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Eva Franco Fall 2011

I was surfing Modcloth as usual today and I came across two gorgeous dresses from Eva Franco so out of curiosity, I googled the brand and started oogling the Fall 2011 online catalogue. It is so library chic if you get what I mean.


I kind of like the fact that they use the same model throughout cos it really allows you to see how the clothes, the accessories and the makeup can completely change the look and vibe of the same person. And the outdoor shots are stunning. It seems like mustard and green are THE colours for Fall. And it’s not just colours that are in season, but prints as well!

Isn’t this polka dotted coat simply dreamy? This shot reminds me of Black Swan for some reason. And it appears that black leggings are going to be a fall staple! That and gloves! Somehow the elbow length gloves reminds me of Cinderella but it does provide that luxe look to the ensemble.

Sadly, prices for her lovely pieces (and that’s looking at sale items) start from $200 and up so it’s alittle way out of budget. So instead, I’ve created a Eva Franco inspired look from things in my wardrobe.

Leaf print dress: F21

Crochet Cardigan: HK

Leggings: FOS in KL

Elastic Belt: Charlotte Russe

Who are some of your fav Fall designers? Share them with us!

Cherry Red

Remember how I blogged about the Zoya matte velvet polish? Well surprise surprise I now have two in my hands, though I’m only going to review one today :)

As you can see, there’s a hint of silver with the red, which I love. Unlike OPI’s suede polishes, ZOYA’s matte polishes go on shimmery and gradually mattify on the nail. It’s quite fascinating to watch. I have to say, this being the first ZOYA polish I’ve ever tried, I was really impressed with the quality. Matte polishes mean you can’t apply a top coat. This Zoya polish not only dried in seconds, but resisted scratches and chipping without a top coat for 2 days straight. For a matte polish, I’d say that’s really pretty awesome. Plus, what you see above is just one coat of polish! The pigmentation and colour is incredible, I’m insanely pleased.

I’m also rather happy that the red came off prettily, I was worried that it’d be ruined by the matte effect. To match, here are my fashion inspirations

I find red a really bold and strong colour to wear so I don’t really have red pieces in my work wardrobe. That said, last saturday I decided to just heck it and have fun with prints + a dash of colour, so here’s what I wore to work!

It’s a slightly messy picture, I hadn’t tucked my blouse in properly prior to taking the shot but, oh you get the idea of mixed prints! I purchased this cherry print tunic ages ago and never really liked the length (past my butt, before the half thigh mark) so I didn’t wear it much. Matching it with this F21 skirt made it look soo much better. So yay! I wore a new colour to the workplace, though I’ll admit, this will stay a casual friday/saturday outfit and not a monday-thursday kind of thing.

are you in love with red?

A Typical Day in the Office

A hot mug of tea

Feeling and looking neat in my work outfit. This Zara skirt is so, so gorgeous!

Sorry for the blur pic. Sleepy shaky hands in the morning…

& of course, I always have a fresh coat of polish on my nails because I can’t stand chipping :)

I still can’t decide if I like this colour or not – I think I would prefer it if it came in a nice cream formulae instead of shimmer. What do you think?

The thing about this polish is that it looks so different at various angles, I’m unsure if I enjoy its metamorphosis from a muted, greyish purple to a vibrant, shimmering one. I got this polish at a swap from my garage sale 2 years back.

O2 Skin Nail Polish

  • Colour: Lavender purple that changes from a muted grey tone to a bright shimmery tone, depending on the angle of light
  • Opacity: solid in 3 coats
  • Dries: Medium speed
  • Imperfections: it’s an easy polish to paint on, bubbling at most, but it’s not that serious. Imperfections like scratches are easily swiped over and covered.

Mauve Nails

Inspired by my previous layering of polish, I decided to experiment yet again, this time with China Glaze’s Recycle and Anna Sui’s Vernis A Ongles. Here’s the result!

