Ohaiyo Tokyo Part 2

Day 2 was a magical day filled with childlike wonder because… we were at Disneysea! I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney having grown up watching all the movies and knowing most of the songs by heart. I think Disney is a special place and no matter your age, you always feel like a child there.

I particularly love Tokyo’s Disneyland and Disneysea because even though the rides aren’t as thrilling as the USA ones, I think the people there really make the effort to dress up (everyone is carrying a Duffy bear and wearing silly Disney head gear, walking around like it is the most normal thing in the world) and they go all out to immerse themselves in the Disney dream. I’ve never heard more enthusiastic screams to ‘Minnie-chan!’ or to see vigorous hand clapping and participation in shows from the audience. The atmosphere is electric! The Disney staff are also incredibly enthusiastic and you really feel their deep love and belief and they really go above and beyond what’s necessary to do their job well. I think all this contributes to a very unique and special experience.

Disneysea Getting There
Taking a train to Disneysea is kind of cumbersome. It takes about an hour from Shinjuku and you have to change trains at Tokyo, Maihama and then from Maihama, take the Disney Resort Line. But all this is worth it because the train is so cute! Mickey Mouse handles and windows, and of course once you step into the place, you feel that magical spirit fill the air!
Some things that you should definitely do in Disneysea? Eat Mickey-shaped churros, sit the Tower of Terror ride (not as frightening as the California version), eat the multi-flavored popcorn (I tried Strawberry, Black Pepper, Curry and Soy Sauce but there are others like Milk Tea, Apple Cinnamon etc!) and buy a silly hat! I love this Cheshire cat one cos it is a hat, scarf and mittens all in one! Clever!

And if you have money to spare (S$40), then go for a good 3-course meal and dine with your favourite Disney characters! The food is really quite good especially the desserts!

DisneySea Character Dining
And be sure to catch some of the shows! We watched three of them: The Table is Waiting, The Legend of Mythica (which in my opinion is a definite must-watch because it is so good!) and the Christmas show and fireworks at the very end of the night. You have to plan the schedule of the showtimes and coordinate it with your fast passes well. With good planning, you can actually watch all the shows and go for all the rides!
A Table is Waiting

legend of mythica


Of course the show that is not to be missed is the fireworks display. It is really gorgeous but in order to get a good view and good pictures, be sure to go 20minutes early. Usually, everyone stays to watch the fireworks go off at 8.30pm then they start making their way out. So if there are very popular rides that you haven’t gone for yet like Journey to the Centre of the Earth, then you could leave it till after the fireworks. Besides, the park usually closes late. When we were there, it closed at 10.30pm so it makes alot of sense to hang around till just about closing time.

And that’s what we did with the Toy Story ride. We couldn’t take it in the day time because it was too crowded but we managed to get on it after the fireworks display. And if there is only one ride to take, then I suggest that you take this one. It was so much fun!

Toy Story 3D

I love Mr Pricklepants!!! So this rounds up day 2. It was very tiring to last an entire 12 hours in Disneysea, fighting the crowds and the cold but it was really, so much fun. And of course, I did not leave empty handed. Along the way I picked up multiple tins of biscuits to give away as souvenirs and got myself my very own Duffy Bear.

I suggest that gift shopping be done midday instead of the end of the day because it is literally a zombie apocalypse in the gift stores with Duffy merchandise flying off the shelves every couple of seconds. I exaggerate not. So do your shopping early. There are lockers to store your purchases so you can shop, drop it in the lockers and go for your rides/shows and come back to pick it all up later as you head back to the train station. It is very convenient and efficient. I love how the Japanese think of everything.

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