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Cozying Up to Fall

This might sound funny to you but despite living in tropical Singapore, Fall is my favourite time of year. I love traveling to a much cooler climate and being able to layer up and feel that bit of frosty chill that tingles my spine. The cooler weather also means that I can be more creative with dressing up and playing around with coats, gloves, boots and hats. Something that I can’t really do much in a tropical climate. And so today I’ve decided to indulge in coat envy. These are the timeless classics that I wish I could wear more often…


Burberry trench coat, 6,740 SGD / Tweed trench coat, 830 SGD / Trench coat, 180 SGD / Orange trench coat, 120 SGD
Well, you can’t go wrong with the trench coat. It is a timeless classic that has been revisited time and again year after year. A tweak in color (it seems a much bolder colour palette is in order this year) and a slight amendment in the silhouette and viola, the trench coat is given new life. I’m particularly fond of the moss green military inspired trench. There’s something masculine yet bookish about it. I can imagine wearing this and morphing into Sherlock Holmes complete with hat and pipe.
pea coat

St. John st john, 1,470 SGD / Precis Petite pea coat, 200 SGD / Paul by Paul Smith paul smith, 705 SGD / Black Rivet wool pea coat, 110 SGD / Ymc , 635 SGD / Love Moschino black pea coat, 450 SGD
There’s just something very English about the pea coat. It just creates that sleek, put together image that’s perfect for the workplace. I love how a peacoat comes in the cheery hues of kelly green, bright red and mustard yellow. I know this isn’t in any way fashion forward or revolutionary since coats in primary colours have been around for a long time but I love how designers are playing around with buttons, pockets and even different kinds of fabric (yes, there’s a departure from wool!) to redefine the pea coat. It’s fashionable yet functional.

Jason Wu , 4,050 SGD / Zero + Maria Cornejo zero maria cornejo, 2,690 SGD / Salvatore Ferragamo cape coat, 5,345 SGD / Ba&Sh , 390 SGD / Wool coat, 485 SGD / Chloé cape coat, 495 SGD
And now onto something that is alittle different from the traditional coats but have been making waves in the fashion world lately. Capes. Or is it ponchos? Or shrouds? Well, whatever the name is, these oversized coats popularised by Little Red Riding Hood are incredibly comfy and it is so easy to just throw on to complete an ensemble. It’s like the shawl, only that it doesn’t actually droop or slide down from your shoulder. It takes someone with height and build to pull it off though. I can’t see someone petite wearing it, she’ll be swallowed up by that much material.
What are your favourite coat choices to keep warm this Fall? Are you loving the cape trend?

November Bellabox Review

So this month’s Bellabox was alittle delayed due to shipment issues but I’m glad to have received it because the theme for this month is Bliss. And Bliss means different things to different people. For some it might be travel, reading a good book or even soaking in a tub (for me it is all three!) and the products featured this month are targeted at nourishing your dry split ends and giving you healthy locks, calming the skin and giving it the nutrients it needs and lastly, enhancing your best features with none other than makeup.


The products in this month’s Bellabox includes…

  • Loreal Professional Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil 125ml/$42
  • Loreal Professional Absolut Cellular Repair Shampoo 500ml/$42
  • Olive Care Natural Olive Oil Soap 100gm/$5.50
  • Storyderm Silk Mask: Anti-aging $19.90
  • Savoir Faire Mini Lipstick in Siren $65 for full size/ $9.95 for mini size

The Loreal goodies came at an opportune time. I just cut my hair so all the dead, dry ends are gone and this shampoo that promises to protect and repair is just the thing I need to maintain healthy locks. It will be very interesting to see if this range lives up or is comparable to the Nuxe range which I gave rave reviews for.

Another product that interests me this time round is the Olive Care soap. You guys know I’m a loyal Lush fan and I do love my Lush soaps but this is a great deal cheaper and it is 100% made out of Olive Oil so if it works just as well, I might actually consider switching. I’ve heard that it doesn’t lather too much though but as a result it is less drying. Seems promising but we shall see.

