Jason Wu for Melissa

Oh with Christmas hot on our heels, it is time to dress up your pretty feet and this latest collaboration between Jason Wu and Melissa Jelly Shoes has just the thing. I’ve raved about my Free Fish Japan shoes because of their style, comfort and functionality (especially in wet weather. See post here.) but of course, Melissa has got to get ahead of the curve and with its numerous collaborations with top fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood, Alexandre Herchcovitch and the Campana Brothers, this is an achievable goal.

It’s latest collaboration with Jason Wu just blew me away. It’s a simple modification of the Ultragirl shoe but it is so chic. I mean, cute little owl motifs? And bows? Yes. I think you got me good. I’m pretty sure this is something Blair Waldorf will approve. I especially love the shoe in burgundy. It’s festive and appropriate for the season.

jason wu melissa
“It’s a pleasure to work with plastic in an innovative way, exploring different possibilities with a company that has the most expertise in the subject.” – Jason Wu
But the real kicker for me? The sandals. Melissa doesn’t conventionally do sandals. The focus has always been covered shoes, flats and with the Vivienne Westwood collection, some pretty pixie heels. But this, I love the minimalist design and I think it pretty much matches everything. This is definitely penciled in on my wish list for Christmas!
And for those of us who haven’t quite gotten over our Cinderella dream, well, J Maskrey has designed the perfect shoe for you. Make Christmas a star studded affair with a shoe that’s blinged out in Swarovski crystals! It reminds me alittle of Black Swan and ballet for some reason but gorgeous nonetheless.
J maskrey


“Since I moved to Paris at the beginning of this year, romaticism took over me and my thoughts … so I decided to create a line both feminine and modern … beautiful shoes covered with crystals that will illuminate the steps of Melissa’s customers” – J Maskrey.

You can see the full Melissa collection here!

Yikes with all these pretty shoes in the market, this cannot be good for the wallet. Need. To. Avoid. Going. To. Town. I hope this is just a shoe infatuation and that it will pass over soon. AHHHH….

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