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Why shopping in SG just got more interesting.

I have been a happy happy camper because I just found out that Lush opens its stores in Singapore! At long last! I no longer need to ship my soaps from Lush UK and US or have to buy huge chunks of soap back whenever I go to Hong Kong! Plus, I can try out new products like Massage Bars and the Fresh Face Masks that I couldn’t order online before because it would have melted/gone bad.

Apparently, there was a Lush outlet in Singapore a long long time ago but somehow or another, the homemade soap craze just didn’t catch on and so it closed down. I’m glad the Lush folks decided that Singaporeans are now ready for some Lush lovin’ and now that it’s opening in Wisma Atria (I think it’s open already in fact, because it was supposed to open on Nov 11th) I can’t wait to make a list and pretty much go wild. The only issue is whether or not prices are much higher, but I would think it would be comparable cos shipping soaps is not exactly cheap either. In any case, I’m so so excited that Singapore’s shopping scene is welcoming Lush!

So many soaps, so little time.

Another awesome discovery I made while walking along City Link Mall (there’s another brand in ION) with Ruth was Aeropostale! It’s brand new store in Singapore and it looks all shiny, happy and new! Aeropostale is well known for their collegiate style of t-shirts, tanks, shorts and denim. I particularly like their henley t-shirts because it’s long (hate tops that ride up because the hem line is short) and they come in a wide variety of colours. Also, their pullovers are also very popular, I see these on college kids and on tourists traveling to colder countries because it’s so comfy and warm.

I used to buy it online whenever there was a huge clearance sale and now that it’s come to our shores, maybe online shopping won’t be much of a draw for me anymore though Ruth did think that prices in store was considerably more expensive even if you consider shipping costs. But then again, stuff online always gets sold out so if you are looking for a particular design in your size, chances are you’ll find them instores and now we are given that option to! Hurray!

Photo Credit:

I think I’ve mentioned before that shoe shopping in Singapore was frustrating for me because I’ve got rather large feet and even with shops like Charles and Keith and Mitju that are starting to offer larger sizes, the variety is somehow quite limited. That’s why I love buying shoes in the US. I remember the last time I went, I bought back 4 pairs of shoes from Payless because it was affordable, fashionable and comfortable!

Get this, I no longer have to travel to US to do that anymore because Payless is now at Suntec City! Following its American stores, it has categorized all its shoes according to sizes and they come from a variety of brands and styles. It’s really quite dizzying. I actually like this concept because all their stocks are up on the shelves for you to see so it’s pretty much self service. You grab a shoe you want, try it on and if you don’t like it, put it back. Else, take it to the cashier and make payment. Love the no-frills, fuss-free approach.

What other new shopping discoveries have you made in Singapore? Are you glad that these big brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Lush etc are coming to our shores?

Splurges of the Month!

With a moderate oomph added to my bank account every month, it’s been really tempting to treat myself every once in awhile (but all this is stopping, with the setting up of my POSB Savings account, thank goodness). So tada! here’s my moderate splurge of the month:

Simple, elegant and black, this Tocco Toscano leather bag suited me perfectly for work. I loved the gold accent and the simple crown logo too! I have to admit, that I’m not really the type who’s into big-name brand bags so unlike my fellow “new” colleagues who got their first bag purchase from Chanel, Coach etc, I was looking more for a design that I really liked + quality :)

One thing I find is essential for bags is the shape. With all the stuffing that salespeople put in bags, they always look lovely hanging in the store. What i’m interested in, is what the bag looks like without all that stuffing, with my irregularly shaped stuff in the bag. So I went for a structured bag that had a definite shape, even with irregularly shaped stuff in it. & yes this is why I love katespade so much, so many of their bags are shaped so nicely! but none of the designs instore caught my eye…

Also, this isn’t a splurge at all but to decorate my desk, I got even more flowers! hahaha. I love flowers and how they brighten up a place, so for one dark little corner of my desk, I got these flowers + vase from Daiso

I love the combination of blue & purple, so I mixed four stalks of flower clusters (hydrangeas, they’re called) together. Plus, since my other flowers were more pink toned, I thought it’d be good to go for a “cooler” combination, whilst keeping with my overall theme of purple. This is why I love the colour purple so much! It’s just so awesome :D

The bf also felt quite spendy, so he got a Braun Buffel wallet in white. I really love the colour and texturized surface, plus white is a “new” colour for him. He usually goes with browns and blacks.