Last product that caught my eye? That cute little Savoir Faire lipstick. Okay, I’ve honestly never heard of the brand before so I’m glad that they sent me a lipstick sample because hey, you can’t go that wrong with lipstick. As least there won’t be some kind of allergic reaction or something.


The shade I got was Siren, a orangey shimmer shade that is pretty wearable everyday. I think it suits pretty much every skin tone as well. I’ve tried it on today and it goes on creamy and smooth and when I lick my lips, I was surprised to taste something sugary sweet! No cosmetic or synthetic taste at all. AND what was even more surprising was its staying power. It truly lasts and lasts! Even after eating lunch, I didn’t need to reapply alot cos it didn’t budge whatsoever. And colour payoff is actually quite good. Lots of people commented that it was a change to see me wear lipstick (which basically means that its noticeable) and the warm shade is great cos it stands out of my rather pale skin giving it a more olive tone. I’m usually not a lipstick kind of girl (Ruth is though. Check out her mega lipstick review here.) but I think this one is a keeper!

Oh and what’s quite exciting about Bellabox this month? A freebie! Previously we received a lipstick pen and this month, it was a necklace with a moustache charm! Tada!


Personally not a fan of the pink. Perhaps will colour it black with nail lacquer. But all in, a pretty comprehensive box that targets my problems from head to toe. Can’t wait to test them all out!

The Wonders of Makeup

I think I need to spend more time picking up make-up skills because I am just so inspired (and slightly freaked out) by the transformations illustrated by this taiwanese girl

I felt quite oh-my-god and this-isn’t-true-it’s-all-photoshop when I first saw this, but after several google searches and forum pages after, I had to acknowledge the truth of her awesome skill.

I think her main tools are

  1. hairstyle
  2. fake lashes + coloured contacts
  3. knowing how to pose.

so i’m going to go cut my hair and fill my weekend with videos of michelle phan. hahaha.

China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

Remember my Youtube Magic post where I was totally mooning over the Tiffany Alvord cover of Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound? Well, that song turned out to be the soundtrack for the movie Hunger Games, a novel by Suzanne Collins based on the novel of the same name. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Battle Royale, a Japanese movie that is set in a dystopian society where the government forces a class of students to kill off one another and in the process, the last survivor earns immunity (warped ain’t it?) but Hunger Games has a similar plot as teens from different districts are sent to fight in a battle dome with the two winners earning glory and honour and of course, they escape with their lives.

So it is clear to see that Hunger Games is targeted at a teen audience and it has since garnered quite the following what with the popularity of the sci-fi/apocalyptic genre. I think this could be the new Twilight! So I think it is mighty clever of China Glaze to ride on this wave of fame and to produce a line of nail polishes. Tada!

The collection is called Colours of the Capitol and it is definitely a collection that favours darker, richer colours. The mossy green colour, Agro looks mighty interesting and so does that dark metallic silver, Stone Cold. But the colour that I’m most wanting to try? Probably Luxe and Lush. Iridescent white glitter? Awesome! But sadly, we’ll have to wait till March 1st for it to launch. FYI, the movie comes out March 23rd. Smart marketing tactic right there.

Colours of the Capitol can be purchased online from Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply. 

Did any polish in this collection catch your eye?

Citrus Infusion

As we all get over our collective food comas over the past couple of days, I thought it would be pretty apt to think about fragrances and smells that remind me of the New Year (which technically lasts for 15 days!) so here are some of my favourite bath and body products that I really like and that I foresee myself using for a long time to come.


Well, I guess this is a no-brainer especially since oranges and tangerines are closely associated with Chinese New Year. The practice of exchanging oranges while saying auspicious words actually symbolises the exchange of luck and money so don’t forget to bring your oranges home! And while you’re at it, why not smell like an orange too? I really like citrusy scents in the morning cos it perks me up and I don’t feel so drowsy and sleepy on the way to school. A good body care range that is readily available is The Body Shop’s Satsuma range.

