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Nothing should stop you.

“Tonight, I want you to forget all of your insecurities. I want you to reject anyone or anything that’s ever made you feel like you don’t belong, or you don’t fit in; or that you’re not pretty enough, or thin enough, or good enough, or can’t sing well enough, or write well enough, or make a song well enough, or play piano well enough, or dance well enough, or like you’ll never have a #1, or you’ll never win a Grammy, or you’ll never walk a runway, or fill an arena. You just remember that you’re a goddamn superstar, and you were born this way!”

Happy 2-Year Anniversary of The Monster Ball Tour

In her continuing mission to outlaw bullying, Mother Monster Lady Gaga has launched her own charity, aptly named Born This Way.  Started with her mother, the foundation aims to inspire & encourage bravery, love, and acceptance in those young and old, set to launch in 2012.

“My mother and I have initiated a passion project. We call it the Born This Way Foundation. Together we hope to establish a standard of Bravery and Kindness, as well as a community worldwide that protects and nurtures others in the face of bullying and abandonment.”

source: fashionindie

Nail Mania – A sea of blue & green

I’ve been feeling pretty inspired by blues and greens lately. They go so well together and even in bright combinations, don’t seem too inappropriate or bimbotically girly for the workplace. :D or at least that’s what I tell myself! Since my fellow nail fanatic Rachel came to sleepover some time ago, we did an epic nail swap & *omg* I tried so many new colours like a crazy, obsessed person (which believe me, I’m really not.) LOL.

Pictured above is a gorgeous green OPI Lacquer, named Yodel Me on My Cell. It’s a gorgeous sea green and I only painted 2 coats, which explains why it looks semi-sheer in the photograph. It looks opaque in natural light, so I didn’t notice whilst taking this photo. The green has very fine microshimmer of blue and silver, making it gorgeous to look at in both natural light and sunlight.

Aptly named Blue My Mind, this blue swept me off my feet. I’m usually into pinks, purples and greys with the odd orange here and there, but this was a really gorgeous colour I couldn’t stop staring at. If you’ve been looking for the perfect blue, well I’d say that OPI’s Blue My Mind hits the spot. perfectly.

& to match, here are my closet inspirations :)

click here to see featured items

Have a great week ahead! :)


I used to be a really unhappy person. I blamed my parents, god, my friends, actually well, everything and anything in sight for who I was and where I was in life. Obviously that wasn’t the right way to live and it was only with much self reflection and courage that I managed to pull myself out of that hellhole and live life as it should be lived.

Of course I wouldn’t say that I spend my days as an insanely happy person 24/7, but I’ve learnt that sometimes, it’s essential to let go, to accept and pursue opportunities bravely, with confidence that opens up doors to success. Success and happiness aren’t tangibles that can be bought or picked up or given. It’s something that you have to chase after. So take a moment from your busy week, make a conscious effort to relax your face and allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of these pictures :) Enjoy!

all images from and

Zero + Maria Cornejo Pre Fall Collection 2011

I’ve always loved clothing that drapes onto the body, as they’re always so comfortable and easy to move in. However, not done properly, draped clothing often isn’t flattering and can end up making you look larger than you actually are. Cue in Zero + Maria Cornejo‘s design aesthetic of structural draping, which is essentially, beautifully draped peaces that still flatter the form.

I love the use of simple prints and love how a cinched waist features in all their pieces above. Cinched waists are always flattering – to a curvy girl they flatter her curves, and to a slim one, they bring some variation to the form. Moreover, I think their take on the obi belt is quite interesting. Designer Cornejo took it one step further and practically made it a tube top, and added a slim belt over it. I’m fascinated and wonder if one of my patterned scarves could work this look over a plain top + similar slim belt. It’s great taking inspiration from these designers to rework and experiment with my wardrobe :)

What I’m not especially fond of would be the boots, but I LOVE the sandals in the last picture. I think they look so cute and have a slimming effect on the foot. The asymmetry is both eye catching and interesting, in a good way, not a Lady Gaga way.

