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Tyra Banks is friggin hilarious

After seasons of hearing the public say “mehh.. America’s Next Top Model is just the same old s***”, Tyra Banks decided to amp it up with a different take altogether. I’m only into the first 5 minutes of the show, but already I’m laughing at how funny she can get.

are YOU ready for ANTM season 16??

With so many critics taking their pick of celebrities, shows and plots to make fun of, ANTM has had its fair share of negative publicity. “the girls aren’t model material, just good pickings for reality tv”, “tyra is biased”, etc etc. So seeing Tyra’s seven minute long rant about her own show was delightfully refreshing. I couldn’t stop laughing and had to rewind (just for the heck of it) because omg that woman has some great acting chops hidden in her. Why hasn’t she acted in any movies yet! (or maybe she has and I’m just ignorant).

Tyra shuffles between role playing the three most stereotypical of girls – I LOVE how she completely went all out with her various transformations, and with such an aptly written dialogue too. the over-done sweet accessories are so spot on for that nineteen, overenthusiastic girl look. frightful really, frightfully hilarious too!

Pretentious, know-it-all, overly confident girls have always been a constant feature on the ANTM shows. Tyra rocks this look with her hoop earrings, ghetto gestures and well, loads of confidence.

last but not least, my favourite of her looks. The emo-goth one. Tyra definitely wasn’t joking in past seasons when she told the girls how it was possible to be “ugly pretty”. Seriously, she looks positively satanic in the last picture, but omg what a transformation! It just shows you what great creative & artistic direction + great make up artists + a great stylist can do when they’ve been given something pretty awesome to work on. I bet they had fun with it, and kudos to Tyra for letting it all loose in the first 7 minutes of ANTM 16.

However, whether ANTM 16 lives up to what Tyra describes to be “a new era in Top Model”, is yet to be seen. As of now, apart from that petty little prank they pulled in the beginning, I’m not seeing what’s different about the show… yet.

Highlights of the Season ANTM 15 ep 8

This week ANTM recaps the season for us – what did you think? IMHO I’ve never enjoyed the recap episode all that much. Why couldn’t they just eliminate one girl the previous episode and give another girl another chance this episode? But well perhaps Tyra Banks needs to save money. She’s eliminated girls really fast this season

  1. Terra’s elimination immediately after the makeover – which was quite mean (i thought). Here you are, letting people cut your tresses and do whatever they want with your hair, THEN you get eliminated without even a chance to get used to your new look and try to rock it? Tough, Tyra. Tough.
  2. That same episode we saw another girl leaving – double elimination in an episode.
  3. Jane & Kayla left together – double elimination

So that makes two double eliminations this season. bleh! It was unexpected alright, but not in a good way.We DO however, get to see some girls getting together and making up some “house rules”. Somehow I love Chris in this shot.

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ANTM 15 ep 11 The Top Two

Soo we knew that this day would finally be coming. But were you happy with tonight’s eliminations? I’m feeling rather pissed that my top favourite got kicked out. & it looks like we might have a repeat of ANTM 9, where Saleisha just swept away everything without a single notable fight.

Who do you think will win ANTM 15?

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ANTM S15 E10 Go Sees in Versace!

This week, we have but 5 girls left, we’re almost reaching the end! *gosh* this season has just flown by way too fast

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ANTM S15 ep 9 Mossini

This week I’m celebrating because ANN has PERSONALITY! whoo!

After much encouragement from the judges, Ann steps it up and lets her personality shine this episode. It’s not as dominant as say, Chris, but she’s turning out to be quite an interesting character

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ANTM Zac Posen Ep 8

As is the norm with every cycle of ANTM, there’s always one episode with no photoshoot – & this episode the models got to experience a runway for Zac Posen no less, and got to shoot a commercial for a fake product. Is Covergirl no longer giving Tyra as much funding for ANTM? Or is Tyra moving away from the Covergirl image towards Italian Vogue? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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America’s Next Top Model S15 Ep7

This week America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) gave a unique challenge! Girls were paired up and asked to choose outfits for their partner, then judged as a pair. However, only one girl would win the conveted prize of an opportunity to be a Grammy Girl (one of those girls giving out awards) – which occurred to me as quite unfair, because this meant that the girl who won would be winning coz of the outfit someone else carefully picked! & of course there was always the question of sabotage. methinks it would’ve been more exciting if kacey stayed on in the competition and was paired up with… lexie or kendel. haha!

Presently I’m imagining Carol and I picking outfits for each other – then I realise that it’s not THAT difficult because we know each other so well, but like Jane mentioned, the greatest difficulty would be the fact that the person you’re picking clothes for, isn’t there to try it on. So how did our top models fare?


Liz & Kayla paired up together for this challenge & I thought they were incredibly cute together. I was quite surprised that Liz had such a … girly preference in her request for a long ballroom gown, and I was even more shocked to see that the sequin pants did really come off as “kinda cute”. Sequins aren’t my thing but Liz pulls them off pretty darn well.That said, I personally thought that Liz would’ve done better not exactly with a flowy ballroom gown, but a gown with a more edgy look, like the one Marion Cotillard pulled off at the Golden Globe 2010 (right). It’s such a pity that Liz didn’t win, & felt it was because Kayla didn’t listen to her. I hope this doesn’t harm their friendship! It was good to know that despite her reputation as a Queen of Complaints, Liz didn’t make things difficult, unlike Chelsea who sulked throughout, basically making it impossible for her to win. Kayla’s outfit was fantastic – the colours weren’t too garish, which would conflict with her extremely bright hair, yet it wasn’t bland, with that silver shimmer thing going on. Not bad!  I did feel that Liz deserved some credit though.

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This week on America’s Next Top Model!

This week we have the legendary (as is Tyra’s favourite word) photographer Patrick Demarchelier, whose presence makes the girls go wow and particularly in Chelsea’s case, reduces her to a nervous, tense girl in front of the camera. I won’t say much more aside from the fact that for once, i was pleased with this episode’s elimination. Spoilers & a poll to vote for your favourite model are right after the jump! :)

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