There’s the shower gel, body butter and body polish. I personally think that body butters are too rich for our humid tropical climate especially if you get the shea or cocoa butter range. Fruit-based body butters don’t feel so dense and thick though so if I do purchase a body butter, I tend to lean towards fruity flavors like strawberry  and in this case, satsuma.

Another range from The Body Shop that is growing on me is the Sweet Lemon range. What I do like about Body Shop is how comprehensive it all is. This Sweet Lemon range has everything from lip butters to body lotions and as previously mentioned, body lotions are more suited for our climate compared to body butters and because the Satsuma range doesn’t have a body lotion formula, I think I might just switch over to Sweet Lemon.

Another citrusy favourite of mine comes from Lush and that’s Sexy Peel soap! It has a combination of various peels of lime, lemons and oranges and it is just simply divine. But if you are into shower gels, then Back for Breakfast is your pick! It is a cocktail of citrusy goodness consisting of lime, grapefruit and lemon oils!

For something more lemon scented (the pleasant kind, not dishwashing liquid type), then Bohemian is a great choice along with Whoosh! which has a stronger grapefruit scent (if you are into shower jellies. I personally find the texture alittle strange. Sorry, I’m a traditionalist. My soaps need to be firm.)

And while I love the selections from The Body Shop and Lush, I thought that I might add these other brands and scents to the list.

From left:
Philosophy’s Senorita Margarita Bath/Shower Gel, Bath and Body Work’s Orange Ginger and Mango Mandarin and Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace.

Bath and Body Works has an incredible selection of citrus scents of varying combinations so that’s definitely something to check out especially when they have a sale. Are you a big citrus fan? What’s your scent for the New Year?

December Hits and Misses

Now that I’m done with my travelogue, I figured that it is about time that I did a post about beauty. The beauty tag is probably one of the most neglected tags for me cos I don’t really experiment much with makeup or facial products. I usually just find something that works and stick with it. But thanks to Christmas, I received some pretty awesome gifts and that’s given me an opportunity to test out some new products and I’ve come up with 5 that are worth mentioning. Some are so-so while others are just fabulous to the point that I can swear by them.

From left: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye, Sephora Tourmaline hair brush, Benefit’s High Beam, Benefit Ticket to Glossytown and Malin+Goetz Ingrown hair cream.

I picked up a sample of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye as I stocked up on my usual Kiehl’s Rare Earth range and I have been diligently applying this to my eye area every night before I sleep. This product promises to give you fresher, younger looking eyes by morning as it uses essential oils and botanicals to treat puffiness and remove dark circles.

While I don’t think this is a miracle worker by any means (I don’t think my discoloration got any much lighter), I did notice that my eyes are less puffy and some tiny lines are smoothen out. I dunno about you but I feel like puffiness is most noticeable when I smile and looking at my photos the past few days, at least the eyebags are gone but that could be because I’ve been sleeping regular hours again. So out of 5, I would probably rate this a 4 because it treats puffiness and smooths out some fine lines. Also because the creamy texture of the product allows for easy application and absorption without leaving a greasy feel. Oh yes, no millia seeds. Thank god.

Now this sounds like a strange product to be raving about but if you suffer from a head of frizz and flyaways then this is a total dream. I’ve spent so much on conditioners, detanglers and hair masks but who knew that the answer lies in a simple little hair brush. Clearly I’ve neglected that one important step in my hair routine- brushing my hair with the RIGHT brush.

Now I’ve got naturally wavy hair but ever since I permed it like a year or so ago, it’s become mangly and tangly. It got to the point where I didn’t even bother brushing out my hair anymore. Until this christmas when my aunt gifted me the Sephora Hair Brush that has tourmaline (which is some kind of mineral that magically tames your hair cos of some ions thingum. Not sure of the details I’m afraid.) All I can say is that IT WORKS. I got the large brush and with a few swipes, my hair is detangled and smooth with no more knots, frizz or flyaways. It’s amazing. Also the bristles are really gentle and it feels super nice when you brush it against your scalp. It’s like a head massage. This is definitely a 5/5.