Looking back at Zero + Maria Cornejo‘s past collections, it seems that structural draping is a key element in most of their pieces. Though I normally steer clear of plain clothing, I’m attracted to how well these clothes drape and flatter the body. Unlike harem pants that needlessly emphasize the hips, or bandage skirts that ride up whenever you move, these clothes are not only easily incorporated into one’s wardrobe, but also flattering to almost any silhouette.

Which designers have inspired you to rework and experiment with your wardrobe?

Blog spotting: we live young

My roomie introduced me to this blog called We Live Young and I am totally hooked. We Live Young is essentially a photo diary that documents a young photographer’s life and the photos are just magic. And get this. Nirrimi is just 17! But her talent knows no bounds. Look at her shots for Diesel’s Be Stupid campaign.

I love how gritty and urban her photos turn out. Sure, you may attribute it to the styling but I love how she can capture that air of defiance and her photos really exude that sense of sheer decadence and danger.

I also love her people shots. There is a sense of melancholy that’s so strikingly magnetic.

Doesn’t she look like a gazelle?



Caught in action

I absolutely love her aesthetic! It’s so earthy and beautiful in a non-stylized way. To view more of her gorgeous photos, head on here.

Love the Earth this Christmas!

I’m a strong believer in being eco-friendly, not just because I want the future generations of my lineage to survive and actually know what endangered species such as Pandas are, but also because I believe it’s our natural duty to be eco-friendly. No relationship should be one-sided, and just as how we appreciate everything the Earth has for us, we should reciprocate as much as we can, whenever we’re able to.

Obviously, one great obstacle is our cultivated laziness. I use the word cultivated because it’s not natural, it’s something society has seen fit to make necessary. What do I mean? To use a simple analogy, let’s talk about packaging. These days, whenever I go to the grocery store or make a simple small purchase at the local drugstores, I always tell them I don’t need the plastic bag. Because I really don’t. Do you? Now think about it in the macro-scale: Companies, particularly cosmetics companies, see the need to wrap up their beauty tools and items in fancy packaging, which are very attractive to the eye and extremely appealing – yet, are they really necessary? Imagine if the world decided to go for minimal, efficient packaging for their products. How much resources would we save? Not to mention that many of these materials used are often non-biodegradable plastics, which is not easy to reuse and recycle.

My goal for this Christmas? Being Eco-friendly!

Sticking to a Theme each Christmas has always helped me in my gift shopping, it helps to eliminate the multitudes of options out there and injects a bit of my own personal beliefs into the gifts I’ve specially picked for my friends. Here I’ve listed some options I’m looking at this Christmas, I hope it inspires you as well!

