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Cherry Red

Remember how I blogged about the Zoya matte velvet polish? Well surprise surprise I now have two in my hands, though I’m only going to review one today :)

As you can see, there’s a hint of silver with the red, which I love. Unlike OPI’s suede polishes, ZOYA’s matte polishes go on shimmery and gradually mattify on the nail. It’s quite fascinating to watch. I have to say, this being the first ZOYA polish I’ve ever tried, I was really impressed with the quality. Matte polishes mean you can’t apply a top coat. This Zoya polish not only dried in seconds, but resisted scratches and chipping without a top coat for 2 days straight. For a matte polish, I’d say that’s really pretty awesome. Plus, what you see above is just one coat of polish! The pigmentation and colour is incredible, I’m insanely pleased.

I’m also rather happy that the red came off prettily, I was worried that it’d be ruined by the matte effect. To match, here are my fashion inspirations

I find red a really bold and strong colour to wear so I don’t really have red pieces in my work wardrobe. That said, last saturday I decided to just heck it and have fun with prints + a dash of colour, so here’s what I wore to work!

It’s a slightly messy picture, I hadn’t tucked my blouse in properly prior to taking the shot but, oh you get the idea of mixed prints! I purchased this cherry print tunic ages ago and never really liked the length (past my butt, before the half thigh mark) so I didn’t wear it much. Matching it with this F21 skirt made it look soo much better. So yay! I wore a new colour to the workplace, though I’ll admit, this will stay a casual friday/saturday outfit and not a monday-thursday kind of thing.

are you in love with red?

Denim Blue

I’ve been pretty intruiged with blue lately. somehow it’s a very awesome work colour in every single shade that it comes in. I can’t really think of a blue that can’t be incorporated easily into work attire.

China Glaze – Midnight Mission

This deep blue is has a denim feel to it – I’ve two! similar dark blues from Faceshop, one with multi coloured shimmer and one with no shimmer and while Midnight Mission isn’t my favourite out of these three, it’s still pretty unique. Unlike the other two blues I have (and now I think with regret why I have so many blues of the same shade…but I digress.), the silver shimmer in Midnight Mission makes it seem as if it has a denim texture. Plus, with the silver, even in the dark the polish reflects a deep blue, which I like.

& trust me, denim isn’t just for the cowboys. With the right cut and the right fit, denim can be part of a very modern look.

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Whether as a colour or as a fabric, denim blue has me in its clutches. I’m sooo much more inclined to this deep shade of blue than I am to black at the moment. & with my nail polish looking as if it’ll continue to last for the rest of the week, (I’m impressed with china glaze’s formula!) I’ll be continuing on my blue obsession with my work attire :)

a Bright Streak of Blue

another freaky nail polish colour I tried recently was Sally Hansen’s Blue Streak

It’s a very bold and bright colour and like all Insta-Dris, applies opaque in 2 coats. & if you’re thinking that it’s a duochrome, as seen above, it’s actually not. It’s more of a reflective polish, & the tinge of purple you’re seeing there is merely the pink reflecting off my very pink Canon :)

Sally Hansen’s Blue Streak makes me think of Aztec/Ikat/Tribal-inspired clothes & accessories

& these prints are so often seen on maxi dresses these days! It’s great to see a revival of old prints and how they’re adapted to modern fashion :)

Everything is just Peachy

I decided to be bold & daring and go where I had never ventured before.. the land of *gasp* ORANGE POLISH!

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Personally, I’ve always thought of orange as a rather strange colour. Mind you, I’m not talking about its more familiar cousins coral or light brown.. Orange is a colour that is neither yellow nor red, and has a certain… air about it that makes me feel that I

  1. can’t pin down its “personality”
  2. can’t envision myself making it part of my outfit
  3. always think that it’s too close to my skintone to carry it off well

Raj: I’m feeling blue.
Sheldon: Blue, as in depressed?
Raj: Not so much depressed, as lonely.
Sheldon: I don’t know what color lonely is.
Raj: What?
Sheldon: Red is angry. Yellow is frightened. Green is jealous. And blue is depressed. Perhaps we can assign a color to lonely.
Raj: Nothing rhymes with orange. It’s probably lonely.
Sheldon: All right. Come in. You look positively orange with loneliness. Sheldon & Raj – The Big Bang Theory

So even with this impulse, I was rather cowardly and chose to go with the safe, lighter option – China Glaze’s Peachy Keen!

Isn’t it pretty!!

Peachy Keen was part of a muted, pastel collection from China Glaze, inspired by the now iconic Pixar animation, Up!

In my opinion, this was by far one of the best collections China Glaze ever received, & to my regret, I’ve only got one other polish from this collection in my personal stash at the moment, a gorgeous green known as Four Leaf Clover

Looking at the swatches, I’m feeling keen on the beautiful lavender Light as Air & if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve already soo many pinks in my collection, I’d go for both Sugar High and Something Sweet as well. The yellows also look gorgeous but I’m no yellow fan so those will wait until the impulse strikes me to get out of my comfort zone & try something new.

