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2012 Collections on Youtube

I love how so many brands have jumped onto the youtube bandwagon. Certainly, there’s something enthralling about runway that cannot be replicated, but a youtube video brings so much life! character! and personality to the brand. With its concept, the props (or lack thereof) and the movements of the models, one gets to know the brand, as it is, so much better. Here are my top 5 favourites!

my absolute favourite has to be the Louis Vuitton one. love the colours, love the contrast! I want to be that model.


Lately, I think I’m becoming more & more of an insomniac. I’m tired but can’t sleep, the lights are off but I spend hours just tossing and turning – somehow sleep doesn’t come as easily as it used to. & since lack of sufficient sleep could result in life-threatening diseases or a host of other evil sickly conditions, I thought it’ll be good to attempt to fix it now than procrastinate (which is my usual pattern, oops!)

  1. refrain from doing too much physical activity before your bedtime

This I thought, was pretty common sense. Exercising = increased heart rate, increased blood flow to all parts of your body & you’ll definitely be feeling more awake. I’ve pretty much switched all my exercise to early in the morning before work now, &  feel more energetic for the work day! Besides, I started to realise that on days I chose to exercise in the night just before the day, not only am I unable to sleep, but I kinda feel like shit the next morning.

hahaha. but yeah I do drag myself around the office at times…

2. Face Massage

I love massages, but never really thought about doing it to my face! So after surfing around and getting some tips, I tried it out myself and omgawd it is the most awesome idea EVER. I’ve always known that relaxing one’s face can do wonders for your stress levels, but massaging your face brings it up a full notch. It’s difficult to explain, but here’s a great diagram to show you which points on your face you can massage, and what actions to do at specific points.

In fact, I sometimes do it at my desk whenever I’m tired of staring at the computer screen. Not only does it refresh my mind, but I feel that my mind is “clearer” and it’s easier to think… or sleep :)

3. Calming Music

It’s been said that calming or soothing music can really help a person relax and reach a stage of tranquility. With me however, it doesn’t really seem to work. I tend to be inspired by the music instead and start thinking about what instruments they’re using etc etc. A leftover hazard from a musical background? haha I wouldn’t really know…but I guess that everyone has different inclinations, even in sleep patterns.

Clazziquai Project is one of my favourite Korean bands & to me, their music is really soothing & calming. I like listening to them when I’m travelling home alone in the train or taking a long bus journey :)

4. Eat more Nuts, Fruits  and Green Leafy Vegetables

besides being a source of fibre, nuts, fruits and green leafy vegetables contain magnesium, which is a natural sedative. pretty cool huh? I always think of magnesium as part of the periodic table, not really as something that’s essential for my anatomy to function properly! No wonder I feel so sleepy at work after snacking on nuts. or maybe that’s just bloated overeating, haha. Well, with sufficient magnesium in your system, sleeping like a log won’t be a problem.

5. Have someplace Comfortable to sleep in

This again might seem like an even more common sense point, but it occurred to me that hey, my bed isn’t all that friendly as a sleep environment. I’ve hoarded tons of soft toys, I’ve got my drawer handle jutting out where my head lies (and yes I do hit my head sometimes), I’ve got too many pillows and end up only sleeping on half the bed!

So after some much needed decluttering (to the Salvation Army!), my bed’s much emptier now and larger than i perceived it to be. Ironically, I’m not sure if i’m comfortable with so much space, especially since I’m used to being smothered with my things. heh. But I’m definitely not waking up with weird aches here and there because i slept on top of an oddly shaped toy anymore!

Alright time for me to continue testing out my research. more sleep tips to come if these don’t work in the looong run :D

disclaimer: these tips have been tried and tested personally by me over a period of 1 month. Sleep patterns & inclinations are specific to individuals, so I will not claim responsibility if they don’t work for you. :)

Airconditioned Comfort

One thing I’ve been noticing lately is how parched & dehydrated airconditioning can make me feel. From my skin to my eyes and my throat, I’m definitely feeling the dehydration from constantly being in an air-conditioned environment at work.