It was rather amusing how much paraphernalia was inside the wallet. They even had a “family tree” of the founding members of Braun Buffel!

I personally find that when it comes to things that you’re gonna use everyday (wallet, bag etc), it really makes sense to invest in a quality piece that lasts forever & is relatively easy to match. In other words, it’s either a neutral, simple piece or a really outstanding piece. The former to quietly accentuate your style and the latter to loudly proclaim it – it could really go either way. But get something that wears and tears in a few weeks and you’d be feeling rather unhappy about that purchase. So big ticket purchases these might be, but our daily use of them more than justifies the cost, i think! Far better than hiding in one treasured corner of our rooms! XP

Feeling the Joy

Recently, as I was getting bored of my usual online shopping haunts, I went surfing around and found joy in an online shop aptly named Joy the Store. Perfect for the modern woman who loves comfortable clothes with a laidback vibe, Joy the Store has beautifully detailed clothings inspired by a nude palette this season

If you’re thinking of wearing something dressier to work, contemplate a nude palette. Nudes and monochromatic palettes always seem more appropriate for the work place, even though they may have more details or features that would otherwise be deemed inappropriate in say, a bright pink neon colour.

I love the fit of these clothings-  though they look relaxed and really comfortable, one can tell from all the pleatings and tucked in portions that these clothes are made well to drape beautifully on the body, which in my book is the most important thing for any piece of loose clothing.

Besides great clothing, Joy the Store also has a pretty good selection of accessories – I’m absolutely in love with the rabbit necklace and the bird hooks! It’s a pity that furniture accessories would be so expensive to ship over to Singapore, but in the meantime I’ll be using them as inspirations when I go accessories hunting for my room :)

I’m leaning especially towards clothings that have detailed/structured pleating yet offer a loose, flattering fit :) With my constant munching, I’m pretty sure I’m not as slim as before, haha! Time to exercise, eeks!

Joy the Store  is based in UK and does international delivery for a flat rate of 12 Pounds :) Happy Shopping!

don’t miss out on their promotions!

Basking in the Sun

It’s been boring, mundane work wear for me these last few posts, and I just had to let myself go and purchase a damn pretty sundress from Newlook last week. It fit me perfectly, it cost a bomb, but feeling that burst of joy in my heart was all worth it as I parted with that hefty wad of cash.

view details of featured items here

It’s a pity that I can’t find the dress I bought from New Look at its online store, and that I left my camera in the office (hence the lack of pictures recently), but printed or not (though my preference is obviously for the former), sundresses are probably the most flattering type of clothing for a girl of any size.

Personally, here’s how I define a sundress:

  1. (relatively) high neckline
  2. sleeveless, though short capped sleeves also sometimes fit the bill
  3. cinched in at the waist
  4. a full skirt
  5. a “happy” print or a “happy” colour

& trust me, it’s the perfect date dress too on sunny days – it’s easy to slip on, you don’t have to think of anything else to match with it (especially if it’s printed), and if you choose a dress with the right material, it’s not hot at all in our tropical weather :) As a die-hard fan of these dresses, I was rather upset thinking that they’ll increasingly spend longer days in the depths of my closet as I neglect them for work wear, but a colleague came to office one day with a combination that made me think that sundresses might not be that office-unfriendly after all!

Using the items that were most easy to work with on Polyvore, here are the three ways you can rework your wardrobe to adapt to the working world! Without compromising on the fullness of the skirt, cropped cardigans and wrap tops emphasize your cinched-in waist and cover up your arms adequately. Since most sundresses have a relatively high neckline, you’ll have no problems there. Fitted Blazers make nearly anything and everything look work appropriate, with the exception of shorts, berms etc., so finding one that suits the cut of your sundress will turn it into the perfect work-friendly attire. :)

Have a great weekend!