Just because it’s so bright, I don’t think that orange is an easy colour to wear, so pairing it with neutrals and toned-down colours like white and brown would be a good idea

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So what do you think? Are you a fan of lonely orange? :)

Nail Mania III: Stunningly Suede

so post-sleepover, it was quite evident I hadn’t had enough of Rachel’s polishes. Kind, generous her allowed me to hold on to some from her stash to try in the following weeks so that I wouldn’t need to go insane alternating everything, hahaha. It’s been known for awhile that OPI released a few limited edition suede polishes, but somehow these never really seemed to take off like the cracked polishes.

I hardly ever paint my toe nails because personally I find it such a pain to remove polish off my toenails, but rachel convinced me to (plus there were really too many polishes to swatch). OPI’s Ink Suede is a much prettier blue than I expected, though it isn’t a true blue like OPI’s Blue My Mind, it holds its own. In the bottle it looks rather silvery and I was rather nervous whilst painting it because it seemed so clumpy. However, it was surprisingly easy to paint and turned out more blue than silver.

OPI Ink Suede

  • Colour: Matte blue with silver microshimmer
  • Opacity: in 2 coats
  • Dries: very quickly
  • Imperfections: very visible if not painted properly, prone to showing the ridges of nails if nails are not buffed. Apply thickly rather than thinly so that the coat can be smooth, as it dries really fast.

I cannot emphasize more how quickly the suede polishes dry, suffice it to say that by the time I’m done painting one hand, the first three fingers I painted would already be dry. Amazing! & awesome for the speedy urban chick who doesn’t want to waste time waving her hands around trying to get the polish to dry asap.

OPI’s We’ll Always have Paris Suede is more to my liking, I just have a weakness for purple polishes. As you can see, I couldn’t help showing how close the colour is to my room walls, haha. This polish is a really gorgeous colour and made me appreciate the matte finish so much more. I love it! However, a slight disadvantage of the suede polishes is that you can’t apply a topcoat. Doing so would render it glossy like any other polish and ruin the matte/suede effect.

OPI We’ll Always have Paris Suede

  • Colour: purple with silver mircroshimmer
  • Opacity: in 1 – 2 coats
  • Dries: very quickly
  • Imperfections: very visible if not painted properly, both suede polishes wear off/chip within 2 days due to the lack of a topcoat, which makes it quite a pity.

At the moment, all suede polishes from OPI are limited edition and have been discontinued, so if you see it on the shelf, grab it! Because that’s all that’s left now, production has ceased. Alternatively, you can look at various other polish lines that also produce polishes with the suede/matte effect. Having jumped onto the suede bandwagon, I  myself am considering purchasing colours from the Zoya Matte Velvet Winter and Fall Collections.

So what do you think about suede/matte polishes? Yay or Nay? Take our poll! :)

Nail Mania II: Faceshop & OPI

Continuing from where I left off previously on my sleepover nail fest with Rachel, here’s what I painted on my right hand – alternating shimmery pinks from OPI and The Faceshop :)

This pink PP407 by Faceshop was soo pretty! Pink with silver medium sized shimmer. Compared to the OPI of course, it definitely paled in terms of quality. Post-painting, the surface of this polish felt rather rough and coarse, I definitely had to use a top coat on this one. Comparatively, the OPI was smooth to the touch.

As part of the Serena Williams Grand Slam OPI Collection, Rally Pretty Pink (don’t you just love those witty OPI names?) is more of a gold, with a pink undertone. It wasn’t exactly my favourite when I put it on as I tend to lean towards silvers and greys far more, but it definitely grew on me because I loved the depth and how unique the colour was. Still not my favourite though, I do prefer the Faceshop colour over this one.

The OPI Grand Slam France Collection – credits to addictedtoallthingspretty

& here’s my outfit inspiration!

Nail Mania – A sea of blue & green

I’ve been feeling pretty inspired by blues and greens lately. They go so well together and even in bright combinations, don’t seem too inappropriate or bimbotically girly for the workplace. :D or at least that’s what I tell myself! Since my fellow nail fanatic Rachel came to sleepover some time ago, we did an epic nail swap & *omg* I tried so many new colours like a crazy, obsessed person (which believe me, I’m really not.) LOL.

Pictured above is a gorgeous green OPI Lacquer, named Yodel Me on My Cell. It’s a gorgeous sea green and I only painted 2 coats, which explains why it looks semi-sheer in the photograph. It looks opaque in natural light, so I didn’t notice whilst taking this photo. The green has very fine microshimmer of blue and silver, making it gorgeous to look at in both natural light and sunlight.

Aptly named Blue My Mind, this blue swept me off my feet. I’m usually into pinks, purples and greys with the odd orange here and there, but this was a really gorgeous colour I couldn’t stop staring at. If you’ve been looking for the perfect blue, well I’d say that OPI’s Blue My Mind hits the spot. perfectly.

& to match, here are my closet inspirations :)

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Have a great week ahead! :)

A Typical Day in the Office

A hot mug of tea

Feeling and looking neat in my work outfit. This Zara skirt is so, so gorgeous!

