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Satchel Obsession

I used to associate satchels with studying and old school books and it always comes in that unassuming camel or chocolate brown shade but these days, it seems that satchels have undergone some kind of image overhaul and they are sporting funkier colours and patterns.

Now if we are talking about famous satchel bags, then Proenza Schouler is probably a name that ought to be mentioned. This New York based brand is rather new, having been founded by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez in 2002 which is fairly recent compared to brands with a long long history like Chanel or Prada. But despite its short history, Proenza Schouler’s PS1 has become a recognizable range and of cos this satchel cross body bag is now an ‘it’ bag coming in eye popping colours like coral and tropical green (as seen in picture).

Another satchel classic is of course, the Mulberry Alexa. This English brand is so stylish in its understated, unassuming way and I think this would make a great work bag! I remember seeing this in the movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It and I have to say, great product placement. This bag was dangling off Sarah Jessica Parker’s arm throughout the ENTIRE movie. It’s hard to control the urge to get out there and get one let me tell you that.



Three times! Yep we get the picture.

But not all of us has enough cash to burn to purchase a Mulberry or a PS1 so for the slightly more budget conscious folks, there’s always Zatchels. Zatchels is a UK brand that sells relatively affordable satchel bags at around 95pounds thereabouts? And what I like about this brand is how they are always experimenting with patterns. There’s a floral design, polkadots (as seen in picture), elephant print and for Valentine’s Day, a Love Hearts Collection!

I love how Zatchels have taken a classic and made it unconventional and quirky. I’m definitely going to look them up on ASOS (free shipping muahahaha) the next time I shop!

Speaking of conventional, you can’t go wrong with the Cambridge Satchel Company. Like I mentioned earlier, satchels are commonly associated with academia (and come on, it’s Cambridge! Talk about a bag with legacy and smarts!) and it seems like a UK college trend staple so if you are a traditionalist, perhaps this is the satchel for you. It comes in 11 to 15″ and a whole host of colours. As much as I love the classics, I am most intrigued by the metallics and the flouro collections. I mean, why not go with something conventional with a twist right? (Cambridge Satchel Company is also available on ASOS so be sure to check them out!)

Neon alert!

Last but not least, Kate Spade has also hopped onto the bandwagon. I believe their Essex Scout was from their Spring Collection in 2011? But somehow or another this is still selling in Singapore (in black and lavender)! I think one thing that Kate Spade has done superbly well in is marketing. I love the sunny ad campaigns and their bags are always so chic and girly!

Pic credit: Front Row Mag

This is definitely one of my favourite satchel designs because it is so compact. And did I mention that the tiny Essex Scout is soooo adorable?

Which are your favourite satchel picks?

Kate Spade 2011 Black/White Collection

We’re totally digging Kate Spade’s latest Black White Collection. It’s a modern and hip collection of designs that celebrate how versatile, stylish and chic monochrome can be. With such cute fun prints, it’s no wonder that this monochrome collection is so eye catching and far from boring. Moreover, black & white are basic colours that can effortlessly match any outfit! Check out our fashion inspirations below :) Recently, I was digging in my mom’s closet for work pieces to revamp and rejuvenate my wardrobe (oh you know how it is, one might have clothes in abundance but after awhile they just feel boring, as if you have nothing to wear..) Well surprise surprise, I chanced upon several striped pieces that looked really wearable and modern. & Then it struck me, stripes are something that never go out of style. Every few years or so, suddenly there’ll be a sudden emergence of an obsession with stripes in the fashion world. So if you’re thinking of putting your money on an investment piece, stripes might just be the way to go! With complicated patterns on one’s accessories, it’s a great idea to colour block – not only will the simplicity of your clothes complement the pattern of the pattern of the bag, but it also won’t be too overwhelming to the eye. Personally, I love that pop of colour in my outfit, so I find that I usually end up only carrying black accessories. But these would totally be arm candy! :) In the workplace, it’s pretty hard to get away with quirky wardrobe experimentations, but preppy-chic never seems to be inappropriate for work! These cute katespade bags are the perfect match to your preppy outfits. Peter pan collars, neckties and polka dots – I’m betting that at least one (or more) of clothes in these styles are somewhere in your wardrobe! XP What’s your favourite piece from the Kate Spade 2011 Black/White Collection? Tell us!

Kate Spade

If you haven’t already realized, Caroline & I are pretty much diehard fans of Kate Spade. What can I say? The lovely structure, the shape, the loveliness of the embossed gold logo. Kate Spade just steals my heart. Plus, who wouldn’t fall in love with its various cute and ditsy designs? Here are my top picks for this holiday season:

My ultimate favourites are definitely the cute bow coin purse (approx $150 SGD) and the Orange messenger bag (no price, in Kate Spade’s 2011 lookbook)

Here’s the orange messenger bag in all its glory

I can’t wait for my first paycheck! *teehee*

check out more from katespade at Prepare to feel the lust!

Lit Chic

I was walking around Raffles City waiting for my friend when I walked past Kate Spade and in the glass window I saw this.

I stood there and gaped. Since when did Kate Spade sell books? And classics at that. Well, apparently Kate Spade has a novel surprise planned…

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