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Lately I’ve really been into practical things. A sign of adulthood? I’m inclined to say yes, as I begin to discard my impulsive spending habit. That said, practical things need not be boring, or ugly, or have absolutely no design to speak of. Here’s a peek of what I’ve been lusting for lately!

This cute portable cutlery set has been perfect for office use! It’s made of plastic that’s easy to wash and the parts are detachable and simple to assemble together, even for a klutz like me (: I’ve got the set in pink! yay

This anti-shoe pad is great for those pretty cheap shoes that have absolutely no friction whatsoever, especially on rainy days. Trust me, it isn’t so glamourous when one is slipping and sliding on smooth tiles. haha. These pads don’t even fall off in the rain! They last for up to 6 months for me, but hey, I don’t walk alot in my heels, not really.

If you’re the type who takes many short trips and you want to travel light, these portable contact lens cases are the perfect solution. Containing a contacts lens case with a tiny bottle to carry 1-2 days worth of solution, it’s a far lighter and more convenient than looking for those small-sized contact lens solution bottles :)

So these were my practical shopping indulgences over the past weekend! What practical things have you added to your life lately?

Tory Burch Pre-Fall Collection 2011

Whilst browsing through Pre-Fall Collections on, Tory Burch’s collection caught my eye. Not only was the entire collection truly wearable, but I also loved the entire concept of “a little Parisian chic” that Tory Burch quoted as her inspiration for this collection. The neutral palette of ivory, bone, taupe, navy and some mint green isn’t flashy, and made the complicated patterns more wearable as the colours were more muted.

I absolutely adore the floaty material of the dresses, and find it quite intriguing how she paired striped tops with patterned clothing. Certainly, using striped tops accentuates the edges of the patterned clothing quite distinctively, it’s an interesting concept to try out. I’m also leaning towards the 3/4 sleeve length, though I generally think it’s quite an awkward length for sleeves, perhaps I’ll try out tops with either more fitted/banded/elastic cuffs, as shown above.

One thing that caught my eye was the cute mini satchel that accompanied 4 of these looks. I’ve always sworn by my trusty tote bags, but then again, it’s not like I carry around a load of stuff. I just find that it suits my style more? However, seeing that more and more designers are launching mini sized versions of their bags, added on with how adorable they look with the looks here, I’m thinking of getting a mini satchel myself

see list of products featured here

The one I’m particularly in love with from above is Dorothy PerkinsNavy Croc Mini Satchel. I have got to look for it at local stores! I’ll admit it’s quite a rip off from Proenza Schouler’s PS1, but hey for 25 GBP (est $60 SGD) I think it’s definitely worth the $$, especially since I like the textured print. Hopefully it’ll feel as good as it looks if I find it in local stores.

Not Everyone Needs to Dress Up as Santa Claus!

Each year, my family hosts a huge Christmas party for our extended family, and we always try to dress up for the Christmas Spirit! That said, for an in-house function, nobody really has gone all out with the Christmas costumes, but it never hurts to celebrate the Christmas spirit with by dressing up to its iconic red and green theme each year

see featured products here

If you’re in the mood to spice it up even more with the Christmas Spirit, or feel that you’re clothes just aren’t Christmassy enough, dig around and look for accessories to match! One year, a friend took a Santa Teddy Bear and pinned it onto her bag, it was brilliant! Using a few old Christmas ornaments in your outfit won’t hurt either! They’re not doing much on the Christmas tree, are they?

see featured products here

Have a Great Christmas!

Neon Technicolour

As seen on Karl Lagerfeld’s runway this season (Fendi Spring 2011), Neon Technicolour lips are in at the moment

With hot shades such as pink, coral and orange, neon lips draw attention to the shape and sexiness of the lips, so a more natural look is advised when worn with this makeup trend. For the Fendi 2011 Spring runway, makeup artist Peter Phillips created this look by drawing out the shape of the lip “with a strong pink, orange or coral – basic shades you can easily find”. He also mixed lip colours to create the vivid shades you see above on the models. Most of the lipsticks he used were matte, but he didn’t hesitate to use a touch of luminizer in the middle of the lips and the cupid’s bow for highlighting purposes (see lips above). For the face, he used a luminizer to create that illusion of an “inner glow” to match the bright lip colour. I’m quite a fan using luminizers to give that subtle shimmer & glow. It’s quite surprising how much more awake & healthy one seems just with a touch of extra shimmer. It does however, take some practice – when I first used luminizers, I ended up using too much & became quite sparkly.

collages courtesy of polyvore – click on images for details of featured products

As a simple guideline, for liquid/semi liquid luminizers, the appropriate amount for the entire face would be a pea-sized amount on the finger. Mix it with your foundation before applying it all over the face for an even glow. It is advisable to use a neutral colour shimmer instead of a shimmer with a bold colour, e.g. brown or dark pink. peach, or light pink colours are advised because they look more natural & light colours also accentuate the highlights of your face. For powder luminizers, apply foundation & lightly dab the shimmer with the provided sponge, before using a brush to apply your setting/finishing powder/blush/bronzer. The brush will also help to further spread out the luminizer.

