Aloha Hawaii Day 6

We have come to the second last installment of my trip recap. Day 6 started out with a boat ride out on Ko’olina Lagoon to see dolphins! And as luck would have it, we didn’t see a single dolphin. Not even a flipper of one. AT ALL.

But nonetheless, the cruise was so enjoyable that I forgot that it was supposed to be a dolphin cruise in the first place and here’s why…


We were on a Catamaran!!!

Yet another first for me. The captain was so nice. He let me steer the boat and have absolutely power over the lives of everyone on board for like, 10 minutes. Yes, cheap thrill I know. But still, I was so excited. And just when I thought the waters cannot get any beautiful than Hanauma Bay, well, nature has a way of proving me wrong. The waters are so blue and so crystal clear that you can see fish! Everywhere!

Our skipper tried to catch us some fish but most of them were unicorn fish and we had to throw them back. This in his hand right now, is an ahi which is edible so he proceeded to ice it down so he can serve it up as sashimi! The ahi are actually really clever and they don’t take the bait as easily as the other fishes do so it was quite the feat to be able to catch this one.

Oh yes and there goes another turtle. We seem to have lots of turtle power on this trip. I know I’ve said this before but these marine life come so close to the water surface! Snorkeling here is a dream.



After a long day out at sea, we decided to head back to civilization and do alittle bit of retail therapy at Ala Moana. Now, we’ve all up to this point been absolutely starved of any form of retail therapy which is so terrible because we are in the USA! So to suddenly be thrown into Ala Moana, the largest mall in Honolulu for three hours, well, let’s just say that the time wasn’t enough. A&F, Forever21, Hollister, American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm, Bath and Body Works, Tory Burch… pretty much every brand possible is available. It’s an impossible task to see everything so it is wise to pick and choose.


In true Singaporean fashion, my colleagues have gotten a map beforehand and circled shops they wanted to visit, as well as planned a detailed route to take. Alittle hardcore and intense but it worked really well given the time constraint. And at the end of the day, everyone went away feeling very happy with their purchases.

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