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It’s Gift Wrapping Time!

It’s that time of the year again and I just spent the entire weekend wrapping tons and tons of goodies! Granted, each of them is just a small little token, but I decided to make them a little more festive :) It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the thought that counts!

So tada! I made candy crackers! cracker shaped presents chock full with yummy goodies :)

The materials I used were:

  1. Transparency
  2. Pretty Ribbons
  3. Wrapping Paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Scotch Tape
  6. stuffings – e.g. chocolate, candy etc!

I absolutely loved the ribbons i got from watsons. cheap and pretty! But on hindsight, using cloth ribbons would’ve made for a neater and more presentable end product. The transparencies I got from my bf who found them while clearing out his room, but you can get any plastic or hard card-like paper. It definitely needs to be stiff material if you’re intending to use something else to substitute.

I used 1 Dove chocolate, 1 Mint Chocolate & either 1 snickers/twix for each of the candy crackers :)

Step 1: Create a circular Tube.

I basically cut the transparency into half (a5 size) and then using the scotch tape, taped it to become a circular tube. Of course, I had to make sure that my combination of goodies could nicely fit in. If you’re planning on using a substitute material, do use a stiffer material won’t crease. This ensures that the body of your candy cracker holds up nicely when you wrap it and won’t lose shape. I highly recommend hard plastic!

Step 2: Cut the wrapping paper.

To wrap it properly, you need to ensure the following-

  • The width of the wrapping paper can adequately wrap all around the tube without revealing its contents.
  • The length of the wrapping paper is in excess of at least 5cm on both sides – this is so that it’ll be easy to scrunch up the wrapping paper on both sides to get the effect

So here’s an example of about how much wrapping paper I used for one of the candy crackers. You really don’t need to be so precise, but do be generous with the length. I had a few candy crackers where I had cut the wrapping paper too short, & in the end they looked kinda weird. haha.

Step 3: Roll it!

Paste scotch tape on one end of the wrapping paper, making sure that half of the sticky side is protruding out.

Stick that part onto the circular plastic tube, so that it won’t move around.


Once you’ve rolled it all the way (it’s a good idea to look at both ends of the wrapping paper to ensure that you’re not rolling in the wrong direction. keep the ends parallel!), use another scotch tape to secure the wrapping paper.

Step 4: It’s scrunching time!

Take out all the goodies (if you’ve got any) from inside the circular tube. Tilt the tube upwards and use your fingers to feel for where the tube starts underneath the wrapping.

At the tip of the tube, use your fingers to press down on the wrapping.

Do the same all around the tube until you see the line of the plastic. It’s a good idea to crease your wrapping paper in this fashion all around – this will help it to scrunch up prettier.

Step 5: Pinch it!

Now that you’ve scrunched up properly and know where you want to tie your ribbon, pinch the wrapping paper together to make it easier to tie your ribbon.

Arrange the top part of the wrapping paper i.e. you can open it up more, or make sure that the flares are more regular etc.

it’s a good idea to pinch it all around – this kinda makes sure that the creases are regular and it looks more cracker like?

Step 6: Tie the Ribbon

Tie the ribbon where you’ve pinched and scrunched. always use double knots! Once you’ve done tying the ribbon, fill your candy cracker up with goodies before doing steps 4-6 on the other side :)

Have a great Christmas everyone!!

Make A Wish this Christmas!

It’s the Christmas season, my favourite time of the year – & today my office had a really early Christmas celebration (whilst everyone is around and not on leave… as people tend to be in December)! We played a few games and had a very fun/stressful time gift wrapping hampers for each other while the timekeepers yelled at us & here’s what my team came up with :)

With the joy of construction paper, wrapping plastic, double sided and scissors, we entitled our creation

Make a Wish this Christmas”

It came with some obligatory bullshit of course, haha! The wand with the star symbolises the magic of Christmas, the mistletoe is to hang over your significant other to get a kiss, & the stars pasted all over will make all your wishes come true :)

Yay! We won best team for presentation wise, but because we weren’t violently grabbing the goodies to stuff in our hamper, we kinda lost out on Overall Best Hamper. haha.

the BF & his sis also had their own Christmas gift exchange, & she got a Krups Coffee Machine! Retailing at $199 SGD at most stores (we bought this one from NTUC Fairprice), this tiny baby might not be one of those fancy gourmet coffee machines that uses those tiny little cups of coffee, but it certainly did the job. Plus, it’s not that expensive to maintain. at $10.90 a box for a refill of the Nescafe coffees, it works out to approximately $1+ per drink, which is way cheaper than Starbucks. I tried out the Ice Cappuccino and thought it was pretty good! very frothy, but a tad too milky for the BF’s taste.

