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Shimmer & Shine

If there ever was a time to drag out all those blinged-out outfits sitting in the dark corners of your wardrobe, Christmas would be the time to do it! That said, i’ll freely admit that I’m truly not the diehard bling type of girl. I’m more inclined to pieces that shimmer & shine, rather than pieces that glitter and sparkle.

As with every piece in my wardrobe, in a bid to become a wiser spender, I’ve moved on for impulse wear-once-in-a-lifetime pieces to more transitionary pieces that I could see myself wearing again. Hence the preference for more matte and fluid looking shimmery pieces, rather than those that have large beads or sequins.

I think the beauty of finding a perfect shimmery piece is that it doesn’t have to be loud with eye-catching details or patterns. Simplicity is best.

If you think about it, it’s not so much about accentuating the shimmery piece with matching bling or jewellery. There are of course, two different “families” of shimmery pieces – the silver, which goes great with shades of grey, white and blue; or the gold/copper, which goes well with browns and pinks and oranges.

Inspired yet? :) I’m obsessively searching for the perfect piece myself. Well, since december bonuses have more or less been dished out, have fun shopping this weekend!


Vena Cava Spring 2012 RTW

I’ll be honest and admit it – I’m not a huge fan of orange. But seeing the Vena Cava looks on the runway made me think twice.

I suppose the main reason why I’ve always held back from orange (though I don’t mind a musty tangerine) is that orange just always seemed too loud, too bright, too bold. That said, I have never minded a shocking pink, & I don’t have an excuse or logical rationale for my visual prejudices.

Moreover, I’ve never really been into the whole belted trend – but this style of colour blocking really appeals to me. It’ll bring some sort of gravity (read black = more mature, serious XP ! ) to my really bright outfits. I won’t be sticking strictly with orange, but venturing into the belted land of fashion might bring either a new pop of colour to my entirely black outfits, or a muted tone to my really bright outfits.

What I really enjoyed about the runway wasn’t just the clothes, but also the quirky poses of the model. It’s so much more retro and friendlier to the eye. In my mind, it totally suited designers/best friends Lisa Mayock & Sophie Buhai’s fun and innovative take on design. Simple yet functional, these pieces are stylish and eye-catching! Plus, they look really comfortable to move in, which is more than I can say for herve leger’s bodycon dresses (pardon me but I thought those dresses were rather horrific)

It’s just the beginning, but Spring 2012 RTW looks ready to blow my mind! Stay tuned for our favourite picks of the season as the runways unfold :)

*ruth’s quirkychic posts will be moving to a new 9am timeslot!

Cherry Red

Remember how I blogged about the Zoya matte velvet polish? Well surprise surprise I now have two in my hands, though I’m only going to review one today :)

As you can see, there’s a hint of silver with the red, which I love. Unlike OPI’s suede polishes, ZOYA’s matte polishes go on shimmery and gradually mattify on the nail. It’s quite fascinating to watch. I have to say, this being the first ZOYA polish I’ve ever tried, I was really impressed with the quality. Matte polishes mean you can’t apply a top coat. This Zoya polish not only dried in seconds, but resisted scratches and chipping without a top coat for 2 days straight. For a matte polish, I’d say that’s really pretty awesome. Plus, what you see above is just one coat of polish! The pigmentation and colour is incredible, I’m insanely pleased.

I’m also rather happy that the red came off prettily, I was worried that it’d be ruined by the matte effect. To match, here are my fashion inspirations

I find red a really bold and strong colour to wear so I don’t really have red pieces in my work wardrobe. That said, last saturday I decided to just heck it and have fun with prints + a dash of colour, so here’s what I wore to work!

It’s a slightly messy picture, I hadn’t tucked my blouse in properly prior to taking the shot but, oh you get the idea of mixed prints! I purchased this cherry print tunic ages ago and never really liked the length (past my butt, before the half thigh mark) so I didn’t wear it much. Matching it with this F21 skirt made it look soo much better. So yay! I wore a new colour to the workplace, though I’ll admit, this will stay a casual friday/saturday outfit and not a monday-thursday kind of thing.

are you in love with red?

