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Denim Blue

I’ve been pretty intruiged with blue lately. somehow it’s a very awesome work colour in every single shade that it comes in. I can’t really think of a blue that can’t be incorporated easily into work attire.

China Glaze – Midnight Mission

This deep blue is has a denim feel to it – I’ve two! similar dark blues from Faceshop, one with multi coloured shimmer and one with no shimmer and while Midnight Mission isn’t my favourite out of these three, it’s still pretty unique. Unlike the other two blues I have (and now I think with regret why I have so many blues of the same shade…but I digress.), the silver shimmer in Midnight Mission makes it seem as if it has a denim texture. Plus, with the silver, even in the dark the polish reflects a deep blue, which I like.

& trust me, denim isn’t just for the cowboys. With the right cut and the right fit, denim can be part of a very modern look.

for details of featured items click here

Whether as a colour or as a fabric, denim blue has me in its clutches. I’m sooo much more inclined to this deep shade of blue than I am to black at the moment. & with my nail polish looking as if it’ll continue to last for the rest of the week, (I’m impressed with china glaze’s formula!) I’ll be continuing on my blue obsession with my work attire :)


Do you ever leave the house barefaced? Well, as one of those who wasn’t born naturally stunningly pretty with a flawless complexion *looks enviously at Caroline*, these days I hardly ever leave the house without at least, a layer of foundation on to cover up my splotchiness (my face tends to get slightly redder at my chin and cheeks) and a layer of sunblock to protect against this tropical climate.

Looking as if you’ve no makeup on is one of the most basic and essential skills every girl has to have. & believe it or not, there are subtle changes you’d need to implement depending on the occasion, colour choice of clothes and well, your mood!

For the perfect au naturale look, I personally believe that the focus should be on one’s complexion – keep it glowing, smooth and perfect!

Whilst I love my foundation, the one thing that it might prevent you from looking au naturale is its tendency to “flatten” out a face. Because the aim of a foundation is to ensure that your complexion and colouring is consistent for the entire face, most of the times, a good foundation will leave your face looking flatter and broader. So to maximize its potential, do use at least 1 bronzer (matte) of complementing shade with a light hand on the hollows of your cheeks as well as the outer rims of your face to your temples. This will re-create and accentuate your natural contours.

A friend who went on Japan to exchange once commented to me that she admired how they valued their outward appearance, no matter the circumstances. It wasn’t so much a matter of being vain, rather, it was that they respected themselves and the people they met, & always ensured that they looked presentable.

Moreover, given that our tiny little island is a really small, small world, I’ve learnt from personal experience that it’s a great & saving confidence booster when I’m out and I know I look presentable, & happen to meet an acquaintance on the street.  Plus, it saves me from that whole awkward ohmygod I look like shit moment.

Frayed tee shirt collars and holey tops are a no-no, it suggests that moths and silverfish thrive in your wardrobe. or you might turn out beggar-like, which is quite off putting for some. & when it comes to a girl’s tresses, I can’t help but cringe when I see a girl with unkempt hair walking around.

So with the June hols dawning, make it a mission to perfect your non-makeup look! It’s an indispensable skill every girl should have :)

Nail Mania – A sea of blue & green

I’ve been feeling pretty inspired by blues and greens lately. They go so well together and even in bright combinations, don’t seem too inappropriate or bimbotically girly for the workplace. :D or at least that’s what I tell myself! Since my fellow nail fanatic Rachel came to sleepover some time ago, we did an epic nail swap & *omg* I tried so many new colours like a crazy, obsessed person (which believe me, I’m really not.) LOL.

Pictured above is a gorgeous green OPI Lacquer, named Yodel Me on My Cell. It’s a gorgeous sea green and I only painted 2 coats, which explains why it looks semi-sheer in the photograph. It looks opaque in natural light, so I didn’t notice whilst taking this photo. The green has very fine microshimmer of blue and silver, making it gorgeous to look at in both natural light and sunlight.

Aptly named Blue My Mind, this blue swept me off my feet. I’m usually into pinks, purples and greys with the odd orange here and there, but this was a really gorgeous colour I couldn’t stop staring at. If you’ve been looking for the perfect blue, well I’d say that OPI’s Blue My Mind hits the spot. perfectly.

& to match, here are my closet inspirations :)

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Have a great week ahead! :)

Goth Rock

I painted my nails black, only to have my bf complain to me over msn that “eee so goth” but I didn’t want to take it off, so I just layered over with the first glitter polish my hand grabbed, only to be pleasantly surprised by the effect. I’m completely in love with this combination, I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before.

If you’re thinking that the pic on the right has such an uneven surface – well it’s because of the glitter, and after two coats of KISS topcoat, it’s all smooth and gorgeous!! I really love how this glitter brings out such depth in the black polish, and after this experiment, I highly doubt I’ll ever be wearing black polish the same way again. The most fabulous thing is that China Glaze’s Haiwaiian Blue is soo packed with glitter that it just took me 1 layer of polish to get this effect. & I never really noticed that its glitters were of different colours either! I spotted light blue, dark blue, teal and I dare say.. green! A gorgeous combination. I’m so tempted to get the rest of the set from this collection now, haha.