And as is tradition, we accompanied the celebrations with a huge feast at her place. She always prepares too much! I ate more than enough for 1 day’s worth, because I spent the next day waddling around HAHHA.

& my gift to the bf was a RAZER mouse – the Death Adder! I don’t know what it does but it has a laser something which will help him perform better at gaming ( & he just purchased Modern Warfare 3 anyways so yeah!)

surprisingly, on his recent trip to KL, he noted that it was actually cheaper there by a few bucks! I always thought most electronics would be cheaper here in sg, but seems like I was wrong..

Enjoy the Christmas Season everyone! May your days be filled with joy, good health and self-fulfilment! :)

i think this is insanely adorable! 

all pictures taken & edited with the iPhone 4S

mostly, with the smart-journal app Path

Not Everyone Needs to Dress Up as Santa Claus!

Each year, my family hosts a huge Christmas party for our extended family, and we always try to dress up for the Christmas Spirit! That said, for an in-house function, nobody really has gone all out with the Christmas costumes, but it never hurts to celebrate the Christmas spirit with by dressing up to its iconic red and green theme each year

see featured products here

If you’re in the mood to spice it up even more with the Christmas Spirit, or feel that you’re clothes just aren’t Christmassy enough, dig around and look for accessories to match! One year, a friend took a Santa Teddy Bear and pinned it onto her bag, it was brilliant! Using a few old Christmas ornaments in your outfit won’t hurt either! They’re not doing much on the Christmas tree, are they?

see featured products here

Have a Great Christmas!

5 movies to watch this Christmas

Want to spend an intimate and cosy Christmas with your family? Well aside from that hot cocoa, you need a host of movies to get you in the right spirit of the holidays! Here are our picks…

1. Love Actually

Ahhh one of my favourite montage films of all time. This film made me love all the other films that came after it like Valentine’s Day, He’s Just Not That Into You and Paris I Love You (New York I Love You sucked in comparison.) It’s all about love lost and love found and this is wrapped up in a pretty festive package with a catchy yet cheesy soundtrack: ‘Christmas is All Around.’ I feel the chills already!

2. The Parent Trap

I know that this isn’t exactly a Christmas movie but oh I am such a sucker for Disney films and family reunions and this story is just that! It’s so nice to go back to a time where Lindsay Lohan was pure and unadulterated and you can really see what a genius of an actress she really is! Great family entertainment, this one.

3. The Nutcracker Prince

Oh if you are into cartoons, this movie captures the Christmas mood perfectly. Not to mention that this is a walk down memory lane for me! I watched this multiple times as a kid! It’s the 1990 version of The Nutcracker by Warner Bros and I thought it was simply magical! Oh how I miss old school 2D cartoons!

4. Jingle All The Way

Remember when Arnie was still an action star/actor? Well this is one of his better comedies after Kindergarten Cop. It is a madcap chase adventure of how a father would go to great lengths to get his son the toy of his dreams. Everyone’s gotta love a little father-son bonding!

5. Home Alone 1 & 2

I know, I know. The TV stations have shown this every year for the past ten years. But for my family, it’s become a time honoured holiday tradition! Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Macaulay Culkin.

And because Christmas is a time of giving, I couldn’t be so selfish and leave you with just 5 movies now can I? Here are my other picks in no particular order:

Chronicles of Narnia, Scrooged (The 1988 film that stars Bill Murray), Elf, The Santa Clause, Polar Express, Nightmare Before Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

What other Christmas movies have you got in mind? Share it with us!

DIY Christmas Cards: Recycle that Old Wrapping Paper!

