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Longchamp Spring 2012 Campaign

prancing with the dog – that’s what comes to mind when I saw this video of Coco Rocha on the streets for the Longchamp Spring 2012 Campaign

Coco Rocha excels at pulling off the most daring and eye-catching poses. This is my favourite photo out of the entire photoshoot! That bag you see there by the way, is from the Kate Moss for Longchamp collection. I love it too!

screen capture taken from

Liisa Winkler tries her best to keep up with Coco’s brilliance but methinks she still comes off a tad stiff in the photographs.

Granted, she does have those gorgeous legs and my favourite shot of her is the one above, with the postbox.

… and if you’ve noticed – excitement excitement! Longchamp has come up with a beautiful range of bags for women to drool over – thank goodness, I was getting really tired of their one design in many colours concept. In the meantime, you can view the latest collection on their website here, or wait as the campaign slowly and seductively unravels what’s in store for us this season :)

My favourites so far:

I can’t wait for their collection to be out and when it is, I’ll be one of the many eager women queuing up for a longchamp :) til then, stay tuned for more from longchamp, as their campaign continues to review what’s in store for us, and share with us their evolving vision

Bag Envy

At the supermarket checkout the other day, there were two little girls in front of me.   Cute as buttons, they were around 3 years old.  Gorgeous little things – one with dark pigtails and the other with tight red curls – they were chatting away like best friends.  ‘Dark pigtails’ had a pretty pink handbag which ‘red curls’ desperately wanted to play with.  As time went on and ‘dark pigtails’ continued to refuse to relinquish the prized bag, the tension grew.  ‘Red curls’ became more and more upset as ‘dark pigtails’ stubbornly stood her ground.  The incident culminated in tears, tantrums, confiscation and stressed-out mummies.  Amid the drama, I couldn’t help but hide a smile.  I was witnessing, first hand, the very beginnings of that exclusively female phenomenon – the dreaded handbag envy.

Bag envy isn’t limited to drooling over snaps of celebs in glossy magazines, parading around their Mulberries and Fendis.  Oh no – it is alive and well even among those of us who don’t yet understand what a designer actually is.  What on earth causes this insatiable desire to carry totes, purses and portmanteaus?  Did cavewomen fight over hairy mammoth-fur satchels?  Did ancient Romans hide their loculuses beneath their togas?  Is the urge to covet our neighbour’s bag as ingrained within us as our ability to multitask and our keen interest in Edward Cullen?  Is the bag an extension of our very womanhood itself?


Speaking of multi-tasking, handbags are excellent multi-taskers – perhaps this is why women the world over are such fans.  Not only do they hold all of our money, cards, make-up, tissues, keys and goodness knows what else.  They can match our outfit, make a statement or express our personality and style.  Handbags, for some, are entirely indispensable.  Where on earth would Mary Poppins have been without her bag, for example?  Missing many of her essential perfect-nanny items, never mind part of her unique ‘Mary Poppins’ style.  It’s true that handbags have been traditionally seen as an ‘accessory’ to our outfit, but there are handbags out there which are practically works of art themselves.  Such bags are the signature piece in any ensemble and surely we should be picking our clothes to match these handbags, instead of the other way around.

We don’t all have the cash to buy Hermés, but luckily there are plenty of beautiful, stylish and practical bags which are way more affordable.  Handbags are excellent value for money too.  Unlike an expensive outfit which only enjoys a precious few outings, handbags can be used time and time again and really earn their keep.  They are fabulous presents too, because they fit EVERYONE and unlike clothes, there’s no embarrassing awkward moment when your gift doesn’t fit the giftee.  It’s a beautiful moment when the tissue paper is peeled back, that unmistakeable smell finds its way to the nostrils and the buttery-soft leather is revealed – it’s priceless.

Give someone a handbag this Christmas and replace handbag envy with handbag delight.  Perhaps ‘dark pigtails’ will get one for ‘red curls’ too ;)  Merry Christmas!

this guest-post was written by Rachael Stephens, who has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. She works for Ashlie Craft, and she makes & sells leather handbags.

