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A Bright Burst of Lancome

It seems that everyone is going neon and bright this season. Right on the heels of ZARA‘s bright & bold collection I spoke about recently, Lancome has released an all new Eye Brightening All-in-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette

The new palette comes in a huge range of gorgeous combinations, all of which have 1 base colour, 3 beautiful eyeshadow shades and 1 liner shade.

Amethyst Glam

Bronze Amour

Taupe Craze

Jade Fever

Teal Fury

Sienna Sultry

Midnight Rush

Pink Envy

Mauve Cherie

Coral Crush

The best part? Lancome has put together guides that you can download online to learn how to use the palette for day and night looks :) Of course if like me, you’ve already purchased other palettes that have similar colour combinations, you’d just might want to download the guide anyway, it’s free! Or well, you might not even have to, I’ve screencapped the full guide below:

all pictures credit to the official Lancome website

NYX triple shadow review

As Ruth mentioned yesterday, we went to recce the Mega Flea Market at Expo and I bought two items: A polka dot dress for $10 (what a steal right?!) and a NYX eyeshadow palette in TS34 Team Spirit ($8).

Swatch courtesy of Shimmerkisser.

I wasn’t exactly looking for an eyeshadow palette but my regular spree organizer, Smoochiezz also has great deals that I can’t resist. She has round lipsticks and lipglosses from NYX ranging from like $3-5 and loads of e.l.f nail polishes, brushes and some other studio line stuff, all around the range of $3-8. And if you are looking for higher end stuff, she has some Mac eyeshadows and blushes too. If you’re interested, her booths at the Mega Flea Mart are I07 H07 I08 and H08. That’s in Expo hall 3B, the event runs from 10am-10pm. It’s only for the 27th-28th though so you better hurry before all the good stuff gets snapped up.

Anyhow I got through her booth pretty much unscathed (phew! didn’t spend as much as the last time), purchasing only this NYX eyeshadow trio. I bought this mostly for the fuschia pink/purple and the gold because I don’t have these colours in my makeup arsenal yet. So what did I think of it?

Well, to be honest, it didn’t wow me. Unlike the swatches, the colour payoff wasn’t that great. You really have to layer on the colour for it to be visible. I got quite frustrated initially because the pink despite numerous layering, was only a light pink at best. It never turned out to be that vibrant fuschia that I wanted. But then again, I didn’t try it with a primer underneath so hopefully the colours will show more and be more long lasting with a good primer on.

You see what I mean? It’s light pink/lavender. Not bright fuschia. Oh well. To comfort myself, I went heavyhanded with the blusher hence that bright pop of pink lol. So if you are thinking of getting this palette to create bright vibrant eyes, then I think you should give it a miss. The colours definitely turned out more pastel on me than I would have liked so I will most likely use this for blending the outer corner, or for days where I want a more neutral eye. Sigh. Quite disappointed actually. Oh well, the quest for that hot pink eyeshadow continues!

On the upside, the dress I bought fitted perfectly. A tad short, but given my height, it’s hard to find a knee length dress anymore.

I really like the ruffles at the sides and the button detail down the front. It’s cinched at the waist as well so it gives off this feminine girly vibe (which I don’t mind wearing on weekends. Weekdays it’s back to shirts and trousers!) and ooh! Its in line with the nautical trend! Haha see… here at Quirkychic, we practice what we preach!

Actually, I think this dress would work better as a romper. Maybe when I have the time, I’ll just stitch up the bottom and turn the skirt into shorts. That way I wouldn’t have to be so self-conscious whenever I have to bend over to pick up something.

All in all, the flea market at Expo was not bad. Ruth bought some rub-ons to decorate her planner and special socks with padding to cushion your feet against blisters (only $3 a pair). There was also a booth that sold My Beauty Diary masks for $10 a box and of course, alot of apparel from blogshops so if you’re free this weekend, do head down to check it out!

Elf Asia’s Christmas Promotions!

