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Graduation Photos!

At long last, my graduation photos are here! They were slightly delayed because there were some complications & necessitated changes, so the photos kept bouncing back & forth, but finally all the touchups are done & they look pretty awesome :)

Tada! Me with my family. & oh my mom’s not peranakan btw, she just thought it would be nice to wear it for the photoshoot.

You know how some people look perfect with the graduation hat because their face shape is so academic & all? HAHAHA. well I don’t have one of those faces & was really glad to take off the hat for some of my shots. Here’s my favourite pic with the bf! We’ll prob be using this at our wedding too (not anytime soon though!)

As our Photoshoot Package included 3 touched-up photos and 9 other untouched up photos, the rest of the photos you’ll be seeing here on are entirely untouched – though I plan to go for one of those corporate sponsored Adobe Photoshop courses to learn how to make these photos look better, in the future.

It’s somewhat sad that (to my eyes), the ugliest bit is the studio background. but oh well! according to the bf, it’s not something that some tedious photoshop grafting can’t fix.

& it’s kinda strange looking at these photos. It’s been what, more than a year since I graduated? How time flies. It seems so distant in my memory, even as I look upon these photos with a wistful nostalgia. Already, the myriad of changes to NUS – university town! the circle line! etc. have made me feel that school already isn’t what I recalled it to be.

Nevertheless, I’m happy I have these photographs to solidify that moment I graduated, eternally. That’s the beauty of the art of photography :)

My week in a post

It feels like such a long time since I’ve blogged (when in actual fact, it’s only been a couple of days) and I’ve really come to miss this space! And so please forgive me for my verbal diarrhoea as I try to sum up the events that took place over the past week.

It’s time to reflect and consolidate!!

OK my week started off with a geography fieldtrip to Chinatown where we were taught how to observe sights, sounds and happenings and draw conclusions from them. You know, I never thought that Singapore would be a place to conduct geog fieldtrips cos we haven’t got much nature per se (everything’s manmade. Even our beaches) but as it turns out, there’s still lots to learn especially where human geography is concerned.

Being the cat lover that I am, I took lots of cat photos.

ScreenshotPhotos taken using Instagram

We then proceeded to Changi Beach where we got down and dirty and measured the beach profile and collected sand samples (which we later brought back to the lab to conduct some tests and came up with some very interesting findings!) You can see photos of my geography fieldtrips here.

For a literature assignment, we had to plan a learning journey which is something like a self-directed fieldtrip where students are given a package of instructions and worksheets and they conduct the fieldtrip on their own. Sounds easy? Well you cannot imagine the amount of work that goes into planning a fieldtrip. We had hours and hours of meetings (usually 6 hours at a go) where we literally camped in the library and talked through our ideas.

The fun part? The recce. And since our fieldtrip was going to be held at Changi Airport, my group trooped down to the east and scoured the airport, snapping photos of anything that might be useful. We were so engrossed in our planning that we missed the last train back to Joo Koon!

Witness the sad, abandoned faces (Embellishments courtesy of doodle booth!)

But I am proud and relieved to say that after two weeks of madness, our hard work finally paid off cos I am OFFICIALLY done with that crazy-ass mega assignment (all 27 pages of it)! A great weight has finally been lifted from my shoulders and I am (momentarily) FREE!!!


The OCD in me just had to categorize everything alphabetically


This cost me many sleepless nights but it is all worth it!

And what is the icing on top of the cake? Finally going home over the weekend and catching up with my family! And I had my first lo hay for Chinese New Year at Xin Cuisine!


Sng siblings


Huat ah!

So despite my long trying week, there is a silver lining to every cloud, a rainbow after every thunderstorm! YAY! What’s more, next week is gonna be a uber short week cos of CNY! HURRAY!! I can’t hardly wait!

End of sem reflections

Today is pretty much the last day of school, the long awaited end of the semester. Looking back, it’s been a powerpack 4 months. I moved into hall, sharing a space with someone that I hardly knew, I had to cope with multiple assignments that often converge within the same week and I basically had to adjust to a new way of life and formulate a system for myself.

And you know what? I think I’ve done pretty well (not to toot my own horn but I’ve really become wayyy more independent. You can read more about it in my previous post). It is surprising how so much can change over 4 months. I never meant to grow so attached to people and places. I came into this with the mentality that the friendships I made in this course was purely for working purposes only. But somehow, I’ve actually built bonds here with student-teachers who share the same fire and passion that I have for my subject and for my students.

As much as there have been much flak (and complaints, that I do not deny) about NIE and doubts about how impractical and plain useless it is, I’ve discovered that this entire experience has been most enriching and I think that this journey, on the most part, has been inspiring. I’ve learnt to surround myself with like-minded individuals and their positivity has certainly fuelled me to push on. On the flipside, maybe it’s cos we share weal and woe together (ah those dreaded deadlines) but we’ve really become a tight-knit community (I love you all my lit and geog homies!) and now that these modules have come to an end, I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness and regret.