Another unexpected Christmas gift from a friend is Benefit’s High Beam. Now I’ve always been a blush-mascara-lipgloss kind of girl so I didn’t really know what to do with a highlighter. So in order not to waste this product, I started experimenting. Adding alittle into my daily moisturizer for that added glow, blending it on the cheeks, nose bridge for greater definition and on the cupid’s bow to emphasis on the pout. It’s pretty easy to use. Just a few light strokes with the brush applicator and then I blend it with my fingers. Only issue I have is packaging. Not loving the fact that I have to double dip the same brush applicator into the pot cos it seems kind of unhygienic and it seems awfully troublesome to clean the applicator after every use. But I guess that’s still cleaner than having it in a pot like my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge where you apply the product using your fingers. All in all, a pretty good product with a nice subtle glow. But you do need to have some kickass finishing powder on to prevent your skin from getting all oily when the day is done. There’s a fine line between dewy skin and oily skin and I think I still need to find that balance. 3/5

Number 4 is yet another Benefit product. In fact it is a value set from Sephora called Ticket to Glossytown and it comprises of 6 glosses with really cute names. As a whole, these glosses are good quality. They smell like raspberry, it goes on really nicely, easy to blend and the colour payoff is pretty decent. I also love the brush applicator as it gives more precise application. My only gripe is that each lipgloss in this set is really small. It is literally a sampler set but I guess it’s good to test out all the colours so you can buy the full size in future.

My favourites are the hot coral pink- Spiked Punch and the coppery shimmer- So Frisk Me. The coral is not as shockingly bright as in the tube itself but it gives a cheery colour to my lips. I can imagine that this would look lovely with NARS Orgasm blush. So Frisk Me is this exotic coppery brown colour (I can’t quite describe it) and it looks nice for more intense looks. Like I can imagine pairing this with a brown or violet smokey eye. I would say that as a whole, the colours are all very wearable. The only colour that looks weird on me is Kiss You but that’s probably cos I’m an Olive Fair. So final verdict? 4/5. Repurchase is highly possible.

Last but not least, I have to introduce you guys to Malin+Goetz’s Ingrown Hair Cream. I know, this isn’t exactly a beauty product but for any self-respecting woman who shaves or waxes, this is one cream that I can’t do without. It helps sooth any irritation associated with hair removal so everytime you get a razor bump or an ingrown hair or just itchiness, this will come to your rescue. It really works. I had an area with an ingrown hair and after two applications, my skin stop hurting and the hair grew out normally.

After a bikini wax, it is recommended to apply it once a day after a shower (apparently its not only a cure but also a kind of prevention method). Just rub it on clean skin and leave to dry. It has a very nice scent (can’t describe it as floral or fruity, just a clean soothing scent. Maybe cos of the camomile?) But in any case, I love this stuff. 4/5. One mark taken off cos it is pricey ($48 at Strip) for such a small 0.5oz tube.

Have you tried any of these products? What’s your verdict?

Beauty Hits & Misses (October + November)

It’s amazing how many new beauty products tirelessly flood the market and truthfully, I don’t possess the stamina, or the cash (much less the skin) to try them all. that said, finding the best beauty products for yourself isn’t just about your skin type etc. It’s about your own routine and personal preferences. For me, I’m a quick worker who likes to do several things at once, i.e. I’ll put on a hair mask, slap on a face mask and read a book all at once – so I like beauty treatments that work in time blocks. e.g. I’ll use a 15 min hair mask with a 15 min face mask, vice versa.

I also prefer liquid-type treatments rather than cream types, as cream types seem too rich for my skin. That said, after hearing a friend rave about how wonderful the Bodyshop’s Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules were, I decided to give them a go, even though they were cream based. Plus it didn’t hurt that I had my member’s discount during the time :)

First, vitamin C is an essential component for collagen synthesis. Without adequate vitamin C, the collagen in your skin would be malformed and your skin and gums would not heal properly.

Secondly, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. Like other antioxidants, it helps to prevent skin damage and wrinkles by soaking up harmful free radicals.

