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A Wonderfully Short Week!

With the Presidential Elections & Hari Raya, it’s been a wonderfully short week! I’m absolutely luxuriating in all the rare leisure time I get to enjoy & unlike most of my other work weeks, I actually feel quite refreshed & energetic! Most weekends just aren’t long enough. *sigh*

& lucky me, this weekend was even more awesome, thanks to some $$ from MBS, whoohoo!

& this mind you, is pure winnings. I actually won $443 in total (but got greedy so gambled the $43 away) and minus the entrance fee, I came out $300 richer! YEAH! But first, a disclaimer:

I am by no means advocating gambling as a get-rich-quick method or a wise way to “invest” your money. I just happened to be lucky.

That said, I was also a pretty stingy gambler, which is why, I THINK, I got out pretty unscathed. I went in only with $200 ($100 for entrance fee, $100 to play) & I only played the 1cent – 5 cent machines. I only tried the 10 cent machines once! Plus, since i’m wasn’t too keen on the card games, I just played the bright shiny flashing machines that made me happy. HAHA gawd i sound like such a bimbo but hey, I’m the girl who made money! lol. The bf who played the cards lost, but in the end I *subsidised* him and everything ended well :)

Sad to say though, we really and truly felt like foreigners in the Casino – in our home country! It’s really worse than public transport, mostly because there’s no entrance fee for foreigners AND there’s a constant flow of free drinks. I got quite peeved when they kept swarming the drinks cart… & everytime I eventually got to approach the nice service staff, they would tell me that they had run out of milo, or coffee or tea :(

Well, with my new found wealth, I decided to treat myself! We headed for a post-dinner treat at TWG tea, which wasn’t as fantastic as I’ve heard it to be – we had their savoury crepe with a scoop of ice cream. The ice cream was really unique and fantabulous, but the crepe can’t beat those from Canele.

& I got new make up!

[left] Sephora Blush [right] Sephora Mattifying Foundation

The minute I saw this blush, I immediately fell in love with it. It wasn’t as shiny or as bright as Benefit’s Bimba Lola, nor as matte as the Bodyshop blusher I’ve had for the longest time. That said, it’s a pretty sheer colour & one definitely needs to put on more than a few swipes before the colour looks more noticeable. At $23, it’s pricier than drugstore brands but for such a pretty colour, I don’t regret it!

The Mattifying Foundation isn’t really that mattifying – then again, we’re talking about my insanely oily skin here. *sigh*. It’s no better than most drugstore brands but it does feel really light and gives good coverage. Most importantly, unlike most compact foundations, it doesn’t look too chalky or powdery after application, plus it doesn’t dry out my skin. So for $27, it’s not bad but I’m unsure if I’ll purchase this again.

Here’s the description from the Sephora website

Smooth and feather light, our pressed powder foundation glides over the skin and leaves your complexion looking like sheer perfection. This unique formulation includes Nylon 12, for excellent adherence and long wear. Plus it may be applied wet or dry, depending on the coverage you desire. Try applying over liquid foundation in place of powder for a poreless, porcelain finish.

Anyway, since we had yet another public holiday this week, the bf and I decided to head for our favourite chill-out activity: Prawning! This time, instead of going to our usual haunt (Bishan) we decided to check out the new place over at Punggol, since that’s where his new house will be in time to come :)

Although it’s under the same management as the prawning place at bishan, Punggol’s pond has the unique distinction of having 3 types: fishing, crabbing & prawning – with two different types of prawns too! (fresh water and sea water). I was amazed and pretty freaked out at the size of the fish. They were a good 30cm long each, some of the larger ones probably spanned 45cm or more!

It’s a very poor picture of the fishes, I know! But believe me, they were huge. The prices also differ accordingly. For prawning/crabbing, it’s the normal graduated rate as follows:

  • 1st hour: $15
  • 2 hours: $25
  • 3 hours: $30

So we always get the 3 hour package, it just makes more sense! Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky this time round and didn’t catch as many prawns *sigh* We DID see some one catch a crab though! However, because the fish were so big, no one dared to give it a shot, much to my disappointment. I would’ve loved to see someone try! It costs $5 / line to catch a fish (i.e. if your line breaks you gotta get a new one, but if you skillfully snag all the fish in the pond with just one line, it’ll cost you only $5)

Yep! so all in all, a great weekend + public holiday :D

just three more days til the next weekend! whee!!

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