Brolly Goodness

With the heavy rains over this weekend, my bf’s beloved “Monsterbrella” as we term it so affectionately, finally upped and died right after it sacrificed itself to protect us from the rain. Why “Monsterbrella?” you ask. Well, basically it’s a compact umbrella that’s huge, about 1.5 times the length of a normal umbrella, and it shelters 2 people comfortably. Very awesome. So we went Monsterbrella shopping! Whilst we were doing so, I saw quite a few cute umbrellas retailing at our local stores – and I don’t mean just the Disney, kiddy kind. These were nicely patterned (of course some looked like fake-Burberry) umbrellas that looked gorgeous as a backdrop for its carrier. I think that the effect a pretty umbrella has on its carrier is sometimes forgotten, but get one with a pattern that flatters any outfit and it will be effortlessly chic for any outfit you pick!

Scratching your head for inspiration? I sourced from and got inspired :)

It really depends on what effect you’re after, but a good brolly can be used as a complementary backdrop or as a bold, eye-catching addition to your outfit. It’s certainly much more preferable than having a brolly with an ugly clashing pattern or colour that doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing at all.

see details of featured items here

Of course, buying that perfect brolly is also dependent on your personal style as well, and I found it quite intriguing as I explored the archives of polyvore for brolly inspiration from a mix of high-street and casual style stores. These days, brollies aren’t just the sacrificial piece of polyester that separates one from the rain. It’s also a personal statement about how you envision your personal style, and for some, what rainy days mean to you.

Moreover, umbrellas these days are becoming increasingly bag-friendly, with some coming in lightweight bottles that are not only easy to tote around, but also look good on their own, whether they’re sitting on the shelf as part of the decor (on non-rainy days) or on your office desk, ready to do their duty once the rain starts

So even in the rainy weather, don’t despair that your favourite pair of shoes is getting wet, or that it’s impractical to wear that new white dress of yours. Breathe in the glorious cool air and debut your brolly to the world :)

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin’ seems to fit
Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

So I just did me some talkin’ to the sun
And I said I didn’t like the way he got things done
Sleepin’ on the job
Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

But there’s one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me
It won’t be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red
Cryin’s not for me
Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complainin’
Because I’m free
Nothin’s worryin’ me


Hunting for Office Wear

Needless to say, my wardrobe ain’t exactly packed to the brim with clothes suitable for my working life. So the hunt commences, and rather than walk aimlessly through all the shops browsing everything and anything (and trying everything and anything as I’m often wont to do.. then buy whatever looks flattering..). I decided to narrow the search down to 6 main “looks” i’ll be going for.

for details of featured items see here

  1. The Comfortable, Conservative Dress Preferably with sleeves, loose but still fitting (i.e. cinched at the waist.) For days when I feel fat, lazy to pick out my clothes and comfortable enough whilst I run errands and such.
  2. The Fancier Draped Thing Drapes are “in” this season, more so structured drapes. Preferably I’ll go for something that drapes beautifully from the bust to the waist, to create the illusion of a lengthened torso.
  3. The Pussy Bow Blouse Looks neat and is easy to wear, plus it’s feminine even with its collar
  4. The Comfortable Draped Thing with loads of excess material so it’s very comfortable. I wouldn’t mind something semi-sheer, and the peter pan collar is kinda cute too. The long sleeves means I won’t need to tote around a jacket/blazer! :D
  5. The Formal Tea Dress Looks vintage, hip and I love full skirts.
  6. The Modern Looking Shift Dress is an office staple but I’m hoping to get something with interesting design/cut/figure flattering detail. I really like the cut of the dress I’ve chosen above! :)

Party to the New Year!

With such awesome shopping deals throughout our little island, it’s a difficult time to keep that wallet closed, and me being me, I certainly didn’t refrain from going slightly insane when I saw Zara & Accessorize’s awesome sales today (check out our sidebar on the right). However, in remembering my depleting bank account (since graduation I’ve begun paying for all my hp bills + zero $$ from parents + sch’s over = zero tuition income) I stepped back from that insanity and began to rationalize. Thank goodness I only stepped onto Orchard Road at 7plus, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would’ve come home with more than just ONE Accessorize hat *proud of self*.

That said, for those who’re doing some last minute shopping, do look out for outfits that showcase the key style elements of end-2010 that look set to be the “in” thing for 2011. Don’t be tempted by items that are already moving out of style, move towards asymmetric cuts, ruffles, new takes on traditional dresses etc.

for list of featured items see here. All items picked from stores available in Singapore – Topshop, Zara & Forever21. Quirkychic does not guarantee the availability of these items in Singapore.

