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December Hits and Misses

Now that I’m done with my travelogue, I figured that it is about time that I did a post about beauty. The beauty tag is probably one of the most neglected tags for me cos I don’t really experiment much with makeup or facial products. I usually just find something that works and stick with it. But thanks to Christmas, I received some pretty awesome gifts and that’s given me an opportunity to test out some new products and I’ve come up with 5 that are worth mentioning. Some are so-so while others are just fabulous to the point that I can swear by them.

From left: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye, Sephora Tourmaline hair brush, Benefit’s High Beam, Benefit Ticket to Glossytown and Malin+Goetz Ingrown hair cream.

I picked up a sample of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye as I stocked up on my usual Kiehl’s Rare Earth range and I have been diligently applying this to my eye area every night before I sleep. This product promises to give you fresher, younger looking eyes by morning as it uses essential oils and botanicals to treat puffiness and remove dark circles.

While I don’t think this is a miracle worker by any means (I don’t think my discoloration got any much lighter), I did notice that my eyes are less puffy and some tiny lines are smoothen out. I dunno about you but I feel like puffiness is most noticeable when I smile and looking at my photos the past few days, at least the eyebags are gone but that could be because I’ve been sleeping regular hours again. So out of 5, I would probably rate this a 4 because it treats puffiness and smooths out some fine lines. Also because the creamy texture of the product allows for easy application and absorption without leaving a greasy feel. Oh yes, no millia seeds. Thank god.

Now this sounds like a strange product to be raving about but if you suffer from a head of frizz and flyaways then this is a total dream. I’ve spent so much on conditioners, detanglers and hair masks but who knew that the answer lies in a simple little hair brush. Clearly I’ve neglected that one important step in my hair routine- brushing my hair with the RIGHT brush.

Now I’ve got naturally wavy hair but ever since I permed it like a year or so ago, it’s become mangly and tangly. It got to the point where I didn’t even bother brushing out my hair anymore. Until this christmas when my aunt gifted me the Sephora Hair Brush that has tourmaline (which is some kind of mineral that magically tames your hair cos of some ions thingum. Not sure of the details I’m afraid.) All I can say is that IT WORKS. I got the large brush and with a few swipes, my hair is detangled and smooth with no more knots, frizz or flyaways. It’s amazing. Also the bristles are really gentle and it feels super nice when you brush it against your scalp. It’s like a head massage. This is definitely a 5/5.

Another unexpected Christmas gift from a friend is Benefit’s High Beam. Now I’ve always been a blush-mascara-lipgloss kind of girl so I didn’t really know what to do with a highlighter. So in order not to waste this product, I started experimenting. Adding alittle into my daily moisturizer for that added glow, blending it on the cheeks, nose bridge for greater definition and on the cupid’s bow to emphasis on the pout. It’s pretty easy to use. Just a few light strokes with the brush applicator and then I blend it with my fingers. Only issue I have is packaging. Not loving the fact that I have to double dip the same brush applicator into the pot cos it seems kind of unhygienic and it seems awfully troublesome to clean the applicator after every use. But I guess that’s still cleaner than having it in a pot like my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge where you apply the product using your fingers. All in all, a pretty good product with a nice subtle glow. But you do need to have some kickass finishing powder on to prevent your skin from getting all oily when the day is done. There’s a fine line between dewy skin and oily skin and I think I still need to find that balance. 3/5

Number 4 is yet another Benefit product. In fact it is a value set from Sephora called Ticket to Glossytown and it comprises of 6 glosses with really cute names. As a whole, these glosses are good quality. They smell like raspberry, it goes on really nicely, easy to blend and the colour payoff is pretty decent. I also love the brush applicator as it gives more precise application. My only gripe is that each lipgloss in this set is really small. It is literally a sampler set but I guess it’s good to test out all the colours so you can buy the full size in future.

