/semi liquid luminizers, the appropriate amount for the entire face would be a pea-sized amount on the finger. Mix it with your foundation before applying it all over the face for an even glow. It is advisable to use a neutral colour shimmer instead of a shimmer with a bold colour, e.g. brown or dark pink. peach, or light pink colours are advised because they look more natural & light colours also accentuate the highlights of your face. For powder luminizers, apply foundation & lightly dab the shimmer with the provided sponge, before using a brush to apply your setting/finishing powder/blush/bronzer. The brush will also help to further spread out the luminizer.

On the Fendi runway, these neon lips look like they could go with any outfit. I absolutely love how they’ve each been paired with a plain yet bright coloured sandal

images courtesy of

It definitely brings a fresh, floral vibe to the collection. In fact, my first thought when I saw the first few pictures of the runway was, hey! it’s easy, breezy, beautiful! Haha well, Covergirl wasn’t their sponsor, but the loose fitting (yet well cut) clothes cling and float away from the models beautifully.

Will you be trying out this runway look for your daily wear? Fashion blogger Taylor from SterlingStyle loves rockin’ the bright-lipped look on a daily basis.

image courtesy of

Tips to rock this look:

  1. Neutral colours for face, with a luminizer for that “inner glow”
  2. Matte lip colours
  3. Add a dab of luminizer/lipgloss on the cupid’s bow and centre of the lower lip to highlight
  4. use a lip pencil prior to lipstick application for defined lips
  5. experiment with lip colours!
  6. accessorize with your lip colour for an extra oomph to that outfit (with my love for neon, bright nails, i’m definitely going on a hunt for a bright lip colour to match my nail polish shades!)

Socks with Heels

The schoolgirl-esque combination of socks + heels/ maryjanes never really appealed to me until I chanced upon Mayo Wo’s blog. She meshes urban chic with a sweet femininity – her cute bowler hat also adds to her charm. I also love the various vintage envelope bags that she accessorizes with for her outfit.

images courtesy of

What I found most appealing was her sense of colour. She uses bold, strong colours for her thigh high stockings, but these do not detract away from her overall outfit. Rather, they complement the muted (most often, maroon) tone of her outfit. The manner in which she uses bold colours together (particularly in the last picture) is both unique and stylish without being too loud. her striped socks are also very cute! Plus they look light, which would be perfect for Singapore weather. Certainly, it’s far more attractive and appealing than my previous impression of the socks + heels combo

Looking at these pictures, they’re definitely different from Mayo Wo’s preferred sock type. She prefers thigh-high socks, which left me thinking that perhaps it was the length of the socks that were the problem. Until I saw this:

and that is pretty darn gorgeous. Unlike Mayo Wo though, strong colours aren’t utilized here. Instead, a softer, more muted and complementing colours are used.

Will I be trying out this on my own soon? Well, I can’t say for sure but let’s just say that I’ll be trying it out in the private comfort of my home & checking the weather report before venturing bravely out with this new look. I always believe that trends aren’t for everyone and it takes a discerning eye to know whether a style suits you or not… then again, what’s the fun in being safe? So I’ll “test” it out, & if it works, awesome. If it doesn’t… then well I definitely have a greater motivation to work out til I get slimmer legs, or I’ll find something else to obsess about (:

Tips for this style:

  1. Do pay attention to what colour socks you wish to pair up with your outfit. For a slimmer and muted look, go for darker colours. If you’re afraid of trying out colours, black would be a good start (as featured in the collage above & below)
  2. If you’re going for patterned socks, don’t accompany it with an outfit with too many details or print. This affects the visual appreciation of your outfit – too many lines and geometric patterns and designs will make you look like a confused dresser.
  3. Do experiment with folding, slouching and crumpling of socks. It’s pretty cute too!
  4. Unless you’re extremely comfortable with your legs, do wear heels when trying out this style, as it accentuates the shape and curve of your calves, bringing them to the viewer’s attention. For a simple gauge, think about how you look in skinny jeans (without heels) vs skinny jeans (with heels).
  5. Do look at the mirror to see which length of sock suits you best.

On hindsight, I am perhaps leaning far more towards the pairing of similar coloured socks + heels, as featured on the Burberry runway in 2008, & seen on celebrities such as Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame) & Agyness Deyn

It looks like a great way to “recycle” shoes I’ve been getting tired of, & refreshing their look. Moreover, from the collage above and Mayo Wo’s outfits, it looks like this trend is pretty much wearable with almost any outfit. & hey, though it’s 2 years too late (well, almost 3 since it was the Spring collection), here at QuirkyChic we believe that personal style never goes out of fashion. Looking good, stylish and presentable never meant that one had to follow the waves of trend after trend. Is there a style you’ve been wanting to try for ages but thought it was “out of season”? Try it! Endless possibilities await (:

ANTM S15 ep 9 Mossini

This week I’m celebrating because ANN has PERSONALITY! whoo!

After much encouragement from the judges, Ann steps it up and lets her personality shine this episode. It’s not as dominant as say, Chris, but she’s turning out to be quite an interesting character

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Effortlessly Chic… or Not?

As a staunch believer in the joy of having a unique and individual style that doesn’t just bow mindlessly to each and every new trend that comes by, I take great pleasure in browsing through sites such as It isn’t their pretty faces (though some are unbelievably drop dead gorgeous) that make the outfit – it’s the thoughtful manner in which each and every piece of the outfit is put together in order to create that outfit. No matter how careless an outfit looks, one can just tell that it wasn’t something randomly put together. Perhaps some may have more talent than others in putting together an outfit, but no one, no one, is born “naturally” chic. It’s the clothes, the accessories, the mix & match of fabrics & one’s own personal aesthetic concept.

so here’s to celebrating the quirky chic!

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Crowning glory

As some of you may know, staying in hall doesn’t warrant you the luxury of taking your whole wardrobe with you. As such, I have to wear lots of basics that can be mixed, matched and layered over to create a new look (and to also decrease the amount of laundry I have to do).

Besides investing in staples, a simple way of putting a new twist to an outfit (without actually spending money) is to style your hair. I will be showing you the 5 ways that I usually wear my hair for school. For this, you will need:

1. Bobbypins,

2. Hair ties

3. Elastic hairband

I usually use black, bronze and gold hair accessories because I want it to blend with my natural hair colour but you may use any other colour if it strikes your fancy.
hair accessories

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