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Our Favourites from the SAG Awards 2012

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Why I love New Girl, Jess.

Ruth and I have clearly expressed our love for Zooey Deschanel in previous posts but this girl crush has got to be at its peak now that she is starring as Jess in New Girl. She is quirky and funny without even trying. I actually think that she’s a natural and Jess as a character is actually more of a reflection of Zooey’s true self than we think she is.

Her exuberance and infectious personality makes me literally laugh out loud especially the Thanksgiving episode. Pairing Justin Long and Zooey together is just pure genius! They are like two peas in a pod and I really liked how they matched each other’s energy and could complete each other’s sentences in song. I hope Justin Long’s character (Paul) sticks around for abit. I kinda like how he gets under Nick’s skin.

But of course, the show’s also awesome because of the fashion! Jess gives a whole new meaning to school teacher chic! She’s got quite the bookish charm and appeal and I’m absolutely smitten. I want her whole wardrobe. Now.

 Twist on the pussy bow blouse (hopefully there’s a dupe on ASOS) and a cute polka dotted skirt in navy! And she has dreamy wavy hair to boot. *JEALOUS*

And here we see her changing up the look again. This time with a cosy little cardigan and a multi-print dress. The blue and red combi really works with the glasses and the updo. Seriously, the stylist (if she has a stylist) is just awesome possum.

Aaaaand in this picture, I think she totally stole the bride’s thunder. Hopefully this won’t happen at my wedding but look at the bouncy curls! She’s a complete stunner in that purple chiffon toga imo. (And just a sidetrack, is that Kina Grannis in the background? The one with the white rose in her hair?)

Whatever it is, Zooey looks fabulous. Sure, there is some inconsistencies in the plot that needs ironing out like, who in the right mind stays with guys that she got to know off the Internet?! and Coach’s replacement with Winston. I still don’t get Winston’s appeal to be honest. I much preferred Coach. I only sorta ‘get’ Nick’s ‘purpose’ in the show so far. Schmidt’s kind of annoying with his i’m-a-wannabe-player antics though he was mad funny in Thanksgiving so here’s hoping he gets better.

All in all, I think some gelling within the cast is needed but hey, these things take time. Friends and How I Met Your Mother wasn’t fantastic right off the bat either so here’s hoping that with time, New Girl will be a keeper! (And not suffer the same fate as some sitcoms like Dharma and Greg and Melissa and Joey… sorry but I didn’t think these shows were particularly great and/or memorable.)

TV is back!!

With Ruth flying away to the Land of the Rising Sun, I have little to keep me occupied aside from TV shows. And I am so glad that September’s here and all my shows are back!

And it all started with a Big Bang…

Season 5 continues from where we left off with Penny leaving Leonard’s apartment exclaiming “It’s not what you think” and Raj looking rather sheepish while everyone looks on with quizzical looks on their faces. Of course Sheldon still has an uncanny way of breaking uncomfortable silences but really, with Priya back in India and Penny staying just next door to Leonard, I’m pretty sure that season 5 will see a reconciliation of Penny and Leonard! Although latest rumours see Leonard hanging out around Amy… will that get Sheldon jealous?


While the first two episodes weren’t that funny imo (second episode was plain gross. I’m scared of sofa seats now and Sheldon’s constant knocking on Penny’s door was alittle excessive in that episode), I’m confident that it’ll get better. They just need to get their swing back. A pairing that I would love to see? Penny and Sheldon! I mean, if opposites attract, then these two are it! I can imagine Penny singing “Soft Kitty” to Sheldon and tucking him into bed already! *excited*


With Robin realising that she still has a little something for Barney and Barney going absolutely gaga over Nora, how will this work itself out? Will Barney ever want to give Robin and chance and start again? I sure hope so! I’m not liking honest “I’m a new man” Barney. Bring back the suave ladies man!

 Now that Ted’s met Victoria AGAIN, after being the absolute jerk he was before, will she want to start over? And Lily and Marshall are starting a family hurray! How will this change the dynamics of the group? Can’t wait to find out this season!