The perfect nude polish

I think the problem with reading overseas nail blogs is that with a different ethnicity, comes a different shade of skin colour – and I don’t mean this in a bad way, but it must be admitted that certain colours do present a different effect when contrasted with different skin tones. In my hunt for the perfect nude polish, I’ve tried quite a few brands, but haven’t yet come across a particularly pleasing shade. That of course, ended when I met The Faceshop’s polish in BR804 from my recent nail haul :)

Upon seeing these first two pictures, one might be confused as to why I’m calling this the perfect nude – well, it’s the perfect nude only when combined with the Elf Mattifying Top Coat. I can’t get over how awesome this combination is – but that aside, on its own, it’s a lovely brown with micro shimmer that has a silver base but reflects light off beautifully in a myriad of colours, making it quite a dynamic polish to wear (that can’t be captured on camera). Despite this, it’s a very subtle effect and the medium tanned brown colour is a very work appropriate colour to wear as well.

As the matte effect was quite difficult to capture, I included two pictures – one in sunlight and one with indoor lighting. With the  mattifying top coat, the colour becomes significantly lighter and there is a marked change in texture. I really love this effect and actually prefer this over the glossy version of this polish, which is not the usual case for me…

To match the polish, here’s my ideal combination: brown, beige and gold would be perfect to suit this muted and matte shade.

While the colour palette might be quite safari-like, it’s all about the details that count. Wear or accessorize with fewer animal skin-like items and stick to simple silhouettes with fitted cuts. this is generally universally flattering and accenting the outfit with a gold accessory won’t be too loud because of the overall simplicity of the outfit :)

Non-work related fashion posts coming up in the next week, I promise!

Style Inspiration: Houndstooth

It’s a classic fabric pattern that has resurfaced time and time again in the fashion industry, but somehow I never really found any love in my heart for it. It’s quite difficult to love, no? The complete opposite of what I normally go for – pretty florals and bright, happy colours.

That is, until these pictures off the Kate Spade website inspired me and now I just can’t wait to get my hands on something with that pattern. Preferably, a nice structured pencil skirt, because it looks so damn good on that model.

I have to say though, that the size and extent of enlargement does make a great difference to the clothing. Just take a look at this random pick of houndstooth-patterned items I picked out. A smaller houndstooth print leads to a more textured, woolen look whereas a larger houndstooth print is more “artsy” and visually eye catching. I very much prefer the latter :)

Having settled on what type of houndstooth print I preferred, was my go-to for a reference on how ordinary people like me might style it and wear it. Sometimes, photoshoots can be very convincing AND mislead my shopping impulses lol. To my immense happiness, I really loved how others styled their houndstooth patterned items, and I can’t wait to try it out soon myself, once I find a suitably well fitted piece.

What’s your latest style inspiration?

Fashion Friday: Hiker-esque Booties

Of all the shoes in the world, I definitely hold a soft spot in my heart for Booties. Chunky they may be, but they hold the foot so well and are extremely comfortable – plus I think that they look really cute on the feet.The only type of booties I dislike are the peeptoe ones, then again I dislike peeptoe shoes of all types, and by peeptoe I don’t mean the toes are simply exposed, I’m talking about the shoes with a teensy tiny holes at the tip. Exposing >half the toes is ok, less than that is just awkward and spoils the silhouette the shoe creates for the foot.

This season, designers such as Giuseppe Zanotti,  Alexander MacQueen, Moschino and Jimmy Choo have taken inspiration from the hiking boot, borrowing its metal hardware of buckles and eyelets and thick rubber soles. & they’re not sticking to the typical black-brown stereotype either. Below are my favourites at the moment – I’ve picked from a random assortment of brands to show different designer interpretations of this trend. Enjoy! :)

View details & prices of shoes here

Fashion Fridays

This week on I’m obsessed with the indie-vintage store known as Modcloth. For an independent label, it is perhaps slightly on the pricey side when compared to mass market labels such as Forever21. However, it’s definitely oogle-worthy for style inspirations and maybe, a splurge or two.

I pick my favourites from the store after the jump!

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