  1. Brushes from Eco ToolsInexpensive, Eco-Friendly and Great Quality – what more could you ask for? The set of five brushes in the centre also contains an eco-friendly bamboo brush roll, which will help keep your brushes neatly and makes it a convenient set for travelling. I’ve already tried out their set of small eyeshadow brushes, which I love for their smooth texture, thickness (they don’t stinge on the bristles, so each brush has quite a good quantity of bristles, making application easy and it carries a good amount of product). In the name of being Eco-Friendly, these brushes are made of the following natural, synthetic and recycled materials: synthetic hair, recycled aluminium, bamboo (renewable non-petroleum resource) and even the packaging is printed with plant-based ink! I’ve seen these brushes in Watsons stores, I can’t quote the price but I’m fairly sure the 5 piece set retails below $40, which is very reasonable seeing that a single MAC brush can cost upwards of $30.
  2. Flower By Kenzo Refillable EDPLeading the perfume industry in eco-friendliness is FlowerbyKenzo’s refillable bottles. First created in 2000, the iconic bottle has now been redesigned to become refillable. Furthermore, each refill packet is specifically designed to minimize the amount of resources, energy and greenhouse gas emissions generated by their production, transport and use. What I love about these refill sachets is that I can decant the perfumes into even smaller bottles for a refreshing spritz on the go.
  3. Amazon KindleWith the introduction of Apple’s iPad, many are saying that e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle will soon be obsolete. I however, seek to disagree. Whilst similar at the first glance, the functions of these two tablets are actually very different. The Amazon Kindle’s sole purpose is for reading-on-the-go, hence it has its revolutionary display, which is easy to read and less harmful for the eyes than other electronic screens. On the other hand, the Apple’s iPad is well, for entertainment purposes. I still don’t get that concept, it’s just a giant iPod Touch. Whilst I do love the feel of flipping page by page of my books, I can’t deny that the Kindle looks poised to save publishing companies tons spent on printing. Moreover, electronic sales ensure that there isn’t as much excess and wastage incurred as printing a paperback *thinks of the stacks of Harry Potter books on 75% off sale at Borders and Popular*. The newest Kindle can hold 3500 books and last a month of continuous usage. It also has free 3G and built-in Wifi, and these features can be used freely even in Singapore. Alternatively, you can download the free Kindle software for your Mobile, iPad, Mac or PC and give someone an Amazon gift card to purchase new books for electronic reading!
  4. Lose That Packaging!One major form of wastage every Christmas period is the amount of giftwrap that’s wasted in the slightly insane ripping apart of presents. This year, why not look for package-free presents that promote eco-friendliness? Decorated Water Bottles look cute on their own, particularly these from Fredflare, and need not be wrapped. Giving your friends and family a kitschy water bottle might just inspire them to carry it around more often, ensuring that they’ll stay healthy and well hydrated at all times, and reduce the number of plastic bottles they might buy and dispose of. Bar Soap (not of the LUX kind) comes various forms, many of which are embossed beautifully to suit the season or the collection. Using Bar Soap also reduces the use of large plastic bottles used for liquid soap, and as many high-end Bar Soaps are preservative-free, they’re also less harmful to your body.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Recycled goods are a great way in promoting eco-consciousness. Often, people don’t realise how versatile recycled items can be. Personally, each year I make an effort to recycle last year’s Christmas wrappings in making my Christmas cards – all I do is cut out the laughing santa/tree/present and stick them on the various cards. And usually, people don’t realise (coz who remembers what wrapping they gave you last year? of course, I mix it up a little).

So share the Joy this Christmas, and let our Earth feel a little bit of that Christmas love too :)

Dressing up for the Holiday Spirit

For me, Christmas has always been a time of festivities and cheer. Though malls and stores nowadays don’t go as all out in decking their storefronts with Christmas decorations as lavishly as they used to in the past, I’d like to think that the Christmas spirit doesn’t simply rely on how bright the lights are on Orchard Road. Certainly, Singaporeans aren’t the type to wear reindeer headbands or santa claus hats (willingly) on the streets, but here are some cute accessories and ideas that will Christmas-ify your outfit!

The rainy weather of late has made it just perfect for layering and experimenting with jackets, cardigans and the like, so LIBERATE yourself! experiment with making your style truly yours, & the shopping deals this Christmas season are perfect for finding that new “quirk” that defines your style in the coming year.

Next up, a post on awesome shopping deals this Christmas Season – and more elf product reviews! Check out for their great promotions available instore, Quirkychic will be doing a full feature on their promotions tomorrow. For those living in Serangoon, Isetan at Nex is offering a blanket discount of 20% off its exclusive japanese brands to celebrate its opening. Enjoy! :)

A little bit of love

I’ve been looking into short films recently, mainly because it is so useable in the classroom and so easy to find off youtube so I thought I would share with you two videos that I thought was very well filmed and it tells such a wonderful story. Hope this inspires you to love, to hope and to dream.

Dear Blank, please blank.

Today, I thought I would take a break from fashion posts and share with you a website that I have come to love. I’ve been quite a regular follower of Love Gives Me Hope and Dear Old Love. While these two sites are awesome in their own way, one is so darn inspirational while the other is so melancholic and bittersweet, this site that I’ve come across recently is more lighthearted. It offers a truckload of humour and wit in the space of a sentence and I absolutely LOVE it.

Let me share with you some of my favourite lines:

Dear Grouchy Feminists,
Please don’t take my chivalry the wrong way. I’m opening a door for you because it’s courteous, not because I think you can’t do it yourself.
Sincerely, A Nice Guy.

Dear Facebook,
Just wait, one day they’ll abandon you as well.
Sincerely, MySpace.

Dear Twilight Fans,
Thank you for making us look sane and well-adjusted.
Sincerely, Trekkies.

Dear Math,
Please grow up and solve your own damn problems. I don’t have time for yours AND mine.
Sincerely, Screw the value of X.


