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Longchamp Spring 2012 Campaign

prancing with the dog – that’s what comes to mind when I saw this video of Coco Rocha on the streets for the Longchamp Spring 2012 Campaign

Coco Rocha excels at pulling off the most daring and eye-catching poses. This is my favourite photo out of the entire photoshoot! That bag you see there by the way, is from the Kate Moss for Longchamp collection. I love it too!

screen capture taken from

Liisa Winkler tries her best to keep up with Coco’s brilliance but methinks she still comes off a tad stiff in the photographs.

Granted, she does have those gorgeous legs and my favourite shot of her is the one above, with the postbox.

… and if you’ve noticed – excitement excitement! Longchamp has come up with a beautiful range of bags for women to drool over – thank goodness, I was getting really tired of their one design in many colours concept. In the meantime, you can view the latest collection on their website here, or wait as the campaign slowly and seductively unravels what’s in store for us this season :)

My favourites so far:

I can’t wait for their collection to be out and when it is, I’ll be one of the many eager women queuing up for a longchamp :) til then, stay tuned for more from longchamp, as their campaign continues to review what’s in store for us, and share with us their evolving vision

Japanese Fashion [Part One]

O-hai-yo! Being back from the rising sun, I’m feeling awfully hot in this tropical weather, so it’s no wonder I’m pretty happy to be cooped up in the air-conditioned office all day (but sigh, who likes to be at work??) Certainly, one needs to earn one’s own keep, but weeklong breaks like my trip to Japan last week have left me yearning for more. The holidays never do seem enough now, do they?

Visiting Japan was a feast for the eyes. The myriad of styles surrounding me was so amazing. It was rather chaotic & messy, as my friend who was our guide there told me, but it all made sense in a kind of warped japanese logic. Because everyone took such pride in having their own distinct style, in the end everyone kinda ended up looking the same -.- haha. Still, it was pretty refreshing (and at some moments, horrifying), to see how individuals interpreted and then, manifested their ideas of style and fashion. Street watching was never boring.

Unsurprisingly, I really liked the combination of chiffon tops, skirts & tights – it was pretty much my uniform for the trip & it felt nice to blend into the crowd when I just wanted to soak up the atmosphere :) Of course, the combinations and cuts of the clothing were significantly different. Japanese girls are really into peter pan collars, bows, fluffy skirts and patterned socks or leggings. & rather interestingly, I hardly saw any girls with the thick belts that seem to be so “in” at the moment.

One of the more unique (i.e. unique in my opinion..) trends i spotted was the cape/capelet – harking back to the days of sherlock holmes, with his checked cape, on the hunt for the evil villian…

I would rant more but I’m fully aware that my childhood memories of the stories of sherlock holmes being read to me before bedtime is not an experience well appreciated by many, so i’ll just skip that…

& come to think of it, capes are really, the ultimate merger of the classic cardigan + the shawl. A cardigan is easy to wear and keeps one warm, whilst allowing ease of movement.  A shawl is even easier to throw on and can be adjusted in a variety of ways to suit one’s tastes.

But ah, the cape. Easy to throw on  & it doesn’t impede any body movement like a shawl would ( which at times, might fall off because it’s not secured well), isn’t as stifling as a cardigan can sometimes get ( because it floats away from the body )… altogether, a rather interesting type of clothing. That said, I felt that it didn’t really suit my aesthetic sensibilities & I believe that part of the reason why the cape has never really been globally popular is perhaps because it does make people look broader – and men are visual creatures and they can’t see the definition of a woman’s boobs from a cape. hAHAHAHHAHA. <– disclaimer, that was a joke.

Taking all the accessories available for a woman’s outfit into consideration, what would you think would be the collective favourite of the Japanese? HAIR ACCESSORIES!!