I absolutely love this! I can’t stop staring at my nails. It’s so easter eggish too, just perfect for the season. It’s muted, yet shimmery, which adds an interesting depth to it. I was rather surprised that the peachiness of the Anna Sui polish would turn it a mauve-ish purple, which is one of the polish colours that I’ve been dying to have but haven’t found any that seemed to be satisfactory. Moreover, it’s a multi-coloured shimmer, as can be seen in the picture. It’s really pretty!

To match these nails, here’s what I picked for my outfit:

grey chiffon blouse from MAZE, deep blue crocodile skinny belt from TANGS, Black pants from G2000

Though I was never a fan of high waisted bottoms before, I’m beginning to adapt to well fitted bottoms – it really does make one look neater for the office. In fact, this is fast becoming one of my go-to “uniform” looks for the office!

Personally I like having a skinny belt of a either a very close colour to my pants e.g. dark navy blue or brown, or have a colour that stands out to accent my outfit. I’ve even worn a floral belt to work before, to match my floral headpiece of the day :) So have fun playing with the combinations in your closet! Like the nail combination above, you’ll never know what works, and experimenting never hurt anyone. Just ensure that you’ve got an honest family member awake in the wee hours of the morning to give your outfit the ok before you leave the house, haha.


I’ll admit that I’m slightly late on the uptake, but OMG I LOVE ANGRYBIRDS!!!!

It’s such an insanely addictive, frustrating and satisfaction-deriving game. I literally spend hours just launching the birds at the evil pigs, or as the just-released RIO version has, launching the birds to save other caged up birds.

for those who haven’t caught onto the trend, well you’re probably spending your time more productively. hahaha. It’s really quite insane what a simple iphone app has spawned.

So you can imagine my delight when I spotted one of the Angry Birds in my office when I went back to visit! I was slightly hyper and had fun making *SQWACK* sounds whilst throwing it around the office at my colleagues. We were giggly-insane.

I want my own Angry Birds plush toy now!! *gushes*

But being the fanatic that I am, I’d want the whole set, not just this red fella. hahaha.

lol they look so round and angry and cute.

It’s been really hot these past few days, so I’ve taken to going back to my old school uniform of a tee/camisole + shorts + added sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glaring sun. Eye protection is important! Especially if you don’t want your eyesight to deteriorate in your later  years.

I actually really miss dressing this way, and it’s also one of the things I treasured most about my university life – the freedom to wear whatever I wanted, to experiment with whatever clothes I liked every single day.

Certainly, it wasn’t like my university life was completely free of *omgfuck* moments when it came to my wardrobe, but it definitely was the place where I truly embraced my own style of dressing and learnt a lot about what suited me and what didn’t, thanks to the honest/teasing breakdowns from the friends I met all over school.

So for those who haven’t yet found a style that is quintessentially yours, don’t worry! You just need time and the courage to experiment with all sorts of combinations before finding out what looks best on you.

Polo tees these days come in all sorts of colours and fits, but I usually prefer light-coloured ones, as it’s generally known that light coloured clothings retain heat to a lesser degree than its darker counterparts. For fit, I find that Old Navy really fits me well, and they’re not too expensive either! During sales it can be as cheap as $5 USD a shirt, otherwise the regular price would be in the range of $10-$20 USD.

With polo shirts, I’ve found that fitted shorts work best – loose fit shorts tend to work better with tucked in camisoles or blouses rather than polo shirts.

Alrighty! I’m off to hunt for my angrybirds plushies!! hahaha.

Yums & Noms

Though working life can sometimes be really tiring & exhausting, I do make time to meet up with the bf every once in a while after work, particularly on days when he ends early :) so last week, we headed off to one of our favourite fish restaurants, Manhattan Fish Market @ Plaza Singapura.

