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TAR 18 Cast Revealed!

This just in, The Amazing Race season 18 will be an all-star season and 11 teams from past seasons have been chosen to compete once again, for the million dollars. Are you shivering with excitement to know who these teams are? Well, hold on to your horses! We’ve got the confirmed cast lineup here!

Amazing Race 18 Cast

Kynt and Vyxsin — The Dating Goths from season 12; finished in 5th place.


Ronald and Christina — Father and Daughter from season 12; finished in 2nd place.

Jamie and Cara — Former NFL Cheerleaders from season 14; finished in 2nd place.

Margie and Luke — Mother and Son from season 14; finished in 3rd place.

Kisha and Jen — Sisters from season 14; finished in 4th place.

Mel and Mike — Father and Son from season 14; finished in 6th place.

Amanda and Kris — Dating Couple from season 14; finished in 8th place.

Flight Time and Big Easy — Harlem Globetrotters from season 15; finished in 4th place.

Zev and Justin — Best Friends from season 15; finished in 9th place.

Jet and Cord — The Cowboys from season 16; finished in 2nd place.

Gary and Mallory — Father and Daughter from season 17; finished in 6th place.

I see many familiar faces and it sure looks like a colourful cast so I am excited! I can’t wait for Feb! WOOHOO!

TAR 17.12 Hi. I’m Sorry. I’m in a Race

Sorry for the late update racers but as tradition dictates, I watched the finale episode with my group of friends who are avid fans of TAR. As usual, we watched with hearts palpitating, hands gripping at pillows in anxious anticipation. Could history be made at last? Would a girl team FINALLY win TAR?

Well the start of the leg began with (as expected) teams flying back to USA. This time it was Los Angeles, California. Annoyingly, the background music was Katy Perry’s California Girls which I thought was totally random. The bubblegum pop music didn’t match the frantic, frenzy and tension of the teams as they disembarked from the plane. It was really a weird mashup of scene and music I felt.

Anyhow, the doctors were the first to leave the airport and get to the first stop which was a port and much to Nat’s trepidation, she would have to bungee jump off it. She handled it really well I thought, for someone who is absolutely terrified of heights. She closed her eyes, took a leap of faith and cried as she plunged downwards.

 amazing race season 17 episode 12

It was really sweet when she finally touched the ground and exclaimed, I’ve never loved asphalt so much in my life (or something to that degree). At this time, Jill and Thomas were in a close second place with Brook and Claire in 3rd. The next clue directed teams to take a helicopter to a ‘surprise destination.’

That basically meant that teams hovered over the city and landed at the Rose Bowl where one member had to attempt a roadblock: putting together a float. Jill and Thomas lamented that their strategy didn’t pay off. They deliberately left the last roadblock to Thomas, assuming that it would be a task involving strength, skill and brains but little did they expect it to be a menial task of attaching flowers to a float. Sorry Thomas, in this game, you can never anticipate what’s gonna come up next!

amazing race season 17 episode 12

Brook however, breezed through the roadblock as Claire comments: this is her thing. Thmoas proved to be crafty with his hands (and meticulous too) and Nat faltered for awhile, forgetting to fill the plastic holders with water thereby having to redo that task. But despite that, he couldn’t overtake Nat who sped off to solve three riddles:

“Who is Sancho Panza’s master?”

“I am the place to hear the Symphony in the Glen” and

“Monroe’s Year of the Itch” amazing race season 17 episode 12

The doctors used the driver’s phone to call Information, trying to find out the answer which was Don Quixote. From this, they pieced together they needed to travel to Quixote Studios and used their call to information even further by getting the answer to the second riddle, Griffith Park, the location of Quixote Studios. The answer to the third riddle, which was 7, indicated stage 7. This was the specific place that they had to be at to receive their next clue.

Unfortunately for Jill and Thomas, they had a cab driver that didn’t understand English, or the fact that a GPS isn’t the same as the Internet. As a result, they wasted a great deal of time, allowing Brook and Claire to catch up and surpass them.

amazing race season 17 episode 12

Now after 12 legs of the race, teams have to put their memory to the test and recall all 11 greeters that greeted them on the mat as well as the headgear they had on. This task was made more confusing because they were given 48 different options on flashing screens.

 The doctors quickly identified the knight from Eastnor Castle in Leg 1, but their problems began trying to remember the two greeters in Ghana. But thankfully, they had written down all the exact details that they needed and they managed to solve the puzzle and receive the clue that directed them to the FINISH LINE at Greystone Mansion!