Gossip Girl

Ok, admittedly GOssip Girl has a weak plot. I mean, fake cousins, engagement entanglement, backstabbing and thievery? So melodramatic. But writers are going to try to normalise things in the Upper East Side with Serena finding a proper job as a PA and actually doing pretty decent! But then she meets Charlie/Ivy. How is that going to pan out?

And of course, Blair is preggies. Is it the Prince’s or Chuck’s? Will that derail the engagement? And what’s Dan going to do when he finds out? Is he willing to be a baby’s daddy for a second time? Then there’s Vanessa and the whole drama of publishing Dan’s novel exposing secrets of the Upper East Side. That’s gotta be interesting and lastly, there’s Liz Hurley’s character who is cleverly manipulating Nate. Sounds crappy and weak but I’m unabashed when I say, hello guilty pleasure.


It’s the final year for everyone except Artie and Tina and they’ve got alot to prove. With Blaine on board, will this give New Directions an edge or will this mean complete utter destruction? In other news, Quinn has gone all bad ass and she and Lauren have left New Directions? Will they come back or join Shelby’s new club? And where will Glee Project’s Damian and Samuel fit in? Can’t wait for episode 4 to see Damian’s debut!

The Amazing Race (S19)

I cannot believe that TAR has been around for such a long time! This latest season, we see Survivor couple Ethan and Jenna try their luck at winning yet another million dollars. How will the contestants react to that? There was no lack of drama in the first episode with twins getting stuck at the Confucian roadblock, unable to memorise and recall a phrase and Kaylani and Lisa got majorly delayed cos of a lost passport (Yikes!) but elderly couple, Bill and Cathy came in last after spending more than 4 hours searching for a clue and were the last to arrive.

However, in a new spin to things, no one got eliminated. Instead, two teams will get the boot in the next leg of the race! That’s soooo exciting! I can’t wait!

The Glee Project

Okay I know I’ve been alittle bit of a TV geek lately but just bear with me. I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms ever since Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl and Glee’s season ended and I guess to cope with the loss, I’ve had to turn to other avenues. So to put it simply, I found my Glee fix through this show featured on Star World called The Glee Project which is a reality tv show that auditions for new cast members. The winner will get a 7 episode guest starring role in Glee!

I’m almost finishing the entire season. In fact, I’m left with the last episode so I’m REALLY excited to find out who won. I think what’s really cool about the show is how each little task is crafted to suit the Glee format. For example, each contestant will have to do a homework assignment, much like how Mr Schuester on the show assigns one each week. Also, at the end of the week, the entire group will film a music video and the three worst performers will get to do a last chance performance in front of Ryan Murphy who ultimately decides who gets called back and who goes.

Can you guess who are my favourite contestants? Hoho, if you guessed Cameron, you guessed right!

How do I love thee, let me count the ways! I love how he is cool in this geeky nerdy way. He can’t dance but he tries and his spastic movements are just so uniquely endearing! And I love his dressing- seriously geek chic to the max, his singer/songwriter vibe and how he is so convicted, unwilling to compromise on his beliefs. It’s really rare to come across someone who isn’t going to waver under the influence of show biz. It’s a dirty gritty industry but Cameron does his best to come out of it unscathed. I think I loved him the minute he sang Baby It’s Cold Outside and his original song, Love Can Wait.

Even though he quit, I’m pretty sure we won’t see the last of him! Hopefully Ryan will be nice and write him a bit part in Glee!

Okay, it is not possible NOT to like Hannah. She is so down to earth. So bubbly and optimistic and even when she has problems with choreography, she really gives it her all and never gives up. She to me epitomizes the Glee spirit. I see her and I’m immediately happy and I immediately want to root for her. And seriously, she’s the only one who can tolerate Alex and I think her having a crush on Damien is SO relatable. I heart Hannah!