If you’d like to contribute a guest post to Quirkychic, simply drop us an email & we’ll get back to you! :)

Office Essential: The Lunch Tote

With a job that requires me to be mobile and work away from my desk for lengthy periods in a day, having a lunch tote (or “baby-sized bag) is really essential. With it, I can just dump in my purse & peripherals (think umbrella if it’s rainy, a pack of tissues/wet wipes, my phone & some random stationary etc) & be ready to go. It’s convenient, quick and efficient!

Like with anything that one purchases, even a simple lunch tote can be a fashion/personality statement. I admire my colleagues who seem to be completely comfortable with how they express their personalities through their purchases. Not only are they focused and sure as to what they want, it really creates a very coherent continuity for everything they own.

I think that’s what Tyra Banks calls personal branding, which believe me, might not seem to matter as much if you’re not a celebrity, but you’d be surprised at how much more memorable it’ll make you to your colleagues & superiors alike. Being remembered is better than being blah, or worse…forgotten.

Personal branding is unavoidable. As others interact with you, they’ll automatically form mental associations that connect you with certain labels, often within the first few seconds. You can’t avoid being labeled, and other people can’t avoid labeling you. It happens automatically because our brains are wired to recognize patterns and form associations. The labels people attach to you become part of your personal brand.

If you type an email, you’re branding yourself. If you have a conversation with a friend or family member, you’re branding yourself. How you dress, what you eat, and how you talk all contribute to your brand. Think of your brand as the summation of all the associations about you that are stored in people’s minds.

– Steve Pavlina

I don’t know how I’ve moved on from lunch totes to personal branding exactly, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. If people are going to begin labelling me with mental associations at our first interaction, then why not exert my own control over what they think of me, instead of hoping that circumstances will eventually speak for me?

In a fast paced world where one can barely spare the time to linger over leisurely luncheons, making a visual impact through the little things could be really essential to one’s success.

Superficially of course, cute things could just make you happy. X) So indulge in it! Let that be your personal brand. Because being comfortable & happy in your own skin at work, could be the greatest motivating & attractive factor about you. No one wants a worker who drags his/her feet around the workplace. Being able to be the source of your motivation could do wonders for your work performance and overall work happiness

heh. pretty thought provoking stuff huh. Kinda puts the pressure on my next purchase. hahaha. But in the meantime, here’s my tote. A tote that makes me smile, a tote that’s of a neat size that’s just right to hold my stuff, a tote I’m not afraid to carry but merrily flaunt in front of my colleagues and bosses – because it’s something that to some extent, represents part of me.

whoa, quite abit of thinking for a tiny little bag, huh?

I can’t get over this rabbit thing. It makes me feel like I’m a dreamer all over again, gazing far & beyond…


Bag Lust

So it’s not that I’ve tired entirely of my beautiful Tocco Toscano work bag, but I’ve been thinking that whilst I really, really love it – it’s the perfect black work bag, somedays, I really feel like having a pop of colour. Especially on days where it turns out my work outfit is just plain black. or dark blue. or grey. or white. or white and black. haha, you get the idea.

That said, it’s not easy to find a bag that suits my needs. I’ve pretty much settled into the work routine now, so the same goes for the stuff in my bag (which is good, because my criteria for the bag remains constant, but this also eliminates quite a huge number of bags out there. *sobs*). So what are my bag essentials? take a look!

What’s in my bag:

  • file with work stuff
  • umbrella
  • security pass
  • Aldo wallet – I LOVE it. I can carry tissues & blotters inside! soo worth the SGD $15 :D
  • Ipod Touch (I wish I had an Iphone. *sigh)
  • Kate Spade 2011 scheduler
  • little bag of essentials (as featured here)
  • handphone
  • camera
  • 4gb thumbdrive (a lifesaver)
  • chicken card holder

Plus, my lunchbox, which isn’t pictured here – mostly because I change the shape of my lunchbox with whatever is served for breakfast. So as you can see, it’s quite a large amount of things, so I can’t do with any teeny tiny bag, though some of my colleagues would beg to differ, heh.

for details of featured items, click here

& this season, colour is being embraced all over again by designers of various brands. My favourite has to be the orange Victoria Beckham one – though the purple Mulberry comes in a close second. I’m totally digging how structured these bags look. Personally, I feel that structured bags look so much better because no matter what oddly shaped things you stuff inside, the bag still looks good, no matter what.