Each year, there’s a lot of excess wrapping paper that’s left behind from oddly shaped presents – and it’s hardly possible to reuse the same wrapping paper each year, let alone free wrapping paper that has a company’s logo proudly emblazoned across it… it just isn’t classy, no? So instead of throwing away oddly sized shapes and bits or paper that’s semi-crumpled etc, I’ve employed my crafting spirit to making my own handmade christmas cards this year! :)

You will need:

  1. at least 2 designs of wrapping paper
  2. cardstock paper in a plain colour – i used Gloss White, 220 gsm
  3. magazines/stickers
  4. cutting tools – pen knife, scissors, papercutter (optional)
  5. sticking tools – double sided tape, glue, mounting tape
  6. ruler

First, look at your old wrapping paper and see if it has any outstanding symbols/images that you’d like to use. Likewise, you can pick an outstanding image from a magazine etc., depending on the type of card you want to make. e.g. for this tutorial i picked a Christmas Wreath, but for a friend who’s a shopahaulic, you might want to pick a high heeled shoe from a magazine :) Cut out that image with a small border around it. You don’t have to be extremely precise.

Wrapping paper is relatively sturdy as compared to magazine paper, so you might want to reinforce your magazine image by pasting cardstock behind it. Place the image on the cardstock and proceed to decide what type of card you want. For this tutorial I’ve chosen a small palm-sized card that I’ll be affixing to the present.

When you’re done with your measurements, proceed to cut out the card. I highly recommend using the “natural” edges of the paper as your guidelines if you’re afraid of cutting crooked lines. Alternatively, use a paper cutter.

Paper Cutters actually aren’t very expensive. I got mine for $19++ at Art Friend @ Bras Basah. It can also be found in some of the Popular Book Stores. It can cut 8 pieces of regular paper max and 2 pieces of cardstock. It’s not necessary to my daily life, but since I love doing paper crafts, it’s great for me and I love the convenience and speed at which it allows me to do all sorts of things. Plus I tend to have shaky hands, haha.

When using a paper cutter, you should make full use of the ruler/grid on it. Placing a ruler on top of the paper that’s in the paper cutter won’t measure as well as the measurements on the paper cutter. If you have difficulties dealing with measurements not beginning/ending with zero, it might be advisable to have a calculator on hand. Hold the paper firmly and press the blade down as you slide it across. loosely cutting the paper without holding it or securing the blade will result in ugly edges (and fixing it with a scissors totally defeats the purpose of using the paper cutter in the first place)

When creating a folded card with cardstock, the thickness of the paper means that folding it with your fingers will result in ugly creases along the edge. So try using a ruler and quickly sweep along the edge you wish to create. Pressing too hard might result in “frayed” edges, so don’t linger too long while doing it.

Next up, affix your cut out image to the card you’ve made. Ideally, place it exactly in the centre, as it will definitely make a difference. However if you’re like me and rather lazy/in a hurry, simply paste it where your gut feeling tells you it’s the middle. Things can always be fixed :)

Here I’ve used mounting tape as I want the image to “pop out” slightly. Mounting tape is essentially double sided sticky foam. It can be found in any Popular Book Store and most art shops and costs anywhere from $5-$10 per roll. Don’t purchase the mounting tape from Hardware/DIY shops as those are extremely expensive and meant to carry loads of 1.5kg for affixing objects to the wall. However, you can also simply use double sided tape, or a combination of double sided tape + cardstock + double sided tape to create the “pop up” effect as well.Choose a complementary piece of wrapping paper. It doesn’t need to be of a similar Christmas design! Here I’ve chosen a Japanese Origami paper to complement the wreath. A small card also means I need a very small amount of paper, so it’s pretty much perfect for this project where recycling odd bits and paper is the objective.

It also helps to think of colours to suit the season/occasion. It could be a friend’s favourite colours, or in this example, the complimenting Christmas colours of red and green.

From the image you’ve affixed, measure its surrounding borders and mark it down on the other piece of paper. Proceed to cut it (a pen knife is highly recommended for this step) so that you have a “hole” or “window” for the image to pop out from, as shown below.

Trim the edges to ensure that it’s all straight and aligned well. Write your message on the interior of the card! For me, I cut out the flowers from the leftover piece of paper (from the hole in the middle) and used them to decorate the inside :)

If you’re worried about slanted/uneven edges of the hole, you can also use a black marker to “even it out”. I did so quite messily here, but it’s also quite a nice effect as it enhances the border more distinctly.

