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Something Borrowed

After much cumbersome planning, I managed to finally meet some of my very busy girlfriends to watch Something Borrowed. Honestly, I was pretty excited to watch the movie because it starred Kate Hudson in yet another wedding themed movie (I still remember her in Bride Wars and she was hilarious) and there’s Ginnifer Goodwin whom we absolutely adored in He’s Just Not That Into You. Somehow she is so believable in her role as goody two shoes, play by the rules, Rachel. And Kate who plays Darcy is every bit the over the top, attention seeking b**** of a best friend that we all love to hate.

Despite the lacklustre reviews which actually saw the male leads as rather flat characters (ok, I did think Dexter should have grown a backbone), I thought everyone else pulled their weight. I absolutely LOVE Ethan. He had the BEST lines. Truthful, cutting, to the point. His words are like bitter medicine. Horrible to taste but it’s ultimately good for you. So imagine my dismay when Rachel fails to see him as potential boyfriend material but is instead, obsessed with Dexter. Really, love is so blind sometimes.

But what I really love about this movie is how we see things from the perspective of the so-called, mistress. Sure, the film simplifies everything by portraying Darcy as the promiscuous baddy who doesn’t deserve a happy ending and Dexter as the wishy washy parent pleaser who can’t decide what he wants. But it does give us a glimpse of a possible real life situation (God forbid it happens to anyone but it very well could happen!) and how someone could be caught in the middle of an uncomfortable situation. To choose loyalty to one’s best friend or to pursue the love of one’s life. I think in our own lives, we come to a crossroad similar to this and we have to choose.

It is by no means a movie that encourages one to flout moral laws and start cheating on your spouses. I think the take home message is to bravely pursue your dreams. To remember that you are too precious and that you are not willing to settle for less. I think at the heart of it, it’s a good attempt to try and get audience members to think about their lives:

Are you in a job that you hate?

Is there an aspect in your life that you want to change?

How can you start making improvements to your life today?

How can you be a happier person? 

I’m actually half way through the novel and I think it gives a much more nuanced perspective than the film. Something Borrowed probably isn’t as enlightening as Eat Pray Love nor as poignant as He’s Not That Into You but it tries and I think we should give credit for that.

America’s Next Top Model S15 Ep7

This week America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) gave a unique challenge! Girls were paired up and asked to choose outfits for their partner, then judged as a pair. However, only one girl would win the conveted prize of an opportunity to be a Grammy Girl (one of those girls giving out awards) – which occurred to me as quite unfair, because this meant that the girl who won would be winning coz of the outfit someone else carefully picked! & of course there was always the question of sabotage. methinks it would’ve been more exciting if kacey stayed on in the competition and was paired up with… lexie or kendel. haha!

Presently I’m imagining Carol and I picking outfits for each other – then I realise that it’s not THAT difficult because we know each other so well, but like Jane mentioned, the greatest difficulty would be the fact that the person you’re picking clothes for, isn’t there to try it on. So how did our top models fare?


Liz & Kayla paired up together for this challenge & I thought they were incredibly cute together. I was quite surprised that Liz had such a … girly preference in her request for a long ballroom gown, and I was even more shocked to see that the sequin pants did really come off as “kinda cute”. Sequins aren’t my thing but Liz pulls them off pretty darn well.That said, I personally thought that Liz would’ve done better not exactly with a flowy ballroom gown, but a gown with a more edgy look, like the one Marion Cotillard pulled off at the Golden Globe 2010 (right). It’s such a pity that Liz didn’t win, & felt it was because Kayla didn’t listen to her. I hope this doesn’t harm their friendship! It was good to know that despite her reputation as a Queen of Complaints, Liz didn’t make things difficult, unlike Chelsea who sulked throughout, basically making it impossible for her to win. Kayla’s outfit was fantastic – the colours weren’t too garish, which would conflict with her extremely bright hair, yet it wasn’t bland, with that silver shimmer thing going on. Not bad!  I did feel that Liz deserved some credit though.

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