Cozying Up to Fall

This might sound funny to you but despite living in tropical Singapore, Fall is my favourite time of year. I love traveling to a much cooler climate and being able to layer up and feel that bit of frosty chill that tingles my spine. The cooler weather also means that I can be more creative with dressing up and playing around with coats, gloves, boots and hats. Something that I can’t really do much in a tropical climate. And so today I’ve decided to indulge in coat envy. These are the timeless classics that I wish I could wear more often…


Burberry trench coat, 6,740 SGD / Tweed trench coat, 830 SGD / Trench coat, 180 SGD / Orange trench coat, 120 SGD
Well, you can’t go wrong with the trench coat. It is a timeless classic that has been revisited time and again year after year. A tweak in color (it seems a much bolder colour palette is in order this year) and a slight amendment in the silhouette and viola, the trench coat is given new life. I’m particularly fond of the moss green military inspired trench. There’s something masculine yet bookish about it. I can imagine wearing this and morphing into Sherlock Holmes complete with hat and pipe.
pea coat

St. John st john, 1,470 SGD / Precis Petite pea coat, 200 SGD / Paul by Paul Smith paul smith, 705 SGD / Black Rivet wool pea coat, 110 SGD / Ymc , 635 SGD / Love Moschino black pea coat, 450 SGD
There’s just something very English about the pea coat. It just creates that sleek, put together image that’s perfect for the workplace. I love how a peacoat comes in the cheery hues of kelly green, bright red and mustard yellow. I know this isn’t in any way fashion forward or revolutionary since coats in primary colours have been around for a long time but I love how designers are playing around with buttons, pockets and even different kinds of fabric (yes, there’s a departure from wool!) to redefine the pea coat. It’s fashionable yet functional.

Jason Wu , 4,050 SGD / Zero + Maria Cornejo zero maria cornejo, 2,690 SGD / Salvatore Ferragamo cape coat, 5,345 SGD / Ba&Sh , 390 SGD / Wool coat, 485 SGD / Chloé cape coat, 495 SGD
And now onto something that is alittle different from the traditional coats but have been making waves in the fashion world lately. Capes. Or is it ponchos? Or shrouds? Well, whatever the name is, these oversized coats popularised by Little Red Riding Hood are incredibly comfy and it is so easy to just throw on to complete an ensemble. It’s like the shawl, only that it doesn’t actually droop or slide down from your shoulder. It takes someone with height and build to pull it off though. I can’t see someone petite wearing it, she’ll be swallowed up by that much material.
What are your favourite coat choices to keep warm this Fall? Are you loving the cape trend?

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