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Hitting the Right Notes: Jane’s Addiction

With Journey due to perform in Singapore on March 19th 2013, I figured that it was about time to get in touch with my Rock roots and listen to Jane’s Addiction. For the uninitiated, Jane’s Addiction was formed in 1985 by lead vocalist, Perry Ferrell, bassist Eric Avery, guitarist Dave Nevarro (more popularly known to be a part of Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and drummer Stephen Perkins. The band’s name was inspired by Ferrell’s housemate, Jane Bainter who became the inspiration and muse of the band.

I think Jane’s Addiction hit its heyday in the late 80s and early 90s with hits like “Stop” and “Been Caught Stealing” but it is such a shame that they broke up a couple of times because Avery and Nevarro embarked on other solo projects. I always thought that the band was spot on about the issues and themes of their songs and it somehow remains current. Even today. For example, “Stop” was really a song about environmental destruction and he sang it in what, the 80s? I dunno, but that seems like a real accurate prediction, and that electric guitar rift towards the end? Hardcore and sick. And “Been Caught Stealing” is just totally weird! The video features a man dressed as a pregnant woman walking through a supermarket and of course there’s weird ass cat-woman person pole dancing in the supermarket. It’s completely absurd and outrageous but the song is so incredibly catchy. Once again, ahead of its time. A time WAY before Lady Gaga.


Good news about bands that break up is that reunions become inevitable when they decide they wanna start touring. And while Avery has been replaced with Duff McKagan from Velvet Revolver, the band is still going strong with their new studio album, The Great Escape Artist. I am loving the mysterious title and interested to see if the band has brought anything new or fresh to the table.

Judging from the footage from their recent shows, Ferrell’s still got it. And that man is 51. Is that phenomenal or what?

Behind the Scenes and On Stage with Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction from Maestro Dobel Tequila on Vimeo.

And thanks to Dobel Tequila’s sponsorship, we get to hear Jane’s Addiction’s new album for free! Woohoo! All that is required of you is to like Dobel’s facebook page. After that, you will be redirected to the download page.


Is that an amazing deal or what? Apparently this free album initiative and collaboration between the band and Dobel to bring arts to the masses. I love the cause, I love the music and I loveeee freebies.

Hitting the Right Notes: Beats Antique

As much as I love Taylor Swift‘s new album Red, my music tastes sometimes stray away from the mainstream and an alternative music group has recently entered my radar. Featuring a fusion of electronica with live string instrumentals and tribal beats, Beats Antique is definitely the new eclectic band to watch. It’s not a new entrant into the music scene though. Beats Antique has been around since 2007 and they’ve recently cut their 7th album, Contraption Vol. 2 and are set to go on tour to stage “The Animale Mechanique” (even the tour name sounds so exotic!)


The band consists of three members: producers David Satori and Tommy Cappel and belly dancer Zoe Jakes. What made me absolutely intrigued about their music is how their music reflects the styles and influences of countries like Indonesia, West Africa and Serbia. The trio are so comfortable transiting and fusing different genres from jazz to traditional folk songs. Their music is just so incredibly versatile, innovative yet so accessible. Initially I thought I would be weirded out (which was my first impression of Lana Del Rey and Kimbra’s music initially) and that they would be too eclectic and different for my taste but I find myself liking it almost instantly. It was a rather natural gravitation that surprised me.


It’s hard to explain what I mean so here’s a video of my current earworm at the moment. Revival has this Balinese Gamelan feel to it but it then gives way to this really groovy electronica beat and honestly, the video is so incredibly interesting. It’s like fantasy meets reality with the use of shadow puppets and the belly dancers give off a really exotic sensual vibe.

And here’s a song from their latest album. Skeleton Key which has a Middle Eastern vibe meets violin and possibly sitar? (I’m envisioning Step Up and other dance movies as this song is playing. I can totally see an entire dance sequence choreographed to fit this song.)


Check out Beats Antique’s official website here and follow them on twitter. For more news on their tour dates and exclusive news click here.

Youtube music magic.

While I love browsing around the comedy and makeup tags on Youtube, my favourite pastime is discovering new musical covers and I’m always surprised by the new raw talent that’s available. It all started with the Kurt Schneider/Sam Tsui mashups and of course BoyceAvenue  covers but now it seems like this Youtube community is so tight-knit cos everyone is featuring someone else in their videos and we as viewers cannot be happier.

One of the recent collaborations that I was happy to stumble on was Tiffany Alvord and Megan Cole’s version of Safe and Sound which in my opinion is a thousand times better than Taylor Swift’s. Of course, all credit goes to Ms Swift for writing such beautiful melodies and lyrics but as a singer, she’s not all that good live. I thought that these girls did an honest rendition and the video quality was superb.