Yup! So this is my DIY project for the Christmas Season – I hope to come up with more DIY card designs over the week! It’s simple, easy to make and uses inexpensive materials you can easily find at home :)

PizzaHut Christmas Specials

Last week, I met up with two of my colleagues and because one of em had a pizza craving, we decided to dine at PizzaHut and we decided to eat this:

Remember the cheesy7? Well, this is the christmas edition so on top of the 7 kinds of cheeses, you’ll also get ham slices, capsicum and of course, a cherry. The set also comes with 4 servings of mushroom soup, 4 christmas sparkle drinks (which essentially is cranberry flavored soda), a regular thin crust pizza in the Family Favourites list (Hawaiian, Supreme…) and a platter of fritters. Here’s what it looks like in real life:

At least the food looks true to pictures. I ate at the Jurong Point branch and the service was excellent. The waitress kept filling up my glass with iced water and asking how the food was. Very attentive and always greeting us with a smile. She was so good that we were actually compelled to fill in the feedback form to commend her!

So how was the food taste-wise? Ok, I remember distinctively that I was SUPER HUNGRY that day because I didn’t have lunch so I thought that it was the most satisfying meal ever (but hunger makes you biased la huh). I actually had 4 slices of pizza (2 cheesy7 slices, 2 thin crust slices), soup, drink and like 2 calamari rings which is a serious overload for me already. The soup was not bad. I expected Campbell’s soup but it actually turned out to be a puree of mushrooms. The drink was a tad sweet imo but it felt christmassy so I guess that’s successful marketing for you. And the fritters weren’t very memorable (I ate it last and by then I was too full to really notice how everything tasted). But on the whole, it was pretty good. Nice place to soak in some semblance of Christmas cheer, have decent food and catch up with friends.

Let me just leave you now with my friend’s lame riddle (which admittedly is quite brilliant). He showed me this:




It’s the first no L. As in, the first NOEL. haha how I miss lame Christmas jokes. I’m glad I’ll be hearing more of em over the next couple of days! Have a good weekend everyone!

Paperexploits Christmas Collection

Christmas has always been a really big thing for me and aside from pretty presents, I love personalized gift tags and cards. And because my artistic skills aren’t up to scratch, my go-to person for cards and pretty stationery is Kelly. This woman is amazing. She handmakes everything from scratch, single-handedly runs her entire business while still schooling. And that’s not all. She also teaches at the local prison school and dances salsa. One wonders where she finds time to do so many things!

I’ve ordered from Paperexploits many times before in the past mainly because Kelly is just so accommodating and awesome. She promptly responds to all queries, and sometimes she even includes freebies with each purchase so customers get a lovely surprise when they open that envelope! And usually, all I have in mind is just a vague idea of what I want but somehow or another, she reads my mind and produces something that far exceeds my expectation.

So I just made an order specially for Christmas and whoopee! I received it in the mail yesterday!

Teddy will give you a sneak peek

Read the rest of this entry

Love the Earth this Christmas!

I’m a strong believer in being eco-friendly, not just because I want the future generations of my lineage to survive and actually know what endangered species such as Pandas are, but also because I believe it’s our natural duty to be eco-friendly. No relationship should be one-sided, and just as how we appreciate everything the Earth has for us, we should reciprocate as much as we can, whenever we’re able to.

Obviously, one great obstacle is our cultivated laziness. I use the word cultivated because it’s not natural, it’s something society has seen fit to make necessary. What do I mean? To use a simple analogy, let’s talk about packaging. These days, whenever I go to the grocery store or make a simple small purchase at the local drugstores, I always tell them I don’t need the plastic bag. Because I really don’t. Do you? Now think about it in the macro-scale: Companies, particularly cosmetics companies, see the need to wrap up their beauty tools and items in fancy packaging, which are very attractive to the eye and extremely appealing – yet, are they really necessary? Imagine if the world decided to go for minimal, efficient packaging for their products. How much resources would we save? Not to mention that many of these materials used are often non-biodegradable plastics, which is not easy to reuse and recycle.

My goal for this Christmas? Being Eco-friendly!

Sticking to a Theme each Christmas has always helped me in my gift shopping, it helps to eliminate the multitudes of options out there and injects a bit of my own personal beliefs into the gifts I’ve specially picked for my friends. Here I’ve listed some options I’m looking at this Christmas, I hope it inspires you as well!