I ordered my usual, the mussels in garlic butter sauce as I wasn’t very hungry due to a late lunch (work hazard). for $9.90, they were generous with the portion, giving me 6 mussels with a basket of bread (4 slices of a small baguette) to accompany it. However, my complaint would be that this dish seemed very pre-made, i.e. it was lukewarm, not hot and the mussels were slightly tough. Nevertheless, the sauce was as yummy as usual :)

The bf ordered his favourite, the flaming grilled prawn platter for one, which in our past experience, had been almost sufficient for the both of us (hence my ordering of only an appetizer). so you can imagine our disappointment when the dish came much smaller than it was previously. It didn’t help that it was served in this tiny metal dish instead of the large plate it used to come in. We were starved by then so we polished it off rather quickly, but on the left is a stock picture of the same platter for TWO from the website to whet your appetites :) The fish that was served with the platter for one was grilled, not fried as shown in the picture.

The joy of eating at Manhattan Fish Market is always its sauces for me. The garlic butter sauce from the mussels is so delicious and the sauce that they use for the flaming grilled prawns is orgasmic. I have no idea how they do it, but trust me, if you happen to eat at Manhattan Fish Market, please please try their flaming grilled prawns. It is pretty awesome and definitely won’t disappoint, especially if you’re a mayo fan :)

If unlike me, you’re free on weekdays and have in mind a decadent seafood lunch, you won’t be disappointed by Manhattan Fish Market’s latest promotions! Enjoy their Cherry Snapper done in any of the four ways above for just $9.90, inclusive of soup of the day and a soft drink (DBS Cardholders only) from Monday to Thursday (all day), which is a darn good deal if you’ve got a craving for fish & chips.

Separately, here’s my outfit of the day! I dug up this crisp white shirt from Topshop that I bought a few years back and attempted to do a merger of what I was inspired by here and Tory Burch’s Pre Fall 2011

featured: Topshop Petite White Blouse, Forever 21 Skirt

It’s a tad more casual than my usual office wear, but it was nice to wear a non-figure hugging skirt once in a while. Pencil skirts do get slightly annoying when they begin to ride up, particularly when I’m trying to hobble-run in heels! haha I have to master the skill of doing so, sooner or later. The waist cinching belt accentuated my figure and also helped to keep the look less sloppy. Here’s an inspiration board from Polyvore if you’re thinking about the same look :)


All Work and No Play

… that’s how my life’s been recently. Well, the most fun part of my day is probably just after I’ve woken up & started to pick out my outfit for the day. I haven’t been exactly splurging insanely on work wear, but I have been making one or two purchases I’m quite happy about! :) That said, aside from Mango and Zara, I’m not really finding much joy in shopping the work wear in most retail shops, so I’m turning to quite abit of online shopping. Plus, it’s so convenient, given my hectic work schedule.

Dress from Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is an online store that I have a love-hate relationship with – sometimes its clothes are soo pretty, other times they’re just meh. This dress is probably one of my favourites in the closet. It’s distinctive without being too loud, I love how it makes me look slightly more mature… and I love the details! The big round wooden buttons, the puffed up sleeve edges, the tucked in empire waist that’s cinched slightly at the back :) Though it’s no longer for sale on the website, Charlotte Russe is currently having a 25% off sale for its party dresses so you girls might wanna go check it out! Here are some of my favourites from the site: click on the pictures to get to the product page!

I do so love printed tops and dresses! *sigh* It is honestly quite a pain moving from less complicated patterns to a more muted palette, but I’m still persevering on in determined agony. I am however, really and completely falling in love with chiffon, as you would’ve guessed from my previous post here. I’m not as familiar with blogshops as I know some of my peers are, (intimately so! haha), and recently purchased two work-friendly tops from local boutique Maze. They’re not a mass market blogshop – rather, they actually do alterations for customers and their clothings come in sizes! That’s pretty awesome for me because the number 1 reason why I don’t purchase much from blogshops is because I sometimes can’t breathe in their clothing, which makes for a very miserable, money-wasted me :( So here’s the first piece I purchased from them :)

I paired it with a skirt I got from Stradivarius – it’s the only light-coloured bottom I have in my entire work wardrobe (sad, I know.) It’s very flattering and comfortable, though its sheerness requires me to wear a black camisole beneath, which I don’t really mind since the office is cold anyway. The best thing i love about chiffon is that it’s so cooling despite our heat, so I don’t really worry about wearing long-sleeve chiffon tops to work :)

Similarly, here are some of my favourites from Maze Boutique

The most fun thing about this online shop is that for some of its items, you can even ask for personalized sizes (i.e. if you’re large chested like me but want a fitted dress, or if you have an insanely slim waist etc..) and COLOURS! I’m totally fascinated by the colours option but I’m still hesitating because I’m quite staggered by the insane number of choices I would have if I explored that option. Soon, soon!