My solution? 5 Work Must-Haves that keep me perky & hydrated for the rest of the day :)

1. Eyedrops

As a contacts lens wearer, I try my best to take good care of my eyes so my vision won’t worsen. Eyes are really an important part of my anatomy, so I invest in good quality contacts (AirOptix) & whenever my eyes feel dry or uncomfortable at work, I use eyedrops.

The awesome thing about eyedrops is that they’re available at any pharmacy and instantly refresh your eyes. Moreover, if you’re feeling discomfort or carelessly wore your lens the wrong way/an eyelash went into your eye, eyedrops are a safe and hygenic liquid to wash your lenses with. You have no idea how much germs there could be in all the water pipes – & risking your sight isn’t worth it. So yep! this is my number 1 indispensable product :)

2. Wet Wipes

A study conducted in 2002 revealed that your office desk could be up to 400 times dirtier than your toilet. So clean up!

Personally, I prefer having a box of wet wipes at my table than those small packets – saves on the plastic I throw away plus bigger quantity means bigger savings! HAHAHA omg I sound like such an aunty XP

Areas to look out for? Your keyboard ( the keys and the spaces in between), your mouse, and hidden corners of your desk that you don’t really touch. You never know what kind of mould or little colony of creepy crawlies/bacteria invisible to the naked eye, that you might be nurturing… *shudders* The study noted that Bacteria growth decreased by 99.9% if the desk was wiped with disinfecting wipes daily & it really isn’t much of a hassle to incorporate it into one’s daily routine.

I also use wet wipes to dab my face whenever I feel my skin is too dehydrated, or overly oily (then afterwards I touch up with my compact.) It’s actually a really convenient way to freshen up at your desk too!

3. Water Bottle

Waterbottles contain your water. ’nuff said. Drink loads & remember that the prescribed ideal amount is 8 glasses a day :) & if you remember, I’ve said this before. Water is Awesome.

4. A Spritz, A Spray

I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t yet an everyday essential, but Caroline does love spritzing this on a daily basis to freshen up, as do some of my colleagues. Mostly though, they don’t just invest in spritzes meant for the face. Spritzes for those with long hair serve to tame those frizzy strands in the middle of a hectic day (just before that big presentation to the boss!).

Personally I’ve tried and loved hair spritzes – I notice that not only do I have fewer dry ends, but my hair is keep smelling all nice & wonderful, which is rather hard as I keep going to the nearby hawker centres & my hair just soaks it all up. lol.

View Caroline’s review of the Avene Thermal Spring Water here


5. Vitamin C

Surprised? Well Vitamin C is one of the key vitamins that helps you and your skin keep hydrated. I’m no scientist so I won’t attempt to clumsily detail how it does so, but suffice it to say that I’m really feeling a difference in both my skin condition & my alertness at work after I starting taking these chewable tablets at work.

& surprise, surprise, it was the boyfriend (of all people) who introduced me to this stuff. The best part is, when I get an “itchy mouth” and crave for something to munch, popping my daily quota of two tablets kinda eases the itch. somewhat. for an hour at least, hahaha.

Plus, Vit C’s been known to keep one healthy & flu-free. & my office has the quirky benefit of giving each employee a reward of $50/year if you take zero days of sick leave, lol.

5 Movies I can’t wait to watch

with so many of my favourite TV shows ending last season, I’ve been pretty much left bereft of any entertainment, which leaves me feeling quite morose about not having something to come home to. Cue in movie trailers I watch off youtube, snippets of movies that have yet to come to theaters. Here’s a list of movies I can’t wait to watch!

1. The Art of Getting By

Movies from Sundance always, always intrigue me.

2. Happythankyouplease

another Sundance film, starring Ted Moseby from How I Met Your Mother

3. The Other Woman

I don’t agree with the morals of this film, but I love Natalie Portman

4. Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz sheds her goody/bimbo girl image for a money grubbing drug snorting alcoholic teacher. The trailer made me laugh. ’nuff said!

