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Aloha Hawaii Day 6

We have come to the second last installment of my trip recap. Day 6 started out with a boat ride out on Ko’olina Lagoon to see dolphins! And as luck would have it, we didn’t see a single dolphin. Not even a flipper of one. AT ALL.

But nonetheless, the cruise was so enjoyable that I forgot that it was supposed to be a dolphin cruise in the first place and here’s why…


We were on a Catamaran!!!

Yet another first for me. The captain was so nice. He let me steer the boat and have absolutely power over the lives of everyone on board for like, 10 minutes. Yes, cheap thrill I know. But still, I was so excited. And just when I thought the waters cannot get any beautiful than Hanauma Bay, well, nature has a way of proving me wrong. The waters are so blue and so crystal clear that you can see fish! Everywhere!

Our skipper tried to catch us some fish but most of them were unicorn fish and we had to throw them back. This in his hand right now, is an ahi which is edible so he proceeded to ice it down so he can serve it up as sashimi! The ahi are actually really clever and they don’t take the bait as easily as the other fishes do so it was quite the feat to be able to catch this one.

Oh yes and there goes another turtle. We seem to have lots of turtle power on this trip. I know I’ve said this before but these marine life come so close to the water surface! Snorkeling here is a dream.



After a long day out at sea, we decided to head back to civilization and do alittle bit of retail therapy at Ala Moana. Now, we’ve all up to this point been absolutely starved of any form of retail therapy which is so terrible because we are in the USA! So to suddenly be thrown into Ala Moana, the largest mall in Honolulu for three hours, well, let’s just say that the time wasn’t enough. A&F, Forever21, Hollister, American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm, Bath and Body Works, Tory Burch… pretty much every brand possible is available. It’s an impossible task to see everything so it is wise to pick and choose.


In true Singaporean fashion, my colleagues have gotten a map beforehand and circled shops they wanted to visit, as well as planned a detailed route to take. Alittle hardcore and intense but it worked really well given the time constraint. And at the end of the day, everyone went away feeling very happy with their purchases.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

You know Christmas is right round the corner when Starbucks says so and when Victoria’s Secret launches their glamourous fashion show. While Victoria’s Secret has been perennially staging a fashion show since 1995, it only became a world wide spectacle in 2005. Today, it is one of the most anticipated fashion shows ever staged! No wonder the models express worry and nervousness before they get on stage!

Let’s start by first covering the night’s entertainment. Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber graced the stage and awed the crowd. Bieber sang “Beauty and the Beat” and “As Long as You Love Me” while Mars sang “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Young Girls” to an enthusiastic crowd that lapped it all up. Rihanna even walked the catwalk showing that she can hold her own!


The twist to the event this year is that CBS and Victoria’s Secret announced their charity efforts thanks to Hurricane Sandy. They made a generous donation and said a big thank you to the National Guards based in Lexington Avenue Armory for their years of commitment. After that, the show pretty much kicked off. The themes this year are: Circus, Dangerous Liaisons, Pink is Us, Silver Screen Angels, Angels in Bloom and Calendar Girls.

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

What Victoria’s Secret does exceedingly well is to create a spectacle. They know how to create glitz and glamour with big names taking the stage. The use of elaborate props, hugely oversized costumes like angel wings and flames only add to the drama making it an even more glorious sight to behold.


Dutch model Doutzen Kroes is a sight to behold as she morphs from cheeky pom pom girl complete with hula hoop to regal bejeweled goddess. Meanwhile, Adriana Lima is quick to welcome us with open arms in her red hot ensemble. I am loving the detail all right down to the vine-wrapped ankles.


Another red hot tamala is South African model, Candice Swanepoel. Her piercing blue eyes still absolutely stands out from her chilli red outfit. It seems Valentine’s Day has come early this year.


And next up we have hot mama Miranda Kerr who looks positively gorgeous in her healthy glowing tan. Clearly motherhood has treated her kindly! She is totally rocking it. All I can say is that Orlando Bloom is one lucky man.


