Aloha Hawaii Day 7

Final Day in Hawaii started with a hike up Diamond Head at… 4.30am all in a bid to catch the sunrise. And because we couldn’t get a bus charter so early in the morning, we had to walk 7km from our hotel all the way to the top of Diamond Head and we had to do it fast because we were racing with the sun.

Well, the huffing and puffing was all worth it because the sight was simply glorious.

Diamond Head

After all that walking, we all got hungry and tired so we went to Denny’s a local diner for an all-American breakfast. Think bacon, eggs, the works! And then it is off to Waikele Premium Outlets for more shopping. Now I’ve experienced Premium Outlet shopping in California and it was seriously awesome. Admittedly Waikele didn’t even come close in terms of size nor variety of offerings but the deals were still quite amazing.


I managed to get USD14 Levis black skinny jeans and Ralph Lauren Polo Tees for around USD35 each. I know some girls went crazy in Coach because there was an additional discount of 40% that day so a coach wristlet can go as low as USD38 which is rather incredible and unbelievable if you ask me. Other shops that are offering great discounts are Vans (shoes can be found at USD20), Charlotte Russe (tops start from USD10) and Godiva (chocolates available from USD9.90). You can check out the store directory and find the centre map.

After shopping, we had dinner at Morton’s back at Ala Moana and it was so good. And much cheaper than Singapore too. I had a special set meal that comprised of a cut of steak and lobster and it came to about USD70 though I’m pretty sure the same would cost around 90 or more here in Singapore. I guess it’s because of the air flown beef? A cost that doesn’t need to be incurred in the States? But whatever it is, best meal I’ve had the whole trip.


And because I am a sweet tooth, I couldn’t say no to The Cheesecake Factory’s delectable offerings. Middle photo is their original cheesecake and to the right is the Red Velvet cheesecake. I would suggest that you share because the portion is huge. There’s just no way one can finish one whole slice right after dinner. But they were both so good and so rich. I also had a bite of the Godiva chocolate cake and I think I will never have a chocolate craving again. It was potent to say the least.

After dinner, we strolled along Waikiki beach one last time. Somehow it just feels right to see the sunrise and the sunset of the same day. It’s like completing the cycle and finding some closure before going to bed. And the next day, we flew 18 hours all the way back to Singapore.


It’s been a wonderful trip, one that I won’t soon forget. I really do believe Hawaii is a magical place. It’s so spiritual and so special. I think the word, Ohana is best to describe it. Hawaii is like family. Everyone is friendly, warm and inviting and the best part of it is that it all feels genuine and sincere. Just thinking about my experience makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

As cousin Dwight, our bus driver said so meaningfully to us when he first met us, “we are Ohana and that means no one on this bus gets forgotten or left behind.”


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