5. Puss in Boots

From the geniuses of Dreamworks. Not to be missed! :)

Fruit Mania

With the weather going all hot and cold on us, it’s time to build up our defenses against mother nature & stay healthy & flu free! Besides staying indoors the entire day or popping vitamin pills, drinking or eating fruits is a great way to keep your body hydrated, healthy and chock full of great vitamins and minerals, reducing your chances of falling sick.

With sooo many fruit juice stalls at the hawker centre near my workplace, I’ve been merrily drowning myself in fruit juice recently. It’s a great alternative to bubble tea, which tastes awesome but isn’t so friendly to my calorie count :(

So, what fruits are the most beneficial? Here’s a list of fruits that would be a great addition to your daily meal :)

    1. Apples. Ever since I learnt that “A is for Apple” back in kindergarden, it’s become the most basic fruit that pops to mind. Apples typically contain about 80 calories, 0g of fat and 3gs of fiber. It also contains vitamins A, B and C plus the minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium. They are also said to calm and soothe the digestive system. Most importantly, Apples contain pectin, which is capable of “soaking up” bad cholestrol, reducing overall cholestrol levels in the blood.
    2. Bananas. High in carbs, these fruits are perfect for those who are perpetually hungry or feel lethargic and want a filling substitute to sweets and other snacks. With high levels of potassium, bananas are particularly good for your heart.
    3. Carrots. Carrots are probably my most favourite fruit/vegetable! Perhaps memories of Bugs Bunny munching on his in those loony tunes cartoons got me addicted, but i LOVE the taste of carrots, even in juice! Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A, an essential ingredient that helps you maintain your eyesight.
    4. Dragonfruit. One of the rare fruits I don’t eat. It’s like some weird alien looking fruit and for that reason, I’ve always steered clear of it. That said, this fruit packs a punch and helps in reducing cholesterol levels, balancing blood sugar and strengthens the kidney. It’s even been said to improve one’s complexion. It includes Vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, Calcium, Beta-Carotene and Iron.
    5. Pineapples Containing Vitamins B and C and minerals Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese and Potassium, it’s bursting with awesome goodness. The best part? The enzyme bromelain found in the fruit is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it helps with all types of inflammation.

So with the weather fluctuating so unpredictably these few days, EAT SMART & DRINK SMART! The weekend is nigh, so stay healthy enough to enjoy it! :)

What’s on my playlist…

It’s the mid week lull once again and what we all need is alittle pick me up. What works really well for me is to listen to happy, chirpy music, preferably one that is groove-worthy. So what I usually do is to sit at my desk, plug in and do work. All while tapping my feet to the beat of course. Here’s my music picks this week.

1. She & Him “In The Sun”

2. Glee “Loser Like Me”

3. Hey Monday “Candles”

4. Jessie J “Price Tag” ft B.o.B

5. Adam Lambert “Aftermath”


5 pretty cool Online Magazines

It was only recently that I discovered the joy of reading online magazines. Without the wasteful clutter of paper (save the earth!), I still get to enjoy great content, (mostly) free!

I discovered Catalog Magazine two days ago when a colleague brought a complimentary copy into the office and instantly fell in love. In a few words, it’s the perfect mix of high fashion, indie and great writing. My favourite pages? The Runway Trends page that showcases the key looks of the season and its feature on the M.A.C. Wonder Woman Collection :) Its online archives are not as viewer-friendly as I’d like but since it’s free, I’m not complaining!

Juice Magazine is another local production that took me by surprise. Like Catalog, its content is also online but done in a blog format instead. Its main content comprises of events happening around town, music, fashion and design – with the bulk of its focus on indie and local talents. My favourite? The section known as Juice ♥, for its coverage of environmental and social issues/causes from all around the world.

I’ve known this site for awhile, and have always thought that its logo and name was quite genius. Who wouldn’t want their Monday to seem as if it was going to fly past? Monday Flying is a joint project by three women and is only available exclusively online, not in magazine format. Covering news about shopping and travel guides to the cities of  Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, KL, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul – this is a must read website before you leave to go shopping at any of these places. My favourite would be their weekend feature, where they cover activities and events happening over the weekend in Singapore.