As a fond lover of headbands and hair accessories myself, I can’t tell you how much I drooled over everything. There were wondrous displays of endless rows of hairbands and hair accessories in shops. Alas! With the nature of my present occupation, I promised myself to swear off wearing large hair accessories for awhile, since it would be rather detrimental for my day to day work. So I didn’t purchase any –  & believe me, I’m still beating myself up a little over it, but it was time for a style change and I stuck to it. Control over one’s spending habit and spending rationale is always good. That’s how I comfort myself anyway…

Besides hair accessories, Japanese girls certainly seem to have it in for toys! It was amazing how ingenious they were at finding places to hang their endless collections of toys too! When I was there, the bag of choice seemed to be knockoffs of the Mulberry & Proenza Schouler satchels:

& the most amazing part of it? Not all of these toys were just balls of fluff. Some of them were actually functional! With hidden mirrors, cosmetics, perfumes, keys… even the odd vibrator or so, were all hidden in these fluffy pals. some creepy, some really cute. heheh.

The favourite at the moment? The Sentimental Circus Ring Master, this adorably cute rabbit thingy, which my friend Rachel & I went gaga over. omg it is the cutest character I have ever seen!! Apparently, though the merchandise is out, it won’t be officially launched in Japan til Oct 10.

super, super cute. 

A Wonderfully Short Week!

With the Presidential Elections & Hari Raya, it’s been a wonderfully short week! I’m absolutely luxuriating in all the rare leisure time I get to enjoy & unlike most of my other work weeks, I actually feel quite refreshed & energetic! Most weekends just aren’t long enough. *sigh*

& lucky me, this weekend was even more awesome, thanks to some $$ from MBS, whoohoo!

& this mind you, is pure winnings. I actually won $443 in total (but got greedy so gambled the $43 away) and minus the entrance fee, I came out $300 richer! YEAH! But first, a disclaimer:

I am by no means advocating gambling as a get-rich-quick method or a wise way to “invest” your money. I just happened to be lucky.

That said, I was also a pretty stingy gambler, which is why, I THINK, I got out pretty unscathed. I went in only with $200 ($100 for entrance fee, $100 to play) & I only played the 1cent – 5 cent machines. I only tried the 10 cent machines once! Plus, since i’m wasn’t too keen on the card games, I just played the bright shiny flashing machines that made me happy. HAHA gawd i sound like such a bimbo but hey, I’m the girl who made money! lol. The bf who played the cards lost, but in the end I *subsidised* him and everything ended well :)

Sad to say though, we really and truly felt like foreigners in the Casino – in our home country! It’s really worse than public transport, mostly because there’s no entrance fee for foreigners AND there’s a constant flow of free drinks. I got quite peeved when they kept swarming the drinks cart… & everytime I eventually got to approach the nice service staff, they would tell me that they had run out of milo, or coffee or tea :(

Well, with my new found wealth, I decided to treat myself! We headed for a post-dinner treat at TWG tea, which wasn’t as fantastic as I’ve heard it to be – we had their savoury crepe with a scoop of ice cream. The ice cream was really unique and fantabulous, but the crepe can’t beat those from Canele.

& I got new make up!

[left] Sephora Blush [right] Sephora Mattifying Foundation

The minute I saw this blush, I immediately fell in love with it. It wasn’t as shiny or as bright as Benefit’s Bimba Lola, nor as matte as the Bodyshop blusher I’ve had for the longest time. That said, it’s a pretty sheer colour & one definitely needs to put on more than a few swipes before the colour looks more noticeable. At $23, it’s pricier than drugstore brands but for such a pretty colour, I don’t regret it!

The Mattifying Foundation isn’t really that mattifying – then again, we’re talking about my insanely oily skin here. *sigh*. It’s no better than most drugstore brands but it does feel really light and gives good coverage. Most importantly, unlike most compact foundations, it doesn’t look too chalky or powdery after application, plus it doesn’t dry out my skin. So for $27, it’s not bad but I’m unsure if I’ll purchase this again.