Another video by Tiffany Alvord featured Chester See and I’m familiar with him because I’ve seen him a couple of times in Ryan Higa‘s videos (which I love btw. He’s just so funny!) so I was thinking, wow since when did Chester sing? So this was a surprising collaboration but definitely surprising for all the good reasons. Loved the cheesy reference to matching tattoos (wish it wasn’t a butterfly though. That’s so girly!) and even the change in tune worked. I definitely prefer their slow tempo sorta interpretation to Katy Perry’s one.

And it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The Script and their emo nemo songs like Breakeven and I thought Max Schneider’s version was pretty nice. I like the huskiness in his voice and he looks really committed to the song and I thought he demonstrated the emotions that the song was about. Some parts he actually looks like he’s about to cry!

And I know this happened some time ago but still, how can I NOT talk about Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cover of What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? It was just brilliant. I love their voices together and what a surprise that Gordon-Levitt has such a nice tenor voice! And of course they are both lefties! YAY! Can’t wait for their next collaboration! (I feel like I need to watch 500 days of Summer again)

Ooh and of course, original songs! Inch Chua is so talented (not to mention that she’s Singaporean! Whaddup!) Love her sultry voice in The Chefalo Knot and Kina Grannis’s In Your Arms has such a nice catchy tune and the MV is always so happy and cheerful. Each scene was painstakingly constructed using jelly beans!

It’s always so nice to discover new singer/songwriters and Youtube has provided a wonderful platform for people all around the world to do just that! Well, and showcase their talents too. What other great music have you been listening to on Youtube?

iTunes revival!

Okay it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve updated my iTunes stash and since I’m going away for two weeks and I have to endure a 13 hour plane ride each way, I figured that the smartest thing to do would be to download some new songs to while away the time. Now I have to say that I’m literally one album behind for most artistes that I’m listening to so bear with me if you feel like these songs that I’ve picked are so passe. But 70 songs and many back breaking hours later, I finally feel up to date! Here’s some of my favourite picks and new finds!

He is We is a new indie pop band that I am totally loving right now. I have to say that my music tastes deviate a little from the mainstream. I like happy acoustic music so people like Lenka, Lily Allen, Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles are kind of my go-to artistes and I’ve finally found a band that sorta fits right in the same category as these solo artistes that I love. Admittedly, Owl City is quite annoying in this song. Don’t like how he drags out the syllables but it’s a nice, catchy song overall. Definitely something that I think I’ll play over and over again.

Oh and of course for something more upbeat, I turn to Weezer. It’s an alternative rock band with a really cool retro vibe. Sometimes they even remind me of Beatles, the American rock out version. Another song that is happy and upbeat would be Hot Chelle Rae’s Tonight Tonight. It’s a Tennessee pop rock band that has so much energy and bravado that it never fails to pump me up! And not to mention that Nash Overstreet is Chord Overstreet’s (Glee) brother! Talk about a musically talented family! (Hopefully they stick around and don’t become just a one hit wonder.)

And I watched Breaking Dawn over the weekend because I managed to claim free tickets using UNI points and to cut a long story short, the film was a drag. I wish there was more action. The first half of the movie was too focused on Bella’s lame attempts to get Edward to sleep with her. I would much rather see more of Seth and Leah or see some kind of character development in Jacob (to be honest, Taylor Lautner’s there to a) show off his abs b) keep Bella warm.) He’s kind of a flat character and it would be nice to actually test his acting chops and stretch him alittle. The only sole redeeming feature was the music. Love Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. Such a beautiful song that matched Edward’s vows perfectly. Definitely a clever way to use music to make a scene more poignant. (Although I remember thinking to myself that Bella has got to be the most scared looking bride to ever walk down the aisle.)

My last pick is a rare rare find. I found her by pure accident and I’m glad I did. Jasmine van den Bogaerde otherwise known as Birdy is a 15 year old singer who has this rich soulful voice that reminds me of Adele and her music is just amazing. Whether it be the composition, the piano, her voice… everything comes together to tell a story and I’m completely blown away. I just know she is going to be someone great and till then, I’m keeping tabs on her music.

Have you been listening to any new music lately? What’s on your music playlist?

Music fills my soul.

Music. It is the blood that runs through my veins.

There is no better way to start a monday morning than to listen to music and let it sweep you up in some melancholic story…

Let the music get you pumping…

Let the music get you all warm and fuzzy…

And if you are hurting or feeling alittle down, let the music fix you…

Hello Monday. I’m ready for you.

One for all you art freaks!

I was googling videos for GP and came across some really interesting videos that made reference to famous paintings, artists and even famous female icons. Both videos are by L’oGre Productions. How many of these references do you recognize?

