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Taylor Swift RED Photoshoot

Stunning. That’s how I would describe Taylor Swift’s latest album and the photos that come with it. It is clear to see that this gawky teen has now blossomed into a gorgeous swan and she has become a fashion maven in her own right. While she still retains her trademark wavy blond hair and red lips, Swift has redefined what it means to be a glamour girl as she channels Old Hollywood with a twist. I would die to have her vintage inspired wardrobe.


I’ve been quite the Taylor Swift fan since she started and I feel as if I watched her grow. With each new album, she has a new take on love from its sweet innocence like Fifteen and Love Story to tunes of defiance like Speak Now and Fearless. But some of my most favourite songs are of a thoughtful and melancholic nature like Back to December or Safe and Sound which features The Civil Wars. In her most recent album, it seems that she has grown once more and her tunes and lyrics definitely reflect this. There’s a sense of resolution in We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together as well as a sense of quiet maturity in Begin Again.

Even the photoshoot from Red reveals this. She’s moved away from enchanted fairy tales and princesses in glittering ball gowns and instead portrays a sophisticated image. There’s also a hint of wistfulness in her expression, a huge move away from her wide-toothed grin in her previous albums.


Elusive Taylor


Looking good from all angles

Taylor definitely comes across as more mysterious and secretive in the photos but one thing stays consistent and that’s her impeccable fashion sense. I’m absolutely loving the vintage country vibe. She is definitely one style star to watch!


Chiffon dress, 59 SGD / White shirt, 52 SGD / Haute Hippie chiffon blouse, 420 SGD / L’Wren Scott l wren scott, 730 SGD / Chiffon tank, 24 SGD / Chiffon skirt, 45 SGD / Sheer maxi skirt, 69 SGD / Chloé lace skirt, 2,390 SGD / High heel shoes, 20 SGD / Valentino handbag, 1,880 SGD / Bvlgari cat eye sunglasses, 1,430 SGD

Ben Heine: Pencil vs Camera

I haven’t been inspired by photography in a long time until I stumbled on Ben Heine’s flickr feed and saw his amazing work of combining sketches with photographs. It’s really quite a complex task because you need to capture the right angle and to portray something alittle extra in the frame while mimicking the same look and feel of the photograph and he does so in this seamless, effortless way. It’s pretty darn cool. These are some of my favourite shots.


What I really love about these pieces are that they blend reality with fantasy. I can imagine the first picture to be on the cover of a Hayley Williams single or a cover of a fantasy novel and I think the scene with the boat and people jumping and playing in the water was so amazing! It’s like a figment of his imagination came into the scene to liven it up! But of course being the absolute pet lover that I am, the picture of the dog and the cat showing affection is my all time favourite. Who says cats and dogs can’t be friends?

To view more of his amazing works, see Ben Heine’s flickr page. He actually shows a snippet of how he melds his vision of camera and pencil together. What an awesomely creative way to start a week!

Kristian Schuller’s Fashion Fantasies

I previously blogged about Water for Elephants and how much I loved the novel, well, surprise surprise. It seems that part of that circus fantasy has come true and it has been immortalized in photographs courtesy of Kristian Schuller’s book, 90 Days One Dream. What’s really unique about this book is how he travels to these exotic locations and captures the beauty of it over the course of 90 days. As a result? Imaginative photography was born. Behold.

Flutter flutter

This feels so ANTM. I think they tried a harness challenge before!

Trapeze artists?


Dramatic with a capital D

To purchase this 219 page e-book, check out iTunes. And to find out more about Schuller’s works, check out his website.

Wedding update

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that posts aren’t coming in as frequently as I would like. The past few days have just been a whirlwind of activity. Mark and I just had a small engagement party with relatives on saturday and sunday was spent with Ruth and Simeon and we basically talked through some details of the wedding. So the upcoming weeks is really going to be a bustle of activity. Going around food tasting, looking for a reputable photographer (any recommendations would be so so welcome at this juncture) and deciding on some ideas for an evening outfit and whether I should even include a cheongsam for the tea ceremony.

On the work front, school term just started so it’s all pretty slow for now cos all the kids are having their mid terms so I’ve basically spent the day doing admin, having invigilations and REALLY moving into my cubicle. Nothing extraordinarily eventful until tomorrow when my marking load comes in so fair warning, I will be missing in action for awhile. Many apologies. Thankfully, this blog is also helmed by the lovely and entertaining Ruth so I’m sure she’ll have many surprises in store for you!

And because this is a rather random wedding update kind of post, I figured, I might as well share a recently found favourite. This tumblr site called “weddingandromance.” It has the most gorgeous wedding pictures!

And this last one is my favourite :)

Maybe it’s the beautiful scenery, the magic of the moment or the fact that these people are so truly happy and blissful that they have found true love. Hopefully my wedding pictures will turn out just as nice!

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