Since it was post-exams and I detected one teeny tiny chip in my Sally Hansen polish, I decided it was time to change the polish adorning my nails, to elf’s! Given that I had such a huge haul, it was relatively difficult trying to decide which colour to put on, so I let my outfit of the day do the matching

completely awkward pose I know, but hey I was nervous about using other people’s property for my spontaneous need for vain self-satisfaction

I’ve been moving increasingly towards a more muted colour palette in preparation for my permanent stint in the working world, so this dress from Charlotte Russe seemed to suit my needs perfectly (I purchased this online and took this in the dressing room whilst I was trying random things in Forever21). It’s a muted colour, with pretty gold leaf details all over, has a laced racerback (which is easily covered with a cardigan/blazer) and a laced edging – & great for outings too!

Elf Nail Polish in Moonlight

Colour: pale gold with fine micro shimmer
Opacity: layers on opaque within 2 coats
Dries: Fairly quickly
Imperfections: has some streaks if not applied properly, but even so if applied in a similar fashion, the streaks look “normal”. It scratches easily after drying so topcoat is a MUST

When I bought this I was hoping it would be more gold than it actually is in real life – it’s quite a pale shade, and I was worried that it wouldn’t suit my skin tone. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the colour pay off and the quickness at which it dried. It’s definitely WELL WORTH the $1USD I bought it for! Plus, it’s a great shade that is extremely work friendly and sophisticated at the same time. It’s not too loud, but at the same time it brings an elegance and shimmer to the nails that I love.

For those who’re keen on trying elf’s polishes this Christmas season, elf asia has two concurrent holiday promotions going on!

When I saw this promotion, I have to admit that my heart momentarily broke into two. Why? Well let’s do some math

the Elf USA online store (that I bought from) : USD $1 per item

exchange rate: $1.3 (inclusive of credit card charges)

shipping cost + postage to my house = $1+ SGD

Total cost: $3 sgd (approximately)

and here you have, elf asia giving a $1.99 SGD deal! To me that’s pretty sweet, considering that they’re offering this deal on the top favourites from the Elf USA store.

Though I haven’t reviewed them on this blog before, the Candy Shop Lip Gloss is not only super cute in its little tin case, but I love the scent and the feel of its lip gloss. It isn’t sticky or gooey, but more like a moisturizing lip balm. Very handy for carrying around and when I had it a few years back, my friends couldn’t stop gushing over how cute it was. Plus, there’s a HUGE amount of product in this, trust me when I say so because the one I had still contained >50% of product left, though I used it daily in the past. (I stopped using it because I lost it) Moreover, with its pretty design, it’ll be a great addition to any stocking stuffers for Christmas parties this Christmas!

The Shimmering Facial Whip is apparently, one of the best products from the elf store- it’s always sold out and promises to deliver a nice shimmer whilst improving the complexion.

The Custom Eyes/Lips allow you to create your own palette with your preferred choice of colours! To me this is a fantastic idea, it’ll be great for a travel palette or a simple touch up palette for school/work/outings. The problem with most of my eyeshadows is that I can’t exactly bring them out because they’re either contained in huge palettes, or my look of the day contains various colours from various single eyeshadows so it’ll be quite bulky to carry them around. Elf solves this problem in a snap! :)

The second Christmas promotion was initially supposed to expire on 24th November, but great news! Sheila from sales at eyeslipsface asia has informed me that they’ve extended this promotion

Since I haven’t purchased brushes from ELF before, I can’t give my personal review, but two friends of mine, Edeline and Rachel have given me their review of some elf products they’ve purchased before!

  1. The Flat Top Brush is a product Edeline loved because it was extremely easy to sculpt her face and the product applied very well – some brushes do tend to clump and distribute product unevenly, but she had no problems with this brush. The bristles of the brush were not rough and have remained firmly in place to the brush holder despite frequent use.
  2. The Eyeshadow Brush is another brush Edeline purchased, and she enjoyed using it as it helped in her application of eyeshadows cleanly and precisely. I myself have had problems with the application of shadows with brushes from certain brands, so having a brush that gives you a clean and precise application is always great.
  3. Rachel purchased the Blush Brush from the Studio Line. They’ve been some complaints that the Blush Brush from the regular elf line is not as wonderful as its bristles are coarser than desired. However, she absolutely loved the Blush Brush from the Studio Line (black brush handle) as it’s the perfect size for applying blushes. Some blush brushes are either too thick, too wide or too thin – I find this a problem with my Benefit Blush (the applicator is definitely too wide. Either that or my Asian face is too small). This however, isn’t a problem with the elf Blush Brush, and it handles product quite well, without any clumping of the products

The only other negative review I’ve heard (besides the Blush Brush of the elf regular line) is that elf’s Fan Brush tends to lose its shape, and its bristles fall off after frequent use. So that wouldn’t be a brush I’d purchase.