Have fun dressing up people! It’s an easy, satisfying way to start your day :)

CNY festivities

Now that the madness has pretty much come to an end, I thought I’d do a quick post about my CNY weekend.

Reunion Dinner

As tradition dictates, my family comes together once a year for steamboat and this is one occasion where my grandmother pulls out all the stops. Fishball, kidney, liver, abalone, three types of leafy veg, 3 kinds of mushroom, beef, chicken, pork, tofu, glass noodles… any possible steamboat ingredient is present on a SEPARATE table from the two seen above. See, that’s the problem when the family grows bigger and bigger. One table is no longer enough to hold all of us and all the food.

1st Day

Only person not present? My dad who is the photographer. Lol (and sadly we’re all looking at another camera. Sorry dad.)

My cheeky cousins who are stationed in Shanghai and my very excitable dog, Toto

Day 1 is always hectic because we run around Singapore visiting my dad’s side of the family. That means loads of grand aunties and second cousins and other relatives that I ain’t too familiar with and whom I see only once a year. But it was fun nonetheless.

My outfit of choice: Dress- Sophie Martin. Belt- Charlotte Russe. Clutch- F21, earrings which you can’t see in photos are handmade by me and shoes- Crocs


I was going for the romantic Victorian vibe that I talked about here and I was pretty happy with what I had achieved.

Read the rest of this entry

OOTD and what’s in my bag

Hello again! I haven’t had time (or money) to shop so I’ve decided to revive some old outfits to create a back to school look. And here’s what I came up with.

Blue bow hairband from Mini Bits, red rugby striped hoodie and grey cotton high waisted skirt from F21, red envelope file from Campo Marzio.

I’m loving this look because it’s so comfy. Mainly because both the top and skirt are made of cotton. And given our extremely erratic weather, three quarter sleeves are the way to go. That way, I won’t feel warm and stuffy if I was out in the sun and if it starts raining, or if I enter an air conditioned room, I won’t feel so cold (it also helps that this top has a hoodie so if it rains, at least my head’s protected).

And because the top is pretty bright and loud (what with the red stripes), I wanted to tone it down with something neutral. Hence the grey (which is fast becoming my favorite color) skirt.

You guys know how much of a minimalist I am. I don’t accessorize very much at all. But today I threw on a blue bow hairband for good measure. Just cos I wanted to add another color to the mix and also just cos I felt like it. Lol.

Now moving on to my favourite bag at the moment (well, it’s not a bag exactly. More like a file). It’s an envelope clutch thingum from Campo Marzio. When I laid eyes on it, I knew I just had to have it. I was contemplating getting this in green but I settled for red just cos it was more versatile. Anyhow, following up from Ruth’s bag post, I thought I would do one of my own. Here are my daily necessities for school:

As you can see, I have my timetable and random worksheets, a pair of glasses which to me is so important. You never know when your contacts are gonna give you trouble/feel uncomfortable especially if you are wearing them the entire day. So I always bring a pair of specs just in case so I always have the option of removing my contacts and giving my eyes some rest.

Hmm, the other important thing is my planner. I will DIE without it. Every important detail about my life is penciled in. Appointments, dinner dates, deadlines, to do lists… everything that I could possibly need is in this little book. Next up is a kitty bookmark that I absolutely love. It’s a creation by Kelly from Paperexploits and I got it along with a huge christmas haul full of paper goodies for friends last year. I carry this around cos you never know when I’ll pick up a book and I’ll need this to help bookmark pages.