Speaking of Damien, I think he is absolutely adorable and like Hannah, he is instantly likable. He’s not necessarily the most memorable of characters (Samuel, Alex and Matheus are wayyyy more showy and flamboyant) but I kind of like his boy next door appeal. Plus, the Irish accent is kind of cute. And I think in recent episodes, he’s really stepped it up a notch and I really think he is showing that he’s in it to win it. And since Cameron has sacrificed his place so Damien can stay, I REALLY hope Damien wins so Cameron’s sacrifice will not be in vain. So *fingers crossed* I think the battle is between him and Samuel. Let’s hope Damien comes up tops. I’m kind of bored of Samuel’s squinty eyes and intense gaze.

It’s pretty much like this x100000

Are you hooked on The Glee Project too? Who are your favourite characters?

Glee New York Fashion

I just watched the season finale of Glee and I have a whole lot of mixed feelings about it. Like Gossip Girl, it didn’t give me much to look forward to the next season. Everything seems to have been tied up too neatly. I mean, Finn and Rachel getting back together isn’t much of a surprise. Kurt seems to have everything going for him and Mr Schu is going to stay. I mean, things are looking up for New Directions. Even Sue has decided to stop her evil ways so really, what more can the new season bring?

But that being said, there were a couple of things that I did enjoy about the episode. Like the bright bold uses of colour. Seems like they’ve been inspired by Zara and Lancome as mentioned by Ruth.

Everyone just looks so fresh and full for energy! The boys look absolutely dapper and dashing and the girls are gorgeous with a capital G. I won’t go through every single look but I’ll just focus on my favourites. Namely Rachel, Santana and Brittany.

Ah Brittany. She seems to have grown alot wiser this season. Her last conversation with Santana actually shows that she has some depth and she’s not just a pretty face that can dance. I can’t wait to see whether sparks will fly with Santana next season. Fashion-wise, I love how she is totally rocking this golfer look. The cute little postman cap, the little cravat, that turf grass green college jacket and white denim. The colours just go so well together! I swear it’s the red/white candy cane striped cravat and how it contrasts nicely with the green of the jacket. Somehow red and green just make sense. It’s so christmassy!

And who can forget our hot latin girl, Santana. I’m so glad that they are featuring her alot more this season. She definitely has the vocal chops. She made me sit up and listen when she sang a solo line for Gaga’s Bad Romance. The new lesbian storyline is rather intriguing too. As much as I love Artie, I’m hoping that she and Brittany will get going already. I mean, all the repressed feelings between them is unhealthy no? At least come out and say it like Kurt!

I never thought that yellow and green would match but hey, this bold pairing actually works! I think it’s all about picking the right shade and somehow, that kelly green number just works. I love how it’s short so it shows off her beautiful legs and how I wish my hair could be so nice and luscious and long and TAME like hers. I mean, after bouncing around all day, still no flyaways! How’s that possible?

Urgh Rachel Berry. It’s really hard not to dislike her. She is pompous and self-absorbed and I really dunno what Jesse or Finn see in her (though admittedly, Finn is an indecisive idiot and they probably deserve each other.) This on and off relationship between them is getting stale. I’m not holding my breath about next season. I would much rather see some development with Quinn and new couple Mercedes and Sam (good on you Mercedes!!!)

But as annoying as Rachel is, she has great fashion sense. She epitomes the idea of preppy chic. And there’s so much to love about this outfit. The cream coloured beret, the colourful striped trench with the cute buttons even her naturally wavy hair and long LONG lashes. But this isn’t my favourite outfit of the episode. THIS is.

This dress is a dream! I love the cute little bows at the straps and how the back detail are tiny little strings that form a crossback and that cute little tick tack toe print. The little red capelet is so Little Red Riding Hood, the black gloves and pumps complete the look and the neatly combed ponytail is so chic… Love it all!

Do you love Glee fashion? Which is your favourite outfit? Share them with us!

AI Contestants wear JewelMint Jewelry

I’ve been known by many of my friends to be a reality TV junkie. Amazing Race, ANTM, Masterchef, Survivor… I’ve pretty much watched them all. But one of the longest running shows ever has got to be American Idol. Sure. Everyone’s sad that Simon has left. I mean, who’s going to dish out the catty remarks now? Someone has got to give these people a reality check.