Here’s the description from the Sephora website

Smooth and feather light, our pressed powder foundation glides over the skin and leaves your complexion looking like sheer perfection. This unique formulation includes Nylon 12, for excellent adherence and long wear. Plus it may be applied wet or dry, depending on the coverage you desire. Try applying over liquid foundation in place of powder for a poreless, porcelain finish.

Anyway, since we had yet another public holiday this week, the bf and I decided to head for our favourite chill-out activity: Prawning! This time, instead of going to our usual haunt (Bishan) we decided to check out the new place over at Punggol, since that’s where his new house will be in time to come :)

Although it’s under the same management as the prawning place at bishan, Punggol’s pond has the unique distinction of having 3 types: fishing, crabbing & prawning – with two different types of prawns too! (fresh water and sea water). I was amazed and pretty freaked out at the size of the fish. They were a good 30cm long each, some of the larger ones probably spanned 45cm or more!

It’s a very poor picture of the fishes, I know! But believe me, they were huge. The prices also differ accordingly. For prawning/crabbing, it’s the normal graduated rate as follows:

  • 1st hour: $15
  • 2 hours: $25
  • 3 hours: $30

So we always get the 3 hour package, it just makes more sense! Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky this time round and didn’t catch as many prawns *sigh* We DID see some one catch a crab though! However, because the fish were so big, no one dared to give it a shot, much to my disappointment. I would’ve loved to see someone try! It costs $5 / line to catch a fish (i.e. if your line breaks you gotta get a new one, but if you skillfully snag all the fish in the pond with just one line, it’ll cost you only $5)

Yep! so all in all, a great weekend + public holiday :D

just three more days til the next weekend! whee!!

Some Classy Bling

Lately, I’ve really been into jewellery – especially pieces that are unique yet simple. Pieces that tell a story or reflect a facet of one’s character without being too loud or garish, particularly since the cliche swirls and heart shapes are beginning to bore me. Aurelie Bidermann’s gold 2011 collection caught my eye whilst I was browsing around for inspiration, & I haven’t been able to stop thinking about several of her pieces ever since.

The thing I like most about her pieces is the concept behind each piece. The basic design behind each piece isn’t mind staggering (hoop earrings and a bangle would be anyone’s fashion staple), but it’s more of the details in it. I think the little apple that’s almost hidden by the branches of the bangle is fascinating.

Unfortunately, with my financial limitations, it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll be strutting off to the high street to purchase some bling, so I looked at more affordable pastures, like Etsy!

I really fell in love with this dimensional pieces by Beth Milliner . I love how she uses different techniques on silver, to create this multi-dimensional look on a locket.

Ah, if only our local jewellery stores could make jewellery look so personalized & cute, instead of the endless repetitions of swirls in all sorts of directions.

Kustom Kitsch Jewellery is not as pricey, but definitely makes a statement with its interesting, eye catching pieces. I think my boyfriend would be amused if I wore this:

I have to say, it’s definitely for those who’re into sci-fi! XP

& speaking of attention to detail, it’s amazing how gorgeous some pieces can be – one can tell in a glance how much work has been put into these pieces. With my childhood spent in mesmerization of tales of dragons and fairies, I couldn’t take my eyes off the pieces from Mystic Swan. I so want the dragon! haha but it wouldn’t really be wearable on a daily basis so I guess I’ll have to nip that idea in the bud.

Anyone reading this post would think that my taste in jewellery is pretty weird. but hey, I got distracted, okay? What I’m looking for needs to fit in the following criteria:

  1. isn’t too heavy
  2. isn’t too loud/garish
  3. easily matched with any outfit
So with that in mind, I landed upon these pretty pendants by  The Rave ‘N’ Iron – rock & roll sounding name beside, there’s a huge variety of simple pieces, the only downside being that they only seem to sell in bulk
If i bought them all i could switch them up with my outfits! hahahaha. That however, is probably one of the worst excuses/justifications one could have when it comes to blowing alot of money.
I think my heart stopped for a minute when I saw this piece. it’s the bridal piece of my dreams! *gush gush*
& with the bracelet to match, it’s a perfect set. From Trink Jewellery. I just wish the pictures were slightly clearer though!