My favourites are the hot coral pink- Spiked Punch and the coppery shimmer- So Frisk Me. The coral is not as shockingly bright as in the tube itself but it gives a cheery colour to my lips. I can imagine that this would look lovely with NARS Orgasm blush. So Frisk Me is this exotic coppery brown colour (I can’t quite describe it) and it looks nice for more intense looks. Like I can imagine pairing this with a brown or violet smokey eye. I would say that as a whole, the colours are all very wearable. The only colour that looks weird on me is Kiss You but that’s probably cos I’m an Olive Fair. So final verdict? 4/5. Repurchase is highly possible.

Last but not least, I have to introduce you guys to Malin+Goetz’s Ingrown Hair Cream. I know, this isn’t exactly a beauty product but for any self-respecting woman who shaves or waxes, this is one cream that I can’t do without. It helps sooth any irritation associated with hair removal so everytime you get a razor bump or an ingrown hair or just itchiness, this will come to your rescue. It really works. I had an area with an ingrown hair and after two applications, my skin stop hurting and the hair grew out normally.

After a bikini wax, it is recommended to apply it once a day after a shower (apparently its not only a cure but also a kind of prevention method). Just rub it on clean skin and leave to dry. It has a very nice scent (can’t describe it as floral or fruity, just a clean soothing scent. Maybe cos of the camomile?) But in any case, I love this stuff. 4/5. One mark taken off cos it is pricey ($48 at Strip) for such a small 0.5oz tube.

Have you tried any of these products? What’s your verdict?

A Wonderfully Short Week!

With the Presidential Elections & Hari Raya, it’s been a wonderfully short week! I’m absolutely luxuriating in all the rare leisure time I get to enjoy & unlike most of my other work weeks, I actually feel quite refreshed & energetic! Most weekends just aren’t long enough. *sigh*

& lucky me, this weekend was even more awesome, thanks to some $$ from MBS, whoohoo!

& this mind you, is pure winnings. I actually won $443 in total (but got greedy so gambled the $43 away) and minus the entrance fee, I came out $300 richer! YEAH! But first, a disclaimer:

I am by no means advocating gambling as a get-rich-quick method or a wise way to “invest” your money. I just happened to be lucky.

That said, I was also a pretty stingy gambler, which is why, I THINK, I got out pretty unscathed. I went in only with $200 ($100 for entrance fee, $100 to play) & I only played the 1cent – 5 cent machines. I only tried the 10 cent machines once! Plus, since i’m wasn’t too keen on the card games, I just played the bright shiny flashing machines that made me happy. HAHA gawd i sound like such a bimbo but hey, I’m the girl who made money! lol. The bf who played the cards lost, but in the end I *subsidised* him and everything ended well :)

Sad to say though, we really and truly felt like foreigners in the Casino – in our home country! It’s really worse than public transport, mostly because there’s no entrance fee for foreigners AND there’s a constant flow of free drinks. I got quite peeved when they kept swarming the drinks cart… & everytime I eventually got to approach the nice service staff, they would tell me that they had run out of milo, or coffee or tea :(

Well, with my new found wealth, I decided to treat myself! We headed for a post-dinner treat at TWG tea, which wasn’t as fantastic as I’ve heard it to be – we had their savoury crepe with a scoop of ice cream. The ice cream was really unique and fantabulous, but the crepe can’t beat those from Canele.

& I got new make up!

[left] Sephora Blush [right] Sephora Mattifying Foundation

The minute I saw this blush, I immediately fell in love with it. It wasn’t as shiny or as bright as Benefit’s Bimba Lola, nor as matte as the Bodyshop blusher I’ve had for the longest time. That said, it’s a pretty sheer colour & one definitely needs to put on more than a few swipes before the colour looks more noticeable. At $23, it’s pricier than drugstore brands but for such a pretty colour, I don’t regret it!

The Mattifying Foundation isn’t really that mattifying – then again, we’re talking about my insanely oily skin here. *sigh*. It’s no better than most drugstore brands but it does feel really light and gives good coverage. Most importantly, unlike most compact foundations, it doesn’t look too chalky or powdery after application, plus it doesn’t dry out my skin. So for $27, it’s not bad but I’m unsure if I’ll purchase this again.

