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Animal Crazed

I’ve been on a little bit of an animal craze this weekend – enjoy the videos!

I wanna have a degree in BEARS! gosh she’s so cuddly and cute. but the alligator is kinda *eew*

Jumping Dogs. ridiculously cute.

sometimes i feel so deprived coz I don’t have a cute cat :(

p.s. carol: can you do this to rusky/misty?

but of course, the bf’s first choice would be the Golden Retriever.

and well, this last one isn’t about animals at all, but it’s pretty ingenious. a Mancave! all shopping centres should have one, hahaha.

Have a great week ahead!

My week in a post

It feels like such a long time since I’ve blogged (when in actual fact, it’s only been a couple of days) and I’ve really come to miss this space! And so please forgive me for my verbal diarrhoea as I try to sum up the events that took place over the past week.

It’s time to reflect and consolidate!!

OK my week started off with a geography fieldtrip to Chinatown where we were taught how to observe sights, sounds and happenings and draw conclusions from them. You know, I never thought that Singapore would be a place to conduct geog fieldtrips cos we haven’t got much nature per se (everything’s manmade. Even our beaches) but as it turns out, there’s still lots to learn especially where human geography is concerned.

Being the cat lover that I am, I took lots of cat photos.

ScreenshotPhotos taken using Instagram

We then proceeded to Changi Beach where we got down and dirty and measured the beach profile and collected sand samples (which we later brought back to the lab to conduct some tests and came up with some very interesting findings!) You can see photos of my geography fieldtrips here.

For a literature assignment, we had to plan a learning journey which is something like a self-directed fieldtrip where students are given a package of instructions and worksheets and they conduct the fieldtrip on their own. Sounds easy? Well you cannot imagine the amount of work that goes into planning a fieldtrip. We had hours and hours of meetings (usually 6 hours at a go) where we literally camped in the library and talked through our ideas.

The fun part? The recce. And since our fieldtrip was going to be held at Changi Airport, my group trooped down to the east and scoured the airport, snapping photos of anything that might be useful. We were so engrossed in our planning that we missed the last train back to Joo Koon!

Witness the sad, abandoned faces (Embellishments courtesy of doodle booth!)

But I am proud and relieved to say that after two weeks of madness, our hard work finally paid off cos I am OFFICIALLY done with that crazy-ass mega assignment (all 27 pages of it)! A great weight has finally been lifted from my shoulders and I am (momentarily) FREE!!!


The OCD in me just had to categorize everything alphabetically


This cost me many sleepless nights but it is all worth it!

And what is the icing on top of the cake? Finally going home over the weekend and catching up with my family! And I had my first lo hay for Chinese New Year at Xin Cuisine!


Sng siblings


Huat ah!

So despite my long trying week, there is a silver lining to every cloud, a rainbow after every thunderstorm! YAY! What’s more, next week is gonna be a uber short week cos of CNY! HURRAY!! I can’t hardly wait!


A huge part of what makes me ME is really my cats so let me give you a brief introduction to my lovelies.

Ruskie is the eldest of the bunch and also the largest. Being the first kitty to arrive, he feels that he is king by birthright and he demands your complete and utter attention when you step into the room. This means that it is customary for you to show him favour by patting and stroking him before the others else he bursts into a jealous rage, shuns you for the rest of the day and bullies the others. He’s pretty spoilt I must admit but it can’t really be helped cos he’s a red tabby and everyone loves an orange kitty (especially during Chinese New Year and when its the year of the tiger). That’s when he gets all the attention and he loves it.

Misty or rather Misty Mouse as i affectionately call her is exactly as her name suggests. She is SUPER timid. When new people come into the room she scampers and hides in the darkest corners of the cupboard and sits there till the unknown person goes away. She’s not quite as popular with people as Ruskie is mainly because she only allows people she trusts to pat her. So if anyone else tries, they get scratched. lol. But that being said, she’s alot more responsive when you want to play with her. She LOVES string. She goes absolutely ballistic just chasing a piece of string around. It’s pretty hilarious. Oh, I forgot to mention, she’s Ruskie’s younger sister.


Boris aka Goondu is the newest addition to the family. The origins of his name is quite funny actually. We couldn’t decide what to name him till we brought him home and observed him. For the first two days, he didn’t eat and I got worried thinking that he wasn’t used to the new environment. It was only when my bf popped a pellet into his mouth that he began to realise that food was actually yummy and he’s been eating ever since. So we started to call him Goondu. He happens to be the tubby one of the trio (also cos he’s a persian and he has really short legs so that just makes him all the more round). Of cos my mum didn’t think Goondu was a dignified name for a cat and she tried to name him all sort of names after tennis greats: Roger, Rafa, Djoker, Andy… Nothing clicked. THEN while driving in the car one day, my mum suddenly exclaimed “BORIS!” after boris becker and somehow, that was it. So that’s how Boris/Goondu got his name.

For more kitty tales, pictures and random kitty facts, stay tuned.

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