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Mix and Match Challenge

I came across this article about how to turn 12 garments into 80 outfits recently and was inspired to experiment for myself! And since we were having a bout of cool, wet weather recently (see our posts on brollies and wellies!), I figured it would be an excellent time to take out all my cardigans, hoodies and scarves and try to put together 5 looks.

The challenge really, is to be minimalist and to reuse items throughout the week without anyone really noticing. As it turns out, this idea suits me just fine because I’m staying in hall and it really is quite troublesome to keep bringing clothes to and from home. So what I usually do is to have a set of basics eg. tanks in solid colors, black leggings, jeans etc. and I layer and stagger them throughout the week so I can minimize the amount of laundry I have to do.

My new camera making an appearance!

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Dressing up for the Holiday Spirit

For me, Christmas has always been a time of festivities and cheer. Though malls and stores nowadays don’t go as all out in decking their storefronts with Christmas decorations as lavishly as they used to in the past, I’d like to think that the Christmas spirit doesn’t simply rely on how bright the lights are on Orchard Road. Certainly, Singaporeans aren’t the type to wear reindeer headbands or santa claus hats (willingly) on the streets, but here are some cute accessories and ideas that will Christmas-ify your outfit!

The rainy weather of late has made it just perfect for layering and experimenting with jackets, cardigans and the like, so LIBERATE yourself! experiment with making your style truly yours, & the shopping deals this Christmas season are perfect for finding that new “quirk” that defines your style in the coming year.

Next up, a post on awesome shopping deals this Christmas Season – and more elf product reviews! Check out for their great promotions available instore, Quirkychic will be doing a full feature on their promotions tomorrow. For those living in Serangoon, Isetan at Nex is offering a blanket discount of 20% off its exclusive japanese brands to celebrate its opening. Enjoy! :)

Getting Organized

Planners are essential, & I’ve never shied away from spending a good buck because hey, it’s something that will last me for an entire year – I jot down inspirational quotes, doodle on the sidelines & well, I’m not so awesome with the scheduling stuff but it does help me keep organized, somewhat. So I couldn’t contain my excitement when my 2011 Kate Spade Calender arrived

As with every planner, I buy them about 1-2 months before the next year so I have time to leisurely doodle or paste cute stickers randomly all over it. Last year I went for a very plain, minimalistic planner. But I’ve decided to return back to the colour madness that I love so much, & the wonderful illustrations inside the Kate Spade planner met my expectations perfectly

This Kate Spade calender can be found on Fredflare at $22USD, (before 30% off fredflare discount ongoing now) <– hence my reason for buying it from Fredflare instead of the Kate Spade website (:

Even though I’ve already started doodling in it, I’m not finished with it yet – then again I won’t be finished with it til the end of 2011 because I love sticking in random tickets of the various concerts & events I go to in the course of the year on my planner.. but I’m sorely tempted to get these super cute stickers from Paper Exploits

These stickers can be purchased for $4 USD on her etsy store here & the set comes with 2 each of each design. I definitely favour stickers with white backgrounds because they blend in better with the planner

Another planner I was considering was Beth Jones’ Styit!

The cover didn’t impress me at all, but its content certainly did

Besides the spacious squares for monthly planning, Stylit has pre-sketched nude undergarments to assist the fashionista in her outfit planning

Besides these pages, the planner also contains travel pages, as well as doodling/notetaking pages. It can be purchased from her etsy store here for $25USD. However, I decided against this for several reasons: (1) I still don’t like the cover [even though I probably could dress it up with wrapping paper..], (2) I’m starting on my first fulltime, permanent position next year, this planner would be too distracting, (3) Kate Spade won me over with the mess of colours.

As an avid scrapbooker who loves the beautiful mess of scrapbooking, I was also leaning towards this Vintage Scrapbook

Isn’t it really pretty! I just love the colourful tabs at the side & the whole “handmade” feel to it. However, I felt it might be too bulky for daily use, even though I’m not a fan of the tiny purse bags, but this would seriously weigh down my bag, particularly since I like to add on & stick things inside, which would further add to its bulkiness.

