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I just proclaimed my lust for the iphone yesterday, & now the new Windows 8 is making me lust for the new Windows tablet, slated to be released late this year or early next year (depending how fast it gets to Singapore shores). The iPad seems like a pure leisure device, & the Windows tablet looks set to change that.

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The Wonders of Technology

As I type this entry from my iPod touch, I can’t help but marvel how awesome technology has become. awful spellchecks aside, about one million new ways to set up/boost businesses, enlarge and enhance one’s social network, discover information and communicate have been created.

Since I’m getting a vague feeling that someone might plagiarize this for an A/O level essay I’ll stop here lol, but suffice it to say that I just might be hopping onto the iPhone bandwagon soon!

Undeniably, no other phone has yet to come close to gaining such a huge market share as the iPhone, at such a rapid pace. & it isnt merely because of the ‘cool’ factor, a myth I previously subscribed to. The iPhone just kicks ass.

So how soon will i be laying my hands on one? Perhaps near the middle or end of this year, when the next iPhone is released :) the quicker I can use my corporate discount, the better, yay!!

Panasonic Electric Eyelash Curler

You know, I’ve always dreamed of having curly lashes and I would buy different kinds of mascara formulas that promise me that but they don’t ever deliver. And while I know that I can go the conventional route and use an eyelash curler, I personally don’t know how to operate one. I have this crazed fear that it would hurt and that I would somehow rip my eyelashes out. So I am sooo happy to have discovered the Electric Eyelash Curler that makes use of heat to curl lashes. It’s so simple and easy. It’s like using tongs to curl your hair, only this time it’s your lashes. This is what it looks like.

It actually looks like an electronic toothbrush only that the head attachment doesn’t move when you turn it on. Here’s a closer look at what the head of the device looks like.

There are little nooks so that it helps to separate your lashes and prevent it from clumping because you are supposed to use this device only after applying mascara. It’s really simple to use actually. You just put in an AA battery, turn on the switch and wait for it to turn from purple to pink.

Then all you need to do is to rest your eyelashes on it. It’s quite interesting actually to put your lashes on a hot stick. Not as frightening as I thought it would be.

And after awhile, you will see nicely curled lashes! The instruction sheet also said that this device can be used on bottom lashes too! I’ve used this about 5 times already and I’m loving it. Only thing is that like all heating products, it might dry out my lashes and make it wispy. *shudder* but I guess that’s why they instruct you to coat your lashes with mascara first so it acts as a kind of heat protectant.

Will any of you give this a whirl? Or would you rather stick to the humble eyelash curler? I know of some friends who swear by their Shu Uemura lash curler and wouldn’t use anything else but that is one expensive eyelash curler. This electric one costs $19.90 at Isetan so I am very happy with my purchase! Curly lashes FTW!

My new… Macbook Pro!

Ok, this is kind of old news but I got my macbook pro last weekend! I made an order on saturday afternoon at the EpiCentre at Wheelock and got a call the very same day to say that it arrived! I was so excited because my old mac that has been with me for the past 5 years is slowly waning away. The air port can no longer work so it can’t log on to the internet anymore (doesn’t work even when it’s connected to a LAN point) so it was time to ‘put it to sleep’ and get a new replacement. And when I finally got down to collect it, I was so surprised! The box was so compact and small!

I was really so excited to open up the box. As you can see, it is really packaged really well. There’s even a black cushiony layer to prevent your Mac from getting any bumps. And here’s me removing the plastic…

And this is what lies beneath… Basically all the instruction manuals, installation discs, the charger and adapter.

 And here is what it looks like in all it’s silver glory. All in I paid $1900+ (the laptop itself is $1680) inclusive of microsoft office and iWork which EpiCentre installed for me before I collected it. They threw in free goodies like a laptop sleeve, protective screen and keyboard protector. iLife was preinstalled and this includes Garage Band, iTunes, iPhoto and MSN.

I had a great time familiarizing myself with my new Mac and playing around with FaceTime and other cool apps that I didn’t have before. I also downloaded Skype (which is not really necessary now that MSN also has webcam technology), Dropbox (to sync all my files) and Instantshot! (a very good screen capture software). But what I really do love about Mac is how everything is customizable. My dock, desktop, my trackpad… everything can be changed to suit my needs. Not to mention that speed wise, it’s really quick, battery life is so much better (one charge lasts 7hours!) and the interface is so user-friendly. So yes, I am loving this new purchase and hopefully it will have as long a shelf life as my old Mac.

