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After many failed attempts of trying to sleep early, I finally gave up and decided to do a post. Yup, this blog has not only become my space to express my views, creativity or just an arena to rant and vent, but now it’s also my cure to insomnia. Anyhow! I figured that I would do something different today and talk about an area of study that has always intrigued me but yet, I know so little about: Menswear.

And so I observed the two guys closest to me: my brother and my bf and this is a low-down of their usual getup:


As you can see, my brother is typical of most Singaporean guys. He swears by a tried and tested formula: polo tee, fitted jeans and sneakers/loafers. His other default setting is graphic tee and fitted jeans/berms and flipflops which is also pretty common amongst Singaporean guys.

Glen’s OOTD: Polo tee from Zara, jeans from Zara and shoes from Pedro.

Then you have my bf who is in his typical work wear. The usual, shirt-tie-pants getup that you wear 5 days a week (weekends he dresses like a slob I tell you. Think Iron Maiden T-shirt, berms and Birkenstocks. Totally different from his well-groomed persona during the weekdays).

Mark’s OOTD: Shirt from G2000, pants are tailor-made, tie, tie pin and belt preowned.


The thing is, it’s hard to be creative when you’re a guy. There are so few options. It’s either shorts, berms, jeans, pants. T-shirt, polo, singlet. Formal, casual jacket/hoodie. And sometimes, vest and scarf. But that’s pretty much it. The story is so totally different for girls. Every year there’s a new trend added. You have the maxi, harem, playsuit, jumpsuit, overalls, tulip skirts… the list just goes on and on. You’ll never get bored. And needless to say, girls have SO MANY shops to choose from whether locally or internationally (online shopping wheeee!)

For guys, if it’s not Zara, then it’s Fred Perry or Topman and even so, their designs are oh so pricey! But thankfully, the guy’s fashion scene in Singapore is changing! New Look has a guys range now. There’s Ben Sherman and even the F21 store in 313 Somerset has a small range of guy stuff from the 21Men collection! So hopefully with more brands coming out with stuff for guys, we’ll be seeing more interesting and bold menswear fashion on the street.

Things I would love to see men wear more:


See all items I polyvored under cut. What other things would you like to see our men wear? I like the idea of cravats ala Chuck from Gossip Girl. What are your views?  Read the rest of this entry

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