But with the introduction of new judges like J. Lo and Steve Tyler, and after religiously watching the past few episodes, I see a change. We’ve moved on from being obsessed with perfection, you know, hitting all the right notes, being pitch perfect. AI is not so much looking for a diva or some vocally talented singer. It seems like they are looking for something more than that. They are looking for personality. For originality. For heart. And after listening to Chris Medina’s song “What Are Words” hit the radiowaves, I’m liking what I’m hearing. There is so much heart and soul in that song and while the lyrics might not be perfect, I was really touched when I heard it.

And that’s what music is all about. Moving the audience. And that’s what many of the contestants in this season of Idol have. They might not be as vocally talented as contestants in previous seasons but they sure have the ability to move people when they sing. My favs so far? Jacob, Naima and Casey because they always bring so much passion to the stage.

Another thing I’m liking about Idol this season is styling. It is amazing how alittle bit of styling and grooming can completely transform a person. I mean, just look at Haley’s transformation!

Absolutely amazing. I’m so glad she traded in those ripped denim jeans for that gorgeous blue gown. But as I always say, no outfit is complete without accessories and last week, AI contestants were spotted wearing JewelMint jewelry! If you don’t already know, JewelMint is a collaborative project between actress Kate Bosworth and stylist, Cher Coulter. Together they create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that is just to die for! You can read more about JewelMint and how to lay your hands on some of their beautiful pieces here.

Thia, Haley and Naima were seen decked out in JewelMint’s exclusive designs. Lookey here!

Teary-eyed Haley donning JewelMint’s Eros earrings. I love the tribal feel of this pair of earrings. You’ve heard of statement necklaces, maybe it’s time for statement earrings to come in vogue! And to match that pewter/silver detail of the earrings, Haley also wore the lovely Mumbai Bracelet.

I love the subtle gold sheen of the bracelet and how it fits so snugly on her wrist. It’s gorgeous yet understated. The perfect accessory for girls out there with dainty wrists that can’t do large chunky bangles. Haley’s not the only one decked out in perfection. Thia was also spotted wearing JewelMint’s Jagger Earrings which had a lovely Cleopatra feel to it. I love how it is slightly textured with specks of triangles. This truly made Thia stand out that night.

Last but not least, we have Naima who also wore earrings, this time it was the bejeweled pair of Krishna Diamond Earrings. Now that she is slowly breaking away from her flamboyant costumes and moving towards something more glamourous, I felt this pair of earrings really suited her very well. It definitely complemented her gown and made her look all the more special.

It’s hard not to be envious of these ladies after seeing the beautiful jewelry they get to wear (and hopefully keep!) But don’t fret. You too can own unique earrings, bracelet, rings and necklaces and these are handpicked for you according to your personal style, taste and preference. And you can get this exclusive service at JewelMint for only $29.99 per piece! That’s like a piece of jewelry plus style tips, all rolled into one! So what are you waiting for? Check out JewelMint today!

The Boys of Glee!

Following the GQ feature that had Dianna Agron, Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith in all sorts of sexy positions, comes a conservative, flirty photoshoot in Teen Vogue (USA) with the boys of Glee! Now I wonder why the girls weren’t included…wouldn’t they be the ones more appropriate for this photoshoot? *hmm*

Don’t get me wrong – the boys do look handsome and dapper in their suits and bowties, all ready for prom. Perhaps this is Glee’s reaction to how others slammed the GQ feature for being too racy and “sexist”. I’m sure the boys were glad to hang out with these models for the day! :)

Harry Shum Jr. may be one of the Glee actors with the fewest lines, but he’s a great comedic actor with fantastic timing, unbelievably funny expression and man, can that boy move. Prior to his stint on Glee, Harry was one of the iconic silhouettes of the famous Apple ads!

