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Alexander McQueen Pre Fall Collection 2012

I envisioned rich young ladies in a castle, on a cold winter’s night… extravagantly draped with velvets and furs, corsets tightly bound, as they regally walked down the stairs to join the dinner party. Rich, lavish yet not garish – the black victorian print stood out against the red velvet, the silhouettes of the models were largely exaggerated, with the use of flared and peplum cuts. and oh! The use of mesh. Azzaro executed it with a subtle grace, but here Sarah Burton fearlessly immerses her dress in mesh, resulting in an ethereally beautiful creation.

I am absolutely in love with that last dress. I wish I could just try it on! (though the klutz in me would probably rip some part of it off in the process..) It’s altogether a very swoon-worthy combination of Black Swan(movie) + Victorian(fashion) + Romantic (literary theme).

That said, velvet or mesh pieces definitely wouldn’t be my fabric of choice when it comes to daily wear. *sigh* The life of the common and poor. hahaha.

Moschino Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

The slim, immaculately model languishes on a paint-splotched metal ladder, looking as if she’s comfortably at tea session with the best of her girlfriends…

I loved the shoes, I think the concept is abit crazy, and I’ve no idea how anyone would strut the streets with that insane fluff of mesh. It does look ethereally pretty though, I can imagine a character out of any of Tim Burton’s fantastical movies wearing that, or perhaps Julia Robert’s incarnation of the Evil Queen?

I did fancy the double-breasted coats. They seem so chic, neat and do have that effect of making one’s shoulders seem broader. Designer Rosella Jardini added the unexpected element of huge statment necklaces over several large coats – something you normally wouldn’t think of since a coat is supposed to be worn over everything else, but hey, it’s nice to mix it up.

What’s your favourite Pre-fall Collection for 2012 so far?

Azzaro Pre-Fall Collection 2012

I’m a sucker for interesting, conceptual photoshoots. In that sense you could say I’m biased towards collections that extend the entire concept to their props & backdrop as well. Azzaro’s Pre-fall Collection caught my eye with its interesting use of mesh and the bold-yet-subtle way it advertised its brand presence.

It’s hardly obtrusive or in-your-face, but the letters one can hardly see in white definitely spell out “Azzaro” and yes, I fell for it. I love the way the incorporated it into the photoshoot & utilized the letters as props to show off the back of the dress, the sleeves, etc. In the same vein, designer Mathilde Castello Branco’s (formerly from Lanvin) use of mesh isn’t flat or boring – it’s been cut into strips to give a soft, flowy feel. Though I think that such gorgeous fragile piece would be a horror to clean. haha.

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Tracy Reese Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Checks are back! Or that’s what you’d think with Tracy Reese’s Pre-Fall 2012 Collection – it remains to be seen if major retail stores will pick up the trend again. It has that whole old-school vibe about it, & that has pretty much dominated the fashion scene in 2008-2010, so I’m unsure if it’ll revive again so soon. That said, I’m loving the A-line skirts & her contrast of plain fabric with the checked print.

Tracy Reese isn’t afraid to pair bold, bright colours with the print and I’m really liking the combination. I’ve never really delved into the world’s wardrobe of checked prints though – I still have horrifying memories of those neon colours paired with black on checked items. I apologize in advance, but here are some really awful interpretations of check print that had me running in the opposite direction whenever the idea/thought/glimpse of print hit me.

That said, there are some exceptions to check print that I’ve always loved – so that just goes to show that there’s something for everyone :)

I prefer less complex colour combinations – just two are sufficient, though I don’t mind a darker shade of one for overlapping purposes. The traditional colours used for check are also easier for me to swallow – navy blue, greens, reds (think scottish tartan) and browns. Otherwise, I’d go for greys and various shades of black. I’m too boring when it comes to this!

In line with how she presents her checked pieces on the runway, Tracy Reese juxtapositions various other prints with spaces of plain fabric. It’s far more distinct than Thakoon’s showcase in his Thakoon Addition Pre-Fall, since he paired separate pieces of print with pieces of plain fabric. Here, Reese deliberately creates blank spaces alongside the print. It does an interesting thing of accentuating the shape and curves of the model, but it still feels quite weird to me, aesthetically.

Prints aside, I’m so happy that harem pants are continuing to be in! Not the overly baggy type that sags and droops all over – the tailored type, like this very chic pair of cerulean harem pants. I love it!

more on the pre-fall collections next week! have a great weekend ahead everyone! 

Thakoon Addition Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Prints galore! I’m loving the wonderful mix and mesh of prints of various patterns in this collection. Unfortunately while I do love my prints, I still can’t see how they can work in the work place – prints seem too non-serious for me and that is the last thing I want to portray myself to be, given how kiddy I look already (people still tell me I look like i’m 16. sigh.)

It’s very army-esque, with the splotches of different colour paint mark types all over. Granted, I’m not gushing with lust over all these prints but I like how they’ve been paired and match. It takes a master to know how to pair prints together properly without coming off too loud & garish – Thakoon does it with a fearless bravado, and some combinations definitely work but others make me shudder inside.. The big pockets are a turn-off for me but I like how he selectively designates plain coloured spaces in some of the pieces. Gives the eye a breather from the print & makes the whole mishmash of it more bearable to the eye.

In any case, it looks like prints will remain strong this season, with various other designers & stores (Miu Miu, Alice and Olivia, even Topshop!) incorporating prints of all kinds – the messy & chaotic to the sweet & feminine or retro.. in their clothings. So.. which look will you be going for? :)

Rebecca Minkoff Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Far more work-friendly than the other collections, Rebecca Minkoff’s Pre-Fall 2012 Collection showcased pieces in jewel tones of turquoise, sea green and peach.