So my sad, resigned conclusion? I won’t be getting classy bling anytime soon. but perhaps in the far away future, when I can afford things that aren’t cliched swirly lines of silver. til then!

Bag Lust

So it’s not that I’ve tired entirely of my beautiful Tocco Toscano work bag, but I’ve been thinking that whilst I really, really love it – it’s the perfect black work bag, somedays, I really feel like having a pop of colour. Especially on days where it turns out my work outfit is just plain black. or dark blue. or grey. or white. or white and black. haha, you get the idea.

That said, it’s not easy to find a bag that suits my needs. I’ve pretty much settled into the work routine now, so the same goes for the stuff in my bag (which is good, because my criteria for the bag remains constant, but this also eliminates quite a huge number of bags out there. *sobs*). So what are my bag essentials? take a look!

What’s in my bag:

  • file with work stuff
  • umbrella
  • security pass
  • Aldo wallet – I LOVE it. I can carry tissues & blotters inside! soo worth the SGD $15 :D
  • Ipod Touch (I wish I had an Iphone. *sigh)
  • Kate Spade 2011 scheduler
  • little bag of essentials (as featured here)
  • handphone
  • camera
  • 4gb thumbdrive (a lifesaver)
  • chicken card holder

Plus, my lunchbox, which isn’t pictured here – mostly because I change the shape of my lunchbox with whatever is served for breakfast. So as you can see, it’s quite a large amount of things, so I can’t do with any teeny tiny bag, though some of my colleagues would beg to differ, heh.

for details of featured items, click here

& this season, colour is being embraced all over again by designers of various brands. My favourite has to be the orange Victoria Beckham one – though the purple Mulberry comes in a close second. I’m totally digging how structured these bags look. Personally, I feel that structured bags look so much better because no matter what oddly shaped things you stuff inside, the bag still looks good, no matter what.

Of course, since I’ve only just started work this year, it’s pretty unthinkable for me to splurge a month’s paycheck (or more!!) on arm candy. so cue in the cheaper alternatives. Not as lust-worthy, not as unique/exclusive, but they won’t break my heart

to see details of featured items, click here

My favourite of this bunch? The Dooney & Burke bag in firebrick red. A pity the brand doesn’t seem to be available here locally, but I might spot it when I traipse around Hong Kong this coming September! (they have a boutique in Macau!) I simply can’t wait :D

What’s your take on bright arm candy?

Exceptionally Useful

Lately I’ve really been into practical things. A sign of adulthood? I’m inclined to say yes, as I begin to discard my impulsive spending habit. That said, practical things need not be boring, or ugly, or have absolutely no design to speak of. Here’s a peek of what I’ve been lusting for lately!

This cute portable cutlery set has been perfect for office use! It’s made of plastic that’s easy to wash and the parts are detachable and simple to assemble together, even for a klutz like me (: I’ve got the set in pink! yay

This anti-shoe pad is great for those pretty cheap shoes that have absolutely no friction whatsoever, especially on rainy days. Trust me, it isn’t so glamourous when one is slipping and sliding on smooth tiles. haha. These pads don’t even fall off in the rain! They last for up to 6 months for me, but hey, I don’t walk alot in my heels, not really.

If you’re the type who takes many short trips and you want to travel light, these portable contact lens cases are the perfect solution. Containing a contacts lens case with a tiny bottle to carry 1-2 days worth of solution, it’s a far lighter and more convenient than looking for those small-sized contact lens solution bottles :)

So these were my practical shopping indulgences over the past weekend! What practical things have you added to your life lately?

