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While I do not possess the guts to actually get myself inked mainly due to my low pain threshold, I definitely can appreciate a nice tattoo. Gone are the days where tattoos are associated with skulls, butterflies and hearts. Now tattoos are considered by many to be a work of art especially since each tattoo tells a story.

This gothic inspired tattoo is just sublime. The attention to detail… you can see the little bats, the cemetery, every little twig on the tree and somehow, that matches the fiery redness of her hair beautifully.

I actually think that she’s pretty gutsy to have been able to tattoo this. It must hurt so much especially since there are so many nerve endings on the finger. Love the font and how unexpected the placement of the tattoo is.

Yet another interesting placement for a tattoo. Usually it is near the ankle but having this on the feet… well, that’s pretty quirky and kinda fashion forward. I mean, it definitely beats wearing flower patterned tights and such. This feels more real and authentic.

This is my favourite shot of the lot. This is literally an art piece! Inspired by The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. Whoever said that tattoos are outrageous and unladylike? I love how demure and subtle this is.

Time to change our mindset about tattoos? I sure think so.

Of florals and fun

Finally, the long weekend has dawned and I won’t deny that I’m pretty psyched to enjoy this much-needed break! Haha, to my credit, I already commenced my relaxation from Wednesday as I stayed over at my cousins’ place (freedom from the parents!! my aunt & uncle are off holidaying..) and won’t be home til Sat, by which I’ll be indulging in “me time” as I usually do each weekend.

As promised, here’s a pic of my 2nd floral arrangement I got from IKEA in my office!

As previously mentioned, I accessorized the transparent vase with a Chanel ribbon – and if you’re thinking that I deliberately had a wallpaper to match the flowers, well I didn’t! It just so happens that my aesthetic is rather consistent and I was lucky to find such a gorgeous yet simple wallpaper on my first day at work from (not much work to do on the 1st day!)

I first discovered deviantart – an online community that celebrates alternative (mostly graphic) art forms, in my secondary school days. Ever since then, it’s been my go-to place for browsing when I need inspiration for say, a birthday card or collage, or even when I’m just look for cute and out-of-the-ordinary emoticons.

From comic strips to contemplative self-reflective pieces and art inspired by manga/cartoons, it’s amazing what the human imagination can think of – and what various talents all over the world can execute with graphic programs.

so if you’re bored this weekend – go drop by deviantart and revamp your emoticon collection, change your desktop wallpaper or just browse for pleasure’s sake :)

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Art in your coffee cup

You know, sometimes we don’t need to look very much further for creativity or artistry. It might just be right under your nose. In this case, it could be found right in your coffee cup.

Grizzly Bear and Christmas Tree

Apple Logo and Monkey (my personal fav)

Lady and a flower

And because Valentine’s Day is but two days away, I thought I’d share some illustrations by Sophia Miroedova, an artist whose work I’ve recently fallen in love with.

She’s famous for her watercolor paintings and as you can see, she captures human emotion and connections between people really well. I prefer her Line and Ink collection though because it’s a lot more free form and fluid.

If you wish to view more of Miroedova’s works, check out her myspace page here.

All Booked Up

Web Wednesdays will be a new series by Quirkychic showcasing our favourite websites from around the web. Enjoy!

If nerds can look cool with their Ray Bans on…

then hmm, I don’t see why bookworms can’t wear their books around their necks!

Not literally of course.

But as accessories! Etsy store The Black Spot Books creates accessories out of little books, in all shapes, colours and textures. Pick from a hardcover to a leather bound from this “bookstore” of sorts.

Though I think that various book lovers will be lamenting that these books are merely wordless accessories, think of it as a symbolic item or gift. Besides, I highly doubt that anyone would really whip out a magnifying glass to read these books on the go, :) At the moment, embossing services are only available for a limited number of characters, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that they will be able to emboss & insert quotes within the books in the near future.

Besides these little books, The Black Spot Books also makes pocket-sized and journal-sized books for your writing pleasure. Prices at the store range from $3USD (copper chain) to $500 USD (large hardbound custom journal).

I also recently discovered Alisa Burke, a mixed media artist who keeps a blog showcasing her works in her sketchbook. I used to keep one myself but gradually lost interest – it’s actually rather difficult sometimes, especially with a hectic school/work schedule. I especially love it whenever she gives us a peek into her sketchbook.

Besides her sketches, Alisa Burke also writes about her interest in food, her other mixed media art projects, as well as DIY fashion projects, if you’re so inclined.

Moreover, her photography makes for stunning visuals, even if she’s simply blogging about a day out.

Do you have a favourite website you love visiting? Share with us and we might choose to feature it on our Web Wednesdays :)

Merchant of Happiness

I arrived early at the Play Den and because I had half an hour to kill before What Did You Learn Today? I went to browse around the souvenir shop and I found a pure gem: gorgeous magnet coasters with really adorable designs on them and they were created by a local artist, Mr William Sim.

I love how his designs are whimsical, cartoonish and they just radiate so much positivity! Just seeing his designs make me smile!

I especially like his new series of mixed media where he uses old candies from our past like White Rabbit sweets and Polo Mints and incorporates these into his designs. He puts a quirky twist to nostalgic brands and I really think it works! Look how awesome it looks!

It is absolutely genius. I can definitely see how his aesthetic appeals to the younger generation out there and yet it retains some semblance of heritage and tradition which I absolutely love. Oh how I wish that his prints could be turned into a bag of sorts like those casual canvas bags. I would totally snap it up in stores!

And of course, being the HUGE cat lover that I am, my favourite is the cat series. The bright pop of color, the cheshire-inspired cat and the cutesy graphics… just looking at it makes you happy!

All photo credits to Mr William Sim, Merchant of Happiness

Is it not cute to the max? Who says that Singapore has no local talent huh. I can’t wait to see the new series of artworks coming up, hopefully another cat series or better yet, an art exhibition! Won’t that be exciting!

If you are interested to view more of these awesome paintings, you can check out Merchant of Happiness or check out the gallery at:

Fill Your Walls Gallery, 21 Tanjong Pagar Rd 04-02, Singapore 088444. Tel: 62221667

MAC halloween face-off

Happy Halloween everyone! To kickstart this awesome holiday, I bring to you a MAC makeup special. It is a 2-part halloween series, reality-TV style that pits 3 makeup artists against each other and in 3 hours, they have to come up with a halloween look each (its kinda like Project Runway). The winner is determined by votes. I assure you, you will just be floored at how talented these people can be.

So here we go, parts 1 and 2:

And the winner is… Read the rest of this entry

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