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Paperexploits Christmas Collection

Christmas has always been a really big thing for me and aside from pretty presents, I love personalized gift tags and cards. And because my artistic skills aren’t up to scratch, my go-to person for cards and pretty stationery is Kelly. This woman is amazing. She handmakes everything from scratch, single-handedly runs her entire business while still schooling. And that’s not all. She also teaches at the local prison school and dances salsa. One wonders where she finds time to do so many things!

I’ve ordered from Paperexploits many times before in the past mainly because Kelly is just so accommodating and awesome. She promptly responds to all queries, and sometimes she even includes freebies with each purchase so customers get a lovely surprise when they open that envelope! And usually, all I have in mind is just a vague idea of what I want but somehow or another, she reads my mind and produces something that far exceeds my expectation.

So I just made an order specially for Christmas and whoopee! I received it in the mail yesterday!

Teddy will give you a sneak peek

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