And despite the horrendous traffic conditions that put them on edge, the doctors emerged as clear victors with a huge lead in front of them! As they were greeted by past racers, they excitedly ran to Phil and crossed the finish line in first place i.e. the WINNERS of TAR season 17 (correction, the FIRST all-female team to win TAR) YAY!!!

This meant that Brook and Claire came in 2nd and Jill and Thomas, (poor them, they were really victims of circumstance) came in 3rd.

All in all, it’s been an awesome season. So many fun and energetic characters with colourful personalities. I especially enjoyed the Brook and Claire flair and everyone was generally likeable (except the volleyball girls. They are super bitchy in Elimination Station!) There were many firsts as well. Chad and Steph’s engagement, their tardiness that made them leave 2hours after the actual departure time, and Nick quitting the detour. Hopefully season 18 will bring in more thrills and spills especially since…. IT IS THE ALL-STARS SEASON! jeng jeng jeng! I’m looking forward to seeing more familiar faces and hopefully my favourite teams can do better this time round (now that there’s a second chance) and try to go all out to win the million dollars!

Amazing Race 17 Elimination Station & The Top 3 Contenders

Check out what the Top 3 Contenders had to say once they finished their leg in Hong Kong

and we finally find out where end city is in Elimination Station via S. Korea

I think it’s incredibly funny that everyone thinks Katie & Rachel will tackle the winning team just before they reach the pitstop if they’re a female team. hahaha.

TAR 17.11 I’m surrounded by Ninjas

We are one episode away from the finale! Can Nick and Vicki bounce back from a 6-hour penalty AND a speed bump? Will we finally have a 2/3 shot at an all-women team winning the Amazing Race? Stay tuned to find out!


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TAR 17.10 I Hate Chinese Food

It can’t be denied that one key attractions of this reality show is its ability to make or break a relationship. This season seems particularly heavy on the relationship stuff, and I’m surprised that it has made me rethink my opinions of certain teams – usually I’m biased right til the end, but after watching this week’s episode, I’m inclined to think otherwise. That hasn’t stopped me from supporting my ultimate favourites this race though. GO MEREDITH GREY TEAM! hahaha. doctors ftw!

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TAR Elimination Station 9 Via Oman

and the volleyball girl smugly said, “Stalagmites and stalactites”

TAR 17.9 There’s alot of nuts and bullets

It’s monday! You know what that means, it’s time for our recap of TAR! And boy was this week exciting! A 7-hour lead for one lucky team, a double U-Turn, and an emotional elimination! We are coming down to the wire folks! Here is what went down this week…

Flight Frenzy

Chad and Stephanie departed first at 11.10am and were instructed to fly to Bangladesh! So once again, all teams gathered at the airport, frantically booking flights. After much perseverance, Jill and Thomas booked the earliest flight out, giving them a 7-hour head start on everyone else. Upon hearing the news, Brook and Claire and Nick and Vicki scrambled for flights but only Nick and Vicki got lucky and they managed to get a comfortable lead over the rest too. So that leaves the doctors (who ended up on the 12pm flight in the end), Chad and Stephanie and Brook and Claire as the back markers. Read the rest of this entry

TAR 17.8 Ali Baba in a suit

Hello hello again Amazing Racers! It’s that time of the week again where we all get out TAR fix. With the competition dwindling, now that Michael and Kevin gone, that leaves us with 6 more teams. Will Chad and Stephanie’s explosive relationship lead them to self-destruction? Will Nat and Kat maintain their impressive lead? Will Jill and Thomas ever get more likeable? Let’s see how they fare in Oman!

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Amazing Race 17 Elimination Station

We’ve previously posted the clips for the Amazing Race 17 Elimination Station up to Norway, so we’re continuing on with Russia (: This week, CBS is giving us two clips instead of one – & I suspect it’s because Katie & Rachel make for such good, bitchy tv material.

TAR 17.7 I want to belong to the circus, that’s where i belong

This week on TAR, teams stayed in St Petersburg, Russia where they joined a Russian circus, played Gorodki and solved a mystery. As expected, the doctors prove too strong for the rest of the competition and came in numero uno but don’t fret. There was drama aplenty what with misread clues, lying teammates and of course, the much dreaded elimination.

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