I-S Magazine would be one of the better known local magazines as it is a subsidiary of its overseas counterpart. With its main focus on restaurants, nightlife and events, it’s the perfect magazine for the person who loves an after-work life. Nevertheless, everyone should check out their Readers’ Choice Awards 2011 for the best of nightlife, partying spots and travel places of the year. My favourite section? The Top 10 lists – a quick reference to anything or everything you can think of. Gelato, Bike Shops, Rooftop Bars, Pizza, Cheesecake… you name it, they’ve got it.

Nylon Magazine is probably one of the most popular online magazines in the world. Its main focus is on Beauty, Fashion and Music and has regular interviews with various celebrities, which are posted for your viewing pleasure on its Youtube channel Nylon TV. Check out their recommended music lists for the latest upcoming indie artists.

5 beauty items that are just too cute

I am such a sucker for anything cute and kawaii. So when Ruth did a post about Sephora’s Hello Kitty collection, I had goo-goo eyes and instantly, somewhere deep down in my soul there is a lustful hunger that growls “I WANT!!!” I mean look at this perfume bottle! Who can say no t0 that??

And so, in my insatiable greed, I started feasting my eyes on MORE pretty things and I thought that I should share them with you. First up…

1. Sephora’s Flower Kabuki Brush

Isn’t that the cutest brush you’ve ever seen? Mineral makeup application will never be the same again. I think the un-uniformed concaved texture will allow for more contouring and probably a smoother finish as it’ll really blend the minerals into your skin (or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that it works cos it’s too cute when really, it can’t even buff properly). Whatever it is, this is just adorable.

2. Stila’s Make Me Blush Palette

Stila has always been known for it’s chic packaging especially it’s travel palettes but this just takes it up a notch. I love how this could double up as a blush/bronzer and it looks like it could really give you that peachy glow! What’s more, the little scrawled on words are so cool! A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day me thinks. It’s like wearing his kisses on your cheeks all day! What a sweet thought eh?

3. Jelly Pong Pong Cupcake Bath Fizzles

Bath time will never be the same again with these pretty little bath fizzles. In fact, they look too pretty to use! I’d just put them in the toilet as an air freshener or something. Some might even mistake these for actual cupcakes what with the rich ‘creamy’ blue icing swirls. You should check out their whole range of bath stuff. They have popsicle soap bars!

4. Anna Sui Lip Gloss C and Lip Gloss R

Anna Sui has always had this dark, glamourous yet gothic feel about it and for its Spring 2011 line of lip glosses, it has kept to that similar aesthetic but has added a more luxe feel to it (also reminiscent of Majolica Majorca’s packaging). I love how classy and sleek these lip glosses look. I definitely will want to carry one in my purse. This is clearly a case of good things coming in small (pretty) packages!

5. Tokidoki Sodashop Palette

This Japanese-inspired makeup brand founded by Italian artist Simone Legno is full of vibrancy and life. I love the graffiti-ish, comic book vibe (kinda reminds me a little of Urban Decay) and the added bonus? You get a collectible with every makeup palette purchased! In this set, you get a pendant magnet! And what’s more, you can reuse the tin! How’s that for saving the environment!

Do you fall prey to pretty packaging? What are your choice picks for cutesy beauty items?

5 2011 movies we’re excited to see!

Hey everyone, it’s been quite awhile since I did a 5 things post and I quite miss it! And so, today’s 5 things will be about 5 upcoming 2011 movies that we are just dying to see! First up?

1. Water for Elephants

Hohoho! I did a review of Sara Gruen’s book a couple of months back (you can read the review here) and whadda ya know! Hollywood is filming it! YAY! Guess who is playing Jacob? *drumroll* Robert Pattinson! And guess who is playing his equestrian muse? Who else but the luminous Reese Witherspoon? Just look at the poster!

Does it not remind you a little of Britney’s Circus video? I am totally psyched to see this beautiful book on the big screen! Check out the trailer:

Is it not promising, enchanting and magical? I can’t hardly wait!!

