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We’ve Moved!

Hi everyone,

Ruth and I haven’t been blogging alot the past few days and we are sorry that we dropped off the map alittle bit but we haven’t been slacking off. On the contrary, we’ve been busier than ever. Moving out has never been easy. You have to pack up all your belongings and make sure you don’t leave anything behind and of course, when all that’s said and done, what is left is an empty space and we can’t help but feel emotional about that.

Quirkychic started out as a simple blog to post our likes and dislikes, a means for us to keep in touch and stay close as best friends with everything changing around us. We used this as a platform for us to check in on one another, to know that the other person is still alive, still writing, still passionate about fashion, travel, books, food – common interests that brought us together in the first place. This was our way of remembering the things in life that we love and appreciate even as we struggle with responsibilities and growing up.

We never thought in a million years that this project would draw likeminded readers together. That people would take an interest in what we have to say and that they would encourage us to write, review and post. Quirkychic has become a community and you guys have made it a warm, loving one. 

So Ruth and I had extensive discussions about the future of Quirkychic and we figured that if we are able to blog in our uni days amidst the flurry of assignments, and stay commited to blogging despite work deadlines and stress, then perhaps this means more to us than just a casual ‘fling’. Ruth and I are in for the long haul and what better way to take this all the way than to have our very own site?

And so it is with much nervous excitement  that we present to you our new site and our new baby… 

Don’t worry, all our archived posts have been transferred over. Aside from some kinks that we are ironing out, the move is complete.  Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you over at !

I Used to Think that ColourBlocking was Boring

That is, until I began to explore!

for more details of items above, click here

I used to think that Colour Blocking was pretty much the lazy designer’s way of making something “new”. It was just mixing and matching colours, right? wrong. It was about merging design with an eye for colour, & I think these mass retailers above hit the right note with these pieces. I would love to try all of them!

Alexander McQueen Pre Fall Collection 2012

I envisioned rich young ladies in a castle, on a cold winter’s night… extravagantly draped with velvets and furs, corsets tightly bound, as they regally walked down the stairs to join the dinner party. Rich, lavish yet not garish – the black victorian print stood out against the red velvet, the silhouettes of the models were largely exaggerated, with the use of flared and peplum cuts. and oh! The use of mesh. Azzaro executed it with a subtle grace, but here Sarah Burton fearlessly immerses her dress in mesh, resulting in an ethereally beautiful creation.

I am absolutely in love with that last dress. I wish I could just try it on! (though the klutz in me would probably rip some part of it off in the process..) It’s altogether a very swoon-worthy combination of Black Swan(movie) + Victorian(fashion) + Romantic (literary theme).

That said, velvet or mesh pieces definitely wouldn’t be my fabric of choice when it comes to daily wear. *sigh* The life of the common and poor. hahaha.

Our Favourites from the SAG Awards 2012

all images from

The Wonders of Makeup

I think I need to spend more time picking up make-up skills because I am just so inspired (and slightly freaked out) by the transformations illustrated by this taiwanese girl

I felt quite oh-my-god and this-isn’t-true-it’s-all-photoshop when I first saw this, but after several google searches and forum pages after, I had to acknowledge the truth of her awesome skill.

I think her main tools are

  1. hairstyle
  2. fake lashes + coloured contacts
  3. knowing how to pose.

so i’m going to go cut my hair and fill my weekend with videos of michelle phan. hahaha.

Satchel Obsession

I used to associate satchels with studying and old school books and it always comes in that unassuming camel or chocolate brown shade but these days, it seems that satchels have undergone some kind of image overhaul and they are sporting funkier colours and patterns.

Now if we are talking about famous satchel bags, then Proenza Schouler is probably a name that ought to be mentioned. This New York based brand is rather new, having been founded by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez in 2002 which is fairly recent compared to brands with a long long history like Chanel or Prada. But despite its short history, Proenza Schouler’s PS1 has become a recognizable range and of cos this satchel cross body bag is now an ‘it’ bag coming in eye popping colours like coral and tropical green (as seen in picture).

Another satchel classic is of course, the Mulberry Alexa. This English brand is so stylish in its understated, unassuming way and I think this would make a great work bag! I remember seeing this in the movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It and I have to say, great product placement. This bag was dangling off Sarah Jessica Parker’s arm throughout the ENTIRE movie. It’s hard to control the urge to get out there and get one let me tell you that.



Three times! Yep we get the picture.

But not all of us has enough cash to burn to purchase a Mulberry or a PS1 so for the slightly more budget conscious folks, there’s always Zatchels. Zatchels is a UK brand that sells relatively affordable satchel bags at around 95pounds thereabouts? And what I like about this brand is how they are always experimenting with patterns. There’s a floral design, polkadots (as seen in picture), elephant print and for Valentine’s Day, a Love Hearts Collection!

I love how Zatchels have taken a classic and made it unconventional and quirky. I’m definitely going to look them up on ASOS (free shipping muahahaha) the next time I shop!

Speaking of conventional, you can’t go wrong with the Cambridge Satchel Company. Like I mentioned earlier, satchels are commonly associated with academia (and come on, it’s Cambridge! Talk about a bag with legacy and smarts!) and it seems like a UK college trend staple so if you are a traditionalist, perhaps this is the satchel for you. It comes in 11 to 15″ and a whole host of colours. As much as I love the classics, I am most intrigued by the metallics and the flouro collections. I mean, why not go with something conventional with a twist right? (Cambridge Satchel Company is also available on ASOS so be sure to check them out!)

Neon alert!

Last but not least, Kate Spade has also hopped onto the bandwagon. I believe their Essex Scout was from their Spring Collection in 2011? But somehow or another this is still selling in Singapore (in black and lavender)! I think one thing that Kate Spade has done superbly well in is marketing. I love the sunny ad campaigns and their bags are always so chic and girly!

Pic credit: Front Row Mag

This is definitely one of my favourite satchel designs because it is so compact. And did I mention that the tiny Essex Scout is soooo adorable?

Which are your favourite satchel picks?

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