If the most recent Glee episode had you swooning and feeling unhappy that Darren Criss was gay, well.. fear not, he isn’t really in real life. This 24 year old looks mature beyond his years, with his dark stubble and mannish good looks. With his experience starring as Harry in the youtube series A Very Potter Musical, he had fans even before joining Glee, and has continued to gain fans ever since.

With a name that hints at his musical background, Chord Overstreet stole our hearts with his rendition of “I wanna be a billionaire” made popular by Bruno Mars. I’m not too keen on the dumb-jock character that he plays, but can’t wait to see him do a cover of Coldplay, his favourite band.

Kevin McHale – the epitome of geek-cute. Word is, he’s one of the better dancers in the glee club (though not as good as Harry), but since he’s confined to a wheelchair, he can’t show off his dance moves… except for that one time when he “fantasized” dancing in the mall, remember?

Overall, it was nice to see the boys of Glee get some exposure, though i do lament the lack of the Glee girls in this photoshoot. I can totally imagine Tina and Lauren Zizes rocking it out in edgy punk prom dresses, Rachel Barry and Emma Pilsbury in their prim and proper dresses and the cheerleaders being all slutty. haha!

All pictures credit to teen vogue

Tyra Banks is friggin hilarious

After seasons of hearing the public say “mehh.. America’s Next Top Model is just the same old s***”, Tyra Banks decided to amp it up with a different take altogether. I’m only into the first 5 minutes of the show, but already I’m laughing at how funny she can get.

are YOU ready for ANTM season 16??

With so many critics taking their pick of celebrities, shows and plots to make fun of, ANTM has had its fair share of negative publicity. “the girls aren’t model material, just good pickings for reality tv”, “tyra is biased”, etc etc. So seeing Tyra’s seven minute long rant about her own show was delightfully refreshing. I couldn’t stop laughing and had to rewind (just for the heck of it) because omg that woman has some great acting chops hidden in her. Why hasn’t she acted in any movies yet! (or maybe she has and I’m just ignorant).

Tyra shuffles between role playing the three most stereotypical of girls – I LOVE how she completely went all out with her various transformations, and with such an aptly written dialogue too. the over-done sweet accessories are so spot on for that nineteen, overenthusiastic girl look. frightful really, frightfully hilarious too!

Pretentious, know-it-all, overly confident girls have always been a constant feature on the ANTM shows. Tyra rocks this look with her hoop earrings, ghetto gestures and well, loads of confidence.

last but not least, my favourite of her looks. The emo-goth one. Tyra definitely wasn’t joking in past seasons when she told the girls how it was possible to be “ugly pretty”. Seriously, she looks positively satanic in the last picture, but omg what a transformation! It just shows you what great creative & artistic direction + great make up artists + a great stylist can do when they’ve been given something pretty awesome to work on. I bet they had fun with it, and kudos to Tyra for letting it all loose in the first 7 minutes of ANTM 16.

However, whether ANTM 16 lives up to what Tyra describes to be “a new era in Top Model”, is yet to be seen. As of now, apart from that petty little prank they pulled in the beginning, I’m not seeing what’s different about the show… yet.


For those of you who follow me on twitter, you probably would have seen my excited tweet about Greek. YES it is finally back for its 4th and FINAL season (boo!) after a super duper long hiatus (6 months is it?) And I never realised just how much I missed this show until I watched the first episode of the new season yesterday.

I’m so glad you’re back! I missed you!

While Singapore schools do not abide by the greek system, which means that I’ve never had the opportunity to be a part of a sorority, there are many issues dealt with in Greek that I can relate to!

In many ways, I feel like I AM the titular character, Casey Cartwright, having to navigate between the perils of college life and now that season 4 sees Casey graduating from college and potentially moving off to Washington to study law, that pretty much mirrors my life now: having to move on to a new campus, having new directions in life and new priorities.

I think Greek is just such a relatable show! It’s not just about the glorification of sorority and fraternity life, (in fact, it does try to correct some misconceptions), or the funny wisecrack humor, but it is really a story about family bonds (sis-bro relationship between Casey and Rusty), about making important life choices, building strong friendships (Calvin and Rusty, Ashleigh and Casey) and being independent (go Evan!)

