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a Bright Streak of Blue

another freaky nail polish colour I tried recently was Sally Hansen’s Blue Streak

It’s a very bold and bright colour and like all Insta-Dris, applies opaque in 2 coats. & if you’re thinking that it’s a duochrome, as seen above, it’s actually not. It’s more of a reflective polish, & the tinge of purple you’re seeing there is merely the pink reflecting off my very pink Canon :)

Sally Hansen’s Blue Streak makes me think of Aztec/Ikat/Tribal-inspired clothes & accessories

& these prints are so often seen on maxi dresses these days! It’s great to see a revival of old prints and how they’re adapted to modern fashion :)


With this long weekend, I’m definitely in a re-charging mode. Just like how all my various electronic devices regain a new lease of life once they’re recharged, weekends are my recharging period for the work ahead during the week.

That said, abit of office fun never hurt anyone, & last week we had a Macdonald’s party to relive our childhood days & celebrate a colleague’s birthday :)

Despite the few initial moments of awkwardness at being so old in an event meant for toddlers, we really ended up having a lot of fun and laughter. It’s great having colleagues who aren’t afraid to truly be themselves in front of each other and just have fun – it’s something I treasure about my present workplace :)

Being a habitual muncher, one of the many things that keeps me happy is the presence of yummy SMALL bites around my desk, so I can munch whenever I feel stressed or feel the onset of hunger pangs and embarrassingly loud stomach growls before the lunch hour:

What are these called?? Since young I’ve just known them as the colourful sugar biscuits. My method of consumption: Bite off the biscuit, chew, then eat the sweet sugar icing on top. I used to have a friend who only ate the yellow ones, and another who liked to eat all the biscuits, then all the sugar tops. To each their own!

& if you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you’d know by now that I’m quite the nail fanatic – & spending an hour or two cutting, filing, shaping, buffing and painting my nails is one of the most therapeutic and destressing activities for me. Besides, it’s an instant boost of happiness and comfort that I have gorgeous nails for the day

Pictured: Sally Hansen Insta Dry in 11 Sonic Bloom and Anna Sui’s orange/gold shimmer. I’ve blogged about both before so I won’t be doing it again :) they’re quite chinese new year-ish and festive!

The week ahead is a short one & I’m already looking forward to the next long weekend :) it’s awesome!

A Touch of Peach and Gold

It’s nice that people know I’m a nail fanatic – coz then they know I’m the exact right person to pass their polish hand-me-downs :) This week, a friend who came to lunch with me passed me 2 beautiful polish colours, OPI’s Funny Bunny and Anna Sui’s Nail Colour in Vernis A Ongles, which is a pretty rose pink.

Since I had Sally Hansen’s Jumpin Jade on my nails, I decided to do a quick sweep of the Anna Sui Nail Polish and was quite pleased with the results!

The Anna Sui Nail Polish is a sheer polish, and layered over Sally Hansen its gold micro glitter shines beautifully, with several holographic flecks that give it a more interesting depth. I really loved this combination! The most interesting thing about this polish was that it had this beautiful rose scent – how rare is that for a polish? I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy that my nails smelt perfumed afterwards. Obviously I didn’t stick my nose to the top of the bottle and breathe it in with ecstasy hahaha. My colleague thought it smelt more like baby powder though, so it might differ from person to person.

Have you tried any interesting nail polish combinations lately? :)

Sally Hansen Nail Appliques!

With my recent nail hauls, I’ve strictly abstained from any nail counters and racks to preserve the cash in my wallet, but right now I’m itching to get to the nearest Watsons to check out if they’ve brought in Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips – the latest release from Sally Hansen that promises great convenience with the prettiest of nail art.

Aren’t they pretty?? I absolutely love the idea of these, and as reviewed by Nail Blogger Alllacqueredup (all images were taken from her site and credited solely to her) they score well on the 10 day test (meaning that they last and do not chip excessively beyond that time period).

I’ve always loved nail art and I’m particularly in love with the lace design (think Katy Perry!) as well as some of the other crazy patterns, as they’re bound to make people look twice at your nails and wonder which salon you did your nails at.

Retailing at $9.99 USD each, or an estimated price of $13-$14 SGD, I’d say that these nail strip appliques aren’t something one can buy every week, but would be great for a party or even just as a personal treat. Besides, compared to a regular art manicure one gets at a salon (which similarly lasts 10 days because of nail growth, unless you invest in a gel/acrylic manicure), this is actually relatively cheap!