The full China Glaze “Fun in the Sun” collection

Since I already have so many pink polishes I might not get the pink glitter (Bad Kitty), but the green glitter (Sour Apple) and orange glitter (Dreamsicle) are looking totally droolworthy at the moment. temptation!! ah!! must. resist.

Well, since I was completely in love with my new polish combination, I couldn’t stop looking at it or thinking about ways to emphasize it! So I ended up doing inspiration boards on Polyvore to complete my obsession.

With black as a base, I felt that the nail polish combi really leaned towards gothic, but it wasn’t the emo-goth kinda look. It was goth with bling. Hence my choice of several blinged out stuff on this inspiration board. Also, since the glitter had hints of blue in it, I decided to go with some deep navy for this look. I really like the simple michael kors dress (worn by the model) as well as the structured jackets/blazers. The right outerwear can make anything and everything seem work appropriate.

Certainly, I won’t be changing my polish every day, and I won’t be wearing black everyday, so here’s my alternative take on it – a really soft look with shades of teal, green and blue.

Teal is probably one of my favourite go-to colours at the moment – it’s a pity I don’t have more of that colour in my closet. I love how blues and greens can instantly soften up any outfit without being overtly “girly” or “feminine”, which is just perfect for the vibe i’m aiming for. Chic with a touch of edginess :)

What’s your favourite nail polish combi at the moment? Do you match your polish to your clothes?

Basking in the Sun

It’s been boring, mundane work wear for me these last few posts, and I just had to let myself go and purchase a damn pretty sundress from Newlook last week. It fit me perfectly, it cost a bomb, but feeling that burst of joy in my heart was all worth it as I parted with that hefty wad of cash.

view details of featured items here

It’s a pity that I can’t find the dress I bought from New Look at its online store, and that I left my camera in the office (hence the lack of pictures recently), but printed or not (though my preference is obviously for the former), sundresses are probably the most flattering type of clothing for a girl of any size.

Personally, here’s how I define a sundress:

  1. (relatively) high neckline
  2. sleeveless, though short capped sleeves also sometimes fit the bill
  3. cinched in at the waist
  4. a full skirt
  5. a “happy” print or a “happy” colour

& trust me, it’s the perfect date dress too on sunny days – it’s easy to slip on, you don’t have to think of anything else to match with it (especially if it’s printed), and if you choose a dress with the right material, it’s not hot at all in our tropical weather :) As a die-hard fan of these dresses, I was rather upset thinking that they’ll increasingly spend longer days in the depths of my closet as I neglect them for work wear, but a colleague came to office one day with a combination that made me think that sundresses might not be that office-unfriendly after all!

Using the items that were most easy to work with on Polyvore, here are the three ways you can rework your wardrobe to adapt to the working world! Without compromising on the fullness of the skirt, cropped cardigans and wrap tops emphasize your cinched-in waist and cover up your arms adequately. Since most sundresses have a relatively high neckline, you’ll have no problems there. Fitted Blazers make nearly anything and everything look work appropriate, with the exception of shorts, berms etc., so finding one that suits the cut of your sundress will turn it into the perfect work-friendly attire. :)

Have a great weekend!

Style Inspiration: Houndstooth

It’s a classic fabric pattern that has resurfaced time and time again in the fashion industry, but somehow I never really found any love in my heart for it. It’s quite difficult to love, no? The complete opposite of what I normally go for – pretty florals and bright, happy colours.

That is, until these pictures off the Kate Spade website inspired me and now I just can’t wait to get my hands on something with that pattern. Preferably, a nice structured pencil skirt, because it looks so damn good on that model.

I have to say though, that the size and extent of enlargement does make a great difference to the clothing. Just take a look at this random pick of houndstooth-patterned items I picked out. A smaller houndstooth print leads to a more textured, woolen look whereas a larger houndstooth print is more “artsy” and visually eye catching. I very much prefer the latter :)

Having settled on what type of houndstooth print I preferred, was my go-to for a reference on how ordinary people like me might style it and wear it. Sometimes, photoshoots can be very convincing AND mislead my shopping impulses lol. To my immense happiness, I really loved how others styled their houndstooth patterned items, and I can’t wait to try it out soon myself, once I find a suitably well fitted piece.

What’s your latest style inspiration?