So for those of you who have no idea what Greek is all about, well, this post will (hopefully) start you off and get you watching the show by first, introducing you to the characters.


Story starts out with Casey Cartwright, the ‘it’ girl with the looks and smarts. She and BFF, Ashleigh are in the top sorority on campus, Zeta Beta Zeta (ZBZ).





Casey has been dating Evan for the longest time. Evan is himself, good-looking, smart and rich (trust fund kid) and president of the Omega Chis, the top fraternity on campus based on academics, athletics and networking.



Then there’s Cappie, the hobo of the bunch. The free spirit who can’t be chained down to any sort of commitment and as such, he STILL hasn’t picked a major yet and is just floating by school taking any module that suits his fancy, making him a jack of all trades. Armed with charm and wit, he heads the Kappa Taus, the ‘black sheep’ of the Greek community who are concerned with socializing, boozing and getting laid.



Basically, Evan and Cappie used to be really good friends but because they liked the same girl: Casey, they had a huge falling out, dragging their houses into it. So that makes Kappa Tau and Omega Chi huge rivals.


And then there’s Casey’s younger bro, Rusty. A freshie in school, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, eager to join a fraternity and have some kind of social life in college. He rushes for both Omega Chi and Kappa Tau but eventually, he goes against the grain and joins Kappa Tau because he and Evan don’t see eye to eye (he caught Evan cheating on his sis with the Senator’s daughter, Rebecca who is also in ZBZ!)


Talk about awkward!


And because of this mutual dislike of Evan, this bonds Rusty and Cappie together, making Cappie, Rusty’s big brother.

Talking about brothers, Casey and Rusty’s sis-bro relationship improves now that both of them are greeks, and they turn to one another for help and relationship advice especially since Casey flits between Cappie and Evan alot throughout the 3 seasons.


Caught in a love triangle


Rusty not only has strong support in Casey and Cappie, but also in his two buddies, Calvin and Dale.


Calvin rushed the same time Rusty did but he got accepted by Omega Chi, making him the first gay brother there. Afraid of the backlash, he kept his status secret for a long time, only coming out of the closet in season 3.





Dale is Rusty’s long time roommate who also shares the same engineering classes with him. Dale started out (wait, he still is) a religious fanatic who disapproves of the greek lifestyle. But he slowly warms up to it as he helps out around the ZBZ house, making him an integral part of the greek family.




So there you have it! This is basically all you need to know about the characters, their relationships and the gist of the backstory. Hope this has compelled you to wanna watch the first episode (at least). It’s really an awesome show! And now that Gossip Girl and Glee are taking a break (Gossip Girl returns 24th Jan and Glee returns 6th Feb), why not get a Greek fix? I promise that it’ll be worth your while!

Gossip Girl for Stradivarius

For Gossip Girl fans who’ve yet to visit Spanish label Stradivarius at it’s first ever store in Singapore @ Ion Orchard or Raffles City, you should go check it out asap! Right after I landed from my Hokkaido trip last week I headed out for some Christmas shopping and spotted these exclusive Gossip Girl tees retailing at the store:

Done in a faded print, these 3/4 sleeve tops retail for $39.90 SGD each. My favourite? “Empire Kiss”, featuring my favourite couple of the show, Chuck and Blair.

If you’re not too much a fan of having other people’s faces on your chest, but still love the style of Gossip Girl, Stradivarius also has other Gossip Girl-inspired items instore:

From what I can see, the designers at Stradivarius are certainly inspired by the idea of edgy luxury in Gossip Girl, and have churned out items that depict a richness without compromising on “fierce” style. Overall, these items seem more “Jenny Humphrey” than any other character of the show, though I think Serena Van der Woodsen can pull off anything.

What do you think of this collection? You can check out Stradivarius’ online store or go down to its stores at Ion Orchard and Raffles City.

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