2. No Strings Attached

Next movie I’ve got for you is a rom-com starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, a pairing we’ve never seen before. Come to think of it, this could be Natalie Portman’s first attempt at a rom-com! Quite the transition after her performance in Black Swan. This is a modern re-take of When Harry Met Sally. Will it be possible for two friends to just have a platonic relationship? Or will emotions get in the way?

You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. Meanwhile, I’ll tease you with the trailer:

3. Thor

This one is for the boys! If you are a Marvel Comics fan, then you’ll be mighty pleased to know that Thor is coming out early this year starring Chris Hemsworth (must be a new guy cos I’ve never heard of him before!) as the warrior himself, Natalie Portman as his love interest (she’s been making loads of movies this year. She’s also starring in The Other Woman) and we’ve got Anthony Hopkins thrown in the mix as well.

Hopefully this installment will be as good or even better than Iron Man! Also, I hear that Captain America might also be coming out this year too so look out for that!

4. Contagion

For movie buffs who enjoy some ‘save the world’ drama, then Contagion is the movie for you! The cast is so starstudded, it’s blinding! Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard (absolutely adored her in Love Me If You Dare and Inception), Jude Law and Gwenyth Paltrow! It’s a big budget action blockbuster about doctors trying to prevent the spread of swine flu.

Sounds kinda blah? Well, let me change your mind. It’s filmed in over 10 countries, the script is written by the dude who wrote The Bourne Ultimatum and the film has been described by critics to be ‘breakneck tense.’ Sounds like quite the deal to me!

5. Hugo Cabret

If you are into trying out something new, then look no further. Martin Scorsese’s new film is really, a film of firsts. His first 3D movie, first children’s movie and the first time in 10 years Leo Dicaprio isn’t in the cast. I’m definitely gonna watch this film because of Chloe Moretz. That girl is a rising star I tell you, ever since I first laid eyes on her in 500 Days of Summer, I knew she was gonna be huge. Then came Kick Ass and Let Me In and now she’s a bonafide star! Hugo Cabret’s about an orphan boy who lives at a train station and how his life becomes messed up when he meets an eccentric girl… mysterious eh? Featuring Asa Butterfield in the title role, Jude Law and Sacha Baron Cohen, this looks like an intriguing movie to watch!

movies for 2011

Also, 2011 spells the year of the sequels and prequels. We have Twilight, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, X-Men (doing a prequel), Pirates of the Carribean, Mission Impossible 4, Scream 4, Transformers 3 and a whole lot more. 2011 sounds like an exciting year for cinema goers! Which are your top 5 most anticipated movies?

New Year resolutions

Now that we are on the cusp of the new year, it is time to make some resolutions and goals to accomplish by the end of the year and hopefully *fingers crossed* keep to it!

The trick is to set achievable goals. Things that are within your reach (so you should probably cross out ‘marrying Justin Bieber’ on your list). Another way is to make your goals general instead of specific. Sometimes you don’t know what it is you exactly want to accomplish and achieve, but you have that little bit of inspiration and impetus to put yourself out there. If so, classify it under “try something new” or “get out of my comfort zone.” This would help you pin that nagging feeling down and then you can slowly narrow down your options to maybe, ‘learning how to play the drums’ or ‘I will overcome my fear of heights by sitting a roller coaster’.

Though I have to say, for some goals like for example, saving money, it might be useful to be specific: “I will save $1000 a month.” By setting a cap to your expenditure and pinning it down to a specific number, this makes it more real and you’ll be more likely to keep to it rather than “Oh, I will save money this year lah.” That just sounds fluffy.

Another tip is not to set too many goals. You could set a thousand goals for yourself but there wouldn’t be much of a point cos you wouldn’t be able to achieve all of them. In fact, this process might actually be stressful because you’ll live life by a checklist, ticking off each task. Now where is the fun in that? Instead of constraining yourself, make room for some flexibility and set 3-5 main goals and you can always modify them as you go along. Be open to the unexpected possibilities and opportunities that come knocking on your door.