Work Staple: Just Perfect for my Figure

Prior to starting my job, I wrecked my brains about what I could pick out from my wardrobe that was work appropriate, professional, comfortable and flattering for my figure. It seemed like a tall order at first and I couldn’t get around my mental block when it came to picking work clothes, so I pretty much didn’t shop at all before I began work. Voila! 2 weeks into my job, I think I’ve been motivated by my favourite combination when I wear to work, especially since it’s earned my compliments from my boss & colleagues.

for detailed list of featured items click here

I’ve been experimenting with high waisted items for awhile as they look really flattering for my legs, particularly since I’m short and rather pear-shaped. However, since I never found a top that

  1. Stayed permanently tucked in despite movement
  2. Didn’t crease or crumple in an ugly manner when tucked in
  3. Didn’t make me look as if my upper body was ridiculously short

I never did wear anything high waisted for quite some time, until I tried out a ruffled chiffon blouse with one of my black skirts. I LOVED IT! It dampened the silhouette of my curves and made me look tons more professional and much slimmer (thanks to the added height of heels of course). Moreover, it satisfied all three of my criteria. Chiffon HARDLY CRUMPLES OR CREASES. I love it. So finally I’m breaking free of my formal shirt + pants combo and moving on to more comfortable + stylish pastures :)

As part of my work-life ethic, I try to wear outfits that are easy to transition from Day to Night, and usually I’d add on a skinny belt that has a bright pop of colour (usually matching my top or bag or shoes), style up my hair with floral hairpins or added colour to my otherwise monotone outfit with a floral corsage :) I do so love my accessories! Moreover, ASOS is having its worldwide free shipping promo now (no min expenditure required) and I’ve bought loads of accessories from them so I’m putting them all to good use :) Besides, with my working days sometimes stretching past 8pm, online shopping is probably going to be one of the few avenues for my cash outflow.

What’s your favourite working staple?

Max Azria Fall 2011 RTW

Max Azria is well known for its minimalist take on clothing. Their main aim is to create a comfortable, stylish and graceful silhouette and this collection is no different. Some highlights include the emphasis on the V-neckline and fluidy of the form, color blocking, layering and below the knee hemlines. It’s all very futuristic, urban yet clean.


I love how the outerwear looks light and sleek and how streamlined the silhouette looks (enhanced by the simple slick-back hair). The third outfit even has a little bit of that bohemian vibe which is quite interesting and new for Max Azria.


And unlike many brands and designers namely Alexander Wang, Timo Weiland and VPL who favored more subdued color palettes this season, Max Azria favored solid colours with black trims. I am growing to love the mustard color outfit in the second picture. The sleeves kinda reminds me of a graduation gown cross with a Japanese kimono and I love how it is semi-structured.


These last three outfits happen to be my favourites of the entire collection. In particular the dress in the middle picture. I think it is figure flattering, it is fashion forward, black is suitable for so many occasions. I think it is absolutely stunning for a dinner event.

What are some of your favourite designers and collections for fashion week? Share them with us!

Mix and Match Challenge

I came across this article about how to turn 12 garments into 80 outfits recently and was inspired to experiment for myself! And since we were having a bout of cool, wet weather recently (see our posts on brollies and wellies!), I figured it would be an excellent time to take out all my cardigans, hoodies and scarves and try to put together 5 looks.

The challenge really, is to be minimalist and to reuse items throughout the week without anyone really noticing. As it turns out, this idea suits me just fine because I’m staying in hall and it really is quite troublesome to keep bringing clothes to and from home. So what I usually do is to have a set of basics eg. tanks in solid colors, black leggings, jeans etc. and I layer and stagger them throughout the week so I can minimize the amount of laundry I have to do.

My new camera making an appearance!

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It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year :)

I love Chinese New Year – it’s probably my most loved holiday out of them all, mostly because I love hanging out with my cousins and doing stupid things and playing card games etc. Of course there’s the generous ang pows but haha with the growing pressures for me to get married, I don’t think I’ll be enjoying that privilege for much longer. LOL!

cousin: So when you getting married! I want ang pow from you! your boyfriend pilot leh. sure v big ang pow one
me: *stunned silence* but by the time I get married you’ll be quite old already.
cousin: then faster marry la!

Fortunately for me, it’s odd that those pressures are coming from my young cousins, not the adults. haha. So I guess I’m pretty safe for now :)

Every year it’s tradition that each family takes a family shot with our grandma + then a shot of the entire clan, albeit short of a few families from overseas who find it difficult to travel to us during this festive period. I’m somewhat disappointed that the group picture came out blurry without me knowing, then again our photographers were the three maids who were handling about 6 cameras each lol. We could all barely fit into the shot this year as we all brought our significant others along, which made for plenty good company and much less space in the house. :)

More people will be visiting me in my home in the next few days (friends of my dad + mom) and well, it doesn’t seem practical to wear a nice dress etc when I’m home, but I’m definitely going to put on some casual wear that looks presentable as well.

I think that mixing plains + prints is a great way to instantly add a dressier vibe to any outfit, particularly if they’re cute prints like the ones I’ve picked above :) As I’m a great fan of prints, it’ll be easy to pull anything out of my closet for this look – I just have to remember to wear something fitted as well, which looks much better and flattering than a loose and ratty old tee shirt.

Of course, interesting things can always be done with that loose ratty tee that we all love wearing around the house

For those early morning visits that I’m unprepared for, I hardly have time to change whilst going through the quick motions of washing up before my yelling parents get impatient for me to greet them. Stylishly knotting the shirt at the side instantly makes for a fitted shirt that isn’t sloppy (and I sometimes get compliments that oh-i’m-so-creative), or a relaxed tuck also provides a quick, presentable solution.

I hope you all enjoyed your Chinese New Year as much as I did! :) Enjoy the long weekend while it lasts!

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