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Samantha Thavasa @ Ion Orchard

To me, buying that expensive Chanel 2.55 or any other coveted, prized branded bag has never really made sense. I’m not the sort who can fully appreciate a singular bag’s “beauty”, and I prefer to match my dozens of bags with my various outfits, whenever the mood strikes me. Hence, I’ve accumulated a variety of bags in varied colours and shapes, though I’d freely admit that I haven’t been purchasing more of late because I just hate the cheap-looking PVC/fake leather/fake vintage/plastic bags that seem to have invaded every bag store in singapore… and then I stumbled across Samantha Thavasa.

Loved by women such as Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, the Hilton Sisters as well as Jennifer Lopez, Samantha Thavasa bags (I know, what an awful mouthful right) are surprisingly not beyond the budget. They’re a mid-priced range of bags – about Guess’s price range I would say, and Guess is one of my favourite brands because of its affordability. I’m particularly in love with the Tinsley Mortimer range

I just love the interweaving and the boxy looking bags. really cute! Plus, I love that this range showcases both colour and patterns. The Samantha Thavasa line consists of various ranges of bags, designed by different designers. Here are their regular line of bags, which look pretty tempting too!

As the brand has just opened a store in Ion Orchard, I’m definitely dropping by when I get back from Hokkaido, or perhaps I’ll just grab a few bags since the brand is more common in Japan! :) *heehee* I’m unsure what range of bags are available from the Singapore Store, but judging from its ads here, I’d say that it’s going for a more japanese-esque feel. Also, it’s been said that prices at the Singapore Store range from 200SGD (wallets) to 600-900SGD (handbags, inclusive of Special Liberty Hello Kitty Edition).

America’s Next Top Model S15 Ep7

This week America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) gave a unique challenge! Girls were paired up and asked to choose outfits for their partner, then judged as a pair. However, only one girl would win the conveted prize of an opportunity to be a Grammy Girl (one of those girls giving out awards) – which occurred to me as quite unfair, because this meant that the girl who won would be winning coz of the outfit someone else carefully picked! & of course there was always the question of sabotage. methinks it would’ve been more exciting if kacey stayed on in the competition and was paired up with… lexie or kendel. haha!

Presently I’m imagining Carol and I picking outfits for each other – then I realise that it’s not THAT difficult because we know each other so well, but like Jane mentioned, the greatest difficulty would be the fact that the person you’re picking clothes for, isn’t there to try it on. So how did our top models fare?


Liz & Kayla paired up together for this challenge & I thought they were incredibly cute together. I was quite surprised that Liz had such a … girly preference in her request for a long ballroom gown, and I was even more shocked to see that the sequin pants did really come off as “kinda cute”. Sequins aren’t my thing but Liz pulls them off pretty darn well.That said, I personally thought that Liz would’ve done better not exactly with a flowy ballroom gown, but a gown with a more edgy look, like the one Marion Cotillard pulled off at the Golden Globe 2010 (right). It’s such a pity that Liz didn’t win, & felt it was because Kayla didn’t listen to her. I hope this doesn’t harm their friendship! It was good to know that despite her reputation as a Queen of Complaints, Liz didn’t make things difficult, unlike Chelsea who sulked throughout, basically making it impossible for her to win. Kayla’s outfit was fantastic – the colours weren’t too garish, which would conflict with her extremely bright hair, yet it wasn’t bland, with that silver shimmer thing going on. Not bad!  I did feel that Liz deserved some credit though.

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