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With this long weekend, I’m definitely in a re-charging mode. Just like how all my various electronic devices regain a new lease of life once they’re recharged, weekends are my recharging period for the work ahead during the week.

That said, abit of office fun never hurt anyone, & last week we had a Macdonald’s party to relive our childhood days & celebrate a colleague’s birthday :)

Despite the few initial moments of awkwardness at being so old in an event meant for toddlers, we really ended up having a lot of fun and laughter. It’s great having colleagues who aren’t afraid to truly be themselves in front of each other and just have fun – it’s something I treasure about my present workplace :)

Being a habitual muncher, one of the many things that keeps me happy is the presence of yummy SMALL bites around my desk, so I can munch whenever I feel stressed or feel the onset of hunger pangs and embarrassingly loud stomach growls before the lunch hour:

What are these called?? Since young I’ve just known them as the colourful sugar biscuits. My method of consumption: Bite off the biscuit, chew, then eat the sweet sugar icing on top. I used to have a friend who only ate the yellow ones, and another who liked to eat all the biscuits, then all the sugar tops. To each their own!

& if you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you’d know by now that I’m quite the nail fanatic – & spending an hour or two cutting, filing, shaping, buffing and painting my nails is one of the most therapeutic and destressing activities for me. Besides, it’s an instant boost of happiness and comfort that I have gorgeous nails for the day

Pictured: Sally Hansen Insta Dry in 11 Sonic Bloom and Anna Sui’s orange/gold shimmer. I’ve blogged about both before so I won’t be doing it again :) they’re quite chinese new year-ish and festive!

The week ahead is a short one & I’m already looking forward to the next long weekend :) it’s awesome!

Mauve Nails

Inspired by my previous layering of polish, I decided to experiment yet again, this time with China Glaze’s Recycle and Anna Sui’s Vernis A Ongles. Here’s the result!

I absolutely love this! I can’t stop staring at my nails. It’s so easter eggish too, just perfect for the season. It’s muted, yet shimmery, which adds an interesting depth to it. I was rather surprised that the peachiness of the Anna Sui polish would turn it a mauve-ish purple, which is one of the polish colours that I’ve been dying to have but haven’t found any that seemed to be satisfactory. Moreover, it’s a multi-coloured shimmer, as can be seen in the picture. It’s really pretty!

To match these nails, here’s what I picked for my outfit:

grey chiffon blouse from MAZE, deep blue crocodile skinny belt from TANGS, Black pants from G2000

Though I was never a fan of high waisted bottoms before, I’m beginning to adapt to well fitted bottoms – it really does make one look neater for the office. In fact, this is fast becoming one of my go-to “uniform” looks for the office!

Personally I like having a skinny belt of a either a very close colour to my pants e.g. dark navy blue or brown, or have a colour that stands out to accent my outfit. I’ve even worn a floral belt to work before, to match my floral headpiece of the day :) So have fun playing with the combinations in your closet! Like the nail combination above, you’ll never know what works, and experimenting never hurt anyone. Just ensure that you’ve got an honest family member awake in the wee hours of the morning to give your outfit the ok before you leave the house, haha.

A Touch of Peach and Gold

It’s nice that people know I’m a nail fanatic – coz then they know I’m the exact right person to pass their polish hand-me-downs :) This week, a friend who came to lunch with me passed me 2 beautiful polish colours, OPI’s Funny Bunny and Anna Sui’s Nail Colour in Vernis A Ongles, which is a pretty rose pink.

Since I had Sally Hansen’s Jumpin Jade on my nails, I decided to do a quick sweep of the Anna Sui Nail Polish and was quite pleased with the results!

The Anna Sui Nail Polish is a sheer polish, and layered over Sally Hansen its gold micro glitter shines beautifully, with several holographic flecks that give it a more interesting depth. I really loved this combination! The most interesting thing about this polish was that it had this beautiful rose scent – how rare is that for a polish? I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy that my nails smelt perfumed afterwards. Obviously I didn’t stick my nose to the top of the bottle and breathe it in with ecstasy hahaha. My colleague thought it smelt more like baby powder though, so it might differ from person to person.