On the Fendi runway, these neon lips look like they could go with any outfit. I absolutely love how they’ve each been paired with a plain yet bright coloured sandal

images courtesy of

It definitely brings a fresh, floral vibe to the collection. In fact, my first thought when I saw the first few pictures of the runway was, hey! it’s easy, breezy, beautiful! Haha well, Covergirl wasn’t their sponsor, but the loose fitting (yet well cut) clothes cling and float away from the models beautifully.

Will you be trying out this runway look for your daily wear? Fashion blogger Taylor from SterlingStyle loves rockin’ the bright-lipped look on a daily basis.

image courtesy of

Tips to rock this look:

  1. Neutral colours for face, with a luminizer for that “inner glow”
  2. Matte lip colours
  3. Add a dab of luminizer/lipgloss on the cupid’s bow and centre of the lower lip to highlight
  4. use a lip pencil prior to lipstick application for defined lips
  5. experiment with lip colours!
  6. accessorize with your lip colour for an extra oomph to that outfit (with my love for neon, bright nails, i’m definitely going on a hunt for a bright lip colour to match my nail polish shades!)

Never Hide. Ray-Ban.

Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never hide

Ray-Ban’s slogan for its Never Hide Campaign

Even though Ray-Ban’s Never Hide Campaign has been going on since 2009, I wasn’t that interested until I saw its latest advertisements in local optometrist stores over the weekend, & decided to check it out. The wonders of Google.

With an interesting and varied collection of artists, Ray-Ban has come up with a very colourful and eye-catching campaign, to attract the young consumers dominating the market in today’s world. & as we know, I’m extremely attracted to items with a creative medley of colours, so these advertisements caught my attention effortlessly.

I was particularly appreciative of the concept behind their entire marketing campaign, “The courage to express your true self – your thoughts and your personality genuinely – and staying faithful to the values of authenticity and uniqueness” , one that I fully agree with. & upon visiting their website, I was both amused & impressed by videos submitted by the public for this campaign. My favourite? Super Chameleon!

You can check out more videos here

FYI, the video showcased is NOT animal cruelty. Chameleons change colours almost reflexively – just as how one does not think of how to command each singular muscle to move so that one step can be taken, a chameleon easily processes a colour change within several milliseconds. Chameleons colour-change to adapt to their environment & engage in mating

A Matter of Taste

What happens when you combine food with fashion? Well, photographer Fulvio Bonavia has a delectable answer. In his book, A Matter of Taste, he featured the theme, “Food as Fashion,” crafting gorgeous accessories out of REAL food. These are some of my favourite designs:

They look good enough to eat don’t they? I love the gumdrop bangle. It is so colourful, chic and totally wearable while the cashew sandals and the anchovy belt have gotta be the most creative pieces of fashion/art I have ever seen. I’m curious though about whether these things are sturdy enough. I’m pretty sure the cashew sandals will fall apart if someone steps on them and sadly, the gumdrop bangle will attract ants but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless. So much for “you should never play with your food”. I’m sure glad that Bonavia did!

To view the rest of his yummylicious photos, see


Inspired by Sheena when I first blogged about her here, I decided to go accessories hunting at Forever21, one of my go-to favourites for bargain deals on accessories. I can’t wait to match some of these with that little black dress I have in my closet (:


accessories by birdiie_ featuring high heels shoes

Links to items after the jump :)

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365 Ways to Wear that Little Black Dress

New Yorker Sheena Mathieken found a way to embrace eco-consciousness with her quirky sense of fashion. With only a little black dress, she found all sorts of innovative ways to stay fashionably stylish for an entire year. The accessories & clothings featured in her project were all vintage wear, thrifted, her own or donated.

The Uniform Project began 1st May 2009 and ended this year April 2010. & on top of being eco-friendly, The Uniform Project also functioned as a fundraiser for the Akanksha foundation, raising $103,374 for the children and winning her a prestigious spot as one of Elle’s Women of the Year 2009.
Need some style inspiration? Check out my favorite looks of hers in the rest of this entry

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Fashion Fridays

This week on I’m obsessed with the indie-vintage store known as Modcloth. For an independent label, it is perhaps slightly on the pricey side when compared to mass market labels such as Forever21. However, it’s definitely oogle-worthy for style inspirations and maybe, a splurge or two.

I pick my favourites from the store after the jump!

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