Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

I’ve been waiting all month for this movie and it finally came out on 8th November. If you are a Glee fan, you love acapella and show choirs are your kind of thing, then Pitch Perfect is made for you. The movie focuses on Beca, a new freshman at Barden College who aspires to produce music but her father wants her to complete college. And so, as the story goes, dad gives Beca an offer. Prove to him that she is really trying to give college a real shot by taking an extra curricular activity and then he will review her decision in a year. And so, that’s pretty much how Beca ends up in The Bellas. An all-girl acapella group on campus.

Now the plot thickens when you throw in a rival group called the Treble Makers (an all-guy acapella group on campus) and a shot at the show choir championships. And then there’s all-round good guy Jesse who is cool, funny, can sing and really really digs Beca. But alas, he’s part of the Treble Makers so… how will it all work out?

Well, let’s just say that this movie is a feel-good flick. And as all feel-good flicks go, the story is predictable. Yes, it is all rainbow, sunshine and happy endings in the end. I guess you could say that this is the singing version to the Step Up series and Bring it On but what makes this a truly enjoyable movie, the true selling point in my opinion, is the script which is absolutely hysterical.

There are jokes poking fun at Glee, jokes targeted at different stereotypes (sex pot, lesbian, asian girl, fat girl, crazed obsessed overachiever etc) and it’s all meant to be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s all in good fun. The parodies and exaggerations like seeing Aubrey comfort Chloe over her inflammation of the lymph nodes which is apparently likened to cancer, only serves to show the ridiculous lengths people go to to achieve success. So definitely, I feel like the musical comedy genre worked really well!

I think Fat Amy has all the best lines. Rebel Wilson is a natural at comedy and Anna Kendrick is extremely likeable. She was brilliant in Up in the Air and 50/50. She’s becoming one of my favourite indie movie actresses to watch (it’s really between her and Felicity Jones at the moment!) and Skylar Astin is cute in an unassuming, nerdy way (he reminds me of Ted from HIMYM). He’s like the average typical nice guy with killer vocals. I think these two are great together.

Oh and need I mention the awesome mashups? I loved the Riff-Off. Definitely the highlight of the show. That and perhaps the Just The Way You Are/Just a Dream mashup. I got chills! Enough talking, check out the trailer!

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