Here’s the description from the Sephora website

Smooth and feather light, our pressed powder foundation glides over the skin and leaves your complexion looking like sheer perfection. This unique formulation includes Nylon 12, for excellent adherence and long wear. Plus it may be applied wet or dry, depending on the coverage you desire. Try applying over liquid foundation in place of powder for a poreless, porcelain finish.

Anyway, since we had yet another public holiday this week, the bf and I decided to head for our favourite chill-out activity: Prawning! This time, instead of going to our usual haunt (Bishan) we decided to check out the new place over at Punggol, since that’s where his new house will be in time to come :)

Although it’s under the same management as the prawning place at bishan, Punggol’s pond has the unique distinction of having 3 types: fishing, crabbing & prawning – with two different types of prawns too! (fresh water and sea water). I was amazed and pretty freaked out at the size of the fish. They were a good 30cm long each, some of the larger ones probably spanned 45cm or more!

It’s a very poor picture of the fishes, I know! But believe me, they were huge. The prices also differ accordingly. For prawning/crabbing, it’s the normal graduated rate as follows:

  • 1st hour: $15
  • 2 hours: $25
  • 3 hours: $30

So we always get the 3 hour package, it just makes more sense! Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky this time round and didn’t catch as many prawns *sigh* We DID see some one catch a crab though! However, because the fish were so big, no one dared to give it a shot, much to my disappointment. I would’ve loved to see someone try! It costs $5 / line to catch a fish (i.e. if your line breaks you gotta get a new one, but if you skillfully snag all the fish in the pond with just one line, it’ll cost you only $5)

Yep! so all in all, a great weekend + public holiday :D

just three more days til the next weekend! whee!!

What’s New in Makeup

Musings of a muse is my go-to blog for all things to do with makeup and skincare. She not only showcases the latest trends and products but gives really detailed reviews to boot. While browsing through her site recently, I came across a few makeup items that got me really tempted to head out to Sephora.

One of them is Benefit’s new lip and cheek tint. I know I said that I was completely in love with Bobbi Brown’s pot rouge but Benefit’s Cha cha tint looks sooooo intriguing. It’s orange in colour! My first thought was, oh no! It’s oompa loompa orange! How terrible! But then I saw the swatch on The Muse’s site and it’s a pretty peachy, orange! At first, I thought this was only suitable for tanned girls who want a bronze-y, peachy glow. But The Muse herself is rather fair and the colour looks gorgeous on her so perhaps I would give it a go. Bad news however, is that this only becomes a permanent product in June which is like, eons away. Oh well, I guess we could either wait, or turn to the wonderful mystical powers of the internet and online shopping! (I favor the latter option. Can’t help it. I’m impatient!)

Another thing to add to the shopping cart this Summer is Smashbox’s new palette, the Softbox Eye Palette. This actually looks alot like Urban Decay’s Naked Palette only that the number of colours available is somewhat lesser. But that being said, I do feel that Smashbox’s new palette has very wearable colours. I especially love sugar. It’s such a sweet pink and I’ve never really tried pink eyeshadows on the eyes. I always thought that it somehow made your eyes look swollen and unflattering but this candy pink might just be the right shade that I’ve always been looking for! I also like the different shades of brown. Very work appropriate. And with 8 different shades and textures to play with (matt, sheen and shimmer), I don’t see how I will get bored with this. And according to The Muse, it gives a beautiful soft-focused look on camera so this definitely sounds like a keeper!

The last thing that caught my eye was the NARS Forever Yours gift set. We all know how expensive NARS is. It’s famous Orgasm blush is $27 which is about $5 more expensive than say a Bobbi Brown or Shu Uemura blush. So I guess if you take this into account, this gift set becomes pretty worth it because you get a medium size Deep Throat lip gloss, a tube of Orgasm illuminator and the Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil. Basically, for $49 you get all the makeup essentials you need to create a gorgeous day time look. The only problem is that I have soooo many lip glosses and I’m not quite keen on getting another one. But then again, the look wouldn’t be quite complete without it. Oh well, decisions decisions. What makeup products have caught your eye recently? Have you tried any of those that I’ve mentioned? Are they worth the purchase?