After so much rambling, it’s time to reveal my new year resolutions. Here goes!

1. Spend less, save more

This is one tough goal to achieve especially since I am constantly tempted by pretty stationery, books and clothing. But I’ve come to realize the value of money (especially since it is hard earned!) and how as I am beginning to take over the reigns of my insurance policies, phone bills and other ‘adult’ expenses and responsibilities (thankfully I’ve got no student loans. Phew!), money is quickly dissipating! So it is high time that I started budgeting my expenses more stringently and start saving for my future!

porkchop will keep your money safe!

Note to self: borrow books from libraries and secondhand bookshops or participate in book exchanges instead of buying books. And you really don’t need another sweater/cardigan. You have gazillions in your wardrobe.

2. Create a Must-Read book list and finish it

My friend Chell was just telling me of this awesome book community at GoodReads and how they have a communal goal to set a list of 12 books (the 12 books differ from person to person) they need to read by the end of the year and they would motivate one another to finish it! In addition, they will give you suggestions and book reviews to help you pick your 12 books. Pretty awesome huh. It’s nice to know that old school book clubs and the art of reading still exists in a day and age that is dominated by iPhones and the Internet.

I definitely want to be a part of something like that. I think I will need a book support group when I start my practicum and I start being a busy busy bee. I foresee that when that day comes, 12 books will actually be quite a stretch and I need all the motivation I can get to accomplish this task!

So many books, so little time!

3. Infuse creativity, don’t give in to the humdrum of life

As a teacher, I keep to a strict timetable of 7.30am morning assembly, classes throughout the day and CCA at the end of school. It is so easy to get sucked into the monotony of life’s routine. And as a result, you just feel tired, weary and jaded. I refuse to be beaten by the system! This year, I will try ways and means to be creative in the classroom and channel positive energy in my life! As Maya Angelou writes “you may trod me in the very dirt,/ But still like dust, I’ll rise.” (you can read more of her gorgeous poem here.) That’s the kind of mentality I will be embracing this coming year. Optimism FTW!

It’s a bright sunshiney day!

4. Try out something new and get out of your comfort zone!

I am an absolute comfort zone person. I traipse within the boundaries, I toe the line but I never venture out to see the greener pastures. (I have friends who committed themselves to running a half marathon!!! What am I doing with my life?!)

This year, I wanna put myself out there and experience (or at least try *cautious*) a new hobby, sport or crazy stunt. I’m leaning towards scrapbooking and papercraft right now but even so, that sounds safe and very ‘me’. Lol. The other alternatives I have are learning another instrument (drums hopefully), bungee jump, volunteer or help out at some kind of charitable organization, er… exercise… (can you just sense my dread? That’s why I made this goal general instead of specific lol.) learn how to cook or bake… yeah. That’s pretty much it for now. But like I said, goals can be adapted over time so YAY to keeping my options open!

Ok, here goes nothing…

5. Live and love with a passion

By this I mean making time for friends and family because without their love and support, I would be a very unhappy individual. And as I’ve mentioned before, I am a social creature and these people (you know who you are!) are my top priority and given that my love language is ‘spending quality time,’ no matter how busy I am, I will MAKE TIME for them. I look forward to many more occasions where we can indulge in good food, great conversations, laughter and silly nonsense.

This year I’m looking forward to flourishing friendships (and budding new ones!), to getting to know new students and changing their lives, one poem at a time and of course, building a loving and meaningful relationship with my other half (and our cats). And given that we both are starting work together next year, that would be a challenge. But hey, I love rising up to challenges. As a wise person once said “there are so many people out there who will tell you you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say ‘watch me’.”

I am lion. Hear me roar.

Basically, to sum up everything, I want 2011 to be a year of defiance. To stand up for myself more, to be who I want to be and do what I want to do! And I wish to do this with much gusto and of course, with a strong healthy dose of positivity and optimism. (Oh. And it doesn’t hurt to do so fashionably as well!)

So here’s to Quirkychic, may this new year be blog-worthy and here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year! It is gonna be absolutely awesome!

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