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Yummy Indulgences in KL

Last weekend, my bf’s jc classmates & I decided to hop down over to KL for some shopping & food. As one who doesn’t frequent Malaysia all that munch, I was pretty impressed by the food. omg the Klang Bak Kut Teh is seriously TO DIE FOR. If anyone knows where I can get similar tasting Bak Kut Teh in Singapore, do tell me ok! :D

Klang is about half an hour’s drive from KL city, but with my boyfriend’s trusty GPS, it was pretty easy to navigate there. Though the two Bak Kut Teh were pretty much packed to the brim, the rest of the town seemed completely empty and abandoned. All the other shops were closed and I’ll admit that I felt a sense of uneasiness as we came to this abandoned place. So don’t expect any shopping here, just really good food that was gobbled up too quickly for me to take a snapshot. haha.

The shop was very generous with their servings of youtiao.. and the rice was insanely yummy! Something like chicken rice, but different (oh I suck at food descriptions..). As it was quite a “traditional” shop, one had to go through the routine of washing the cups in boiling water, before making the tea. I’ve never drunk tea with Bak Kut Teh back in Singapore, it doesn’t seem to be the practice here. The tea wasn’t much to scream about, they gave us prepacked sachets of tea leaf bits.

Another food place we visited in KL was the famous Robson Heights Seafood – known for its cheap, good and chinese-style seafood dishes.

Their star attraction was apparently this crab claypot rice, which was quite interesting but sad to say, we’ve had better claypot rice in Singapore. I suppose the heated rice dries up the crab meat too much, or maybe our tastebuds weren’t suited to the taste.

As you can see, (on the left) the crab was cooked in quite an interesting way not seen in Singapore restaurants. Unlike our lavish chilli, black/white pepper and butter sauces, this crab was cooked simply in soya sauce and left in the claypot. An interesting taste I’d say, but again, I very much prefer to eat my crab Singapore style :D

However, what the crab lacked in oomph was more than made up for with this glorious chicken dish. Somehow peanuts worked really well with this soya sauce + garlic chicken. *yums* We also ordered a few other things but again, they got gobbled up in no time. Overall, it was a pretty good meal but don’t order the fish at Robson Heights. It’s insanely expensive, even compared to Singapore prices.

& last but not least, how could we miss out on Madam Kwan’s famous Nasi Lemak? Done in a way that’s distinctly different from Singapore-style Nasi Lemak, this nasi lemak includes dishes like rendang, curry chicken and even sambal kangkong. Unfortunately, these dishes were only available in sets and we could not pick and choose what we wanted, like Nasi Padang. Madam Kwan herself was at the restaurant greeting customers, and there were many who asked to take a snapshot with her. Once again, everything was gobbled up and I forgot to take pictures. I completely suck as a food photographer hahahaha.

I have to say I didn’t shop much in KL, prices weren’t that much different and clothes weren’t really my style. The only place that’s really worth going to would be Aldo! The prices look like those in Singapore, but the value is in Ringgit :D

so tada! here’s my very pretty aldo wallet that will replace my (dirty) fossil one :) it cost me $15 SGD! I’m unsure how much it costs in Singapore coz I’m not really the type who’s obsessed with gloating over shopping savings HAHAH. Aside from this, I only bought a pair of flats from Malaysian brand Vincci that has now disappeared from Singapore. The rest of the time we spent there was pretty much spent eating & being massaged. All in all, a great weekend trip to rejuvenate & grow sideways! :)

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