Dear witty comebacks,
Please come to me BEFORE the argument is over.
Sincerely, lost that one.


Hope these little quips brightened up your day! If you’re interested to read more, click here.

Getting Organized

Planners are essential, & I’ve never shied away from spending a good buck because hey, it’s something that will last me for an entire year – I jot down inspirational quotes, doodle on the sidelines & well, I’m not so awesome with the scheduling stuff but it does help me keep organized, somewhat. So I couldn’t contain my excitement when my 2011 Kate Spade Calender arrived

As with every planner, I buy them about 1-2 months before the next year so I have time to leisurely doodle or paste cute stickers randomly all over it. Last year I went for a very plain, minimalistic planner. But I’ve decided to return back to the colour madness that I love so much, & the wonderful illustrations inside the Kate Spade planner met my expectations perfectly

This Kate Spade calender can be found on Fredflare at $22USD, (before 30% off fredflare discount ongoing now) <– hence my reason for buying it from Fredflare instead of the Kate Spade website (:

Even though I’ve already started doodling in it, I’m not finished with it yet – then again I won’t be finished with it til the end of 2011 because I love sticking in random tickets of the various concerts & events I go to in the course of the year on my planner.. but I’m sorely tempted to get these super cute stickers from Paper Exploits

These stickers can be purchased for $4 USD on her etsy store here & the set comes with 2 each of each design. I definitely favour stickers with white backgrounds because they blend in better with the planner

Another planner I was considering was Beth Jones’ Styit!

The cover didn’t impress me at all, but its content certainly did

Besides the spacious squares for monthly planning, Stylit has pre-sketched nude undergarments to assist the fashionista in her outfit planning

Besides these pages, the planner also contains travel pages, as well as doodling/notetaking pages. It can be purchased from her etsy store here for $25USD. However, I decided against this for several reasons: (1) I still don’t like the cover [even though I probably could dress it up with wrapping paper..], (2) I’m starting on my first fulltime, permanent position next year, this planner would be too distracting, (3) Kate Spade won me over with the mess of colours.

As an avid scrapbooker who loves the beautiful mess of scrapbooking, I was also leaning towards this Vintage Scrapbook

Isn’t it really pretty! I just love the colourful tabs at the side & the whole “handmade” feel to it. However, I felt it might be too bulky for daily use, even though I’m not a fan of the tiny purse bags, but this would seriously weigh down my bag, particularly since I like to add on & stick things inside, which would further add to its bulkiness.

It contains several doodling & note taking pages, & even an envelope to keep & organize small items/slips of paper. I really love how each month’s “theme” is quite different from the next. this can be purchased from lovecreationgirl’s etsy shop here for $23.50 USD. I do feel inspired though to add colourful tabs to my Kate Spade planner. I’m also tempted to try patterning my pages as shown above, but that’ll be quite hard work so I’ll leave that for the holidays :)

For those who’re into really tiny and compact planners, check out mod86designery, who has a super cute range of mini planners for the girl who loves small purses. Here are some of my favourite picks from the store:

Each of them retail at $15 USD at her etsy store here

Tips for getting a great planner

  1. Find one with a design & a layout that you really like – if you want to be able to stick to scheduling and penning down your thoughts and events on a daily basis, having a planner that makes you feel happy/looks aesthetically pleasing goes a long way in helping you keep to that resolution.
  2. Space! Know yourself. What kind of spaces do you like? Lined spaces, blank spaces, boxed spaces, rectangular spaces… each planner is different and unique from how it demarcates different days of the week/months. An avid sketcher & scrapbooker, I like blank pages in between months so I can sketch & paste in magazine cut outs for inspiration
  3. Accessorize it. use a clip to attach a sticker sheet at the back so you can “dress” up your organizer, sketch or even highlight important things
  4. Colour code – important events, school/work events, meetups with friends etc. so it’ll be easy to tell at a glance what type of activities you have for the day. This will help you decide what you should wear for the day, whether you should pack in accessories to change your outfit from “work” to “a night out”.
  5. Be practical. Think about your daily habits. Are you the type who carries a large tote? or a smaller purse? Pick your organizer based on your lifestyle and preferences.
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