– The Dermatology Blog

I’ll freely admit that the packaging and the amount of product kinda bugged me at first. but hey, it was a winner in the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2011, so no harm trying right? On first application, one definitely smells a very strong citrus scent, which won’t be a problem for those who don’t mind that type of smell. The cream doesn’t sink into the skin as quickly as my L’oreal creams do, but the after-effects – oh! I have never felt my skin feel so smooth and tight. It’s a pity that the effect doesn’t seem to last past an hour but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that in the long run, my skin will become pretty awesome :)

Why capsules, you ask? Isn’t it environmentally unfriendly?

…topical vitamin C is highly degradable. When exposed to air it oxidizes and its free radical soaking capabilities are muted — it becomes an inert, yet nicely citrus fragranced, cream. This is obvious if you have a vitamin C cream at home; you will see that the cream around the cap turns brown (like an apple slice) indicating that the vitamin C in it has oxidized.

The Dermatology Blog

If there was one thing I ever had to criticize about The Bodyshop, it’ll be that they don’t ever have enough product description on their products – but given how I experienced the effects of this, I’m inclined to repurchase again, even with its hefty price tag of SGD $45.90. Wait for the sale people, wait for it!

Seeing that my Sephora foundation was depleting at an alarming rate, I decided to get new foundation – this time I was thinking of switching back to liquid, which typically has better, smoother coverage. Plus, when applying foundation in a hurry on sleepy mornings, I sometimes ended up with  rather obvious swipes of powder on my face due to my careless, sleepy-eyed strokes. oops, embarrassing!

With its declarative name, Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Foundation sounded pretty awesome, promising up to 12 hours of matte coverage – but it was a rather huge disappointment. I don’t know whether it’s because I just have awfully oily skin or if it’s not suited for a tropical climate, but I got 4 hours of matte wear, tops. maybe 6 hours on a good day, which pretty much brings it below par when compared to my ZA foundation

The coverage is also pretty meh, it’s too fluid to do much, so I end up layering with powder foundation, which is a must because it leaves the face feeling kinda sticky, i.e. it’s not the fluid-to-powder type of foundation and you definitely need to layer powder on top to help it “set”.

Last but not least, my Bodyshop “Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush“. Basically, it’s a spring-loaded sponge that presses against the blush when it’s kept, so once you open it, out pops the sponge with the blush colour already on it. Simply dab the sponge onto the desired area of your cheek and tada! It’s done. Very quick, very fast and very easy. While the pigment in the blush is not its strong point (really, it’s hardly visible, depending on what shade of foundation i happen to be using.. ), but I love it for the shimmer, plus its fun and easy to use. So if you’re looking for an easy, fuss free product that gives a natural look, I’d recommend this. Not sure if i’ll repurchase though!

Stay tuned for our Beauty Hits & Misses every few months!

Lush Singapore

Lush opened its stores yesterday and I was one of the die hard fans that was there when the doors opened! Even before you can reach the store you can smell the wafting scents and fragrances that uniquely define Lush (or at least my nose is already trained to associate these scents to the brand). Insanely crowded is an understatement. The tiny shop space was just packed full of people and it was crazily difficult to maneuver around while carrying a basket and the line to get to the cashier counter was equally crazy thanks to the promo that they were having where the first 50 customers would get a free foot mask.

But thankfully, I managed to suss out what I wanted online so it was a simple grab and go. Not to mention the fact that the staff was extremely helpful and friendly giving hugs and high fives all around while dishing out drinks and snackers to tide us over the long wait. Yes, it was indeed a lively atmosphere and everyone was clearly sharing in the joy and exuberance of the moment… Lush is finally here and it is here to stay!

But enough of the shopping experience, what’s most important is the actual haul. What could I possibly have bought to warrant the $92 bill?

First up, the solid shampoo, Jumping Juniper ($16.90). I always wanted to try solid shampoos but was always afraid to buy it online because you don’t know how they smell like. Well, I finally took the plunge with Jumping Juniper and I really really love it. It smells like lavender and lime and it’s supposed to be really good for oily scalps so I decided to give this a go instead of Seanik. It lathers super well… just three swipes around my head and voila, lots of bubbles. And the end result? Clean hair that is fluffy and shiny (in a good way). Fabulous. And judging from how big the bar is, this is going to last eons. Like its equivalent to 2 bottles of shampoo. Pretty good value imo. Definitely one of my best buys from Lush EVER.