But of course the night’s highlight is the jaw-dropping $2.5 million dollar fantasy bra worn by Alessandra Ambrosio. I can’t help but think she’s wearing a huge Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid which looks kinda funny on most people but somehow she pulls it off soooo convincingly. But really, that bra is gorgeous. Probably weighs a ton, but nonetheless, absolutely gorgeous.


For more high quality pictures of the runway show, check out this link. And here’s some footage on what goes on backstage…

Free Fish Japan

I was passing by Mandarin Gallery last week and stopped right in my tracks when I saw these shoes in Bratpack. Yes, I know the concept isn’t new thanks to Vivienne Westwood and Melissa but still, these look pretty chic. I ended up buying the navy pair just cos I didn’t already own a pair of navy shoes.


I used to dislike plastic shoes because they cut into my feet quite abit no thanks to friction and abrasion but this pair was surprisingly comfortable and I had them on with no gel insoles, no foot glide and no blister plasters! Quite the feat I must say. Perhaps I will give it another week or two. Once it has officially passed the test, I will consider purchasing a pair in another design.


Free Fish is actually a Japanese brand and their shoes are made entirely from PVC. I tried to find out more about it but sadly there isn’t much information online. Perhaps because most of it is in Japanese? Yet another thing to add to my list of things to look out for when I head to Tokyo in December. Absolutely digging these gladiator sandals. The penny loafers look pretty too and they come in a whole assortment of colours!


If you think these shoes look cheap, then think again. They do a great job replicating the authenticity of ‘stitching’ and in a way, the glossiness of the PVC gives it a patented look which is on trend at the moment. And I guess PVC is quite durable not to mention water resistant so this would be the perfect pair of shoes to wear out to brave the rain. What’s more, the designs are pretty fashionable so as far as I’m concerned, I’m sold!

Free Fish is sold in BratPack outlets in i12 Katong, Changi Airport Terminal 3 and Mandarin Gallery.

new logo

am very proud of this, especially since I did it myself. Nothing rocks more than a sense of self-accomplishment


Foil Wonder

It’s been a gloomy week with overcast skies and the monday blues.. so I thought I’d chase them away with really bright, shiny nails :)

ImageIsn’t it such a gorgeously beautiful colour? Unlike some polishes that appear lighter in the bottle and darker on the nails, the Faceshop’s FACEit polish in GL111 comes off perfectly on the nails as it does in the bottle. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails… then I decided that *omg* if I wear this shade to work it’ll blind people when I wave or gesture. HAHA! 

So I decided to do some dark tips, somewhat inspired by Madonna’s gladiator get-up during the Superbowl. It was really easy to execute, using this technique – and voila! In less than half an hour, my tips were done 


This was just such a great mood uplifter. I couldn’t stop glancing at my nails every now and then :)

Satisfaction + Pride + Perfection = Happiness.

Here’s a quick rundown of the polish:

  • Colour: Gold Foil
  • Opacity: Achieved in two coats. Attempted layering this over another polish, it pretty much obscured the other colour almost entirely in one coat, but on a bare nail, two coats are definitely required for complete coverage.
  • Dries: medium fast. vulnerable to scratches in the first 3 minutes
  • Imperfections: very easily covered up! some of the gold foil polish got chipped in the middle of the nail and I just painted over that patch, TOTAL INVISIBLE COVERUP. Awesome for clumsy fools like me! :) 

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the polish, can’t wait to experiment with other polishes, though the formulae is slightly too runny to use as nail art, i think! 


We’re now at ! come visit!

It’s just for the first time, I feel… Wicked

Yesterday night, I finally watched Wicked and this has been something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I booked the tickets in November so that’s like 3 months in advance? And can I just say that it was absolutely wonderful. You guys probably know that I’m a frequent theatre goer and I’ve watched quite a few musicals (mostly local productions) but this Australian production was SO GOOD (according to my friend who has watched Wicked 4 times, the standard is comparable to the London production). The elaborate sets, the costumes, the acting, singing… it was truly an enchanting performance. No wonder it won 35 major awards including a Grammy, three Tonys and the title of ‘Best Musical of the Decade!’