We’ve blogged about colours like turqoise and sea green before, here and here, but peach/coral… hmm it looks great on the model but somehow I don’t really have anything in my wardrobe that’s mostly peach or coral, mostly I think because it might not really suit the asian skin tone? I’ll definitely have to experiment!

In any case, I love how nicely fitted these clothes are, and it’s refreshing to have a pop of colour with work separates. Unlike neon colours, jewel tones provide a burst of colour without being too loud or garish. Plus they go really well with black.

Minkoff may have only featured three jewel tones in her collection – but the fashion world is overflowing with so many gorgeous shades of jewel tones. I definitely gravitate towards the blue/purple jewel tones. Somehow they seem easier to wear and purple’s my favourite colour so there’s an inevitable bias! XP

What’s your favourite shade?

Rachel Zoe Pre Fall 2012 Collection

In the hot tropical weather of Singapore, guys have always been left clueless and stunned speechless as to WHY ON EARTH women insist on wearing sweaters, cardigans, jackets and other various forms of outerwear, no matter the temperature. Well, the answer’s simple. It rejuvenates an outfit! It hides the ugly arm flab! because we feel like it! & Rachel Zoe’s 2012 Pre fall collection is making me lust after more outerwear, blazers in particular. gosh her model in that maxi dress with that pink blazer + motorcycle jacket! fabulous.

I love how sharply cut the blazers are – she definitely shows her expertise in all the different cuts of blazers. I’m pulling out the blazers in my wardrobe for my work outfit tomorrow. inspired!

The only thing I wouldn’t be a fan of would be those weirdly flared brown boots. somehow with the boots jutting out it seems untidy? awkward? or it might be a lingering itch from all those school-going years where one’s shoelaces had to be kept tight, neat and close to the shoe…

Besides blazers, Rachel Zoe also designed some beautiful pieces that encompassed several major trends we’ve seen lately. The animal print – i love the tote bag! and the shoes! not so sure about the clutch and the dress though.. loose drapes – that chiffon dress and the white outfit is so pretty. and she brought a little oomph to it with some rock chick elements – the gloves, boots, mixed with shiny sequins.. I definitely enjoyed the variety that she showcased in this collection.

I think this could be my favourite collection so far, but Pre-fall collections aren’t all out yet so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more!

Erin Fetherston 2012 Pre Fall Collection

I’m normally not a fan of lace or beads, but Erin Fetherston turned them into something beautiful. Her use of chiffon and make up + hairstyle of the model fits her ethereal theme perfectly. The model looks like a nymph right out of a greek myth. I love her plaited hair and the beaded hair accessory! I’m slightly obsessed with the shoes as well – the ribbon tie with the lace back is so pretty!

She also rejuvenated classic pieces with a touch of shimmer to the collar, using either shimmery fabric or beads. I love love the cardigan on the far left – the shimmery ribbon buttons and stripes at the bottom are too cute! And the dress on the right could just be the perfect work-to-party dress! A sharply cut collar instantly adds a touch of professionalism to anything.

stay tuned for more coverage of the pre-fall 2012 runway! 

Donna Karan Pre Fall Collection 2012

One of my favourite types of dresses to wear would be the kimono inspired dresses, simply because they’re so easy to throw on and are the most flattering for my curves. Plus, it helps to draw attention away from my flabby arms(!) <– I’m working on that…

So you can imagine my pleasure when Donna Karan brought the classic deep v neck with the cap sleeves and the full skirts back to the runway :)

I love her different interpretations of it, and I’m hoping that other designers are inspired by her as well! be it the ribbon tie, the simple wrap, the structured flare or the drapey collar, I thought that she definitely brought back life to the kimono-inspired dress.

Throw in her full skirts and asymmetrical cuts, the entire collection made for quite an eye pleaser. I think the whole idea of having an exaggerated bow as a belt is cute, it might take over the obi belt trend this season! Asymmetrical cuts are nothing new but she does so artfully and conservatively, it’s edgy and not too revealing. While her colour palette for the collection wasn’t eye-popping, I enjoyed the variety of detail and cut demonstrated.

& if Donna Karen burns too huge a hole in your pocket, well – there are always alternatives!

Have a great week ahead!

Diane von Furstenburg’s Pre-fall 2012 Collection

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I loved the absolute boldness with which Diane von Furstenburg clothed her models – huge prints, her play with textures, and the careless draping of layers of fabric. Admittedly, there were pieces I hated from her collection (think fur! no! and some awful full bodied leather pieces…) but some of them took my breath away. I can’t express how excited I feel when I see an outfit that makes me go, “yes! omg! I’m going to wear that in my dreams tonight! ” HAHAHA. but it definitely perks me up for the rest of the week as I hunt for lookalikes in stores.

I’ve never been a great fan of those small, repetitive prints, but I love how Furstenburg blows up the prints and then tries out unusual, eye-popping colours! gosh but these would be so hard to wear to work. I definitely do love the mod + vintage feel of it though, it strikes me as something that a really confident woman would pull off.

The shade of orange wouldn’t normally agree with my aesthetic, but hmm she makes me think twice. It’s giving me some inspiration for my chinese new year shopping. Orange after all, is the colour of prosperity & fortune :D

I also enjoyed her layering – though the weather here is heating up & that wouldn’t be a good idea. But it seems that the obsession with blazers, coloured and all! is still running strong, as I’m still seeing it on various runways this season. I have got to find a new drapey piece to add to my wardrobe! I’m really loving the neon green piece above. It’s unique, yet not too loud. Plus it doesn’t seem like the type of drapey pieces that loses it shape once the wind blows, as it’s twisted at the model’s shoulder.

Yippee! The weekend is nearing & I can’t wait to embark on my shopping spree(s) :) Have a great week ahead!


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