Sephora Exclusive: Jennifer Aniston’s Fragrance

Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston as the lovable Rachel from Friends and since Friends, she’s been acting in a whole host of awesome movies: Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, The Breakup, Marley and Me, He’s Just Not That Into You and most recently, Just Go With It. Our favourite girl next door has finally branched out from acting and is launching her very own fragrance. Finally!

Here’s how Sephora describes it:

Actress Jennifer Aniston has blended her most beloved scent recollections to create her debut fragrance. Favored aromas like night-blooming jasmine, wild violets, and Amazon lily—all redolent of her California upbringing—open the fragrance. Its warm finish of sensual musk, golden amber, and sandalwood is inspired by the smell of wood fires at Jennifer’s friends’ houses on summer evenings. These wonderfully fragrant ingredients are topped off with the freshness of citrus grove and rose water, creating a unique combination. With a nod to an admired architect, she has bottled the eponymous floral scent in a beautiful, fluid shape to represent the organic form of a cresting wave.

Doesn’t it sound simply delectable? The bottle looks extremely sleek and posh too. Check it out!

Here’s what Jennifer has to say about it:

I wanted this fragrance to be a personal library of scent memories. For example, my love of night blooming jasmine has lasted a lifetime. Growing up in California, I distinctly remember the scent of jasmine on summer evenings. I consider the scent of the ocean to be one of life’s most uplifting sensual experiences. No aroma is quite so purifying, humbling and exhilarating. The combination of the salty air and tropical oils reminds me of long sunny days on the beach- pure happiness.

Also check out her official Sephora video here:

Jennifer’s new fragrance retails exclusively at Sephora and prices start from US$39 for a 1oz bottle to US$70 for a 2.9 oz bottle.

Make Up Forever – No Retouches Needed

Make Up Forever just launched their new campaign for their HD range – and their message? No retouches in any of their ads. I find it intruiging, encouraging and exciting all at once. Will Make Up Forever be the new trendsetters in the beauty industry? They’re certainly brave for stating this claim – one that none of its competitors have never done, content instead on competing with each other on their photoshop skills and celebrity endorsements.

Whilst it’s encouraging that Make Up Forever is doing away with “fake” photoshop beauty, it has to be admitted that their models aren’t “normal” either. They’re stunning and probably had no facial flaws to begin with. I’m wondering whether they’ll be continuing the campaign to cover women of different ages and skin types. That would certainly make an even bigger impact!

Their HD range comes in a complete set, comprising of the HD Elixir, Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Blush and Powder

Do these ads catch your attention? Will other make up brands follow suit and offer us non-retouched ads in the near future? I can’t wait to find out!

Makeupforever’s Products can be purchased at all Sephora Outlets in Singapore

5 beauty items that are just too cute

I am such a sucker for anything cute and kawaii. So when Ruth did a post about Sephora’s Hello Kitty collection, I had goo-goo eyes and instantly, somewhere deep down in my soul there is a lustful hunger that growls “I WANT!!!” I mean look at this perfume bottle! Who can say no t0 that??

And so, in my insatiable greed, I started feasting my eyes on MORE pretty things and I thought that I should share them with you. First up…

1. Sephora’s Flower Kabuki Brush

Isn’t that the cutest brush you’ve ever seen? Mineral makeup application will never be the same again. I think the un-uniformed concaved texture will allow for more contouring and probably a smoother finish as it’ll really blend the minerals into your skin (or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that it works cos it’s too cute when really, it can’t even buff properly). Whatever it is, this is just adorable.

2. Stila’s Make Me Blush Palette

Stila has always been known for it’s chic packaging especially it’s travel palettes but this just takes it up a notch. I love how this could double up as a blush/bronzer and it looks like it could really give you that peachy glow! What’s more, the little scrawled on words are so cool! A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day me thinks. It’s like wearing his kisses on your cheeks all day! What a sweet thought eh?

3. Jelly Pong Pong Cupcake Bath Fizzles

Bath time will never be the same again with these pretty little bath fizzles. In fact, they look too pretty to use! I’d just put them in the toilet as an air freshener or something. Some might even mistake these for actual cupcakes what with the rich ‘creamy’ blue icing swirls. You should check out their whole range of bath stuff. They have popsicle soap bars!