Eliza Doolittle has the catchiest songs. I love Skinny Genes and I actually think she did quite a quirky cover of Material Girl. I think Madonna would be proud! It’s midweek, two more days till the weekend YAY! Have a funtastic wednesday!

Wedding Playlist

I’m in the midst of compiling a wedding song list and I’ve decided to go for an eclectic, retro yet happy vibe and I find that Ingrid Michaelson really encapsulates that vision for me! Here is a song that I am absolutely digging right now…

I love the beat and the easy tune. I’m including “Everything” from her new album as well. Another song that I think is too cute is an oldie from the Dixie Cups called “Going to the Chapel of Love”…

If the song sounds familiar, it’s probably because you heard it in this movie called “Father of the Bride” that starred Steve Martin. I intend to only have the first bit played before my “walk down the aisle” song begins. You know, a little soundbite teaser!

And because I literally live on Gold 90FM, I just have to include a Hall and Oats song. It was a tough decision (I like “Kiss On My List” and “Private Eyes” as well) but I thought “You Make My Dreams Come True” sounded the most appropriate.

And flash forward to the 21st Century, how can I not have a Taylor Swift song given the fact that she is the queen of fairy tales and happy endings?

I’m glad that I managed to finalise these songs so quickly. I thought it would take me a long time given the large range of love songs out there. But I guess the trick was really to pick songs that expressed my personality and Mark’s vibe. Now the problem is to make sure that each song transitions seamlessly so the arrangement bit might be a little tricky. But given the fact that I’m such an on-the-ball bride and I’ve planned so FAR ahead, I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

Hope these songs put a smile on your face! Have a great weekend!

Hey Monday Morning…

I don’t like you very much. Work is fun but work also doesn’t equate play and right now june has just passed… June, the magic month of school holidays that’s somehow ingrained into my system, the month that for the first time in my life, I didn’t play. *mourns*

I need some wackiness in my life

but since I can’t just go off and play, here are some feel good songs to cheer us all up this dreary monday morning (oh god i hope it doesn’t rain..)

it’s not about the money, money, money

we don’t need your money, money, money

we just trying to make the world dance,

forget about the price tag..

you’ve got every right, to a beautiful life!

who says? who says you’re not perfect?

who says you’re not worth it?

& well, it won’t hurt thinking about last friday night..

coldplay’s new EP from their upcoming album!

every teardrop.. an amazing waterfall

& well, because i think we all need it, here’s some caffeine

The randomness of today

After a really long day all I want to do is to catch up on my favourite TV shows like Big Bang Theory and Glee and to surf the net to catch up on news and gossip. Here’s what I’ve seen and heard over the past week.

Heart-shaped colouring on a doggie and a kitty! SO cute! And au naturale so it’s not dyed on! I’m pretty sure these two pets cost a bomb.

Also, have you heard Jessie J’s Pricetag? I’m sure you must have cos it’s been playing non stop on 987 FM. Well, I’m starting to like this version better. She’s 12 years old by the way. So much talent in such a tiny package. Another Charice in the making? I sure think so!

And I’ve been quite the emo nemo lately and courtesy of Bones, I’ve been reminded just how beautiful this song is. It describes my mood perfectly and makes me all sniffly (in a good way!) inside. Bob Dylan and Adele are just brilliant!

Okay, last video post of the day has gotta be a table tennis point celebration by Adam Bobrow. They disabled the embedding thingum but here’s the link to the video without music. He is so obnoxious yet so hilarious at the same time. Watch all the way to the end and check out the score line!! I guess as his opponent I would be super pissed but he’s just super funny to watch.

Also, a quick update on life! I went to the Botanics recently with a couple of my friends and we decided to have a picnic/ hat party and I think we did the Mad Hatter proud! Some of the shots defied gravity!

This one was pretty epic!

One Tree Hill the Singapore version…

Ha! We look like we’re in some kind of SMU ad campaign

But despite the hot and humid weather, we all had a blast. Sometimes a day out in the sunshine, getting in touch with nature and chilling out with friends is just what the doctor ordered!

I won’t be around from the 23rd to 25th so in the meantime, Ruth will keep you lovingly entertained! Have a good week everyone!

What’s on my playlist…

It’s the mid week lull once again and what we all need is alittle pick me up. What works really well for me is to listen to happy, chirpy music, preferably one that is groove-worthy. So what I usually do is to sit at my desk, plug in and do work. All while tapping my feet to the beat of course. Here’s my music picks this week.

1. She & Him “In The Sun”

2. Glee “Loser Like Me”

3. Hey Monday “Candles”

4. Jessie J “Price Tag” ft B.o.B

5. Adam Lambert “Aftermath”


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