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David Beckham on Ellen

My roomie is a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres and yesterday I heard her laughing to herself (I thought the stress finally got to her and she finally cracked) but as it turns out, she was watching this video and she told me that I HAD to watch it so I scooted over and both of us huddled in front of a tiny laptop screen and within minutes we are guffawing like morons. Excellent way to relieve stress IMO. So without further ado, I present to you the comedy genius of Ellen Degeneres and her sporting sidekick, David Beckham. Enjoy!

Cheesed Out

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz – it seemed like the perfect pairing of two blockbuster Hollywood stars. But dunk that pairing into a really bad script filled with cheesy cliches and the result is a cringeworthy yawn fest that thankfully.. wasn’t named Wichita and the Trouble Man (original title).

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America’s Next Top Model S15 Ep7

This week America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) gave a unique challenge! Girls were paired up and asked to choose outfits for their partner, then judged as a pair. However, only one girl would win the conveted prize of an opportunity to be a Grammy Girl (one of those girls giving out awards) – which occurred to me as quite unfair, because this meant that the girl who won would be winning coz of the outfit someone else carefully picked! & of course there was always the question of sabotage. methinks it would’ve been more exciting if kacey stayed on in the competition and was paired up with… lexie or kendel. haha!

Presently I’m imagining Carol and I picking outfits for each other – then I realise that it’s not THAT difficult because we know each other so well, but like Jane mentioned, the greatest difficulty would be the fact that the person you’re picking clothes for, isn’t there to try it on. So how did our top models fare?


Liz & Kayla paired up together for this challenge & I thought they were incredibly cute together. I was quite surprised that Liz had such a … girly preference in her request for a long ballroom gown, and I was even more shocked to see that the sequin pants did really come off as “kinda cute”. Sequins aren’t my thing but Liz pulls them off pretty darn well.That said, I personally thought that Liz would’ve done better not exactly with a flowy ballroom gown, but a gown with a more edgy look, like the one Marion Cotillard pulled off at the Golden Globe 2010 (right). It’s such a pity that Liz didn’t win, & felt it was because Kayla didn’t listen to her. I hope this doesn’t harm their friendship! It was good to know that despite her reputation as a Queen of Complaints, Liz didn’t make things difficult, unlike Chelsea who sulked throughout, basically making it impossible for her to win. Kayla’s outfit was fantastic – the colours weren’t too garish, which would conflict with her extremely bright hair, yet it wasn’t bland, with that silver shimmer thing going on. Not bad!  I did feel that Liz deserved some credit though.

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This week on America’s Next Top Model!

This week we have the legendary (as is Tyra’s favourite word) photographer Patrick Demarchelier, whose presence makes the girls go wow and particularly in Chelsea’s case, reduces her to a nervous, tense girl in front of the camera. I won’t say much more aside from the fact that for once, i was pleased with this episode’s elimination. Spoilers & a poll to vote for your favourite model are right after the jump! :)

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5 Songs I Can’t Get Outta My Head

TGIF! After my very serious post about life, I thought I would change it up abit and talk about 5 songs that I have been subconsciously humming over the last week. So here goes!

1. Groovy Monday: Little Boots “Remedy”

Little Boots to me is like the predecessor of Lady Gaga. Electronic beats, catchy rhythm and dangerously seductive lyrics, this is the perfect song to get you all pumped up and invigorated Monday mornings!

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This week on Chuck! Season 4 Episode 4

Chuck may not be the most action-filled Spy Tv show there is out there, but it’s heartwarming and i love how they normalise the spy’s existence in our everyday world

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This week on Glee! Season 2 Episode 4

Carol and I are HUGE fans of Glee –

Great voices, cool Cheography, *some* Eye Candy, it’s definitely a pleaser for the eyes and ears. The only thing detracting away from it would be the storyline… but that wasn’t the case on this week’s episode of glee (:

screencaps & spoilers after the jump!

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Thoughts on ‘Eat Pray Love’

So i just got back from watching…

at Jurong Point, the oasis in the desert as i would call it. Being marooned in Pulau NIE, there isn’t much to do so imagine my joy and excitement when one of my friends suggested we head out to watch a late night movie (albeit 9.40pm isn’t considered late night but hey, we’ve got an 8.30am class tmr. Woe be the life of a student teacher).

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