4. Anna Sui Lip Gloss C and Lip Gloss R

Anna Sui has always had this dark, glamourous yet gothic feel about it and for its Spring 2011 line of lip glosses, it has kept to that similar aesthetic but has added a more luxe feel to it (also reminiscent of Majolica Majorca’s packaging). I love how classy and sleek these lip glosses look. I definitely will want to carry one in my purse. This is clearly a case of good things coming in small (pretty) packages!

5. Tokidoki Sodashop Palette

This Japanese-inspired makeup brand founded by Italian artist Simone Legno is full of vibrancy and life. I love the graffiti-ish, comic book vibe (kinda reminds me a little of Urban Decay) and the added bonus? You get a collectible with every makeup palette purchased! In this set, you get a pendant magnet! And what’s more, you can reuse the tin! How’s that for saving the environment!

Do you fall prey to pretty packaging? What are your choice picks for cutesy beauty items?

Hello Kitty by Sephora

The Hello Kitty by Sephora line was launched in stores this morning (online and in retail stores) and I’m pretty impressed by the lineup. I’m by no means a rabid Hello Kitty fan, but I’ve to say that some of these are irresistibly cute and I can’t wait to check them out at the Singapore Sephora store.

The line includes 2 distinct design types – the silver hello kitty and the white hello kitty.

for product details see here

I’m quite in love with the silver hello kitty brush set. It’s ingenious! A cute brush holder that protects your brushes and also provides a very nice storage space – people won’t even suspect that there are brushes within! Moreover, with 5 brushes contained, its estimated price of 63 SGD doesn’t seem too steep either. The silver range is expected to retail at 13 SGD (nail polish) to 63 SGD, so it’s really affordable.

for product details see here

For those who love colour, Sephora also has a large range of various products with the cute hello kitty design as well. Ranging from eye palettes to lip colours and eyeliners, a girl can survive on Hello Kitty products alone! Of all, I find the Hello Kitty Apple Balm (12 SGD) the cutest! Somehow, I still think the red + white “original” colours of Hello Kitty are the prettiest. Prices range from 6.41 SGD (nail stickers) to 50 SGD (solid perfume bling necklace).

Quirkychic does not claim any responsibility for prices stated. All prices are estimated based on exchange rate between SG and US, taken from the Sephora US store. Prices may differ depending on retailer and location.

The Sephora by OPI GLEE collection

Hot on the heels of its collaborations with celebrities such as Serena Williams, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, OPI is releasing its Glee collection, inspired by the television show in February 2011.

Seven of these OPI Glee colours will be available individually, retailing at $9.50 USD each, or you can purchase the mini set ($22.USD)which includes 3 other exclusive colours as well.

  • Diva-in-Training – A poppy pink hue
  • Gleek Out – A lime, glittery green
  • Miss Bossy Pants – A rich raspberry
  • Mash-Up – Pearlescent green gray
  • Slushied – Opaque Blue
  • Hell to the No – Purple
  • Who Let the Dorks Out? – Peacock green

and the colours that are only available as part of the mini set:

  • Celibacy Club (mini set exclusive)– A Glimmering Diamond Top Coat
  • Sue Vs Shue (mini set exclusive) – Navy blue
  • Express Yourself to Yourself (mini set exclusive)– Coral shimmer shade

In conjunction with these nail colours, Sephora by OPI Glee will also be releasing 3 different designs of chic nail appliques ($15USD each) They are estimated to last about 2 days on your nails.

The Appliques are precut strips of varying widths, making it fun and easy to apply.

I really love the gold stars! They really look so pretty and funky. However the polka dots can be easily done at home with an old ball point pen and the right combination of polish. Nail tutorial coming up soon :)

You can catch an early glimpse of these colours on the Valentine’s Day Episode of Glee, scheduled for February 8th. Personally, I think it’s a great marketing scheme for OPI. I’m predicting a gossip girl inspired collection next! :)

Sephora: 20% off Sale!