Great minds think alike

I know that this is really a silly notion to be having because hey, Singapore is so small! And it’s not like I’m never going to see these people again. But really if you think about it, once we all head out into the working world, we’ll all be too absorbed and busy with our lives that maintaining such a close relationship and bond will not be such an easy task anymore. And honestly, that scares the heck out of me. The fact that my support group is slowly dissolving and ultimately, I will have to embark on a solo career; to stand alone and to fend for myself (friends who know me well can very well relate to my insecurity and trepidation cos I am very much a social creature that thrives on constant affection. In short, I am needy and I will die without social interaction. Lol.)

Yup, that’s me.

I think this feeling of loss really hit me hard today because we had a farewell/Christmas party with my Geography cohort and we have been planning a Glee/High School Musical of sorts to act as a showcase for this event. Little did I realise that with constant rehearsals and with fiddling with decorations and food planning, how close I have become with my coursemates and in retrospect, I realised how lucky I’ve been because this class is awesome AND EXTREMELY RARE. Everyone gets along, there’s no drama, no friction. Just genuine sincere interactions. I know it sounds really exaggerated especially since I will still see them next semester for a final module, or maybe it’s just Christmas and that’s making me more reflective and emo. Whatever the case, I am so thankful for these people. I absolutely love them to bits and learning wouldn’t have been so fun and fruitful without them.

Awesome is what we are

The same can be said about my Lit class. While I don’t feel that we are as tightknit a group compared to my Geog class, I feel like NIE has given me a chance to really know a couple of people better. People that have only been hi-bye friends during my time in NUS. Maybe it’s because of the subject but there has been drama. Thrills and spills, anger, disappointment, crazy joy… Basically, it’s been a steep learning curve especially where working relationships  are concerned. But the upside of it all? I think my passion for Lit has been reignited. I have never read with such verocity since secondary school and now I feel a deep desire to infuse creativity in my lessons, to make others feel this passion too.

So in short, I will miss this awesome bunch of people.

But I will never miss them as much one special person.

My roomie moved out today. She isn’t gonna stay next sem so here I am, sitting in a room that is semi furnished (my half) while the other half is as bare as bare can be. It is a strange feeling to see her pack up her things and help her to lug her ‘china bags’ (as she so affectionately calls them) to the bus stop and wait for her cab to arrive. And boy golly, I started missing her the minute she walked out the door.

It’s really amazing how we’ve really become firm friends over the past 4 months. The late night movies and supper sessions, the silly games and heart-felt conversations. I’m gonna miss all of this (even her strange habits like doing laundry at 3am in the morning.) And I felt the full extent of the loss when I peered over at the towel rack and saw her teal towel missing. Or worse, the closet door was closed (being the vain people we are, we always leave the mirror side open lol.) That was when it really struck me. The fact that she was REALLY GONE and there I was. ALONE.

Yup, that’s me again.

My friend tried to comfort me by saying that I have more privacy now, more personal space. And while I try to be optimistic and cheerful about it especially since I will get a new roomie next semester (I love making new friends), I can’t help feeling sentimental and melancholic.

She is really the best roomie that anyone can ever ask for. Knowing what a gu niang I am, she refilled the air freshner and she even cleaned the floor before she left (though I have to say in my defense, that I clean the floor most of the time). So yes, I will miss her greatly but that being said, I’m thankful to have gotten to know her.

The coolest chick I know

So underlying this momentary sadness, is gladness. I’m thankful for this semester, this 4 months, NIE, hall life, the people I’ve met along the way… the whole works. As cliche as it may sound, it’s made me a better person. So as I look towards the new year and the new joys and heartaches that will soon come my way, I too want to hold these memories (fond or otherwise), in my heart. Thank you 2010, you’ve been awesome.

Decorating your dorm room

I’ve been living in hall for close to two months now and I figured that it’s time to do a post that features some of the things that makes my hall room liveable. Being the Sims geek that I am, I am BIG on designing spaces and decorating it to make it homey and tasteful so here are some items that help me to accomplish this:

My Fragmentary Post-Modern Self

I woke up late & decided to skip school

I have a semi-brilliant thesis & it is not writing itself.

distracted, distracted, distracted.

two unwatched episodes of Chuck & How I Met Your Mother are on my desktop

I feel disjoined & incoherent.

can you tell?

This picture makes me feel like experimenting with darker eyeliner.

10 journal articles down, 15 more to go.

Reading everything could possibly be the most sensible form of procrastination I’ve ever indulged in.

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