If you have trouble restraining yourself with the awesome sales all around, here are some things to contemplate BEFORE you open your wallet or swipe that card:

  1. Will I wear this more than once?
  2. Does it look really good on me? (Cue in the brutally honest best friend/boyfriend <– if he has the guts)
  3. Is its twin brother/sister already sitting in my closet?
  4. Can I afford it?

Thinking of things in the long-term truly helps. For me, it was my financial responsibilities to my rabbits as well as the fact that I SERIOUSLY NEED A NEW PHONE (my singtel plan expires tmrw *finally!*), that stopped me today. Luckily they weren’t things I continued mourning and thinking about even as I left them on the hangers at the stores.

Shop Smart! :) Take care of your $$, coz it’ll take care of your future :)

Sephora: 20% off Sale!

As shopping junkies, Carol and I have been pretty much swamped and overwhelmed by the sheer generosity of retailers, both local and online! I spent a bomb last week at Takashimaya, Vivocity and Nex, and just yesterday I spree-ed for some awesome baked eyeshadows from Ulta, since it has a Buy 2 Get 2 free promo ongoing now for loads of stuff! However, the best deals I’ve spotted so far all hail from Sephora, and if I didn’t already have variations of these products, I would’ve snapped these up in a heartbeat.

For party girls, this is the ultimate eye make up set that promises to bring long lasting dazzle and glamour to your eyes all night long. As its name suggests, Urban Decay liners DO last 24/7… or at least until you wipe them off, and this set contains TWO of the liners, in Graffiti and Oil Slick. The entire set comprises of: 

  • – 0.04 oz Luminous Loose Eyeshadow in Gypsy (burnished gold)
  • – Urban Decay Rocks in gold, green, and iridescent
  • – 2 x 0.02 oz 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Grafitti (bright green with silver sparkle) and Oil Slick (black with silver glitter)
  • – 2 x 0.25 oz Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners in Mullet (green) and Spandex (pewter)
  • – 0.34 oz Sin Primer Potion
At $39, this set works out to $5.57 USD per product and lets you try a variety from Urban Decay without burning a hole in your pocket :)

For the beauty beginner or the busy urban girl, this collection of sets is just perfect. It contains 5 detachable compacts with a lip gloss, blush, and six eyeshadows to suit the occasion or look. Colours are matched in each set so all you have to do is pick and blend :) An empty compact is included so you can snap in any of the palettes and it’ll be protected in your purse/bag for touch ups on the go.
The looks included are: 

  • – Hot Date At Eight: Seductive, smoky grays and black
  • – Relax And Unplug: Shimmery nudes and soft browns
  • – Meditation Retreat: Soothing greens and browns
  • – Day At The Museum: Primary colors like red, yellow and blue
  • – Must Get New Shoes: Flirty pinks and purples

For $25 for the entire set, that works out to $5 per palette, which is a darn good deal. I wouldn’t worry about the quality of Sephora‘s in house products either, as to my experience, they’re comparable with most brands. Essentially, all you have to do is invest in good make up bases and primers, and everything should go on beautifully. All you need to complete these sets are eyeshadow brushes and lipstick!

Urban Decay has distinguished itself as the go-to makeup brand for eye makeup, and doesn’t disappoint with the products in this kit. Included are:

  • – 0.03 oz 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black)
  • – 0.41 oz Skyscraper Multi-benefit Mascara (black)
  • – 0.13 oz Lipstick in Wicked (mauve/ sheer sheen)
  • – 0.13 oz Travel Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion (sheer nude)
  • – 0.05 oz Eyeshadow in Romp (deep royal purple sheen)
  • – 0.05 oz Eyeshadow in Skimp (sheer pearly vanilla sheen)

The set originally retailed for $52, but with Sephora‘s 20% off Sale items, it’s now priced at $39, which if you divide by the number of products, comes to about $6.5 per item, which is relatively reasonable, considering that its full sized products e.g. the 24/7 eyeliner retails for $17 USD alone, and its Skyscraper Multi Benefit Mascara retails for $22. You can read my review of its mascara here – I’ve been using the mini 0.09 oz size for about a month now, 4 days a week. It has yet to run out! So I’m thinking that the 0.41 oz sized product they provide with this set should last you about 3 months or so :)

Also known as R&R, Kat Von D started off as a makeup and tattoo artist, and now ranks as one of the A-list tattoo artists in Los Angeles. Her make up products are distinguished with her trademark rose tattoo covering each of the limited edition cases, and you’ll be thrilled not only with how pretty her sets are, but also by the quality of these products. Reviewers have raved about the staying power and ease of blending with these creme and powder eyeshadows, so it’s definitely a good investment if you have yet to include frosty whites, silvers, darker maroons and blacks to your eyeshadow collection. The cost of each eyeshadow is $3 for this limited edition set.