  1. Brushes from Eco ToolsInexpensive, Eco-Friendly and Great Quality – what more could you ask for? The set of five brushes in the centre also contains an eco-friendly bamboo brush roll, which will help keep your brushes neatly and makes it a convenient set for travelling. I’ve already tried out their set of small eyeshadow brushes, which I love for their smooth texture, thickness (they don’t stinge on the bristles, so each brush has quite a good quantity of bristles, making application easy and it carries a good amount of product). In the name of being Eco-Friendly, these brushes are made of the following natural, synthetic and recycled materials: synthetic hair, recycled aluminium, bamboo (renewable non-petroleum resource) and even the packaging is printed with plant-based ink! I’ve seen these brushes in Watsons stores, I can’t quote the price but I’m fairly sure the 5 piece set retails below $40, which is very reasonable seeing that a single MAC brush can cost upwards of $30.
  2. Flower By Kenzo Refillable EDPLeading the perfume industry in eco-friendliness is FlowerbyKenzo’s refillable bottles. First created in 2000, the iconic bottle has now been redesigned to become refillable. Furthermore, each refill packet is specifically designed to minimize the amount of resources, energy and greenhouse gas emissions generated by their production, transport and use. What I love about these refill sachets is that I can decant the perfumes into even smaller bottles for a refreshing spritz on the go.
  3. Amazon KindleWith the introduction of Apple’s iPad, many are saying that e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle will soon be obsolete. I however, seek to disagree. Whilst similar at the first glance, the functions of these two tablets are actually very different. The Amazon Kindle’s sole purpose is for reading-on-the-go, hence it has its revolutionary display, which is easy to read and less harmful for the eyes than other electronic screens. On the other hand, the Apple’s iPad is well, for entertainment purposes. I still don’t get that concept, it’s just a giant iPod Touch. Whilst I do love the feel of flipping page by page of my books, I can’t deny that the Kindle looks poised to save publishing companies tons spent on printing. Moreover, electronic sales ensure that there isn’t as much excess and wastage incurred as printing a paperback *thinks of the stacks of Harry Potter books on 75% off sale at Borders and Popular*. The newest Kindle can hold 3500 books and last a month of continuous usage. It also has free 3G and built-in Wifi, and these features can be used freely even in Singapore. Alternatively, you can download the free Kindle software for your Mobile, iPad, Mac or PC and give someone an Amazon gift card to purchase new books for electronic reading!
  4. Lose That Packaging!One major form of wastage every Christmas period is the amount of giftwrap that’s wasted in the slightly insane ripping apart of presents. This year, why not look for package-free presents that promote eco-friendliness? Decorated Water Bottles look cute on their own, particularly these from Fredflare, and need not be wrapped. Giving your friends and family a kitschy water bottle might just inspire them to carry it around more often, ensuring that they’ll stay healthy and well hydrated at all times, and reduce the number of plastic bottles they might buy and dispose of. Bar Soap (not of the LUX kind) comes various forms, many of which are embossed beautifully to suit the season or the collection. Using Bar Soap also reduces the use of large plastic bottles used for liquid soap, and as many high-end Bar Soaps are preservative-free, they’re also less harmful to your body.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Recycled goods are a great way in promoting eco-consciousness. Often, people don’t realise how versatile recycled items can be. Personally, each year I make an effort to recycle last year’s Christmas wrappings in making my Christmas cards – all I do is cut out the laughing santa/tree/present and stick them on the various cards. And usually, people don’t realise (coz who remembers what wrapping they gave you last year? of course, I mix it up a little).

So share the Joy this Christmas, and let our Earth feel a little bit of that Christmas love too :)

Great gift ideas under US$15

Christmas is by far my most favourite holiday of the year. The tree, presents, awesome food, merry music and time spent with family and friends… just the thought of it gets me excited! And the most awesome thing about Christmas is gifting! I absolutely love buying gifts for friends and family but the thing I’m not too keen about is the crowds and having to push and shove to lay hands on that last sweater on some discount rack.

