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Nandos Chicken Restaurant

I am quite the religious radio listener and I love listening to the Muttons because they just talk a whole lot of crap and it’s just super entertaining. And of course one day they were rambling on about food and they started talking about Nandos and how they were craving for the peri peri chicken. Well, they were so persuasive that I decided to try out Nandos today! Behold!

The decor was pretty nice, I love the wooden furniture and the ‘western’ vibe. Very homely. The tree decals behind Mark tells you the different levels of spiciness you can choose from: wild herb, mild, hot and extra hot. Also, they provide you with different sauces to go with your food:

But given the fact that my tolerance level for spiciness is very low, I decided to only try the tomato and garlic sauces. To my surprise, the sauces lean towards the sour side. I didn’t expect that but then again, I’ve never had portuguese food before today.

I also ordered drinks to help put out the flames if need be. Mark had a strawberry blended delight that tasted more fruity than milky (he preferred it to be milkier) but I like the fruity taste. You could really taste the strawberry! I had a Madeira red, a mix of pomegranate, lemonade and sprite. It tasted like a berry soda with pomegranate seeds in it. It was quite good and what I love about this place is that drinks are quite affordable. Mine was about $3.95 thereabouts? Not as expensive as some other joints but that could be the case because they don’t serve water. So unless you don’t get thirsty or can take spicy food, if not you’ll probably have to get something off the drinks menu.

Ok, down to the food. We had a mushroom soup and usually, I like my mushroom soup with pureed mushrooms, not the clear soup type. So this one definitely fit the bill. An interesting addition was chicken chunks. I was quite surprised when I taste it actually and there was quite a few of them. Call me a traditionalist but I think I prefer my mushroom soup sans chicken bits. I’m a purist that way. The accompanying bread slices were yummy though. A good complement to the soup.

The big star of the day was of course the peri peri chicken. I ordered a 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines: mediterranean rice and old style chips. The side dishes weren’t anything to rave about. The rice was mildly flavored and had peas, corn and carrot, the evil trinity of fried rice imo. So I didn’t fancy it at all. The chips was better. Thick cut, packed full of potato flavor and fried till it is golden brown and crisp.

But nothing could steal the thunder from the chicken. It was soooooo tender and moist. I can definitely see why there are long queues at Nandos now. While the sour and spicy seasoning is an acquired taste, I thought the flame grilling of the chicken was fantastic. Super juicy and the meat just comes off the bone. I was really impressed. Next time though, I would order a 1/2 chicken minus the sides cos really, the real deal is the chicken itself. Though I have to say, this chicken meal set was quite the steal at $13. 90.

Nandos has currently three outlets in Singapore. One at Bugis Junction, one at Tanglin Mall and the last one at Plaza Singapura. Do check out their website (which is super interactive and easy to use) for more details.

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