There is definitely something in this musical for everyone, young and old alike and never a dull moment too! What I really loved about the musical which was adapted by a novel of the same title is that it is such a clever plot. To borrow the concept of Wizard of Oz, an all-time favourite but to re-work it from the perspective of the Evil Witch of the West (even giving her a name, Elphaba) really humanizes her and makes her relatable.  Even the flying monkeys that have plagued me all my life, I now feel some sense of sympathy. Like they were the victims of the Wizard’s evil regime!

And of course, who doesn’t love a compelling story of a green girl who is talented but oh, such a social misfit who eventually wins the love of handsome Fiyero over bestie bimbo pal, Glinda? Throw in some magic dust, a pinch of sarcastic wit and a dose of righteous justice and you have yourself a winning formula. No wonder this is the 13th longest running Broadway musical of all time.

And need I even mention the music? My heart soared as Elphaba was lifted into the air while belting out the last notes of ‘Defying Gravity’, I felt such bittersweet sorrow when the lovers did the  ‘As Long As You’re Mine’ duet and almost teared as Elphaba and Glinda sang ‘For Good’. The music was so amazing and their voices left me completely speechless. I thought that the leading ladies were so immensely good at what they do. I loveeeee the ‘toss toss’ hair scene. That made Glinda so endearing despite her blatant bimbo-ness (kudos to Lucy Durack) and Elphaba’s vulnerability and conviction really came forth in Amanda Harrison’s portrayal.

All in all, I was completely enthralled. In short, this is definitely something worth watching. Please I appeal to everyone to go watch it!

I dream of Jeanie

While skinny jeans may appear to be all the rage in Singapore, this doesn’t appear to be the case in the US. Ebay has sales statistics to show that the bootcut jean is still the most popular pick for women because it is so figure friendly. Boot cut jeans are great for women with fuller figures because the flared leg balances out the fullness of the hips to give that wonderful illusion of a well proportioned body.

I am of the opinion that skinny jeans are really unforgiving. Although the basic assumption is that slim, tall girls look good in skinny jeans, I actually think that you need to have some booty to really look good in them. And because skinnies cling to you like a second skin (thereby trapping heat), I find it rather difficult to walk and bend over so functionality-wise, not my favourite choice of jean to wear in Singapore though I do pack skinnies and jeggings when I travel to colder countries.

Argh, can I just say that I do not like the low-rise jean? It’s so annoying to have to yank it up every once in a while so that you won’t expose any butt cleavage and I just feel that it doesn’t do anything for your waist. It doesn’t accentuate or highlight your waist so for people with longer torsos this doesn’t look fab. High waisted > low rise any day.

I loveeee cropped jeans especially those that stop at the ankle (brilliant idea especially on rainy days so the bottom doesn’t get wet) and I think boyfriend jeans are so comfy though it is imperative to wear a fitted top so you don’t appear too frumpy.

What is your favourite jean style?

It’s Movie Time!

Jennifer Aniston is probably one of my most favourite actresses. It isn’t just because she’s pretty, but also because I love her unique mannerisms that have become so familiar to me after 10 seasons of friends and *almost* every movie she’s ever starred in.

I actually don’t remember this coming out in Singapore cinemas, but when I rented it I thought, hey, it’s a rom-com and I’m kinda in need of one. Besides, with Jennifer Aniston, what could go wrong, right? Well, it turns out I was in for some disappointment…

Look at us. Running around… always rushed, always late. I guess that’s why they call it the human race. What we crave most in this world is connection. For some people it happens at first sight, it’s when you know you know. It’s fate working its magic. and that’s great for them! They get to live in a pop song. Ride the express train. But that’s not the way it really works. For the rest of us it’s a bit less romantic. It’s complicated and it’s messy. It’s about horrible timing and fumbled opportunities, and not being able to say what you need to say, when you need to say it. At least that’s how it was for me.