Have you tried any interesting nail polish combinations lately? :)

5 beauty items that are just too cute

I am such a sucker for anything cute and kawaii. So when Ruth did a post about Sephora’s Hello Kitty collection, I had goo-goo eyes and instantly, somewhere deep down in my soul there is a lustful hunger that growls “I WANT!!!” I mean look at this perfume bottle! Who can say no t0 that??

And so, in my insatiable greed, I started feasting my eyes on MORE pretty things and I thought that I should share them with you. First up…

1. Sephora’s Flower Kabuki Brush

Isn’t that the cutest brush you’ve ever seen? Mineral makeup application will never be the same again. I think the un-uniformed concaved texture will allow for more contouring and probably a smoother finish as it’ll really blend the minerals into your skin (or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that it works cos it’s too cute when really, it can’t even buff properly). Whatever it is, this is just adorable.

2. Stila’s Make Me Blush Palette

Stila has always been known for it’s chic packaging especially it’s travel palettes but this just takes it up a notch. I love how this could double up as a blush/bronzer and it looks like it could really give you that peachy glow! What’s more, the little scrawled on words are so cool! A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day me thinks. It’s like wearing his kisses on your cheeks all day! What a sweet thought eh?

3. Jelly Pong Pong Cupcake Bath Fizzles

Bath time will never be the same again with these pretty little bath fizzles. In fact, they look too pretty to use! I’d just put them in the toilet as an air freshener or something. Some might even mistake these for actual cupcakes what with the rich ‘creamy’ blue icing swirls. You should check out their whole range of bath stuff. They have popsicle soap bars!

4. Anna Sui Lip Gloss C and Lip Gloss R

Anna Sui has always had this dark, glamourous yet gothic feel about it and for its Spring 2011 line of lip glosses, it has kept to that similar aesthetic but has added a more luxe feel to it (also reminiscent of Majolica Majorca’s packaging). I love how classy and sleek these lip glosses look. I definitely will want to carry one in my purse. This is clearly a case of good things coming in small (pretty) packages!

5. Tokidoki Sodashop Palette

This Japanese-inspired makeup brand founded by Italian artist Simone Legno is full of vibrancy and life. I love the graffiti-ish, comic book vibe (kinda reminds me a little of Urban Decay) and the added bonus? You get a collectible with every makeup palette purchased! In this set, you get a pendant magnet! And what’s more, you can reuse the tin! How’s that for saving the environment!

Do you fall prey to pretty packaging? What are your choice picks for cutesy beauty items?

Florals & Denim

Being on a holiday means I have loads of time to prep before an outing, so yesterday I decided to do yet another Anna Sui-inspired outfit, but instead of my previous crochet + floral look, I decided to go for denim + prints, though I didn’t go all the way as I don’t yet have a full denim piece, as seen on those on the Spring 2011 runway.

Cotton On Tanktop, Delias Skirt and Denim Shrug from Double Index

I love this floral skirt from Delias and usually wear it high waisted, and having a nude coloured tank top is always great to pair with patterned stuff. I used to steer away from anything plain coloured or clothing lacking detail, but now I’m learning how to match them with my heavily patterned pieces for some balance.

As my friends were slightly late, I sat down at my favourite coffee place Spinelli’s and tried out their Gingerbread Spin, [$6.60] an ice blended coffee with gingerbread cookies ground up and added to the mix. It wasn’t too bad but I felt that it didn’t have enough of a gingerbread kick, so I was slightly disappointed. Their Original Spin still remains my top favourite.

Spinelli’s @ Nex is fast becoming my favourite coffee place to hang out, as it’s so close to my place and has comfortable seats in a spacious area. Though I’d admit that I dislike the insane number of ceiling lights they have above the place (which is part of the design of Nex Mall, WHY???) because they’re quite glaring and hypnotic, particularly when they change colours… it’s still a great place to chill and chat with friends, or just to read a book, which I did for all of 5 minutes til my friends arrived :)

My friend Huilin had returned from her solo grad trip to Tokyo (she’s so brave!) and we exchanged stories and souvenirs from our trips to Japan. I passed her and Kaelyn the yummylicious Hokkaido Lover Chocolates and she gave Kaelyn and I each 2 cute sachets of tea