Enjoy your Christmas Shopping!!

The L’oreal Breakdown

Since the L’oreal Christmas Sale is coming up at the Singapore Expo, I thought I’d do a breakdown & review of all the L’oreal Products I’ve ever owned, because a shopper forewarned is a smart shopper indeed :)

5 Products I’m Loving

1. L’oreal’s Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Skin Re-Smoother

This moisturizer promises to smoothen the pores of your face, tighten them and give your face a more flawless complexion. Certainly, it didn’t produce instant results in a week – but I continued applying simply because I was busy and didn’t have any other moisturizer on hand… surprise surprise two months later when I was looking at older face shots (I take these so I can track the effectiveness of my products), I realised that though my pores didn’t really change in size, but the depth of my pores had become shallower. Moreover, my blemishes had decreased. This product does not give me a greasy feel, & moisturizes without being too oily. I’ve re-purchased this product twice, because it’s better than most of the other oil control moisturizers I’ve used, with the exception of one (also from L’oreal)

2. L’oreal 2 in 1 Kid’s Shampoo, extra gentle, Burst of Strawberry

I LOVE the scent of this shampoo! You must be thinking – kid’s shampoo? Well for a person who bathes awfully lot in the hot & humid climate we have, washing your hair too often with salon products or specialized shampoo products is NOT good for your hair – hence my use of baby shampoo whenever I bathe too often. It cleans the hair without being too chemically harsh. Most importantly, kid’s shampoo is wonderful for cleaning make up brushes. Particularly since this formula is both extra gentle and a 2 in 1 formula (containing conditioner as well), I don’t have to worry about drying out my makeup brushes when I use this product for cleansing purposes.

3. L’Oreal Feria  Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour

Ever since I decided to stop trimming my hair because I wanted it to grow out even longer, I’ve resorted to hair dyes whenever I needed that extra oomph or got bored with the hair I had. I’ve tried a huge number of hair dye brands, from Bigen, Revlon, Liese, even henna dyes! L’oreal’s Feria range remains one of my favourites because the colour payoff is great and it’s really affordable. Moreover, the conditioner contained inside the box works wonders on coloured hair, I love it!

My only complaint would be that this hair dye kinda stinks due to its ammonia content, which most hair dyes contain. So do use it in a well ventilated area and be careful of getting any product near your eyes, which stings really badly. trust me on this one! I’ve repurchased this product four times.

4. L’oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

Bearing in mind that sleeping or staying in an air-conditioned area for several hours is extremely dehydrating for the skin, I apply this moisturizer twice a day and it has really helped in keeping my face mattified for longer hours. Of all the moisturizers I’ve ever tried, this is the best one I’ve ever had. I really love it! I am DEFINITELY repurchasing this product if I see it at the sale on Monday, especially since the jar I have at the moment is already running low. This product has lasted me approx 3 months. My only gripe is that as a jar there are pros and cons – in opening it’s exposed and might get contaminated (you never know, even though I think my room is very clean!), however you can really get ALL of the product out of the packaging. I do however, prefer it to the push pump, because I can control how much I put on my face. The amount of moisturizer applied differs from individual to individual and for this product, I apply a pea sized drop to my entire face.

5.L’oreal Hip Chrome Eyeliner

As a new product range that’s been brought to Singapore (even though it’s been out of the states for the past 3 years or so), I’m really excited to purchase this, particularly since everyone online is raving about how great their staying power is. Colours I’m gunning for? ALL OF THEM except the black because I have waay too many black eyeliners haha. The silver for widening eyes, the gold to go with all my brown/neutral shadows – just to give them a pop of shimmer when I need to change my look from “day” to “night” or “school” to “girls night out” and the purple simply because I am a DIE HARD fan of that colour.