Making a wordplay on the “human race”, really? It’s a failed type of romantic pun. Though I do applaud the sentiment of the whole busy city life meets romance, despite being set in hectic New York, I didn’t really feel any work-related stresses or situations that put their romance on an edge. Simply put, the plot could not conform well to its setting.

Jennifer Aniston plays a mid-late 30s (since that’s all she can do given the harsh standards of the media industry) woman who’s keen on moving on from her previous failed relationships onto the next phase of her life – having a baby. But she doesn’t just want to get any old sperm from the sperm bank. She wants a sperm donor who could potentially be a tangible presence in her baby’s life.

Cue in Jason Bateman, best friend deemed “undate-able” by her friends. In a drunken stupor, somehow his sperm ends up being the sperm that is planted in her ready womb. So tada!

precocious little kid, slightly neurotic like his dad and really kinda cute. I felt that the cliched portrayal of their similar mannerisms (hence the epic discovery that omg! we are father and son!) was very lame. I don’t believe in it either. One’s mannerisms and habits are naturally nurtured by your surroundings, not by genetics. Facial features and diseases are hereditary.

So well, forgive me for sounding slightly bitter about the movie, but it wasn’t a good one to watch. Even if you’re in a mindless toilet humour chick flick rom-com like me. It didn’t hit the spot. I would say however, that Aniston’s latest movie with Adam Sandler was pretty good. go watch that instead, don’t pick The Switch.

Bali Day 3: Yummylicious Seafood

As Bali has been said to have fresh seafood at outrageously cheap prices, the bf and I weren’t going to miss out on that. Unfortunately for us however, Seminyak was relatively far away from the famous Jimbaran beach (where 2 people can get stuffed on seafood for about 250 000 INR). So we ventured out to Seminyak beach, which was rather to our disappointment and discomfort, as it seemed rather polluted. The sand was black!

Being a tourist spot, I guess we kinda expected the beaches to have sparkling white sand and crystal clear waters. That certainly wasn’t the case at Seminyak beach. However, we did catch glimpses of local activities such as line fishing (right). It was pretty interesting seeing someone catch a fish without using a reel and rod.

Compared to Kuta Beach, it was definitely much emptier and the people were far more spaced out. There were several resorts placed directly at the beach, and many Caucasians were enjoying themselves on the beach chairs, which were easily available for loan. However, it wasn’t really a beach we wanted to stay at for too long, given that the sand was charcoal black, so we left rather quickly. Parking a motorcycle at Seminyak beach costs about 1000 INR, approximately 15 cents.

Unfortunately for us, the eateries at Seminyak beach didn’t seem all that appealing, so we headed closer to our resort for some seafood, at Eny’s Warung, a place I had researched on before our trip to Bali. Eny’s Warung was said to be a place popular with expats and tourists for its seafood and fresh organic ingredients. The exterior of Eny’s Warung was like that of a farmer’s market, and it was pretty exciting to see Eny’s husband walk out every now and then from the kitchen to pick out a fruit or vegetable and add that to our meal :)

We ordered prawns and a sea bass – both of which were specialties of Eny’s Warung. Had we known earlier that the famous Balinese Babi Guling (roasted pig) would be available had we called to “book” a day earlier, we would’ve done so… but since we missed out on that, we settled for just seafood instead :) Moreover, to our pleasure and surprise, the prawns served were very familiar to our hearts – the exact same type of prawns that we caught whilst prawning back here in Singapore! Obviously though, these were much larger (to our amazement and relief)

I placed my finger directly onto the prawn for a reference, and it was pretty much a closer cousin to its lobster counterpart than it was to the miniature ones we’ve caught in Singapore. haha! That said, all food at Eny’s Warung is guaranteed to be organic, so these were prawns caught in the wild, not reared in farms like those we have hear. Rice and curried green beans were served alongside our dinner, and it cost about $40 SGD in total, which was awesome, considering that the seafood tasted really fresh!

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