Of course, since I’ve only just started work this year, it’s pretty unthinkable for me to splurge a month’s paycheck (or more!!) on arm candy. so cue in the cheaper alternatives. Not as lust-worthy, not as unique/exclusive, but they won’t break my heart

to see details of featured items, click here

My favourite of this bunch? The Dooney & Burke bag in firebrick red. A pity the brand doesn’t seem to be available here locally, but I might spot it when I traipse around Hong Kong this coming September! (they have a boutique in Macau!) I simply can’t wait :D

What’s your take on bright arm candy?

Tory Burch Pre-Fall Collection 2011

Whilst browsing through Pre-Fall Collections on, Tory Burch’s collection caught my eye. Not only was the entire collection truly wearable, but I also loved the entire concept of “a little Parisian chic” that Tory Burch quoted as her inspiration for this collection. The neutral palette of ivory, bone, taupe, navy and some mint green isn’t flashy, and made the complicated patterns more wearable as the colours were more muted.

I absolutely adore the floaty material of the dresses, and find it quite intriguing how she paired striped tops with patterned clothing. Certainly, using striped tops accentuates the edges of the patterned clothing quite distinctively, it’s an interesting concept to try out. I’m also leaning towards the 3/4 sleeve length, though I generally think it’s quite an awkward length for sleeves, perhaps I’ll try out tops with either more fitted/banded/elastic cuffs, as shown above.

One thing that caught my eye was the cute mini satchel that accompanied 4 of these looks. I’ve always sworn by my trusty tote bags, but then again, it’s not like I carry around a load of stuff. I just find that it suits my style more? However, seeing that more and more designers are launching mini sized versions of their bags, added on with how adorable they look with the looks here, I’m thinking of getting a mini satchel myself

see list of products featured here

The one I’m particularly in love with from above is Dorothy PerkinsNavy Croc Mini Satchel. I have got to look for it at local stores! I’ll admit it’s quite a rip off from Proenza Schouler’s PS1, but hey for 25 GBP (est $60 SGD) I think it’s definitely worth the $$, especially since I like the textured print. Hopefully it’ll feel as good as it looks if I find it in local stores.

Samantha Thavasa @ Ion Orchard

To me, buying that expensive Chanel 2.55 or any other coveted, prized branded bag has never really made sense. I’m not the sort who can fully appreciate a singular bag’s “beauty”, and I prefer to match my dozens of bags with my various outfits, whenever the mood strikes me. Hence, I’ve accumulated a variety of bags in varied colours and shapes, though I’d freely admit that I haven’t been purchasing more of late because I just hate the cheap-looking PVC/fake leather/fake vintage/plastic bags that seem to have invaded every bag store in singapore… and then I stumbled across Samantha Thavasa.

Loved by women such as Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, the Hilton Sisters as well as Jennifer Lopez, Samantha Thavasa bags (I know, what an awful mouthful right) are surprisingly not beyond the budget. They’re a mid-priced range of bags – about Guess’s price range I would say, and Guess is one of my favourite brands because of its affordability. I’m particularly in love with the Tinsley Mortimer range

I just love the interweaving and the boxy looking bags. really cute! Plus, I love that this range showcases both colour and patterns. The Samantha Thavasa line consists of various ranges of bags, designed by different designers. Here are their regular line of bags, which look pretty tempting too!

As the brand has just opened a store in Ion Orchard, I’m definitely dropping by when I get back from Hokkaido, or perhaps I’ll just grab a few bags since the brand is more common in Japan! :) *heehee* I’m unsure what range of bags are available from the Singapore Store, but judging from its ads here, I’d say that it’s going for a more japanese-esque feel. Also, it’s been said that prices at the Singapore Store range from 200SGD (wallets) to 600-900SGD (handbags, inclusive of Special Liberty Hello Kitty Edition).

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