Kate Spade 2011 Black/White Collection

We’re totally digging Kate Spade’s latest Black White Collection. It’s a modern and hip collection of designs that celebrate how versatile, stylish and chic monochrome can be. With such cute fun prints, it’s no wonder that this monochrome collection is so eye catching and far from boring. Moreover, black & white are basic colours that can effortlessly match any outfit! Check out our fashion inspirations below :) Recently, I was digging in my mom’s closet for work pieces to revamp and rejuvenate my wardrobe (oh you know how it is, one might have clothes in abundance but after awhile they just feel boring, as if you have nothing to wear..) Well surprise surprise, I chanced upon several striped pieces that looked really wearable and modern. & Then it struck me, stripes are something that never go out of style. Every few years or so, suddenly there’ll be a sudden emergence of an obsession with stripes in the fashion world. So if you’re thinking of putting your money on an investment piece, stripes might just be the way to go! With complicated patterns on one’s accessories, it’s a great idea to colour block – not only will the simplicity of your clothes complement the pattern of the pattern of the bag, but it also won’t be too overwhelming to the eye. Personally, I love that pop of colour in my outfit, so I find that I usually end up only carrying black accessories. But these would totally be arm candy! :) In the workplace, it’s pretty hard to get away with quirky wardrobe experimentations, but preppy-chic never seems to be inappropriate for work! These cute katespade bags are the perfect match to your preppy outfits. Peter pan collars, neckties and polka dots – I’m betting that at least one (or more) of clothes in these styles are somewhere in your wardrobe! XP What’s your favourite piece from the Kate Spade 2011 Black/White Collection? Tell us!

Splurges of the Month!

With a moderate oomph added to my bank account every month, it’s been really tempting to treat myself every once in awhile (but all this is stopping, with the setting up of my POSB Savings account, thank goodness). So tada! here’s my moderate splurge of the month:

Simple, elegant and black, this Tocco Toscano leather bag suited me perfectly for work. I loved the gold accent and the simple crown logo too! I have to admit, that I’m not really the type who’s into big-name brand bags so unlike my fellow “new” colleagues who got their first bag purchase from Chanel, Coach etc, I was looking more for a design that I really liked + quality :)

One thing I find is essential for bags is the shape. With all the stuffing that salespeople put in bags, they always look lovely hanging in the store. What i’m interested in, is what the bag looks like without all that stuffing, with my irregularly shaped stuff in the bag. So I went for a structured bag that had a definite shape, even with irregularly shaped stuff in it. & yes this is why I love katespade so much, so many of their bags are shaped so nicely! but none of the designs instore caught my eye…

Also, this isn’t a splurge at all but to decorate my desk, I got even more flowers! hahaha. I love flowers and how they brighten up a place, so for one dark little corner of my desk, I got these flowers + vase from Daiso

I love the combination of blue & purple, so I mixed four stalks of flower clusters (hydrangeas, they’re called) together. Plus, since my other flowers were more pink toned, I thought it’d be good to go for a “cooler” combination, whilst keeping with my overall theme of purple. This is why I love the colour purple so much! It’s just so awesome :D

The bf also felt quite spendy, so he got a Braun Buffel wallet in white. I really love the colour and texturized surface, plus white is a “new” colour for him. He usually goes with browns and blacks.

It was rather amusing how much paraphernalia was inside the wallet. They even had a “family tree” of the founding members of Braun Buffel!

I personally find that when it comes to things that you’re gonna use everyday (wallet, bag etc), it really makes sense to invest in a quality piece that lasts forever & is relatively easy to match. In other words, it’s either a neutral, simple piece or a really outstanding piece. The former to quietly accentuate your style and the latter to loudly proclaim it – it could really go either way. But get something that wears and tears in a few weeks and you’d be feeling rather unhappy about that purchase. So big ticket purchases these might be, but our daily use of them more than justifies the cost, i think! Far better than hiding in one treasured corner of our rooms! XP