The Sephora Favourites range includes its best selling products for that particular category. Its eye studio set comprises of: 

  • -0.082 oz Sephora Long-Lasting Eye Liner in Black
  • – 0.04 oz Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Pearl
  • – 0.12 oz Anastasia Go Brow
  • – 0.169 oz Too Faced Mini Lash Injection in Pitch Black
So it’s great for those who’ve been wanting to try products that have been hyped about, but are unwilling to put down the cash for something you’re unsure about. Doing the math, it’s $8.75 USD per product.

**Whilst typing this blog entry, 2 benefit sets I wanted to blog about went OOS on Don’t miss out on this great sale!

Style Notes: The Casual Day Dress

Even if you’re partying at home or at a friends’ place this new year’s, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to fall back into the t-shirts+shorts combi that so many Singaporean girls favour. Amp it up a little with a casual day dress!

Casual Day Dresses are by far, my favourite wardrobe staple. Be it for a date out with the bf, school, or even when friends and family are coming over for a special occasion, it’s pretty perfect as it’s a comfortable piece that isn’t sloppy or too casual or overly formal. All I really need to do to “transition” this piece from day to night is just add a touch of makeup and I’m ready to go! Otherwise, I’m good with just the bare essentials of sunblock and oil mattifying powder (my essentials for oily skin + super humid tropical climate)

A simple Day Dress doesn’t necessarily need to be a plain, boring affair. Understanding your body type, as well as lifestyle preferences can also help you pick your perfect “formula” for choosing day dresses. Personally I love the T-shirt cut (as I’m naming the dress on the left) dresses and v-neck dresses as they suit my frame best. I also prefer prints over intricate detailing. As I’m of the curvier, “pear” shaped type, I also prefer dresses that cinch in at the waist :)

On the other hand, Caroline prefers straight cut necklines and dresses with interesting details/ruffles. These features help to accentuate her slim frame and bring more volume so that her silhouette does not look too rectangular or flat. Unlike me, she doesn’t need to have it cinched it at the waist and can afford to wear dresses with fuller skirts, or less forgiving slim-cut skirts.

That said, here are some great picks, which I think are just perfect for our tropical weather, especially since they’re all cut above the knee :)

see details of featured items here

Experiment with prints, textures, different types of cutting etc! The only thing I’d warn against is chiffon, as some manufacturers these days don’t line the insides of the dress, making for a very transparent garment. Instead, I’d recommend cotton, jersey and their various blends. I’d also steer clear of silk as it’s difficult to maintain and stains easily.

Have fun picking out the perfect day dress! :)

Gossip Girl for Stradivarius

For Gossip Girl fans who’ve yet to visit Spanish label Stradivarius at it’s first ever store in Singapore @ Ion Orchard or Raffles City, you should go check it out asap! Right after I landed from my Hokkaido trip last week I headed out for some Christmas shopping and spotted these exclusive Gossip Girl tees retailing at the store:

Done in a faded print, these 3/4 sleeve tops retail for $39.90 SGD each. My favourite? “Empire Kiss”, featuring my favourite couple of the show, Chuck and Blair.

If you’re not too much a fan of having other people’s faces on your chest, but still love the style of Gossip Girl, Stradivarius also has other Gossip Girl-inspired items instore:

From what I can see, the designers at Stradivarius are certainly inspired by the idea of edgy luxury in Gossip Girl, and have churned out items that depict a richness without compromising on “fierce” style. Overall, these items seem more “Jenny Humphrey” than any other character of the show, though I think Serena Van der Woodsen can pull off anything.

What do you think of this collection? You can check out Stradivarius’ online store or go down to its stores at Ion Orchard and Raffles City.

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