As shopping junkies, Carol and I have been pretty much swamped and overwhelmed by the sheer generosity of retailers, both local and online! I spent a bomb last week at Takashimaya, Vivocity and Nex, and just yesterday I spree-ed for some awesome baked eyeshadows from Ulta, since it has a Buy 2 Get 2 free promo ongoing now for loads of stuff! However, the best deals I’ve spotted so far all hail from Sephora, and if I didn’t already have variations of these products, I would’ve snapped these up in a heartbeat.

For party girls, this is the ultimate eye make up set that promises to bring long lasting dazzle and glamour to your eyes all night long. As its name suggests, Urban Decay liners DO last 24/7… or at least until you wipe them off, and this set contains TWO of the liners, in Graffiti and Oil Slick. The entire set comprises of: 

  • – 0.04 oz Luminous Loose Eyeshadow in Gypsy (burnished gold)
  • – Urban Decay Rocks in gold, green, and iridescent
  • – 2 x 0.02 oz 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Grafitti (bright green with silver sparkle) and Oil Slick (black with silver glitter)
  • – 2 x 0.25 oz Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners in Mullet (green) and Spandex (pewter)
  • – 0.34 oz Sin Primer Potion
At $39, this set works out to $5.57 USD per product and lets you try a variety from Urban Decay without burning a hole in your pocket :)

For the beauty beginner or the busy urban girl, this collection of sets is just perfect. It contains 5 detachable compacts with a lip gloss, blush, and six eyeshadows to suit the occasion or look. Colours are matched in each set so all you have to do is pick and blend :) An empty compact is included so you can snap in any of the palettes and it’ll be protected in your purse/bag for touch ups on the go.
The looks included are: 

  • – Hot Date At Eight: Seductive, smoky grays and black
  • – Relax And Unplug: Shimmery nudes and soft browns
  • – Meditation Retreat: Soothing greens and browns
  • – Day At The Museum: Primary colors like red, yellow and blue
  • – Must Get New Shoes: Flirty pinks and purples

For $25 for the entire set, that works out to $5 per palette, which is a darn good deal. I wouldn’t worry about the quality of Sephora‘s in house products either, as to my experience, they’re comparable with most brands. Essentially, all you have to do is invest in good make up bases and primers, and everything should go on beautifully. All you need to complete these sets are eyeshadow brushes and lipstick!

Urban Decay has distinguished itself as the go-to makeup brand for eye makeup, and doesn’t disappoint with the products in this kit. Included are:

  • – 0.03 oz 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black)
  • – 0.41 oz Skyscraper Multi-benefit Mascara (black)
  • – 0.13 oz Lipstick in Wicked (mauve/ sheer sheen)
  • – 0.13 oz Travel Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion (sheer nude)
  • – 0.05 oz Eyeshadow in Romp (deep royal purple sheen)
  • – 0.05 oz Eyeshadow in Skimp (sheer pearly vanilla sheen)

The set originally retailed for $52, but with Sephora‘s 20% off Sale items, it’s now priced at $39, which if you divide by the number of products, comes to about $6.5 per item, which is relatively reasonable, considering that its full sized products e.g. the 24/7 eyeliner retails for $17 USD alone, and its Skyscraper Multi Benefit Mascara retails for $22. You can read my review of its mascara here – I’ve been using the mini 0.09 oz size for about a month now, 4 days a week. It has yet to run out! So I’m thinking that the 0.41 oz sized product they provide with this set should last you about 3 months or so :)

Also known as R&R, Kat Von D started off as a makeup and tattoo artist, and now ranks as one of the A-list tattoo artists in Los Angeles. Her make up products are distinguished with her trademark rose tattoo covering each of the limited edition cases, and you’ll be thrilled not only with how pretty her sets are, but also by the quality of these products. Reviewers have raved about the staying power and ease of blending with these creme and powder eyeshadows, so it’s definitely a good investment if you have yet to include frosty whites, silvers, darker maroons and blacks to your eyeshadow collection. The cost of each eyeshadow is $3 for this limited edition set.