So… what I’m planning to do this year is to shop online! And one awesome site to find novelty gifts is Fredflare because it offers a wide range of products and it categorizes them according to price range, recipient and theme. Having trouble finding a gift for your colleague? Don’t fret. Fredflare susses out the perfect gift for you at the price range that YOU WANT. Pretty awesome huh. To get into the holiday spirit, I’ve done abit of snooping on my own and picked out some under US15 finds.


Untitled by carelock_ featuring tote bags

I especially love the lunchbox. It’s so retro and who doesn’t love barbie?? And I think any bookworm would appreciate those bookmarks with the cute taglines. There are lots more where that came from but I didn’t wanna go crazy with it (already my wishlist is getting longer by the minute) so be sure to check out the site for more cool stuff. AND if you spend $75 and above, you get free shipping within the US! Just type the code ‘FESTIVE’. So what are you waiting for? It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping!

For those of you who aren’t too keen on Fredflare because the items don’t seem too practical, well then maybe this would help. You know how I’m a huge fan of Lush right? Well, Lush has awesome bath goodies, all pre-packed for under US$15 too!

For Guys:

This little gift pack is US$14.95, and it comes with 3.5Oz Snow Globe soap (citrusy scent) and a 3.3 Fl. Oz Whoosh Shower Jelly.

For Girls:

Also US$14.95, contains 3.5 Oz Godmother soap and a 3.5 Oz Candy Cane Bubble Bar.

For the Bath:

For US$14.95 you get 3.1 Oz of Cinders Bath Bomb and 4.6 Oz of The Boog Bath Bomb.

For the Shower:

US$14.95 will get you a 3.3 Fl Oz of Glogg shower gel and 3.5 Oz of Mandarin Tea Party soap.

Unisex+ Bath+Shower+ Cheaper

This one is US$10.95 and it has a 6.3 Oz Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb and 1 Oz Snowcake Soap. You can’t go wrong with this gift methinks. Lush has pretty much got you covered.

BUT if you are still unsatisfied, cos you can’t find a gift for your girlfriend/bestie/lady boss/colleague etc., then there is always makeup. For only US$10, Stila gives you a complete makeup palette of four eyeshadows and one convertible color to use of cheeks and lips. There are three to choose from:

Trendsetting in Tokyo

This cute, collectable palette includes:

Four Eye Shadows:
– Sake (beige with shimmer)
– Kawai (pink)
– Shibuya (blue)
– “peace sign” (black shimmer)

Convertible Color:
– Sakura (cherry blossom pink)

Size: 4 eye shadows: .15 oz./4.3 g; convertible color: .09 oz./2.7 g

Make an Impression in Moscow

This trendy, portable palette includes: 

Four Eye Shadows:

– Matruschka (beige)
– Chill (blue)
– Nadia (orange copper)
– Mink (brown)

Convertible Color/Lip Balm:
– Lily* (sheer, hydrating pink- great for a natural winter glow)

Fabulous in Fiji
This cute, collectable palette includes:
Four Eye Shadows:
– R&R (light blue)
– Palm (green)
– Escape (blue)
– Wave (navy blue)


Convertible Color:
– Plumeria

Yup, I’ve pretty much run out of ideas for now. But these are my choice picks for gifts (from the online shopping world at least). I’m sure Ruth will give you some awesome suggestions as well! So stay tuned!

Dressing up for the Holiday Spirit

For me, Christmas has always been a time of festivities and cheer. Though malls and stores nowadays don’t go as all out in decking their storefronts with Christmas decorations as lavishly as they used to in the past, I’d like to think that the Christmas spirit doesn’t simply rely on how bright the lights are on Orchard Road. Certainly, Singaporeans aren’t the type to wear reindeer headbands or santa claus hats (willingly) on the streets, but here are some cute accessories and ideas that will Christmas-ify your outfit!

The rainy weather of late has made it just perfect for layering and experimenting with jackets, cardigans and the like, so LIBERATE yourself! experiment with making your style truly yours, & the shopping deals this Christmas season are perfect for finding that new “quirk” that defines your style in the coming year.

Next up, a post on awesome shopping deals this Christmas Season – and more elf product reviews! Check out for their great promotions available instore, Quirkychic will be doing a full feature on their promotions tomorrow. For those living in Serangoon, Isetan at Nex is offering a blanket discount of 20% off its exclusive japanese brands to celebrate its opening. Enjoy! :)

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