In addition to Jumping Juniper, I also purchased a conditioner called Retread and this is a recommendation from the Lush staff. I was actually looking for a hair treatment but honestly, the Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze (the henna overpowers the jasmine) as well as the H’Suan Wen Hua didn’t smell that great. The latter smells herbal-y. Me no likey. And so I decided to give Retread a go. Retread has traces of melon, soya milk and yoghurt and it is suppose to restore shine to your hair.  But in a strange way, it doesn’t smell fruity at all. It has a rather musky scent actually and I’m undecided about whether I love it or hate it. Love the consistency of the conditioner. Very smooth and applies well though the results were rather disappointing. I didn’t think my hair ends felt any different from before. Given its price of $32, I don’t think it delivered. I’m better off sticking to drugstore brands like Essentials. Won’t repurchase this.

Okay moving along… let’s move on to shower products. I bought the Aqua Mirablis ($18.50) body butter at long last. This has been on my wish list for a long time and I’m so glad I got it! This is definitely on my favourites list for best Lush product. It’s up there with Honey I washed the Kids, Porridge and Jumping Juniper. It comes in this bar and it works as an exfoliator and moisturiser all at once. The thing I love about it is the smell. The ground almond nuts smell AMAZING and it’s not too harsh on the skin (at least not for me). It’s also kinda cool in the sense that when you rinse all the tiny granules away, the water turns milky and your skin really feels super clean, soft and moisturised. I used to swear by Body Shop’s body scrubs but I think I’m moving over to Lush now. Definitely, definitely a repurchase.

A whimsical item that I picked up this time round was actually a shower jelly, Sweetie Pie ($9.90). As its name implies, this is a flubber-like jelly that redefines your showering experience because you can freeze it before using it in the shower so its perfect for hot days when you need a pick me up.  Sweetie Pie is a rather fruity scent. Blackcurrant and cherries to be exact (think Ribena) so it’s quite pleasant. You can use it whole or crush up little bits to spread it all over your hair and body. It’s pretty interesting and I had alot of fun with it though it kept slipping out of my hand. Final verdict? It’s definitely something different and fun but I guess I’m not much of a shower radical so nah… gonna give this a miss next time round.

My last purchase was of course, soap! The one thing that made me fall in love with Lush in the first place. I figured that instead of the perennial favourites, I would try out something new and that turned out to be Lust ($15.10)! It has this bright pink tinge that is reminiscent of Rock Star but it is infused with Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. The scent is literally lust-worthy. Can’t say much cos I haven’t tried it out yet but it looks promising!

And because I’m one of the lucky 50 first customers of Lush, I received a small put of Volcano foot mask (USD12.95 for 3.5oz). It doesn’t smell great to be honest. It’s herbal-y but the texture is alright. Very fine clay paste that spreads over your feet easily. It also gives a slight minty, tingly feeling that’s pleasant though all in all, I would say that I prefer the Body Shop’s peppermint foot scrub (USD14 for 3.4oz) to this because of the salt granules. It just exfoliates better I think though the Lush one is cheaper.

I know this sounds crazy but every time I step into the toilet now I feel happy. I love new products and of course, I love bathing. So in putting the two together, it is literally a dream come true. Are you a Lush fan? What are your Lush must-haves? Share them with us!

Why shopping in SG just got more interesting.

I have been a happy happy camper because I just found out that Lush opens its stores in Singapore! At long last! I no longer need to ship my soaps from Lush UK and US or have to buy huge chunks of soap back whenever I go to Hong Kong! Plus, I can try out new products like Massage Bars and the Fresh Face Masks that I couldn’t order online before because it would have melted/gone bad.