Next up is a pouch that I got from Stationery Island. As mentioned in previous posts, this is my go-to pouch. All my important things are in it. My room key card, my thumbdrive, random keys. All of this is held together by a neat keychain from GlitzyGlam, this store that does personalized gifts. And because I don’t carry a pencil case around, I always have two or three pens in this pouch for writing purposes and lipbalm cos I ALWAYS have chapped lips. And if you can’t already tell, I’m obsessed with cat stationery. My friends always say I’m the reason why the Koreans are making tonnes money cos I’m the sucker that they rip off. Oh wells.

Haha moving on! Coach wallet that I got two years back when I was holidaying in the States and a cute card holder from yes, Stationery Island again, just to hold my Ezylink card so I don’t have to wrestle it out of my wallet to tap in and out of buses and trains.

So that’s it basically. But this is really, the bare essentials I should think. Other stuff I add in depending on the weather: a cardigan or shawl, umbrella, sunglasses and sometimes a book.

And the most important thing not featured here? My trusty iphone. Yet another thing I cannot live without. What with it’s wonderful apps and internet connectivity to check emails on the go and the only means of which I have to contact friends and family, this phone is my life. I can leave house without credit cards and cash but I can’t leave house without my phone. No way.

So what’s in YOUR bag?

Yogurt madness: Yigloo

Ruth and I met up last week to watch Burlesque and try out Aoba Ramen and since we had time to kill, we decided to go have something sweet. Hence, Yigloo!

It was our first time trying out Yigloo and we were surprised that there was so many flavors! In the end, we decided to try strawberry and original tart as well as vanilla and cheese cake.

Unlike other yogurt places, Yigloo actually has a refreshing new concept. While the yogurt is prepared as per usual by your friendly server using the machine, Yigloo gives you free reign of the toppings bar so you can add as much toppings in as many varieties as you like. And for greedy Singaporeans everywhere, this is a wonderful thing because you can mix and match and try out as many combinations as you wish! But then again, there is no free lunch in the world and you have to pay a premium for this service and as a result, a small cup of yogurt retails for $4.50, mighty pricey if you compare this to say, Berrylite and OiO.

But hey, all that matters is the taste right? So how did Yigloo fare? As you can see, they gave us quite a generous amount so we were very pleased indeed! Personally, I felt that Yigloo had a very unique taste compared to other froyos I’ve had. It was milkier and creamier and tasted JUST like ice cream! Especially the vanilla and cheesecake flavors (which happens to be both our favourites!)

I didn’t quite fancy the strawberry or the original tart. The strawberry tasted like Meiji milk which is probably a good thing cos it tasted authentic but call it personal preference, but I never quite fancied strawberry as a flavor so no, I probably won’t have this again. The original tart was… sour. And I think it felt more so because we had three other sweet flavors so really, it was a matter of comparison. It also didn’t feel as memorable as Yoguru’s or Yami’s.

Oh but Ruth and I highly recommend the cheesecake and vanilla flavors! It was super yummy! The vanilla reminded me of Movenpick, very rich and flavorful while the cheesecake flavor really tasted like cheesecake! It wasn’t cloyingly sweet nor too overpoweringly cheesey. They really got the balance just right. And strangely enough, I almost forgot that I was having froyo at all! No hint of yogurt at all except maybe the texture (much lighter than ice cream). Oh and another observation, the cheesecake and vanilla melted way quicker than the strawberry and original tart which was more icy. So be sure to slurp up quick if you are eating the cheesecake and vanilla flavors! I shall let the photos do the talking…

In short, we had an enjoyable time. We especially like the cute white decor of the place with the miniature furniture! So quaint and adorable! Especially the little mouse hole that reminded me of Tom and Jerry. Ok, this is us waiting for our movie to start and what do we do while waiting? Camwhore of course.

OOTD 1: Cardigan from Cotton On, watercolor playsuit from ASOS and flip flops from Ipanema.

OOTD 2: Dress from canada, Belt from F21.

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