That said, I’m still partially obsessed with my Konad sets so even if I do buy these strips, I’d be going for patterns I can’t easily replicate :D Right now, given OPI’s recent release of the Glee nail appliques, I’m thinking that more and more nail polish brands are becoming open to this idea of easy, convenient nail strips. You don’t even need to wait for them to dry! All you’d need would be a base + top coat, to protect your nails and also to give them a shiny, gorgeous surface.

Here’s a peek at the entire Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips Line (it’s such a mouthful, I wish they’d shorten it)

all pictures credit to all lacquered up and you can view her test of the strips here.

Personally, I don’t see much point in the plain nail strips but I’m pretty psyched to try out one or two myself, though I have to say that some of them don’t look true to the pictures on the advertising campaign OR the real-life results, which leaves me somewhat wary. I guess I’ll purchase based on online reviews and such :)


I went on a slight silver craze yesterday whilst out with my friend Rachel :) Witness my silvery purchases :D I’m all for doing a monochromatic look soon with a pop of silver.

Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps 13 Celeb City
Colour: Silver foil with very dense micro glitter
Opacity: Semi-sheer the first layer, completely opaque the second layer onwards
Dries: Medium fast
Imperfections: when hurt it layers off, rather than chipping off.

Personally I loved the colour of this. The pink tint wasn’t part of the polish, but due to the reflection of my camera. This polish isn’t holographic, but pure silver. It was very festive and would be perfect for Christmas!

My next purchase was the L’oreal Chrome Hip Liners that I’ve been so curious about, given the tons of reviews given online by many beauty bloggers. Unfortunately the price was relatively steep for an eyeliner $17.90 SGD so I only purchased one just in case its quality wasn’t up to par (in my opinion)… the silver one!

I was quite happy about the fact that it came along with a plastic cap, which is extremely important and essential for keeping any eyeliner properly. It’s highly pigmented and caused my eyes no irritation even after 4 hours of wear. Moreover, its intensity lasted for the short time that I used it.

L’oreal Hip Colour Chrome Eyeliner

Colour: Intense Shimmery Silver
Layers on Smoothly, slight gaps when applied unevenly, shows slight evidence of the skin’s creases
Ability to Last:
exceeds 4 hours within the home (where I tried it) EDIT Lasts me for 10 hours no problem!

Admittedly my Revlon Colourstay eyeliner beat this one out in terms of its ability to last, but I still love this for its intensity and 4 hours is no small feat, even though I was at home (no fading or smearing even though I took a nap haha!)

Going Nude

Every once in a while I like to go with plain colours, but I still can’t give up  the shimmer and shine that I love so much. Sally Hansen’s s Hard as Wraps polish in Sheer Petal Gloss suits my needs perfectly

Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps Sheer Petal Gloss
Colour: Sheer Nude colour with Shimmer
Opacity: Sheer all the way to 3 coats
Dries: quite slowly
Imperfections: not covered up easily because of the sheer coverage


Given that we hadn’t been meeting up often due to school work & whatnot, Deepavali was finally a chance for us to meet up. We decided to dinner at Mad For Garlic at Suntec City, which is one of our favourite restaurants to go for great food, a nice ambiance and great service.

Pardon the low quality pics – the interior of the restaurant was rather dark, which makes for a very cosy and romantic atmosphere… but not very good for photo taking.Our favourites of the night were definitely the Garlic Bread Tower (appetizer), Garlic Snowing Pizza, Garlic Butter Prawns, Seafood Salad and Garlic Steak. Unlike most restaurants, Edeline’s seafood salad was literally overflowing with seafood, whilst my boyfriend’s Garlic Butter Prawns had about 30 prawns (at my estimation). They were definitely generous with the ingredients, making it all the more worthwhile. With the citibank card promotion available, we also had the opportunity to try out their Signature ades (orangeade, yujaade, lemonade and another drink i can’t recall). They were very interesting and not as “fake” tasting as Fish & Co’s Passion & Kola Tonic.

artistic garlic drawing with cocoa powder that came with our tiramisu

Restaurant Rating:
Food: Yummylicious, but strictly for garlic lovers. Loads of garlic in every dish. bring a mint! Deliciousness of every dish is consistent, & since we’ve been there >3 times, standards have not changed 9/10
Service: Very attentive and courteous staff. We didn’t even need to ask for ice water. However, when the place got busier, service was understandably slower. 8.5/10
Ambiance: We love the interior decorations, extremely cosy and most tables are separated by partitions so noise from other tables is less jarring to the conversation. 9.5/10
Cost: We had appetizers, main courses + 1 extra main course to share, dessert (tiramisu) and drinks, about $20-30 per pax, which was quite reasonable for the huge amount of food we ate 9/10

