Free Fish Japan

I was passing by Mandarin Gallery last week and stopped right in my tracks when I saw these shoes in Bratpack. Yes, I know the concept isn’t new thanks to Vivienne Westwood and Melissa but still, these look pretty chic. I ended up buying the navy pair just cos I didn’t already own a pair of navy shoes.


I used to dislike plastic shoes because they cut into my feet quite abit no thanks to friction and abrasion but this pair was surprisingly comfortable and I had them on with no gel insoles, no foot glide and no blister plasters! Quite the feat I must say. Perhaps I will give it another week or two. Once it has officially passed the test, I will consider purchasing a pair in another design.


Free Fish is actually a Japanese brand and their shoes are made entirely from PVC. I tried to find out more about it but sadly there isn’t much information online. Perhaps because most of it is in Japanese? Yet another thing to add to my list of things to look out for when I head to Tokyo in December. Absolutely digging these gladiator sandals. The penny loafers look pretty too and they come in a whole assortment of colours!


If you think these shoes look cheap, then think again. They do a great job replicating the authenticity of ‘stitching’ and in a way, the glossiness of the PVC gives it a patented look which is on trend at the moment. And I guess PVC is quite durable not to mention water resistant so this would be the perfect pair of shoes to wear out to brave the rain. What’s more, the designs are pretty fashionable so as far as I’m concerned, I’m sold!

Free Fish is sold in BratPack outlets in i12 Katong, Changi Airport Terminal 3 and Mandarin Gallery.

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