The Sephora Favourites range includes its best selling products for that particular category. Its eye studio set comprises of: 

  • -0.082 oz Sephora Long-Lasting Eye Liner in Black
  • – 0.04 oz Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Pearl
  • – 0.12 oz Anastasia Go Brow
  • – 0.169 oz Too Faced Mini Lash Injection in Pitch Black
So it’s great for those who’ve been wanting to try products that have been hyped about, but are unwilling to put down the cash for something you’re unsure about. Doing the math, it’s $8.75 USD per product.

**Whilst typing this blog entry, 2 benefit sets I wanted to blog about went OOS on Don’t miss out on this great sale!

Lipstick Love

I’ve never been a fan of lip gloss. Somehow, the sticky, gooey texture never sat well with me – I would restlessly keep smacking my lips together (quietly) trying to get over the feeling. Lipstick on the other hand, was the horror of my primary school choir days. It tasted icky, made me look like a circus clown, and was generally something we all collectively frightened each other over. SHE’S GONNA PUT MAKE UP ON YOU! THAT SCARY WOMAN IS COMING!! <– our make up artist was a very enthusiastic, rough handed and wrinkled woman who took ultimate glee in bashing our faces with dirty sponges until we were covered in makeup. our instructor even had to tell her to tone it down. that’s how much make up we had on. yucks.

well 15 years or so after that horrific experience, I began to reassess my aversion to lipstick. So I bought one, then another, and another. Fast foward to the present, I have quite a number of lipsticks and though I haven’t tried every single brand out there in the market, I’ve been curious enough to try a number of brands, so I thought I’d put together a full review of my entire stash before it balloons and becomes too large. Lipsticks are reviewed in no particular order:

my lipstick collection, minus the l’oreal/maybelline haul of 15th Nov

(1) Sephora Rouge 0098A Lip Attitude Series $24 SGD (retail store) or $12 USD (online)

The picture on the left shows the lipstick colour as it swatches, with flash, but the pic on the right shows the colour as it actually looks in real life, a deep, dark purple. When I first saw this instore my eyes actually skipped over it, but my friend picked it up and gleefully swatched it on my hand and I was instantly won over. It’s a very pretty, great colour and goes on creamy smooth. Like all Sephora lipsticks it has a very nice perfumed scent, which is not overpowering but very subtle and nice. As it’s an opaque lipstick it covers any lip colour completely so you don’t have to worry about your natural lip colour (which is an issue with other lipsticks). This colour is gorgeous & goes perfectly with black eyeliner and a rock chic look.

(2) Sephora n01 0174A Long Wearing Maniac Lipstick $20 SGD (retail) or $12 USD (online)

This is a very pretty, sweet pink – a colour I’ve been hunting for ages because I’ve always been wanting to try out the “pink lips” look done by many kawaii girls, though not to the extreme. I love the long slim tube of the lipstick, and the colour goes on well, though not as opaque as (1). Unfortunately for me, light pink doesn’t seem to suit me, but I do love its scent and it does feel awesome on the lips. Instead, I tried out layering this with my elf lipstick in barely bitten, previously reviewed here and it turned out great! What I did was put a layer of this lipstick all over the lips, then I dabbed the elf lipstick in the inner middle portion of the lips, before rubbing my lips together slightly. The end result was better than what I hoped for, and I’ll definitely be constantly trying out new combinations pairing up this lipstick with other colours.

(3) and (4) Revlon Shiny Sheer Series in 825 Sheer Glistening Rose and 810 Sheer Afterglow

I bought these lipsticks during the 1 for 1 Revlon sale at Watsons about 2 years back – then I wasn’t too keen on lipsticks but I still liked to have the hint of colour, without the stickiness of gloss. Cue in these lipsticks. They’re great for just a school day as they’re not very obvious and not very shimmery, but can be layered over to give a nice finish for an outing later in the day. My only complaint is that they melt slightly when the weather is hot & will have some difficulties sliding out of the tube. Both lipsticks last about 3 hours each and do not last past a meal.


Here’s a swatch of the lipsticks:

swatches for (1)-(4) as you can see the first two are more opaque – both were swiped on the hand only once each, but (3)-(4) were swatched 2-3 times to get the colour as seen above Read the rest of this entry

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