I continue to be absolutely amazed and intrigued by how innovative the Japanese are when it comes to packaging. They certainly take pride in how the present their products, and it even translates to personal style as they take pride in how they present themselves to people as well. That I think, is one thing we should learn from. Presenting yourself to others well shows pride in your self, as well as respect to other people because you make the effort to look good! The best part is, when you know or feel that you look good, you feel great and more confident as well :)

I burst the Stressball

… that has been accumulating inside of me in the past recent weeks. Essay after essay, editing my friends’ theses whilst attempting to have some sort of life is no easy balance. & now that all of it has passed, I really can’t believe that the final semester of my university life is drawing to a close. It was a bittersweet experience that I never got to truly grasp hold of because everything seemed to be happening nonstop. That aside, the end of a semester is always the most wonderful feeling, & I celebrated by having back to back outings the minute I submitted the final essay of the semester. YEAH!

Seoul Garden retains for me, fond nostalgic memories of my secondary school years. Somehow class reunions and the odd CCA gathering seemed to always revolve around that place. Having watched waay too many korean dramas during the stress period (since well, it wasn’t “good” to go out but watching a kdrama with my essay open in a side window was “okay” ), I began to develop a craving for korean bbq meat, particularly because of the drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (nine-tailed fox). Basically, the girl was a gumiho who craved meat, without it she’d feel really hungry and the dude was frightened that she’d eat him up so he had to feed her meat nonstop. Talk about a twisted relationship, but even so, the koreans have this knack for making any plot cry-worthy.

so this is what I saw on the show:

but this is what we got at seoul garden:

Certainly the meat wasn’t as thick or as succulent looking or as plentiful (by the time the picture was taken we were already half-full), but it did satisfy my craving reasonably well. For those who aren’t familiar with Seoul Garden – it doesn’t have a large variety of meat (i.e. it sticks to dory fish, chicken and beef besides tiny shrimp, tiny clams and cuttlefish) but it does have quite a few different flavours for each meat – teriyaki, sweet garlic, szechuan, char siew, bulgogi, black pepper. So everything’s really quite tasty and I guess it hides the sub-par quality of the meat (quite unlike the picture from the Korean drama, where the quality of the meat obviously takes precedence).

By the end of it, the bf and I were pretty satisfied and happy :)

I don’t know why I’m so pink/red in the picture, it wasn’t my makeup! I do suspect it was due to the red walls and furniture of the place – I’ll definitely be watching loads of photoshop tutorials during the holidays haha :)

Restaurant Rating
Food: Not bad, very flavourful – not for those who strongly insist on high-quality meat. Portions are generous, they top up the stations rather frequently. The basic soup is Chicken soup (comes with the meal) but you can top up $3 for other flavours – Ginseng, Herbal, Tom Yam etc (I can’t recall them all). They also have noodles, yong tau foo items, several dim sums (we didn’t try) and quite a large selection for ice kachang. Basic but not too shoddy 4/5
Ambiance: none to speak of. table with a central heating element for the bbq – but to its credit, the place was well ventilated, air-conditioned and not too smoky. Beware of loud groups of rowdy teenages on weekdays though! 3/5
Cost: cheap on the weekdays. $11.99++ (student), $19.99++ (adult) –> this was for a WEEKDAY LUNCH, so it was quite good considering the huge quantities of food we consumed 5/5
Service: No complaints! They served our water promptly, were polite and cleared our plates without us having to wave them over. 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5

Inspired by Anna Sui’s Spring 2011 collection, I took a stab at putting together a look that incorporated a few of the style elements seen on the runway:

Forgive the bare-faced picture and the messy hair – I actually took this while waiting for my hair to dry! No prizes for guessing which outfit of Anna Sui’s I was inspired by, but I was pretty pleased with how this look turned out. I’ve had this tube dress for quite awhile but never got to wearing it because it was too…red. The white crochet top toned it down without looking too overdressed. I’ve never been one for tees under dresses either so this was a much better option for me than wearing a tee underneath. Plus, it was pretty fun looking through my closet to see if I could “recycle” pieces & pair them up, inspired by one of my favourite designers, which is why I’d say my style is constantly evolving as I find new ways to wear things I already own, or invest in pieces that “refresh” my wardrobe :)

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