Overall rating: 9/10

We then proceeded to walk on towards the ilightmarinabay exhibits near the Esplanade but because there were many people milling around and the weather wasn’t too friendly, we headed towards Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar instead. What gluttons we are! Instead, we saw one of the interior exhibits of the Esplanade whilst walking to dessert.
To capture it all, I used my camera’s Stitch-assist function to create a panoramic shot but as one can tell, I wasn’t so good at putting the pieces together. It’s still interesting though how the artist put together so many contorted figures of mixed media together! We couldn’t decide whether they were captured in a moment of dance or pain or contortionist movement.

We especially loved the cups for the chocolate drinks – plus the way they were designed were just so apt with the word descriptions.

Kel declared he was still 60% full so I took a few bites from this double fudge chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. I love strawberries! They go so well with chocolate. *yums*

Restaurant Rating

Food: yummylicious, though my boyfriend mentioned that our hazelnut milk chocolate drink tasted awfully similar to his protein shake, so he hated it. The dark chocolate drinks were more pleasing to the palate, but extremely rich & could not be drunk quickly. Awesome for a chocolate shock though. I wasn’t very pleased with the cake though, I thought it would be more chocolatey and awesome. 7/10
Service: It was alright, but they were also extremely busy that evening 7/10
Ambiance: We were lucky & got a seat in the far interior of the restaurant, where it was relatively quiet so we could comfortably speak and hear each other quite well. seats were cosy, table & utensils were very clean 8.5/10
Cost: Max Brenner’s definitely isn’t somewhere you go whenever you feel like it, (coz of the calorie count!) but it’s not too expensive either. Price range from $6+ to $40+ (for sharing). Rather pricey compared to say, chocolate milk tea, but the chocolate content is much more, though I wouldn’t say that their milk chocolate is that much better than cadbury, or that their dark chocolate triumphs the quality of Lindt. 6.5/10

Overall Rating: 7/10

In the Deepavali festive spirit, we were quite startled and amused to see a boy running around in his batman costume

Clearly he wasn’t over the Halloween spirit yet! He was running back and forth so I couldn’t get a clear shot of him – plus my hands were shaky because I was laughing at his antics of clinging to walls and swinging around pillars. & if my ears were not fooled, he was humming the Batman theme song to himself whilst engaging in his “stunts”. It only took him about 5 minutes to get an eager audience watching.

& though it didn’t exactly match my outfit, I decided to paint my nails to suit the festive spirit of the night!

Simply because I was in a hurry, I neglected to use a bottom coat and regretted it about a week later, because my nails had turned orange :S Since I’ve never used Sally Hansen without a base coat, I never realised that this would be the result. So now I’m letting my nails rest & recover their original colour. The glitter polishes are of a transparent base with medium sized glitter flecks. I got them for RM1 each when I went to Genting Highlands earlier this year. 2 coats of Gold and 1 coat of Silver glitter was used in my nail look above, because Deepavali privileges a more gold look, but I decided to soften it with Silver as well.

Sally Hansen Black Diamond & Bodyshop vouchers!

Joy burst into my heart when I saw that Watsons was having a sale on its Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes (original price $13.90, marked down to $9.90). Of all polishes I’ve ever used, Sally Hansen is the brand I adore the most because it hasn’t ever let me down in terms of colour and quality.

The colour of this polish is truly unique – it’s not a pure jet black and contains micro glitter of varied shades, I can’t identify the colours for sure but i’m guessing silver, blue and green.. maybe even a very pale pink.

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Nails, Nails, Nails

This morning i got a shock while reading the papers –

and it wasn’t for a good reason. As a lover of short, well kept nails I had sometimes admired the insanely long fake nails people had, though I shuddered at the thought of having such long nails myself, I did think that long acrylic nails could sometimes be very flattering on a person.

The main reasons why people love acrylic nails is that they last for a long period of time, and long nails give the impression of a more elegant, elongated hand. Little did I know that there were so many dangers behind them

more about acrylic nails after the cut, and my nail art for the week!

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Coral Nails with pretty flowers

Presenting my Nails of the Week!

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