It contains several doodling & note taking pages, & even an envelope to keep & organize small items/slips of paper. I really love how each month’s “theme” is quite different from the next. this can be purchased from lovecreationgirl’s etsy shop here for $23.50 USD. I do feel inspired though to add colourful tabs to my Kate Spade planner. I’m also tempted to try patterning my pages as shown above, but that’ll be quite hard work so I’ll leave that for the holidays :)

For those who’re into really tiny and compact planners, check out mod86designery, who has a super cute range of mini planners for the girl who loves small purses. Here are some of my favourite picks from the store:

Each of them retail at $15 USD at her etsy store here

Tips for getting a great planner

  1. Find one with a design & a layout that you really like – if you want to be able to stick to scheduling and penning down your thoughts and events on a daily basis, having a planner that makes you feel happy/looks aesthetically pleasing goes a long way in helping you keep to that resolution.
  2. Space! Know yourself. What kind of spaces do you like? Lined spaces, blank spaces, boxed spaces, rectangular spaces… each planner is different and unique from how it demarcates different days of the week/months. An avid sketcher & scrapbooker, I like blank pages in between months so I can sketch & paste in magazine cut outs for inspiration
  3. Accessorize it. use a clip to attach a sticker sheet at the back so you can “dress” up your organizer, sketch or even highlight important things
  4. Colour code – important events, school/work events, meetups with friends etc. so it’ll be easy to tell at a glance what type of activities you have for the day. This will help you decide what you should wear for the day, whether you should pack in accessories to change your outfit from “work” to “a night out”.
  5. Be practical. Think about your daily habits. Are you the type who carries a large tote? or a smaller purse? Pick your organizer based on your lifestyle and preferences.

Halloween outfits

Due to a various number of reasons, the two halloween parties I was initially supposed to attend were cancelled – but not to fear, for I’ll be holding a costume party this Christmas (so my forest nymph costume won’t go to waste). That aside, it doesn’t hurt to look at the various creative costumes people have come up with during this year’s halloween. Not all are creepy & Lady gaga-like!

i’m a pinata!

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The colour White and I aren’t really good friends. Whenever I see a pure, blank sheet of white, I can’t resist the urge to just put something on it, doodle or stick things on top of it. For white to remain white just seems a waste of blank space to me, but in my quest for a more simple, muted style (which as I sadly note, will be forced upon me once I enter the working world)… here’s the predominantly white look I tried out the other day.

Boyfriend Cardigan – Forever21, Tank Top – Bugis Street, Skirt – American Eagle Read the rest of this entry

365 Ways to Wear that Little Black Dress

New Yorker Sheena Mathieken found a way to embrace eco-consciousness with her quirky sense of fashion. With only a little black dress, she found all sorts of innovative ways to stay fashionably stylish for an entire year. The accessories & clothings featured in her project were all vintage wear, thrifted, her own or donated.

The Uniform Project began 1st May 2009 and ended this year April 2010. & on top of being eco-friendly, The Uniform Project also functioned as a fundraiser for the Akanksha foundation, raising $103,374 for the children and winning her a prestigious spot as one of Elle’s Women of the Year 2009.
Need some style inspiration? Check out my favorite looks of hers in the rest of this entry

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Fashion Fridays

This week on I’m obsessed with the indie-vintage store known as Modcloth. For an independent label, it is perhaps slightly on the pricey side when compared to mass market labels such as Forever21. However, it’s definitely oogle-worthy for style inspirations and maybe, a splurge or two.

I pick my favourites from the store after the jump!

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Black to basics

From my previous post on Blazers, I think it is easy to see that I’m all for muted colours and minimalist styles. So this time, I thought I’ll share some of my wardrobe essentials and show you how versatile these items are. Enjoy! 

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