5 iphone apps that are too cool

Ok I am probably the least tech savvy person around (I only discovered the wonders of screen capture this year thanks to Ruth) BUT I am beginning to appreciate the wonders of my iphone and the awesome apps that are available. So here are five apps that I’m loving.

1. Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy is a free app that allows you to sketch on the go. You can choose from a variety of colours, chalk or paint brush, you can choose how thick or thin your strokes are and if you want, you can add stickers, captions and backgrounds to your drawing. In addition, you can also sketch on one of your photos in your camera roll and any pictures you want to keep can be saved onto your phone or sent to your facebook account for easy sharing. But what I love about this is how easy it all is! You just use your fingers and sketch as you please. If you are unhappy with the whole picture, just shake to undo or use the eraser tool to undo your errors. Here’s what I drew just a few hours ago on the train:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

2. Instagram

Instagram is an awesome photo sharing app that allows you to snap photos, choose a filter to change the look and feel of it eg. lomo, sepia etc. and you can then send your photo off to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr. What’s awesome about this app (aside from the fact that it’s free), is that it allows you to not only share photos but to ‘follow’ people that you like as well as to tag and comment on each photo and if you want, the app can also post the location of where you took your photograph. It’s kinda like a photo journal of sorts. Pretty cool huh!

3. Shazam

Have you ever listen to a song or hummed a tune and wondered who sang it and what’s the title of the song called? Well, you no longer have to feel frustrated with not knowing what it is because Shazam has got it cover. This app is a song-identifier. All you need to do is place it near the source of the sound and within seconds it will scour its database and find the song for you. It also links you to iTunes so you can purchase the song if you wish. This app is available to Androids, Blackberries, Nokias as well (ironically, this app was introduced to me by an Android user lol.)

4. Word Lens

This app is going to be awesome when you go travelling and you need a translator. This app takes words you hover over using your iphone camera and it reverses them. It looks something like this:

You can also type in words you don’t understand and it’ll translate it for you. And the best part? No network required so results will appear immediately on your screen when you need it, anywhere around the world! Also, it can jumble up letters within a word and erases words at random (I just tried it out and it works!)

The only drawback? Right now they only have the Spanish to English and English to Spanish edition (you gotta pay $4.99 each). So unless you are going to Spain, it’s kinda useless. Also, it doesn’t recognized handwriting and stylized fonts so that’s gonna be a tad tricky. But I foresee that with some R&D, this could potentially be one really useful app.

5. Red Laser

For all bargain hunters out there, Red Laser is the perfect app for you. It is essentially a barcode scanner that uses the iphone camera to ‘scan’ the barcode of a product and allows you to compare prices with other retailers after. Apparently, it is able to search for prices so quickly because it uses Google, eBay, TheFind, and So it literally scours prices and compiles them into a list for you so that you can find the cheapest purchase (and for electronics, there are reviews available too!)

AND it doesn’t just stop there. It doesn’t just analyse prices, but ingredient lists too! So if you are allergic to gluten for example, you just need to scan the barcode, tap on ‘allergen info’ and viola! it will tell you if it has that ingredient or not. Brilliant eh? All allergen information and nutritional facts are brought to you by FoodEssentials and DailyBurn. That brings out a whole new meaning to the word ‘auntie’. But hey, you’ll be a tech-savvy auntie. Imagine that.




Though it’s still just a cool concept in the works at the moment, I really can’t wait for Jinhee Kim’s creation to be out in the market. Someone give this guy some funds dammit!

all images courtesy of yankodesign webzine

I did some googling around and apparently it should work with some light-activated ink pins that “pop out” after taking the photograph to take the stamp. This is really pretty cool – imagine taking a photograph of yourself then stamping your presence everywhere and anywhere! Scrapbooks, textbooks, files, your friend’s palm… I foresee that the advertising for this gadget would be really cool. til then, we’ll just have to sit tight and hope that Jinhee Kim’s concept catches the eye of some tycoon HI KODAK SONY! FUJIFILM!! so that he’ll have the funds and resources to allow his concept to materialize.

How do you think this compares to the polaroid?

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