Apparently, there was a Lush outlet in Singapore a long long time ago but somehow or another, the homemade soap craze just didn’t catch on and so it closed down. I’m glad the Lush folks decided that Singaporeans are now ready for some Lush lovin’ and now that it’s opening in Wisma Atria (I think it’s open already in fact, because it was supposed to open on Nov 11th) I can’t wait to make a list and pretty much go wild. The only issue is whether or not prices are much higher, but I would think it would be comparable cos shipping soaps is not exactly cheap either. In any case, I’m so so excited that Singapore’s shopping scene is welcoming Lush!

So many soaps, so little time.

Another awesome discovery I made while walking along City Link Mall (there’s another brand in ION) with Ruth was Aeropostale! It’s brand new store in Singapore and it looks all shiny, happy and new! Aeropostale is well known for their collegiate style of t-shirts, tanks, shorts and denim. I particularly like their henley t-shirts because it’s long (hate tops that ride up because the hem line is short) and they come in a wide variety of colours. Also, their pullovers are also very popular, I see these on college kids and on tourists traveling to colder countries because it’s so comfy and warm.

I used to buy it online whenever there was a huge clearance sale and now that it’s come to our shores, maybe online shopping won’t be much of a draw for me anymore though Ruth did think that prices in store was considerably more expensive even if you consider shipping costs. But then again, stuff online always gets sold out so if you are looking for a particular design in your size, chances are you’ll find them instores and now we are given that option to! Hurray!

Photo Credit:

I think I’ve mentioned before that shoe shopping in Singapore was frustrating for me because I’ve got rather large feet and even with shops like Charles and Keith and Mitju that are starting to offer larger sizes, the variety is somehow quite limited. That’s why I love buying shoes in the US. I remember the last time I went, I bought back 4 pairs of shoes from Payless because it was affordable, fashionable and comfortable!

Get this, I no longer have to travel to US to do that anymore because Payless is now at Suntec City! Following its American stores, it has categorized all its shoes according to sizes and they come from a variety of brands and styles. It’s really quite dizzying. I actually like this concept because all their stocks are up on the shelves for you to see so it’s pretty much self service. You grab a shoe you want, try it on and if you don’t like it, put it back. Else, take it to the cashier and make payment. Love the no-frills, fuss-free approach.

What other new shopping discoveries have you made in Singapore? Are you glad that these big brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Lush etc are coming to our shores?

Acuvue DEFINE Vivid Style

Recently, I went to the optician to purchase my contacts cos I had run out and I decided to ask for samples for the new 1 Day Acuvue DEFINE cos I’ve heard so much about how comfortable and reliable this brand of coloured contacts are (it provides 97% UV-B and 82% UV-A protection!)

I’m already a 1 Day Acuvue Moist user and I’ve always been wary about changing brands even though the lure to try coloured contacts has always been intriguing. I’m so glad that Johnson & Johnson has finally created its own range of coloured contacts.

There are three types: Vivid Style, Accent Style and Natural Shine. My optician gave me a pair of Vivid Style to try and I think it’s probably the best fit because its primarily a dark brown tint so it gives my eyes that natural look though the bright glitter bits in Natural Shine also sounds super cool. You can read more about the various differences between the three types of lenses here.

This is what it looks like in its packaging…

And here’s what it looks like when I put it on. I have it in my right eye. I didn’t have any contacts in my left eye. Just so there’s some kind of comparison.

But as you can see, it’s a rather subtle difference. Perhaps a small enlargement of my pupil and a more defined outline of it else my eye colour is the same (but that’s probably cos my eyes are brown to start off with) and no one really noticed the difference until I actually pointed it out.

What was truly difference was my overall look once I put both sides on. It’s like I have big doe eyes all of a sudden. It’s kind of strange. Somehow the contacts softened my look, made my eyes look bigger (maybe cos the circumference of the lens is wider) and made me more Anime-like.

As opposed to my other photos where my eyes looks smaller even with makeup…

It’s creepy yet amazing all at the same time! Am I sold? Completely. But given the price, I probably won’t be wearing it everyday. It’s more of a special occasion thing. But it sure will be fun to dress up and play with makeup to find something that will bring the big doe-eye look to full effect!

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