5 Products I won’t be Buying

1. L’Oreal Micro Liner Ultra Fine Eyeliner

I cringe with a sense of nostalgia whenever I think about this pencil eyeliner. This was the very first beauty product I had ever purchased (besides my skin care) & I was all up and raring to “widen” my eyes and “accentuate” the shape of my eyes. Well, the young girl I was then spent hours in front of the mirror painstakingly attempting to create some sort of improvement to my looks – and when I say painstakingly, I really mean there was alot of pain involved. It may be Ultra Fine, but it also means that the edge is extremely sharp. Moreover, when it came to lining my waterline, though it did stay on for a few hours without problems, it caused quite abit of eye irritation at the time, even though I hadn’t started using contact lenses yet. So yeah, even though it was relatively cheap, it definitely wasn’t worth the money.

2. L’Oreal Wear Infinite Single Eye Shadow

Despite the lofty ambitions of its name, this shadow is nothing close to “infinite wear” – trust me, I bought two of this babies, one in the matte formula and one in the rich formula. Neither of them stayed on past 3 hours on my lids (without eyeshadow base) and with eyeshadow base they barely made it through 4 hours each, which is quite bad wear for eyeshadows, considering that I’ve cheaper brands that last far longer than these. That said, the colour payoff is great, it’s highly pigmented so it would be passable for say, a two hour outing but definitely not for a girl’s night out. The colour does not crease, which is another good thing. L’oreal also sells these in quads though they have a very different casing, but generally I’d steer clear of L’oreal’s eye products. Revlon trumps its ass in eye products anytime.

3. L’Oreal Studio Line Amped Up, Mega Volumizing Mousse

I still have this, though mine is a white bottle. There was a certain point in my life where I was really bored with my naturally ultra-straight hair so I bought this hoping that it would help keep the curls I made from my (poor quality) hot iron. Unfortunately, either I didn’t use this properly or I got a faulty bottle (damn you, Watsons! lol. I’m kidding I LOVE Watsons) because the mousse that came out was at times, liquidy and at other times, very creamy. Essentially, inconsistent and the staying power was likewise. I also didn’t like that after application, there was a greasy feel to it and it seemed like the perfect dust attractant – so specks of dust would stick to my hair *urgh* I shudder in recollection of that memory.

That said, the staying power was pretty awesome, but there are better products out there in the market for the same price that do as well a job as this product does, so nope, I’m not repurchasing this one either.

4. L’oreal Infallible Lip Colour

I haven’t actually purchased this product but having heard reviews from friends and seen what online reviewers have had to say, I’m definitely steering clear of this for the following reasons: (1) doesn’t stay, even though it’s “infallible” – L’oreal you need to STOP making these claims! It just ruins your reputation when they don’t work. (2) Colour payoff is not what it seems. There is colour, but it isn’t the desired colour that one sees upon purchasing the product. I would suspect that it’s due to a combination of the two sides of the lipstick.

And on a rather superficial note, I dislike the shape. One essential thing I always look for in a lipstick is its length and shape, because a compact lipstick is very easy to carry around, even in the smallest of purses. This lipstick definitely doesn’t fall under this category, and its promise of “no touchups” does not materialise.

5. L’oreal True Match Powder Foundation

Having heard some great reviews about this product, added on with the extensive advertising it received, I was quite excited when I received it as part of a hamper for a magazine subscription. The name for once, wasn’t lying. It was indeed a “true match” for my skin tone! However, 4 hours later it became streaky (i.e. visible streaks in make up, the horror!) and turned ORANGE on me. I’d previously heard of various foundations turning orange on some people, but I’d never thought I’d see it for myself, on my face no less. So while it does blend very well with one’s skintone and also gives quite a flawless complexion, it’s definitely not good for those with oily/combination skin.

Yup! So that’s it for my breakdown of L’oreal products :) I can’t wait to chiong to the sale tomorrow!

Beauty on a Budget

As a student, my pockets are inevitably shallow – so til the day I join the ranks of the regular salaryman, I’m afraid I’ll be constantly on the lookout for Beauty Bargains.

Certainly I DO get quite a generous amount from both my parents and my tuition kids (I teach two students and get $30-$35/hr) so sometimes I can indulge a teeny tiny bit XP That said, I can’t help but feel excited whenever bargain beauty stores such as ELF has new additions instore.

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Greeen Eyes

inspired by the new L.A Colours Palette I purchased yesterday, I decided to do a green eyed look tonight!

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