Yummy Indulgences in KL

Last weekend, my bf’s jc classmates & I decided to hop down over to KL for some shopping & food. As one who doesn’t frequent Malaysia all that munch, I was pretty impressed by the food. omg the Klang Bak Kut Teh is seriously TO DIE FOR. If anyone knows where I can get similar tasting Bak Kut Teh in Singapore, do tell me ok! :D

Klang is about half an hour’s drive from KL city, but with my boyfriend’s trusty GPS, it was pretty easy to navigate there. Though the two Bak Kut Teh were pretty much packed to the brim, the rest of the town seemed completely empty and abandoned. All the other shops were closed and I’ll admit that I felt a sense of uneasiness as we came to this abandoned place. So don’t expect any shopping here, just really good food that was gobbled up too quickly for me to take a snapshot. haha.

The shop was very generous with their servings of youtiao.. and the rice was insanely yummy! Something like chicken rice, but different (oh I suck at food descriptions..). As it was quite a “traditional” shop, one had to go through the routine of washing the cups in boiling water, before making the tea. I’ve never drunk tea with Bak Kut Teh back in Singapore, it doesn’t seem to be the practice here. The tea wasn’t much to scream about, they gave us prepacked sachets of tea leaf bits.

Another food place we visited in KL was the famous Robson Heights Seafood – known for its cheap, good and chinese-style seafood dishes.

Their star attraction was apparently this crab claypot rice, which was quite interesting but sad to say, we’ve had better claypot rice in Singapore. I suppose the heated rice dries up the crab meat too much, or maybe our tastebuds weren’t suited to the taste.

As you can see, (on the left) the crab was cooked in quite an interesting way not seen in Singapore restaurants. Unlike our lavish chilli, black/white pepper and butter sauces, this crab was cooked simply in soya sauce and left in the claypot. An interesting taste I’d say, but again, I very much prefer to eat my crab Singapore style :D

However, what the crab lacked in oomph was more than made up for with this glorious chicken dish. Somehow peanuts worked really well with this soya sauce + garlic chicken. *yums* We also ordered a few other things but again, they got gobbled up in no time. Overall, it was a pretty good meal but don’t order the fish at Robson Heights. It’s insanely expensive, even compared to Singapore prices.

& last but not least, how could we miss out on Madam Kwan’s famous Nasi Lemak? Done in a way that’s distinctly different from Singapore-style Nasi Lemak, this nasi lemak includes dishes like rendang, curry chicken and even sambal kangkong. Unfortunately, these dishes were only available in sets and we could not pick and choose what we wanted, like Nasi Padang. Madam Kwan herself was at the restaurant greeting customers, and there were many who asked to take a snapshot with her. Once again, everything was gobbled up and I forgot to take pictures. I completely suck as a food photographer hahahaha.

I have to say I didn’t shop much in KL, prices weren’t that much different and clothes weren’t really my style. The only place that’s really worth going to would be Aldo! The prices look like those in Singapore, but the value is in Ringgit :D

so tada! here’s my very pretty aldo wallet that will replace my (dirty) fossil one :) it cost me $15 SGD! I’m unsure how much it costs in Singapore coz I’m not really the type who’s obsessed with gloating over shopping savings HAHAH. Aside from this, I only bought a pair of flats from Malaysian brand Vincci that has now disappeared from Singapore. The rest of the time we spent there was pretty much spent eating & being massaged. All in all, a great weekend trip to rejuvenate & grow sideways! :)

a Bright Streak of Blue

another freaky nail polish colour I tried recently was Sally Hansen’s Blue Streak

It’s a very bold and bright colour and like all Insta-Dris, applies opaque in 2 coats. & if you’re thinking that it’s a duochrome, as seen above, it’s actually not. It’s more of a reflective polish, & the tinge of purple you’re seeing there is merely the pink reflecting off my very pink Canon :)

Sally Hansen’s Blue Streak makes me think of Aztec/Ikat/Tribal-inspired clothes & accessories

& these prints are so often seen on maxi dresses these days! It’s great to see a revival of old prints and how they’re adapted to modern fashion :)

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