Sorry for the blur pic. Sleepy shaky hands in the morning…

& of course, I always have a fresh coat of polish on my nails because I can’t stand chipping :)

I still can’t decide if I like this colour or not – I think I would prefer it if it came in a nice cream formulae instead of shimmer. What do you think?

The thing about this polish is that it looks so different at various angles, I’m unsure if I enjoy its metamorphosis from a muted, greyish purple to a vibrant, shimmering one. I got this polish at a swap from my garage sale 2 years back.

O2 Skin Nail Polish

  • Colour: Lavender purple that changes from a muted grey tone to a bright shimmery tone, depending on the angle of light
  • Opacity: solid in 3 coats
  • Dries: Medium speed
  • Imperfections: it’s an easy polish to paint on, bubbling at most, but it’s not that serious. Imperfections like scratches are easily swiped over and covered.

Sparkly Red & Plum Brown

This week, I’ll be featuring swatches courtesy of my fellow nail polish fanatic Rachel :) Like me, Rachel has quite a large polish collection, so I thought that rather than recycling my polishes in different ways that would no doubt bore you in no time, I’d leech off her swatched photos as well :D what are friends for? haha!

The polishes of her choice this week are Ali’s Big Break from the OPI Burlesque collection and two polishes from the Nicole by OPI’s Tinsel Tips collection.

Given our polish obsessions, Rachel wisely invested in these mini collectible sets, rather than buy the full sized bottles. I, on the other hand, am now stuck in between a dilemma of buying new colours and wanting to finish all the polish in the 40+ bottles I have!

Featured first, is Ali’s Big Break from the Burlesque collection, layered over with Spark My Mistletoe from the Nicole by OPI collection

[left] indoor lighting, [right] sunlight

When I saw these pictures, I’ll admit I was struck by envy. I generally do steer clear of red polishes (until now I have but one red polish in my collection, even though it’s considered an “iconic” and “classic” colour), but the colour, enhanced by the gorgeous sparkle is just too pretty. I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at my nails if I had this on!

Also from the Nicole by OPI Tinsel Tips collection is Kiss Me at Midnight, which is what I’d describe as a plum/chocolate brown. It’s not dark enough to be mistaken for black, even in low light conditions. In the bottle, the shimmer looks quite exciting but it doesn’t photograph as well as it initially looks.

Still, I think it’s a really unique colour and wouldn’t mind adding it to my collection as well :) *immediately slaps self in face to stop wishful thinking* lol.

p.s. if you’d like to have your polish swatches featured on quirkychic as well, do email us! Our email add is somewhere on the right sidebar :) we’ll get back to you asap!

Nailed it!

Nail freak that I am, it’s always a good idea to experiment with various creams and treatments to find out what benefits my nails. So recently on an online shopping trip to The Sample Store, I picked out Herbacin’s Wuta Kamille – Hand & Nail Balm. With aloe vera extra and vitamins A & E, the cream promises gorgeous hands and beautiful nails after frequent use.

Very much like a few other hand and nail creams i’ve used in the past, the cream is white, with a slightly thick texture. It isn’t the goopy kind though, rather, it really resembles the moisturizer i use on my face in my daily skincare regime. I did observe however, that it is slightly less greasy than Bodyshop Butters.

My verdict? the sachet is sufficient for 3 uses – I used it in between nail polishes before an application of a new colour. My nails were visibly stronger and did not yellow as they usually do with certain polishes. Not bad, but not necessary for me. It’s a good product, but not a wow product.

Since my previous topcoat was really low and becoming goopy, sticky and plain impossible to use, I decided to splurge and purchased OPI’s 3 in 1 Start to Finish Base & Top Coat

I think the pictures are pretty clear so I won’t go into great detail about the product. What I will say though, is that it seems fantastic at the moment. Unlike most top & base coats that i’m used to (silkygirl, kiss, sally hansen), OPI’s formulae is very thin and watery. At first I was really skeptical. Can such a thin layer protect my nails? Well, it definitely did! I’m very pleased with this product. Not only is it really easy to paint, but I also feel quite certain that unlike other top & base coats combinations I’ve used in the past, its thin formulae means it won’t turn sticky & goopy over time *crosses fingers in hope*

Waxing lyrical about its thin formulae once more – thin polishes usually don’t “set” well, meaning any error in painting is easily seen. However, this top & base coat set wonderfully and I really don’t have to worry about imperfections.

Perhaps what I will comment on will be its lasting power and shine. It’s not as long lasting as I’d like, about 3-4 days and is not really a very glossy topcoat.

& here are my nails for the week! a green-blue concoction by Malaysian brand Elianto. I purchased this last year on my holiday to Genting Highlands with a few friends. It cost me RM1!! That said, it’s ridiculously easy to paint but starts chipping off in a day :( The colour of the polish is more true to the picture on the right.

As polling day dawns, I see a glorious long weekend ahead. this month has been pretty awesome in terms of public holidays :) Vesak day is coming up next, yay!

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